Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 52 – Flip-flops
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 52 – Flip-flops

When Chaos Street wanted to start filming again after three years, there were many things that needed to be adjusted.

In terms of styling, fashion and even colloquial language. They couldn’t just use everything they had already filmed three years ago, there were many aspects that didn’t match anymore. For example just look at mobile phone models. The ones that appeared on TV three years ago were not the same as the ones currently used. There were a lot of embedded marketing that had to be removed.

Also the actors. People’s figures had changed a lot in three years. So the ones that couldn’t match up with their images from three years ago had to be reshot. Fortunately Chaos Street had a case-by-case episodic nature. Each case was solved separately and there wasn’t too much connection between them. So after doing an analysis, over half of the scenes already shot could still be used.

Of course they didn’t have to be so meticulous. If they wanted they could use some editing techniques to roughly push things through. However this was Bai Lang’s first drama after his comeback, and his behind-the-scenes patron Qiu Qian had already given his orders that everything had to be done to the highest standard. There was no need to consider the budget. Thus the resources they had on hand was very plentiful. Even after the entire drama finished shooting, it was still carefully analyzed to make sure everything was done perfectly.

However the crew wasn’t changed. The director was still the one from the beginning, Qin Gang. When Qin Gang heard that this drama was to resume filming, he didn’t hesitate to make out time for it. When Chaos Street was cancelled the first time around, he was definitely the most disappointed one among the crew.

{T/N: The director for Chaos Street was called something different in a previous chapter… guess author forgot. Not important.}

Actually around 80% of the crew members shared Qin Gang’s sentiment. Back then from the director, to the producers and actors, there were actually a lot of very talented people gathered. They excited and inspired each other, they all took out their passion and put it into their work. The momentum and force in drama was very strong and they all wanted it to be the very best.

That was why when they heard that the character Luo Zai, who deeply represented the spirit of the show, was to change to another actor, even though they could understand it logically, emotionally they found it hard to accept.

Because Bai Lang had created this Southern accent himself, he could swear profusely one second and in the next become quiet, cultured and beautiful. Only he could reconcile these two extremes and gave to this role a unique and unmatched realism and fascination. It really made him unforgettable. If the second half was changed to another person, then no one had confidence that the original flavor could be maintained.

Some of those who were most poisonous accused Bai Lang for not being professional. Some of them even thought he was being fake for pretending to be so concerned for his patron. However when they went to receive their pay, it was very generous. However everyone’s heart was still filled with regret.

Three years later when they wanted to resume filming, from the biggest director to the smallest staff member, the new owner Total Entertainment contacted every single person, not one was left out. The ones that wanted to come back, came back. Only the people who weren’t willing were changed out. This type of very meticulous planning and consideration allowed the three years later Chaos Street, which had 80% of the same faces, to create almost the exact same setting as before. The feelings between the people and their cohesiveness was unchanged.

Of course at the very beginning, Bai Lang organised a celebratory feast. He invited over a hundred people and even personally made a few dishes to express his apology. Even Qiu Qian and Qiu XiaoHai made an appearance to support Bai Lang. They expressed their genuine and sincere gratitude that the crew was able to “lend” Bai Lang to them for these three years and their family of three pass a difficult time of trial together.

Since that even the big boss Qiu was able to lower his head and speak in this manner, the unhappiness in most people’s hearts dissipated a lot. They went into filming with light hearts and pride. Within this harmonious and sympathetic atmosphere, Bai Lang successfully begun filming Chaos Street again.


“Cut! OK!” Qin Gang sat on the director’s seat, slapped his knee and yelled out loudly. “We will film scene 7 this afternoon.”

When the staff heard the director’s orders they immediately started moving. They dismantled the background set, retracted the electrical cords, organised the set pieces etc etc. There were also a team of three that rushed towards one of the corners of the street set of Chaos Street.

In that corner, Bai Lang raised himself up from the dusty and muddy street. His movements were very unsteady and immediately frightened Sun XiBin who was next to him. “Aiyo Brother Bai, are, are, are you alright ah?” He hurried to help him up.

Bai Lang steadied himself and looked around. The strap on his flip-flop had broken. “I’m fine. My shoe is broken. Thank you.”

The team of three immediately reached Bai Lang’s side. The young person in the lead immediately supported Bai Lang. “Big brother Bai, please sit down and rest! I will immediately test your blood pressure!”

Bai Lang was already used to these kind of exaggerated reactions. He only smile and raised his foot. “I’m fine, it was just because of the shoes.”

The most muscular of the three young people immediately started yelling. “Xiao Wang! It’s your damned shoes again ah! How many pairs has it been now!? This time big brother Bai almost tripped ah!!”

When Xiao Wang, who was responsible for the set pieces, heard that he jumped up. “What!? Again! I, I’ll change it immediately. Ai ai ai, if I knew I wouldn’t have bought them from X country. How come the quality is so bad ah!”

The people around him sniggered. “Hahaha, Xiao Wang you’re stupid ah. Why are you trying to save money on the shoes!? Haven’t you seen how much is left in the budget? Boss Qiu would love it if you spent more money!”

The young staff member’s face was very wronged. “But this style is very hard to pick. It can’t look too luxurious. Do you want Luo Zai to wear gold flip-flops ma!”

Everyone laughed again and began discussing if they should stick these shoes together with 3 second glue.

Even Qin Gang got involved. He ordered that they would buy out all of these shoes in the stores so he could pick carefully.

At the same time someone took out a new pair of shoes, bent down and placed it by Bai Lang’s feet to let him change. All the people around Bai Lang seemed to be treating him as respectfully as if he were the film emperor. Even the other male lead Sun XiBin picked up Bai Lang’s discarded broken shoes and actually started examining it.

The regular crew members were all used to the above scenes. However some people who had just joined the set couldn’t watch it at all. {T/N: There’s guest actors every episode/case.}

In one corner stood a beautiful and pure looking young girl. She crossed her arms and complained, “I’ve really never seen such a big shot before. Isn’t the way everyone is treating him a bit over the top? The atmosphere on this set is horrible.”

Fei Hong who was standing beside her heard her. Slowly she moved her glance over the girl’s body. Even the simple movement of head carried with it a seductive feeling. Compared to the young girl’s pretty and pure feeling, she seemed much more mature and regal.

The girl who spoke felt Fei Hong’s glance. She haplessly blinked her eyes. “Aren’t I right Sister Hong? That Bai Lang doesn’t have fame or popularity, the last time he appeared was over three years ago. All of these people are revolving around him, isn’t it because of Mr Qiu? And he treats it as though it’s only natural. His skin is really too thick.”

Fei Hong looked at the girl up and down, then she smiled slightly. “Then what would you do?”

“Me?” The girl paused.

“Yes,” Fei Hong looked towards Bai Lang’s direction. “If you were treasured by Mr Qiu to this extent, what would you do?”

The girl’s pure and clean features became flushed. “If, if it was me, I definitely wouldn’t create this much trouble for others.”

The blush on her face seemed to express that she had secretly thought about this possibility before. Laughter passed through Fei Hong’s eyes. She had nothing to say to this kind of small-hearted jealousy, so she turned her head and walked with big strides towards Bai Lang.

The fifth arc of Chaos Street was the story of a big star who, after being stalked, sought help from the police. Originally this big star was supposed to have been played by Su Quan. After three years, the gender of this big star was changed from a man to a woman. The production team contacted Fei Hong whose popularity was continuously on the rise. That’s why Fei Hong appeared on the set of Chaos Street. And the young girl who had been standing beside Fei Hong was called Xu XinPing, she played Fei Hong’s assistant. She was a popular newcomer who had come on the scene in the last half year.

When Bai Lang saw the still casually dressed and not changed into her costume Fei Hong walk towards him from far away, he wanted to stand up but was pushed back into his seat by the stern young person who was taking his blood pressure. Bai Lang could only use his mouth to greet her, “Ms Fei, it’s been a long time. Sorry that I can’t stand.”

“It’s been a long time.” Fei Hong smiled. “It’s fine, don’t worry. I only came to say hello. This show will definitely become popular so I’m very honored to have the chance to participate.”

“It’s the director who chooses the people, not me.” Bai Lang smiled to. “Also, these words should be spoken by us. Thank you for your warning last time.”

“Anyone who has a clear head would have acted the same way as me.” Fei Hong’s smile faded slightly. “However it’s only a shame that I wasn’t able to really be of any help.”

“No matter what, thank you for trying.” Bai Lang said sincerely.

When she saw Bai Lang’s expression, Fei Hong tilted her head. She suddenly said, “Actually, long before that, actually you were the one who warned me.”

Bai Lang was surprised. “I warned you?”

“You said that, you wanted to be a person who other people who learn to respect and think about before crossing.”

Bai Lang paused then smiled. “These few years, you’ve done much better than me.”

“I have confidence that you will definitely catch up.” Fei Hong raised her eyebrow. She elegantly reached out hand. “Please guide me.”

This time Bai Lang successfully stood up. He took Fei Hong’s offered hand and shook it. “Please guide me.”

Fei Hong’s face and palms both became warm. She smiled beautifully. But just as she wanted to say something, she saw from the corner of her eye, Qiu Qian walking towards them from far away. She paused then withdrew her hand. She made her goodbye and left.

Qiu Qian reached Bai Lang’s side with big steps. He took of his sunglasses and frowned. “Do you not feel well?”

On the table next to him was a blood pressure checker that had clearly just been used.

“Just a routine check.” Bai Lang patted Qiu Qian and changed the subject. “Come with me to wash my face. It’s hot.”

Qiu Qian wasn’t satisfied. He immediately swept his glance over the young person who had been measuring Bai Lang’s blood pressure just now.

The young person immediately nodded his head. “Everything is fine big boss Qiu. I just checked!”

“Then why are you hot? Could you be suffering from the heat?” Qiu Qian reached out his head and touched Bai Lang’s forehead with his own.

Ever since the first day of filming, this kind of public intimacy had become an everyday thing.

Bai Lang still felt a bit not used to it. He pushed away Qiu Qian. “Everything is normal. Let’s go, I’m hungry too.”

“So you’re not only hungry but also hot! Let’s go and eat!”

Qiu Qian grasped Bai Lang’s hand and dragged him towards the dressing room that had been constructed on the set.

However he hadn’t even walked a few steps when there was suddenly a delicate and pained “aiyo!” sound.

A few steps away, a young girl cried out loudly as she supported her calf, breathing painfully. Scattered around her were the documents the girl had been holding. One of them floated to land beside Qiu Qian’s foot.

When the girl saw the situation, she raised her teary eyes and gazed at the two people. Or more specifically at Qiu Qian.

Bai Lang thus bent down however he was scooped up by Qiu Qian with one long arm.

A few stray pieces of paper were stuffed into the girl’s hand. Without waiting for her to speak, Qiu Qian dragged Bai Lang’s hand and continued walking away.

However he wasn’t completely out of earshot when Qiu Qian said lowly, “How come that girl keeps falling over all the time? Should I ask Director Qin to change her to a less clumsy one?”

Bai Lang didn’t turn around. He only replied. “No need. She stands very steadily when filming.”

The young girl was precisely the Xu XinPing who had been talking with Fei Hong earlier. Her face immediately changed. She looked at the two people walking away and bit her lip. Then she hobbled away.

When Fei Hong, who was watching from distance, saw this, she laughed mockingly.

Although she was also envious of the person who stood beside of that person, however she knew what they were like.

It was better for her just to watch from a distance.

{T/N: The author’s implication is the Fei Hong has a crush on Bai Lang, probably from beer commercial days. Probably why she tried to warn him.}


Two months later the phrase “what the bear” became a common phrase from everyone’s mouth.

{T/N: This is a slang swear word that the author said she made up herself. The Chinese literally means something bear lolol… I really don’t know how to translate it hahaha}

This was a phrase that Luo Zai often said in Chaos Street.

Just as Qin Gang, Fei Hong and the majority of the crew members all anticipated, as soon as Chaos Street was broadcasted it immediately became the most watched drama on TV.

Not only was the plot suspenseful and full of non-stop drama, there was also the right amount of comedy as well as beautiful and explosive fight scenes. From the very first minute of its opening scene, these features were vividly shown to the audience and also brought out the unique characters of the male leads

Particularly the first male lead Chen FengGe, who within his innocent passion carried with him a sense of out of ordinariness, and the second male lead Luo Zai who underneath his beautiful face had the pessimism and wordliness of an old man. From the first moment when these two people encountered and misunderstood each other in the first episode, they firmly grasped and held onto the audience’s eyeballs and interest.

45 minutes into the broadcast, Chaos Street’s viewership had already reached no 3 in the week. At the end of the first episode, Chen FengGe was pressing Luo Zai’s neck against the wall. His entire face was red as he yelled, “You, you thief! Give my pants back to me!!” When this scene was shown, all the rotten women sitting in front of their television scene pushed this show to number 1. From that day on, Chaos Street sat on top seat on television from beginning to end.

{T/N: Rotten women or fujoshi’s. People who like boys love haha.}

However one thing needed to be clear. Chaos Street was not intending on trying to sell “rotten”. Please, the actor for Luo Zai was the hidden behind the scenes patron’s lover. This patron would appear every day on the set to watch the proceedings. Under these circumstances, how could anyone dare to arrange any type of homosexual tension in the script?

It was only that Luo Zai’s setting was that he was an extremely charismatic young delinquent. Just like a meteor, he attracted all of the interest of the people around him. The first male lead Chen FengGe was no exception. Thus without meaning to, their interactions were full of rotten flavor.

So from the very first episode, Chaos Street’s discussion boards were full of such articles.

“Oh my god! How come someone be both so horrible and so handsome at the same time! Cheap and handsome! Will this become a trend in the future!!”

“I’m completely blinded!! Bai Lang actually rolled around on the ground!! This, this, my Prince ah–!!”

“I thought his rolling was cool to death ah!! This should be called a Prince’s roll right!? Right right!?”

“I have to say big mother Sun is also pretty good! How can he even make a police officer look so dumb and meng!! It’s not easy ahhhhhh!”

“That’s right that’s right!! He’s very matching with Bai Lang ah!! Who cares about Qiu Qian!! Old Sun and Bai Lang is real true love ba!!”

“Get lost you disgusting women!! This is clearly a case of sparks of friendship okay!! Rotten women my ass!!”

“If you want to be rotten you definitely need to use your ass no mistake! Hahaha!! I like your comment!!”

“Pei pei pei!! Where is the moderator!! Hurry up and ban these people!!”

“Wait wait, does this drama have a female lead ah?”

“Ah? Who? I heard Fei Hong is in it ah, how come I didn’t see her?”

“I think she’s just a guest star. Who is the real female lead? Could it be the one who played the female traffic cop?”

“Her!? Who is she supposed to be match with!? Big mother Sun or Bai Lang!! I don’t agree to either ah!!”

“Yes yes yes!! She has no charisma at all ah!! Too weak!! Can we have a stronger one?”

“Is the female lead important? Not having one is good too. Isn’t this a crime thriller!?”

“If there isn’t a female lead isn’t that more special ma!! Calling the female lead! Let’s guess who it will be!!”

“I think there is one!!”

“There isn’t one +10086!!”

“There isn’t one +2!”


As this enthusiastic discussion was taking place on Chaos Street’s discussion board, Bai Lang was reading the script of the very last episode.

Just as people were arguing about online, actually Chaos Street really did have a hidden female lead.

As Bai Lang read over the script’s kissing scene, he glanced over at Qiu Qian who was sitting on the couch watching Qiu XiaoHai do his homework.

Then he looked back at his script. He thought silently that on that day he would definitely have to make sure Qiu Qian wouldn’t be able to come to the set.


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