Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 49 – Confession
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 49 – Confession

Three years later.

“Ah Jian I love you!!”

“We support you!! Ah Jian!!”

“You will always be the best!! Ah Jian!! Love you!!”

“Ahhhhhh! Ah Jian Ah Jian!!”

“Ah Jian look over here! Ahhhh– Ah Jian—!!”

Accompanying the high-pitched screaming, a flamboyant gold sports car came to a stop in the driveway in front of a grand hall.

The driver’s seat opened and a pair of long legs clad in jeans stretched out.

The fan’s screamings became even more excited. When the man who came out of the car heard it, there was a confident and chic smile on his face. He waved at the crowd around him however his footsteps didn’t stop. He threw the car keys at one of the staff who came forward and as he was surrounded by security guards, entered the big building of Harmony Entertainment.


At the same time, a black colored luxury RV came to a stop inside a particular luxury apartment community. The door slid open slowly.

Before entering the community, the car was stopped by the security guards stationed outside the gates. It was only after some identification was shown that they were allowed access. From this it could be seen that the person inside the car was definitely not one of the residents who came in and out every day.

However when the RV entered the gated community, it seemed as though it was very familiar with the roads. It turned left then right and without any hesitation entered a particular garage. This luxurious apartment community had a very complex parking area to ensure top security, so from the movements of the car it had to either be a resident or a frequent visitor.

After the RV finally came to a stop, two big people and one small person came out.

The big ones looked like a driver and a security guard. They were wearing a very proper black suit. Their expression swept about them in an alert manner and they followed behind the smaller person in silence. The smaller person looked about seven or eight years old. His face was very excited. He was wearing casual shorts and sports shoes. He had thick brows and large eyes and looked like a very lively child. This child came to a particular door and he no longer needed to stand on tip-toe to ring the doorbell. In a confident voice he spoke into the intercom.

Not long after, from inside the apartment which should have very good sound insulation, there actually came the sound of rapid running footsteps.

The next second, the metal door opened with a [shua!] sound.

The child who had come visiting eyes lit up. A big smile appeared on his face. “Ah–” He didn’t get to finish speaking before the person who opened the door jumped on him and held him tightly.

The child who came visiting smile became bigger and more vibrant. He rubbed the child in his arms who was around the same age as him. Only after quite a few seconds did he let go.

“Hei hei, Ah Zan, I just knew I’d be taller than you.”


The same time, in the same city.

In a particular villa there was a large and spacious living room. Someone had just opened all the windows.

The sunlight came flooding in from the large and floor length windows. It reflected off the wooden boards but it wasn’t blinding and instead had a warm quality. A wind slightly rustled the long curtains on either side of the window, which beautifully framed the green birch trees outside as well as the swimming pool glittering under the sunlight. The movement of the wind, the greenery and sunlight all made the space look both warm and full of life.

However the originally large and spacious living room was a bit cluttered right now. Because piled on the floorboards were many large suitcases.

A tall and slender man wearing a white shirt and cream colored trousers was walking around the house. He was busy talking things out of the suitcases and placing them into their rightful places inside the house.

In the room was another even taller man. However he was lying lazily on the couch, watching the white-shirt man walking around. He didn’t look bored at all. Sometimes he would occasionally take a glance at the flat-screen TV which was hanging on the wall, which was broadcasting the news.

“Wait until Er Hong comes back to help you. What’s the rush for?”

“I have to put things away myself, otherwise I won’t know where to find them.”

“Then I’ll do it.” After speaking he got up.

When the man in white heard this he immediately stopped. “Okay, let’s wait until Xiao Hai comes home.”

The tall and broad-shouldered man, which was Qiu Qian, smiled and sat back down because his objective had been achieved. Then he reached out his hand and pulled the white-clothed man, which was Bai Lang, to sit by his side. He kissed him. “Right now I’m much healthier than you so you should just rest. I’m not even so nervous about you.”

Bai Lang reached out and massaged Qiu Qian’s right leg. This was something that had come to become habitual over the last two years. “You only got better not long ago. Just to be safe you should take it easy a bit longer.”

“Half a year is long enough.” Qiu Qian sighed, then suddenly he smiled evilly. “Or is that you’re dissatisfied because I haven’t been using enough effort at night? However as I remember it, I didn’t make you move ah.” As he spoke Qiu Qian clutched Bai Lang’s hand, the one that was massaging the top of his leg.

Bai Lang didn’t continue Qiu Qian’s teasing. He thought about that when they were intimate, he could see the cruel scars that were left behind on Qiu Qian’s body and remember back then how painful they had been. Every time he was overcome with the urge to tightly hug the person in front of his eyes. Right now Bai Lang could completely understand the emotions behind Qiu Qian’s hug on the hospital bed on the night when he had found out about Bai Lang’s heart disease.

When he saw the shadow flash through Bai Lang’s eyes, Qiu Qian sighed. He used the only effective method he knew, which was to block Bai Lang’s mouth with his own, and steal away all of Bai Lang’s thoughts.

Bai Lang closed his eyes and responded tenderly. When Qiu Qian pressed their bodies closely together he lightly shifted in order to change the angle of pressure to avoid Qiu Qian’s right leg. However this movement was immediately detected by Qiu Qian. He tyrannically fixed Bai Lang in place and forced him to lean heavily upon his body. Then, as though he was punishing Bai Lang for getting distracted, he used his tongue to tease and attack Bai Lang’s tongue. It didn’t take Bai Lang to quickly become obedient. Qiu Qian’s definition of “obedient” was for Bai Lang to compliantly lie in his arms and become muddle-headed with desire.

The warm and intimate kissing continued for quite some time. When the two people finally parted in order to breathe, Bai Lang’s eyes no longer looked depressed but only slightly glazed. Qiu Qian was very satisfied to see his slightly swollen lips. He couldn’t help but bite them a few times then spoke in a patient and gentle voice.

“It has nothing to do with you. It’s because I wasn’t strong enough.”


This was of course regarding Qiu Qian’s serious car accident three years ago in V country.

This car accident led Qiu Qian to be admitted to the intensive care unit for many months. He came in and out of the brink of death.

The cause of the accident was investigated clearly a few months later. It was done by Qiu Qian’s father Qiu EnXin’s second wife.

Because the second wife’s son was Qiu Kuo, who in every respect could not compare to Qiu Qian, and had been practically kicked out of list of people who might inherit the Qiu family business.

Thus his mother naturally panicked. Especially if Qiu Qian was able to successfully win the huge business of V country’s oil investment project. This would completely change the face of the next few decades of the Qiu family’s shipping and crude oil trading business. It would become a very important cornerstone for them. At that time, if the person chosen to become the successor of the Qiu family was not Qiu Qian, then Qiu EnXin probably would not be able to explain to the family’s elders and seniors.

Because after all the Qiu family had for generations been family-controlled business. There was a very strong emphasis and power invested in its leader, just like in a mafia or triad. One of the most important aspects of this was that no two tigers could live in the same mountain. One family could not have more than two heads. Thus in order to decide on the next successor, there were significantly strict rules and regulations, however once the decision was made they would give complete power to him and there wouldn’t be any reservations.

This kind of family tradition was what lead to Qiu EnXin’s strange behavior. The excuse Qiu EnXin had given for marrying so many wives and having so many sons, was precisely because he wanted to have more choices. He wanted to make sure that there would definitely be one which was suitable, so as to avoid this fat meat ending up in the hands of his cousin’s children or heirs.

When Qiu EnXin’s second wife, who had long plotted and anticipated her son becoming the successor of the family, saw that V country’s contract was already signed and that things seemed set, she decided to make a desperate attempt to help her son. It was just like back then when she ruthlessly targeted Qiu XiaoHai. She chose to act straight away while the Qiu family was still not established in V country and was unfamiliar with it, and through several levels of contacts, she hired assassins to murder Qiu Qian.

However Qiu Qian didn’t die in the car accident. Possibly it wasn’t his fate.

However during the months he was in ICU he was very seriously injured. It wasn’t something that could be joked about.

Thus, Bai Lang completely gave up his entire acting career. From the moment he left that night with Qiu XiaoHai to fly to V country, he had taken care of Qiu Qian and had not left his side a single step. Although at that time Chaos Street had already entered its promotional period, Bai Lang could only withdraw. Every few days Qiu Qian would enter the emergency operating room and so Bai Lang’s heart was completely in chaos. There was also Qiu XiaoHai, who cried every day until his eyes were swollen, to take care of. Bai Lang completely didn’t have any time to think about anything else.

These type of hard to endure days lasted for several months. Finally Qiu Qian’s injuries stabilized and Bai Lang was finally able to let out a sigh of relief. However what followed that was the news that Qiu Qian might be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

When this news was given to them, the person who took it the hardest was not Qiu Qian himself, but Bai Lang. That was because in his last life, Qiu Qian was healthy and without harm for at least another ten years and had never had any accidents or injuries. However in this life, he actually encountered this kind of thing in V country.

On a particular afternoon who he saw Qiu Qian angrily clutching his cane after falling over yet again during physical rehabilitation, Bai Lang suddenly had the feeling that he shouldn’t come close.

Because without him, there wouldn’t have been any need to get revenge on Su Quan. And without Su Quan, then Hong Yu wouldn’t have helped them. And them, Qiu Qian would not have had the opportunity to come to V country. And because of V country’s investment which brought forward Qiu Qian’s future and made people’s eyes go red….

This chain of causation all seemed to have occurred because of the butterfly effect caused by his rebirth. Also he felt as though he should have known that Qiu Kuo’s machinations wouldn’t stop and should have warned Qiu Qian more strenuously. All of these feelings of guilt, as well as the helplessness he felt as he could only stand by and watch while Qiu Qian valiantly struggled through rehabilitation, all built up inside Bai Lang’s heart and gave him tremendous mental pressure.

Thus his sleepless nights became worse and worse and there were large circles under his eyes which wouldn’t vanish.

While sleeping in an accompanying bed inside the hospital room, Bai Lang dreamed of the Qiu Qian in his previous life whose footsteps were quick as though they were flying.

On that night, Bai Lang once again dreamed about the scene before his death. It was the scene when he went to find Qiu Qian to accuse him and Qiu Qian smiled mockingly at him. In the dream he suddenly wanted to cry. Bai Lang didn’t know whether it was because of the despair he felt before his death, or if was because of the unspeakable guilt he felt towards the Qiu Qian in this life.

At this time, a pair of hands forcefully shook Bai Lang awake.

He saw Qiu Qian half lying on top of him. He violently shook him and said in a rough voice, “Wake up. Why are you crying!?”

The just awoken Bai Lang couldn’t tell the difference between the Qiu Qian while he was waking and the Qiu Qian in his dreams. His face was streaked with tears and he wanted to throw himself into this person’s arms. However when he moved he immediately sensed Qiu Qian’s abnormal position. At this time Bai Lang remembered that Qiu Qian was injured and that his lower body practically didn’t have any strength.

Bai Lang glanced around in the darkness and saw that Qiu Qian’s walking stick was discarded about ten steps away on his hospital bed. After Qiu Qian was injured, in order to help him recover, Bai Lang always slept on the other single bed in the same hospital room.

However right now this person was beside him. This person, had he discarded his walking stick and crawled over?

Bai Lang was so disturbed by this guess that he stopped breathing for a second.

Qiu Qian however was breathing even more heavily. Just like every time after he finished physical rehabilitation.

“Did you have a nightmare? It seems like you haven’t been sleeping well recently.”

“You..” Tears slipped out of Bai Lang’s eyes. He didn’t know what to say.

“Move over a bit, let’s sleep together.” Qiu Qian frowned and pushed Bai Lang. Then with difficult effort he raised his leg onto the bed. “If you squash this leg, just squash it. Anyway it can’t move so there’s no need to treat it preciously.”

Suddenly Bai Lang felt like he wanted to confess everything to Qiu Qian.

This Qiu Qian who was so worried about him having a nightmare that he actually crawled over here to wake him up.

On that night, Bai Lang told him everything about his previous life.


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