Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 45 – Using Love to Embrace Nature
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 45 – Using Love to Embrace Nature

Qiu Qian’s trap for Bai Li required some time to completely take effect. Bai Lang knew what had caused the fire however as for the exact plan that followed, Qiu Qian didn’t give him any details. He knew that if Bai Lang knew about it, it would only worry him. However Qiu Qian firmly believed that the three Bai family members needed to be chased out of those two apartments. Who asked them to cause trouble for Bai Lang all because of those two apartments?

Bai Lang also didn’t have much time to look into this matter. Other than being busy filming Chaos Street, he also had to attend a wide variety of programs because of his Golden Emperor nomination. Of course all of these programs had been given specific instructions and a list of topics that they were not allowed to discuss. The same rule applied to everyone.

Other than that Bai Lang also accepted a special job. The country’s aviation dragon, Rong Air, invited Bai Lang to attend a press conference to announce that he would be their spokesperson for the next five years.

Usually this type of spokesperson was signed on from year to year, so a five year contract can be considered significantly long. Also previously Rong Air had never called a press conference for the specific purpose of introducing a spokesperson. So by doing this the Rong family was plainly making a statement that they were supporting the Bai Lang who had just come out of the closet.

In the press conference, not only did the very private CEO Rong Ai appear, even Rong SiQi made an appearance as a member of the Rong family. It was first time he had ever admitted in public his identity as a young master of the Rong family.

When this was exposed, it almost gobbled up all the attention of the reporters. Bai Lang naturally didn’t mind. He was both amused and touched by Rong SiQi’s stubborn insistence on getting involved in this matter, even though previously he had clearly stated that he didn’t want his identity to be known because it might affect his music. And the scene during the press release that made the reporters the most excited, was the scene of Rong SiQi and Bai Lang embracing as close friends.

Not only that but at this time Qiu Qian was also sitting underneath the stage, arms crossed, having mingled in unannounced with the reporters. This distracted the reporters even more. Both on the stage and off the stage there were so many interview opportunities that they only hated that they didn’t bring even more cameras and crew!

So with the support of his friends, his lover and his family (Qiu XiaoHai who could only stay at home to watch TV), this period of wind and rain brought on by the photographs on the internet, didn’t cause much fluctuations in Bai Lang’s mood. In fact the kindness, friendship and support shown by the people around him, including Zhu Kuan, Que QiMing and even Sun XiBin who he had not even known for very long, all made Bai Lang feel that his life after rebirth was really very beautiful.

But of course, not everything could be so smooth and easy.

Only just after the fuss had begin to die down, Bai Lang once again received an invitation to a special program: “Using Love to Embrace Nature”.

Other than Bai Lang, the invitation specifically stated it also wanted to invite Qiu Qian and Qiu XiaoHai.


The main formula of the program “Using Love to Embrace Nature” involved inviting three famous star’s families to go on a backpacking and camping trip into nature for three days and two nights. After editing it would show the comedic interaction of the families, lovers spats, as well their awkwardness and lack of experience in dealing with outdoorsy type situations, in order to entertain the audience. The concept was healthy, natural and family-friendly and it was a very popular program.

However previously the families that were invited by the program were all picture-perfect, socially acceptable nuclear families. This time by inviting Bai Lang, Qiu Qian and Qiu XiaoHai, this was really exceeding their regular style.

If Bai Lang accepted the invitation, then his impression in people’s minds of being someone in a “gay marriage” would become even more flamboyant. However if he rejected them then people might question he was changing from the two people’s recent public acknowledgement of their relationship. That is to say, since the two of them were not afraid to admit their relationship in public, then why fear going on a little program?

So the purpose behind the invitation, was it friendly or not friendly? Was it someone who wanted to flatter Qiu Qian but only used an incorrect method? Even Fang Hua wasn’t sure. Bai Lang originally already didn’t want to go. After Fang Hua did some investigating and found out that the coordinator behind the program was someone that was supposedly good friends with Harmony Entertainment’s young miss Li Sha, Bai Lang naturally rejected it.

Qiu Qian heard about it however, he muttered during dinner one night that there was still a few people that needed to be cleaned up. Then he asked a few more questions about the camping format and this was overheard by Qiu XiaoHai who excitedly yelled, “I wanted to go camping with Ah Bai! Camping! Camping!” He yelled so loudly the entire night until Bai Lang and Qiu Qian raised their arms in surrender, promising him over and over again that they would definitely find a day for the whole family could go camping together.

Since Qiu XiaoHai got his way, then naturally Rong Zan’s family could also not escape either. In the end it became two families going together. They found a weekday when they could get away from the usual work, school and meetings; and decided to go a two-day camping trip together.

The reason they had chosen a weekday was mainly because Bai Lang was a public figure and they didn’t want to turn their camping trip into an impromptu fan meet and greet. They didn’t really want to go somewhere deep in the wild to torture themselves, so naturally they would chose a more easy-to-get-to and scenic location to camp.

In order to make sure these four very busy people could all put aside their jobs and squeeze out two whole days to go camping, the time had to be set for three weeks later.

However it was unknown if God was making fun of them but it just so happened that at the lakeside camping area that the four people chose, they actually ran into the crew of “Using Love to Embrace Nature”.

When Qiu Qian and Rong SiYu’s (who was Rong Zan’s father, Rong SiQi’s second eldest brother) car arrived at the camping ground, they saw the large and small camera equipment being carried on two big buses. In order to make sure that things went smoothly, Bai Lang had no choice but pig-headedly go and seek out the production crew. And it just so happened that the crew leader was someone that Bai Lang knew. He was the producer of “Partners”, Chen DongLi.

“Producer Chen, it’s been a long time.” Bai Lang smiled someone helplessly when he saw him. “You came to film today?”

“Bai Lang!? Ah, it’s really you!! How come you’re here!?” Chen DongLi’s face was filled with surprised joy. Then he saw Boss Qiu with a backpack not far away, along with a little boy who was jumping up and down in excitement. Other than them there was another car with a unfamiliar husband and wife along with an exquisite looking little boy. Clearly Bai Lang was having a real family outing. “What a coincidence, hahaha, previously you didn’t accept our program, it was such a pity. However I didn’t think we’d still run into you here. Hahaha, we are really fated!”

Chen DongLi didn’t show any signs of frustration or anger. Bai Lang naturally replied, “If not for your invitation, why would the children insist on going camping so strenuously? Originally I wanted them to stay away from the cameras but I didn’t think we’d still run into you guys. This…”

Chen DongLi didn’t wait for Bai Lang to finish talking. He rushed to say, “I know, I know. Of the people who reject the invitation, more than half is because of the consideration for the kids. This is completely understandable. So you don’t need to worry. I will let the camera crew know and they will do their best to avoid any shots of you guys. However I can’t guarantee it 100%, it’s possible that you guys may appear in the background of some shots.”

“As long as it’s not purposeful, then showing up a few times is okay. Thank you Producer Chen. Sorry for troubling you.” Bai Lang pulled down his baseball cap and smiled serenely. “But isn’t the idea of the program to go to some challenging spots? How come you selected this easy campground?”

After he spoke, it was time for Chen DongLi to laugh helplessly. He came closer and whispered, “Why else if not because of the guests? It’s the popular goddess Ruan Ying ah. Previously she used to be a teacher. She insisted that she can’t let her daughter go to any primitive places where there might be bugs or snakes, her daughter won’t be able to sleep. The production crew can only cooperate. Anyway changing the filming location can also keep the program fresh. This time we also purposely didn’t clear the set, the reason is because we wanted to film some interactions with other campers. But we didn’t think we’d run into you guys.”

Bai Lang also felt curious. He nodded. He asked a few questions about where the crew was planning on setting up camp. They would camp slightly further away to avoid disrupting them.

Chen DongLi pointed out the spot. However the lakeside camping spot was only so big, so even if you avoided you couldn’t get too far away. Chen DongLi even gave Bai Lang a production schedule which let him know what the crew would be doing during certain hours. This was being very considerate. Thus Bai Lang said gratefully that if he made anything yummy he would definitely send over a portion.

When the fatty Chen DongLi heard this his eyes lit up. He still remembered Bai Lang’s cooking skills. In the behind-the-scenes footage of “Gold” which was shown at promotional events, the camera had lingered often on the food that Bai Lang had prepared. Chen DongLi happily agreed to eat and expressed that he was waiting in anticipation.

The two people exchanged some more pleasantries and by this time more and more people around them discovered that the young person talking to the producer was the Bai Lang who currently often appeared on the screens. This roused a small commotion so Chen DongLi decided to directly call over the director, planner as well as a few people who were responsible for the cameras, and made Bai Lang’s previous requests clear.

These people were very surprised but they all immediately agreed that they definitely wouldn’t be taking any sneak shots.

However it was only after Bai Lang was called back by Qiu Qian, these people’s eyes couldn’t help but follow him and take some sneaky glances.


To Qiu Qian, camping was no big deal. Putting up a tent, setting up an outdoor stove, building a fire and cooking a meal.

So his tent went up right away. He then grabbed a few rocks from the lake and the outdoor stove was set up quickly as well. The fire was directly created by his lighter. Qiu Qian had even purchased a set of small tables and chairs specifically for camping. In just a few moments he had set up a convenient kitchen for the big chef Bai Lang. The whole process Bai Lang was only responsible for passing over a few tools. Not even a hour passed and Qiu Qian had already finished and was sitting on a stool, resting.

Rong SiYu’s eyes, which had watched the whole process, were filled with envy and admiration. By the time Qiu Qian had finished, he hadn’t even finished reading the setup guide that came with the tent. Qiu Qian also didn’t volunteer to help. He simply sat to one side laughing widely, commanding this husband and wife as they slowly put up their tent. Tents ma, they were the most fun when you put them up by your own hand.

After that Qiu Qian led the two little kids down to the lake to go fishing. For Qiu Qian, who had grown up on the ocean, this was his specialty. Rong SiYu also followed with interest. Lin Qing stayed in the camp to be Bai Lang’s assistant. She was an 100% career woman, at home all three meals were made by hired help. But now that she was here, and as the only woman in the team, even though she didn’t know a thing she still felt like she needed to show some womanly characteristics.

However what she saw the small knife flashing down with lightning speed and efficiency in Bai Lang’s hands, she was gobsmacked. [Shua-shua-shua], even and thinly sliced radish slices flew out. It was as though they were illuminated with light and really made Lin Qing’s eyes feel blinded with shock.

She didn’t know that Bai Lang had had lots of practice. She only thought that the way he cut vegetables was super efficient and cool looking. In her shocked heart, a feeling of competitiveness was born. She decided that once she got home she would put some effort into researching cooking. This directly lead to poor Rong SiYu’s stomach suffering for a few days. In the days after this husband and son pair didn’t dare raise the subject of the time they went camping. However despite the tragedy waiting for the Rong family husband and son, right now these six people were very happy.

This campground was really very convenient and comfortable. There was a running water and even a flushable toilet. However from the outside it still preserved its wild and original appearance. The vista of the mountain rising behind the lake didn’t lose at all to a deep forest setting, and the sight of it really raised people’s spirits. Right now it wasn’t the holiday season, so other than the crew, there weren’t many campers and so it was also very spacious and not crowded. The atmosphere was relaxing and peaceful.

Thus when Qiu Xiaohai yelled out, it was immediately transmitted throughout the entire campground.

“Ah Bai~~ fish! Daddy and I caught fish oh!!”

Not only Bai Lang, but the entire production crew’s attention was roused.

They saw Qiu XiaoHai excitedly holding a fish, jumping and waving as he ran towards Bai Lang. Bai Lang stood in place to welcome him and Qiu XiaoHai threw himself on his legs. In his fist he held aloft the fish triumphantly and said joyfully, “Daddy and I caught it oh! It’s fish oh! It’s the kind that Ah Bai likes the most!”

“Wow! Xiao Hai, you’re so awesome.” Bai Lang laughed and ruffled Qiu XiaoHai’s head.

Qiu XiaoHai’s eyes curved as he smiled. “Then here you go Ah Bai~ Daddy and I are going to catch even bigger fish! Ah Bai you can eat even more!”

“Thank you.” Bai Lang received the fish but the next moment he pulled back the Qiu XiaoHai who was about to take off again. He handed him a water bottle. “Drink some water before going.”

“Oh.” Qiu XiaoHai held Bai Lang’s hand and chugged a few mouthfuls. Bai Lang didn’t take the bottle back but instead gave it to Xiao Hai. “Give it to your dad to drink.”

So Qiu XiaoHai clutched the water bottle between his two hands and while yelling, ran back towards Qiu Qian who was maneuvering the fishing rod in a cool and handsome manner. “Ah Bai said drink water~”

Qiu Qian drank with big mouthfuls. After drinking he even hung the water bottle around his neck. He completely didn’t care about his image as a big boss.

Not a few moments later, Qiu XiaoHai’s joyous cry sounded again. “Another fish ne!!” This time after racing back to Bai Lang to hand over the treasure, he collected a few skewers of roasted mushrooms and took it back. “Ah Bai made mushroom skewers~~”

The third time that Qiu XiaoHai yelled out that he’d caught fish, every single person in the campground looked towards the lake. Could it be that the lake was teeming with fish, how come it was so easy to fish them ah? Their eyes followed the busy and excited Qiu XiaoHai as he ran back towards Bai Lang, collected four more green pepper skewers and ran back to the lake.

“Ah Bai made green pepper skewers~~”

Bai Lang heard and yelled after Qiu XiaoHai, “Eat your greens properly, don’t let me catch you sneakily giving them to your dad!”

“Oh—” Qiu XiaoHai dragged out his voice and seemed very unwilling.

The crew members who were all watching surreptitiously saw Qiu XiaoHai separate the skewers. Then he looked behind his shoulder at Bai Lang and then sneakily ran towards the other exquisitely beautiful little boy. The two people’s heads pressed closed and they whispered together. The audience could all guess that he definitely was asking his friend to help him eat it.

Thus not long after Bai Lang suddenly left the roasting meat and with big footsteps stalked towards them just like he was out to catch some disobedient kids. Qiu XiaoHai grabbed his little friend and fled in terror. They laughed as they ran and Bai Lang chased them. He hadn’t chased long when Qiu Qian abandoned his fishing rod and entered the fray.

They saw the two adults surround the two kids, one from the front and one from the back. Qiu XiaoHai very uselessly hid behind the pretty little boy. The little boy actually puffed out his chest like a warrior and even spread out his arms to bravely protect his charge. Of course in the end the two people were both caught and tickled as punishment. Their laughter ran out across the camp. At this time the academic looking man who had been standing unmoving by the lakeside the entire time suddenly gave out a loud and joyous yell, “Oh! I also caught one!!”

The people playing all came over to congratulate him including the woman who had been standing by the stove. It was clear that after watching Qiu Qian catch fish over and over, the academic looking man stubbornly persevered because he didn’t want to accept loss.

Their happy and natural interactions, even though it was totally unscripted and unplanned, actually made the people watching unable to avert their eyes.

All of the camera people standing to one side really felt hate. How come they couldn’t film ah? They looked back at their own side. The three groups of big stars were still discussing how to distribute their jobs and were just preparing to set up camp.

Ruan Ying looked over at Bai Lang. She said in a dissatisfied voice, “So noisy. Don’t they know they’re being disruptive?”

At this time Ruan Ying’s daughter, a four to five year old little girl who was wearing pink overalls, pulled on Ruan Ying’s athletic clothing and said,

“Mommy, I also want to eat fish.”


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