Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 43 – Coming out of the Close
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 43 – Coming out of the Close

The two people used the opportunity of the personal press conference called by Qiu Qian to come out of the closet.

At that time the internet was still full of rumors about Su Quan and three men in the photos with him. This drew away a lot of the attention and fire, so the opinions about their coming out of the closest wasn’t as crazy as it could have been.

But of course it was impossible to avoid attacks and judgement completely. There were definitely pointing the finger at them saying they weren’t filial, and because there was also the five year old Qiu XiaoHai involved between them, there were many conservative parents who had very strong opinions.

The majority of them accused Qiu Qian and Bai Lang of providing a bad growing up environment and example for Qiu XiaoHai. Also their coming out of the closet meant that Qiu XiaoHai would have to endure being pointed at and judged. This was extremely irresponsible. This topic was immediately raised by a reporter in a high-pitched and accusatory tone as soon as the press conference started: “Mr Qiu, don’t you think you are being irresponsible towards your son?”

Qiu Qian raised his eyebrow and asked if a murderer’s son can also be considered guilty?

The reporter who asked the question paused. He said in a conservative manner that as long as the son had nothing to do with the crime, then no.

Qiu Qian shrugged. “So if people point and stare at the murderer’s son, whose fault is it?”

“But isn’t homosexuality possibly hereditary?” The journalist didn’t want to admit loss.

“If it is then it is, so what? The question of genetics cannot be controlled by the individual so what do you want me to say?” Qiu Qian’s face was filled with disdain.

The reporter’s face went red. “Even so, can Mr Qiu please explain why you tricked a woman into giving birth for you!?”

When Qiu Qian heard this, he suddenly laughed. “Not bad. If you want me to answer, then you first have to backup your question with proof. If you don’t have any then…”

Qiu Qian didn’t finish his sentence. Suddenly everyone realized that although they supposedly could ask anything they wanted at this press conference and it was even broadcasted live, however whether or not “something” would happen to them after or not was guaranteed. Thus all the following question was like hitting cotton, neither painful nor itchy. Bai Lang, who was sitting at home watching it on TV, shook his head. It wasn’t as though nobody ever threatened the media, but to do it so brazenly, Qiu Qian must be one of the top few.

Anyway no matter what, once Su Quan’s issues died down, Bai Lang and Qiu Qian were henceforth seen as a pair. Everybody knew and there was no need to hide anymore.

The prudent thing to do at this time would be for Bai Lang to lower his exposure and stay away from the spotlight for a while in order to make the fuss die down quicker. However luckily or unluckily he wasn’t able to do that, because right now he had gotten nominated for best male actor for the Golden Emperor’s Award.

If she had gotten the news one month earlier then Fang Hua would have laughed happily.

However when she received the notification letter in her office, Fang Hua felt for the same time that this gold card really gave her a headache.

Of course for someone new to the industry like Bai Lang, even to receive a nomination itself was very high praise. To him getting a nomination really was already like giving him an award.

However if she didn’t want Bai Lang to waste the golden opportunities and popularity brought by the nomination, and asked him to expose himself in various way on a lot of different programs, then the issues regarding his coming out of the closet would immediately follow. And if his coming out of the closet was constantly discussed and over-exposed, then this wasn’t good for Bai Lang.

“However if you simply refuse to go to these programs then it also comes with its own set of problems,” Fang Hua said to Bai Lang, sighing. “People may get distracted however some of these established programs will take offense if a newcomer is invited and rejects them, so this will become a problem when you want to return to promotions in the future. And if you go to some and not to others, then you may offend people even more. So we can’t act to hastily and need to think clearly before proceeding.”

Bai Lang thought about it and then nodded. “It’s fine. I will cooperate with the company’s promotional needs. If there’s a program that I need to go to then I will.”

Fang Hua thought Bai Lang didn’t understand. So she spoke more plainly, “If you and Qiu Qian’s matter blows up too big then… although I don’t want to mention it, but have you thought about what will happen in the event that you guys break up?”

“So what?” Bai Lang smiled. “If that happens then the thing that will be the most painful and difficult to bear, won’t be these things.”

Fang Hua shook her head “Two big grown men being so mushy, really makes my skin go numb.”

Bai Lang raised his eyebrow, expressing he didn’t understand.

Fang Hua rolled her eyes and explained, “I already talked to Qiu Qian about what I just said to you. His reply was, no one will be harsh on someone who’s husband just died.” {T/N: i.e. only way they will break up is if one of them dies omgeeee XD}


Bai Lang was speechless. Turns out Qiu Qian was the real mushy one here.


Su Quan’s matter still had a tail left to be taken care of. And that was Bai Li.

According to Su Quan’s previous arrangement, the person who had appeared to help bribe the instructor was Bai Li who had also been bought out himself.

Of course this instructor had already, not long before the commencement of filming of Chaos Street, been “taken care of”. Other than having a bag put over his head and being harshly beaten, Qiu Qian had also followed Bai Lang’s suggestion and instead of anything fatal, had arranged a gambling trap for him so that his future days would be dark and gray. Because after all this person was only greedy for money and didn’t intend to cause anyone’s death.

Bai Li was actually the same. However his method of continuously using his own blood-related younger brother to make money was unable to be tolerated. After settling Su Quan’s matter, Qiu Qian rolled up his sleeves and wanted to thoroughly take care of this human scum. However he was Bai Lang’s older brother after all. So as for how far he could go, Qiu Qian still asked him for his opinion.

Bai Lang also couldn’t help but admit that even he had underestimated Bai Li’s greed. Originally he had thought that he would be able to use Qiu Qian’s name to prevent Bai Li from acting out. Indeed, Bai Li hadn’t behaved like he did in his previous life which was to threaten him constantly that he was going to go to the media. But now with this shadowy attack, Bai Lang knew that unless he thoroughly took care of Bai Li then there would definitely be a repeat offense. And Bai Lang also didn’t want to waste any of his own or Qiu Qian’s resources on Bai Li. That would be a huge waste of money.

So Bai Lang agreed to use the old instructor as a witness (even if he wasn’t willing, he became willing) to publicize that Bai Li had used money to find someone to attack him. With the combination of old instructor’s testimony, photographs of the money transaction, then it was possible that Bai Li might even be found guilty of the criminal offense of instigating grievous bodily harm.

Although the sentencing wouldn’t be too harsh however for Bai Li who still thought about using money to change himself into member of the high society, when he saw this report his entire face went white.

His ugly actions which he originally thought would never come to the light had actually been captured on camera with crystal-clear definition.

Thus when a huge number of reporters lay siege to his apartment door to ask him for his motivation, Bai Li’s head was completely blank. He could only clear his throat and argue that, actually he is a law-abiding citizen, all he did was ask some people to punish his unfilial little brother. What was wrong with that (of course he wouldn’t admit that he was bribed) !?

As soon as he said the eyes of the reporters all immediately lit up.

Unfilial? Was he referring to the news of Bai Lang recently coming out of the closet ma!!???

Originally these journalists, out of fear of offending Boss Qiu, had not gone to find the Bai family parents to stab him in the back. But right now, it was Bai Li who broached the subject himself, they didn’t incite him! All the reporters seized the opportunity and excitedly continued this line of questioning.

And for Bai Li, the reporter’s questions was practically like a life saving charm that fell from the sky. It was logical so he immediately admitted it. “That’s right! It’s for this reason. Bai Lang’s actions really caused the Bai family to totally lose face!! As an older brother, it’s only right that I should punish him!!”

A very enthusiastic reporter continued to ask, “So Mr Bai Li’s meaning is that your parents also think this way ma? Is the Bai family intending on cutting off all contact with Bai Lang?”

Bai Li’s face changed slightly. He felt regret for his words. Selfishly he wanted to continue to hold onto Bai Lang this big tree. So he couldn’t speak too rashly. He hesitated and said, “If, if he…”

But Bai Li hadn’t finished talking when Mother Bai who was eavesdropping on the other side of the door suddenly slammed the door open and loudly yelled.

“What’s there to talk about!! Bai Lang is very unfilial!! In the future he won’t be part of our Bai family anymore!! He brought such shame upon me and his older brother!! How can we live ah!! How is he planning to recompense us!! If his brother asked someone to beat him up it’s only right!! He should obediently lie down and take it!! You film this and go and tell Bai Lang!! From this day on we are tearing down all the bridges, and we won’t owe each other anything in the future!! He doesn’t have us as parents, and we don’t have him as our son!! Did you hear!?”

After speaking, Mother Bai didn’t care about anything else and dragged Bai Li inside and slammed the door shut.

This abrupt end to the interview actually had a somewhat comedic effect. So Bai Lang told Qiu Qian not to block it and it was broadcasted on the evening news.

The two people waited until Qiu XiaoHai had gone to bed then opened the evening news to look. At this time, Qiu Qian held Bai Lang’s hand as though to comfort him.

However compared to his last life, Bai Lang actually felt like he had more to smile about.

“Actually my mom is using her most restrained form of cursing. Seems like your 5 million still had some effect.”

Qiu Qian stared at Bai Lang. “You don’t feel any regret?”

Initially when they had decided to expose Bai Li’s actions, they had foreseen that this might happen. However Bai Lang had insisted and wouldn’t even let Qiu Qian suppress it.

Bai Lang looked back at the television. He felt sad yes, but also some form of release. “This time the opportunities are more numerous, however the chance of winning a prize is not high.”

Only he understood what Mother Bai meant by the words “we don’t owe each other anything anymore”. It seems like she had been anxious this whole time that he might come back to ask her to repay the 5 million ba.

Qiu Qian pulled Bai Lang into his embrace and pressed Bai Lang’s head into his chest.

“If you feel unhappy then you can cry in my arms instead of crying staring at those stupid cakes.”

Bai Lang paused then remembered there really was such a night and laughed. {T/N: This is referencing the moon cake that his family sent him before, QQ probably spied on him haha.} His ear was pressed against a warm chest and from it he could hear a steady heart beat. “Me and Xiao Hai, we’re both here for you.”

“En.” Bi Lang raised his head and looked one of Qiu Qian’s rare tender glances.

Thus, Bai Lang couldn’t help but pull down Qiu Qian’s and proactively kiss him.

What he got back with Qiu Qian’s hot, insistent but tender touch.

Not long after there were four entwined limbs, heavy breathing and an intimate beyond compare connection.

Warm and fiery, soothing and craving. These two people entwined, slowly and passionately, throughout the whole night.


The next day on the deep blue bed, Qiu Qian looked down at the Bai Lang that was wrapped up in the bedsheets, sleeping deeply. The corners of his eyes were still a little bit wet. Qiu Qian picked up the phone. Although Bai Lang had expressed to let everything be, he still couldn’t help arranging for a few more things.

That afternoon, everyone knew that Qiu Qian had once helped Bai Li repay a debt of 5 milllion.

And everyone also knew what Mother Bai meant when she said “we don’t owe each other anything anymore”.


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