Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 42 – Turn Around
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 42 – Turn Around

In the new series of photos, the location of the photo was also either a dark club or bar. The faces of the men with Su Quan in the picture had been blurred, however their body language and positions were not obscured.

Su Quan was sitting very close to these men. Either their knees were pressing together or the men had their arm around the back of Su Quan’s chair.

Although the positioning wasn’t anything that was overtly over-the-top, however compared to the photo of Su Quan and Qiu Qian where they were simply drinking together, these were far more suggestive.

So when these photos were posted up. the discussion boards immediately exploded again.

The passionate and concerned netizens who had stayed up all night, immediately placed these photos together with the photo of Su Quan and Qiu Qian. When they compared these photos, which one looked distant and which one looked intimate, was very easy to tell.

When Su Quan’s fans, who had originally stood in the position of an ethical high ground to curse at Bai Lang, saw these photos they had no choice but to weakly protest; nothing is happening in these photos, what are you trying to prove!? Your technique of pouring dirty water is too lacking!

However Bai Lang’s fans group were just waiting for this sentence. So if this is nothing, then Su Quan and Qiu Qian’s photos are nothing even more! You guys spun stories non stop about this photo and dragged Bai Lang into it, have you still got any more dirty water to splash? Does it feel good slapping your own faces!? After a series of to and fro, Su Quan’s retreated in defeat. With red eyes they hurried to find if there were any signs that the new photos were faked.

At this time, some reporters and media who had previously been rejected by Su Quan and had suffered punishment at his hands, jumped out to throw more stones down the well.

Previously when they had seen Su Quan’s pitiful victim image, they had actually felt quite good. However they knew logically they shouldn’t say anything otherwise they might cause the fire to spread towards themselves. However now the problem clearly lay with Su Quan. Since that was the case they weren’t scared of putting a magnifying glass up to these problems and make them more obvious!

Also up until now, the “big person” behind Su Quan who had previously always come out to help him had not made a move but only sat by silently. Could he be that he was allowing it? Or was it that this person was also angry by these rumors and wanted to let Su Quan taste some bitterness? A few reporters who were more brave wanted to use this chance while they weren’t being “restrained” to act.

Thus within a short few hours, the identity of these three men were quickly exposed.

Although the faces had been blurred however the bodies could still be seen. If a professional person investigated them, these people could still not escape.

However these three people were all successful people in their fields and thus pointing the finger at them too directly would cause trouble. So the reports about these men only stated that out of these three men, two were already married, and they weren’t in the entertainment circle at all. They were neither crew or cast members. Also, Su Quan had previously clearly stated that he was never personally involved in finding funding for his movies, hence how could he explain these interactions?

So when this news was exposed, Su Quan’s fans were so panicked steam came out of their heads.

The fans really didn’t understand. Already they had been a bit confused why the “dedicated to work” Su Quan would appear in these kinds of dark and seedy looking nightclubs. They were willing to overlook that, but then what about the suggestive looking positions which gave off a strange feeling? And now you’re saying that two of three were actually married!?

Then, then then, could it be that the person who was initially reported as being “homewrecked”, was the “homewrecker” for other people!?


Other than these photos, there was also another trending topic that night.

That was the photos that Bai Lang’s fans had posted of him holding a little boy’s hand as he finished school.

These food was really tender and warm looking. Bai Lang’s head was lowered as he was talking to the little boy and he looked exactly like the good father Jiang XinCheng in “Partners”. So when this post appeared, not long after hundreds of replies appeared all saying, “begging for more!!”

Not long after more and more people started posting photos they had sneakily taken. It was just like fans talking out their precious treasures to show off. Because Bai Lang didn’t have a personal website, so his fans normally didn’t have much of a platform to play around with each other. Right now they found a good avenue and the reposts went from tens to hundreds and all of his fans ran to squeeze in on the fun.

In one night, close to one hundred photos actually appeared.

Within them, the majority was of the just finished athletics carnival. They were taken from all angles. Some showed the little boy hanging on Bai Lang’s body, and others showed Bai Lang helping wipe the little boy’s mouth after eating. It meng-ed to death a lot of fans.

Others included Bai Lang and the little boy waiting in line outside the steamed bun shop, or eating marshmallows on the street next to the marshmallow stall. There were even photos of Qiu Qian and Bai Lang taking the little boy to school together.

80% of the people followed protocol and blurred the little boy’s face. However it couldn’t be helped that some slipped through the cracks and forgot to hide the little boy’s large eyes, thick brows and handsome features. As soon as they looked the netizens all yelled out, this is definitely Boss Qiu’s son there can’t be any mistake, how come he’s so cute!?

However when these unblurred photos appeared, within half an hour they would be deleted. Although they felt a bit dissatisfied, the smart netizens understood that people were controlling things behind the scenes. And the fans also supported this. It was a kid after all ma, he should be protected. Afterwards they obediently photoshopped the photos before posting. One post followed another, everybody was very happy sharing their precious treasures. The original purpose in using the photos to create gossip had already been long forgotten.

However it was just that as more and more photos appeared, everyone could smell the scent of a piece of news.

This kind of intimate day-to-day actions… Could it be that Bai Lang and the Qiu father and son had long ago already started living together?

Then if that was the case, then wasn’t Bai Lang the legitimate and proper wife?

As for that other shameless “homewrecker” person, he definitely wanted to “homewreck” Bai Lang and Qiu Qian ba!?

Bai Lang’s fans were exactly the same as Su Quan’s fans. Gay or not gay was one matter, but a homewrecker could not be borne!

All of the female fans, including some who were originally Su Quan’s, within a few hours cursed and swore back towards Su Quan’s side.


Online the netizens were warring. The internet was extremely lively.

Bai Lang however held Qiu XiaoHai (because Qiu Qian was overseas) and slept away a peaceful night. It was only that Qiu XiaoHai held him a little bit more tightly than usual.

The next day when he turned on the TV, the news was broadcasting the latest news. It was Total Entertainment’s press release from that morning.

Within it was listed all the detailed times when Su Quan had rejected a job that the company had arranged for him. Also the times he had made improper liaisons and communications to the detriment of his image had also been listed as examples. Thus Total Entertainment felt that they were not able to go on with Su Quan and terminated the contract.

With this press release, Su Quan completely didn’t get a chance to even explain the photos. Instead it ruthlessly cut off Su Quan’s back path and simply let his fans know they had completely misread the situation.

At the same time, Total Entertainment also went further and even released a personal statement from Qiu Qian himself.

Within it there were only a few simple sentences. “Thank you everyone for being concerned about my family’s son and Bai Lang. Five days later Total Entertainment will hold a press conference. During that time we will welcome all questions. But until then, I hope everyone can properly return to their normal work and studies.”

It was only a few words and there wasn’t anything poetic. However what and who he was trying to protect was very obvious.

The large proportion of female fans who had only the previous night not been satisfied by Qiu Qian’s seemingly playboy conduct, today gave him a big thumbs up. No matter if they would approve or disapprove of them being “gay”, at least this guy admitted it in a direct and forthright manner. Even some male fans who came to see what the fuss was about, couldn’t help but say approvingly that this guy had guts.

Bai Lang who had finished eating breakfast and was watching the morning news blinked his eyes. Not long after his mobile rang.


“Did you sleep well last night?” The first thing Qiu Qian was worried about was his body.

Bai Lang smiled. “Yes. All the way to morning.”

“That’s good. I’ll be back in three days. You can let Xiao Hai take a break from school these couple of days.”

“I know. I didn’t call him to get up yet.” Bai Lang only just said this when Qiu XiaoHai appeared in the doorway of the bedroom. He rubbed his eyes and looked around in a confused manner for someone.

“Ah Bai….” When he found the person he was looking for, Qiu XiaoHai threw himself over Bai Lang’s body on the couch and continued sleeping.

Qiu Qian heard it on the other end and laughed lowly. “If this fellow gets cornered by the reporters, he’ll definitely give away every single detail of our family.”

“Indeed.” Bai Lang smiled too, for that sentence “our family”. At the same time he rubbed Qiu XiaoHai’s head.

Qiu Qian changed the topic to the proper one. “Hong Hong said the photos from last night were given to him by you. How did you get it, was it from Boss Hong?”

“I asked Ah Qi to help me out.”

“Rong SiQi?” Qiu Qian immediately realized. “Because of the Rong family party last time? Did you…?”

“I asked them to help me take the photo of Boss Hong and Su Quan over to him {T/N: To Hong Yu}, and see if he was willing to exchange it for something else.” Bai Lang admitted.

Qiu Qian paused then laughed out loud. “Sometimes I really think you’re just wearing rabbit skin on the top.”

Bai Lang said innocently, “When a rabbit gets angry, it can also bite people.”

“Luckily you jumped into my pocket on your own.” Qiu Qian said proudly.

“Then should I jump out?”

“You won’t get that chance!”


This bite of Bai Lang’s really bit in Su Quan’s most painful spot.

The next morning, at approximately the same time, the Su Quan who had not slept the entire night recieved Hong Yu’s phone call.

Su Quan really didn’t want to pick it up but had no choice.

“Do you understand everything now?”

Su Quan’s hands were icy as he answered, “…. en.”

“Then stop messing around. This time I won’t help you clean up, you’ll just have to let it be.” Hong Yu spoke in a very emotionless tone.

Su Quan didn’t dare to refute it.

Because these three photos terrified Su Quan into knowing that his every single movement was being watched by Hong Yu and within his control.

As for why Hong Yu was willing to expose these photos, the main reason was to warn and threaten him.

If he continued down this path, there would be even more ugly things appearing. At that time, if he didn’t have any people to rely on, he wouldn’t be able to exist in this circle any longer.

“Then in the future…” Su Quan bit his lip and persisted in asking.

Hong Yu laughed lowly. “I’m getting older so it’s natural that I’d want a more quiet life, don’t you think?”

Su Quan clutched his phone tightly until his hand went white. His heart was filled with terror and hate but he didn’t dare say anything back.

“…. Su Quan understands.”


In the end the furore that was raised over Total Entertainment’s contract termination faded under the announcement that Su Quan was temporarily ceasing all entertainment-related activities.

Through this, Su Quan’s fans had no choice but to unwillingly accept the truth like they were swallowing a fly.

Since Su Quan didn’t come out to refute the reasons behind Total Entertainment’s contract termination or the photos with the married men, the only explanation was that there was some truth to it.

However Su Quan’s behaviour of not saying anything was also a bit illogical. What kind of situation was it that he couldn’t even come out to say a single word!?

Left out in the cold this way, Su Quan’s loyal fans all felt as though they had been heartlessly stabbed in the back. They were both angry and hurt.

After that, all of the awards that Su Quan had won previously were dragged out and placed under the magnifying glass.

Things were often this way. Once the public opinion turned against you, everything that previously looked good would now turn ugly.

In the years to come, the words “movie emperor Su Quan” gradually became only a footnote in the history of the entertainment circle.

In the new generation of history, there would of course be a new generation of people taking the lead.

The nominations for the “best male actor” in the next Gold Emperor award was released a few weeks later.

The just out of the closet Bai Lang, was confirmed among them.


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