Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 37 – I’m Sorry
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 37 – I’m Sorry

That night there were two people that were secretly taken to University Hospital.

Other than Rong Ai, Bai Lang was also forced to go too.

Bai Lang didn’t take the ambulance but was instead personally transported by Qiu Qian like a criminal.

Hong Hong drove and Qiu Qian sat the whole way with his face sunken in the shadows. He clutched Qiu XiaoHai and wouldn’t let him go over to Bai Lang’s side.

After leaving the Rong family, Qiu Qian had not looked at Bai Lang a single time in the eye. So naturally they also didn’t say anything to each other.

In this time, Qiu Qian’s breathing was labored and his movements were irritable. It was clear that he was suppressing an explosion of anger inside his body.

Qiu XiaoHai was filled with question marks at the situation. He had just left the red-eyed Ah Zan, because Ah Zan’s grandpa was sick. But when he turned around he was met with his daddy’s frightening expression.

Qiu XiaoHai froze. This face was even more terrible than when he ran away from home. His danger instincts made him want to run to Bai Lang for comfort however at this time Qiu Qian violently wrenched him to one side. Qiu XiaoHai was extremely confused. The few times he had wanted to shuffle closer to Bai Lang he was suppressed by Qiu Qian on the spot and in the end he was forced to lie against Qiu Qian’s shoulder, throwing pitiful secret glances at Bai Lang.

After getting in the car, the stifling and heavy atmosphere inside made Qiu XiaoHai unable to help calling out pitifully in a small voice like a kitten:

Ah Bai….

Bai Lang gave him an apologetic glance. However he didn’t expect that Qiu Qian would suddenly violently kick the back of the seat in front of him.

Peng! There was a loud noise.

After that there was the sound of the plastic cracking loudly in the car.

Luckily the seat that Qiu Qian kicked was the empty passenger seat next to Hong Hong and so didn’t disrupt his driving. However it was enough to terrify Qiu XiaoHai. He immediately shut his mouth and even Bai Lang shook slightly.

Qiu Qian felt Bai Lang’s fright. With an extremely ugly expression he glanced at Bai Lang. Bai Lang met his eyes in a startled manner but the next moment Qiu Qian turned away with a stony face. The car drove straight to University Hospital before stopping in the parking lot. Xiao Li had also brought out a few hospital employees to wait there for him, in order to maintain secrecy while they went in.

As soon as Bai Lang followed Qiu Qian out of the car, his right wrist was immediately clamped tightly by Qiu Qian. Bai Lang froze. He didn’t even have time to react before Qiu Qian started striding forward to big steps. Bai Lang stumbled slightly and Qiu Qian’s face became even uglier. However his footsteps slowed down.

Bai Lang finally understood. This was Qiu Qian’s look of internal injury. Most likely he was scared that if he exploded in anger he would scare Bai Lang’s fragile, “made of glass” heart. Bai Lang laughed helplessly. He tried gently to free himself and just as he thought he didn’t have to use much effort to make Qiu Qian let go since he was scared of using force.

When he saw Qiu Qian’s twisted face which clearly showed he wanted to swear but was forcibly suppressing himself, Bai Lang turned his hand back around and held Qiu Qian’s. He squeezed it. Everything is okay.

Qiu Qian swallowed visibly. It was clear he was trying his utmost to stop himself from doing or saying anything impulsive. Then his hand tightly held Bai Lang’s, the ten fingers intertwined, and he motioned Xiao Li to lead the way in a wooden manner.

And as soon as Qiu XiaoHai got out of the car, he refused to let Qiu Qian keep holding him. Right now he saw that his daddy was already holding Ah Bai’s hand so he intelligently ran to Bai Lang’s other side to hold his other free hand.

Bai Lang felt his small warmth. He lowered his head to look at Qiu XiaoHai. Qiu XiaoHai gave a him a secretive [shhhh] motion, and the whole way he obediently used running and large steps to keep up with the adult’s sped.

Thus, both of Bai Lang’s hands were held tightly. And the tight knot of worry inside his stomach which had formed since the explosion in the car, slowly dissipated.

This person might put on a frightening face but he was clearly so worried about him. So what did Bai Lang have to be scared of?


They went into the hospital and following that there was a series of secret exams and tests.

Bai Lang was extremely apologetic towards Fang YingQi who was suddenly called to the hospital late at night. He was definitely told by the hospital that it was an emergency. When Fang YingQi rushed in in a panic only to see Bai Lang sitting there perfectly fine on the hospital bed, his expression was clearly befuddled.

But when he turned his glance and saw the stony-faced Qiu Qian which looked extremely like a concerned relative which had been kept in the dark for too long, Fang YingQi lightly coughed a few times and then began his professional work. He took Bai Lang away check up room nearby and after confirming that Qiu Qian’s identity as the patient’s boyfriend and live in partner, he began a careful and detailed explanation of Bai Lang’s illness.

Just prior to Fang YingQi arrival at the hospital, a lab technician had already taken Bai Lang through a series of tests and the results had already been transmitted to Fang YingQi’s computer.

The nearly 50 year old Fang YingQi was a little bit plump with kind eyes. He maneuvered the mouse in his hands and his voice was steady as he explained.

… Although Mr Bai’s heart and blood contains the problem that I’ve just explained, however his symptoms are very mild. With the addition of Mr Bai’s good diet, health and pattern of regular exercise, all his parameters are very healthy. His condition right now is very good. As for the testing that he’s just undergone…. en, other than it appears that he has been a bit over-tired recently, there isn’t anything particularly to worry about. Right now all he needs to do is rest a bit more. Later I’ll prescribe him some vitamins and other things to help boost his health.

Qiu Qian was frowning the whole time. Then finally he couldn’t help asking, with his condition can he really jump and fight every day without any problem?

{T/N: Author did not put “” quotation marks around any of the following conversation. I’m not sure why she doesn’t, perhaps because it’s supposed to show it’s not happening in real time. I just followed her format.}

Fang YingQi gave him a reassuring smile. Was Mr Qiu asking about the crime show that Mr Bai had recently agreed to be part of?

You also know? Qiu Qian’s question was a bit aggressive.

Of course. Mr Bai is a very cooperative patient. Prior to agreeing to take the job he did a careful check up. Fang YingQi couldn’t help talking for Mr Bai. As long as he warms up his body and takes time to rest at regular intervals, doing some more strenuous exercises won’t be a problem. The danger of his condition isn’t as high as it might sound to outsiders.

Qiu Qian’s face was still dark. However if he just rested obediently all the time wouldn’t it be even safer?

When Fang YingQI heard this he became more stern. Mr Qiu, the mental health and wellbeing of the patient is also very important. If he is restricted from doing the things he likes and trapped at home every day, not only will it not help Mr Bai’s illness but will give him more pressure. The correct treatment is to have regular exercise and to keep a healthy mentality. These are both essential to his health in the long term.

Qiu Qian showed a hesitant expression for some time. Then finally he rubbed his face as though he was giving in. He changed to asking what he should take care of on a day-to-day basis. He asked questions for more than half a hour and before finally letting Fang YingQi leave, he even asked him for his phone number.

Fang YingQi passed over his business card in an understanding manner. As Qiu Qian took it, in his mind suddenly flashed the memory of Wang Yun giving Bai Lang his business card some time ago.

Qiu Qian paused. Bai Lang’s illness, who else knows about it?

Fang YingQi was just looking through his computer. Mr Bai had always been his personal patient, however a few weeks ago Young Master Rong once helped Mr Bai organize a check up appointment. He should also know… When Qiu Qian heard this his face changed, but the next thing that Fang YingQi said really made his heart thud.

Ai, Wang Yun? Isn’t this that new colleague? Why did he request this file…?

Fang YingQi’s hand paused on the mouse. When he looked again he discovered Qiu Qian’s entire person was not quite right. He hurried to add, Oh, don’t worry. Our hospital sometimes will have meetings to discuss patient treatment. So requesting a patient file is ordinary. Of course, all the doctors are sworn to secrecy. This is also the law.

A dark storm was brewing inside Qiu Qian’s eyes. Can we choose not to participate in the discussion?

Fang YingQi’s eyes showed surprise and also a bit of difficulty. To be honest, the best way to determine the best treatment for Mr Bai is to have several specialists discuss together…

Qiu Qian’s mouth twitched. Other people are okay, but only Wang Yun is not allowed. Is that okay?

Fang YingQi froze. From these words he could clearly sense that something was afoot. So he naturally nodded.

Of course, as long as Mr Bai also agrees.


{T/N: Still no “” quotation marks. Starting to feel a bit weird at this point in time so I’ve added them around the conversation.}

With his head full of chaotic and terrible suspicions, Qiu Qian left the clinic and went back to the ward.

Right now the time was around 11PM at night. In the very large and spacious special patient room, there was a queen sized bed. The light was on low and on the large bed there were two figures wrapped in the blanket. The little one was Qiu XiaoHai. The larger one moved when Qiu Qian came in.

When Qiu Qian saw Bai Lang sit up as though he wanted to pull aside the blanket and get out bed, his heart tightened. He walked over with several big strides and said, “What are you trying to do?”

There was a weak light by the bed but it was enough to see Bai Lang’s tender features in the darkness.

However right now when Qiu Qian saw it, to him it became the look of fragility.

The very and loose patient gown made Bai Lang’s neck and body look even more slender. His bare arms were showing and there was a bandage from where the blood had been taken before. To Qiu Qian, he completely looked like a ill patient.

“Let’s have a chat,” Bai Lang said lightly. When he saw Qiu Qian’s expression change he added, “Otherwise I won’t be able to sleep the whole night.”

The Qiu Qian who had just been informed that Bai Lang needed to sleep and rise early couldn’t reject this. He could only woodenly push down Bai Lang who seemed to wont to get up. He gritted his teeth and said, “You lie down! Just talk like this.”

Bai Lang grabbed Qiu Qian’s hand. He shuffled his body. “Come in?”

Qiu Qian fought with himself for several seconds then finally took off his shoes and got into the bed. Once inside he couldn’t control his urge any longer and pulled Bai Lang into his arms and hugged him tightly. Bai Lang seemed to have the same feeling. He also reached out his arms to hug Qiu Qian back tightly. His movements showed his trust and dependence and this made Qiu Qian hold on with even more force.

“Don’t worry, I’m not made of glass.” Bai Lang sighed. He used the same amount of energy to hold Qiu Qian back.

Qiu Qian felt the warmth of the body in his arms and heard that steady heartbeat that was pressed against his own chest. He couldn’t help but use his cheek to rub against the crown of Bai Lang’s head. The emotions that he had been suppressing were spilling out.

The anger of being kept in the dark. The hurt, the panic, the distress, and the first time he had felt his heart ache. The same type of terrible feeling of regret and self-blame he had when he heard Qiu XiaoHai had been given drugs. These feelings came together and made Qiu Qian’s voice shake. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wanted to,” Bai Lang buried his face in Qiu Qian’s arms. “But I was scared you would react like this and be too worried.”

Qiu Qian tightened his arms again. It was as though he wanted to completely absorb this person into his flesh and blood.

“Then I am supposed to wait for you to suddenly fall down in front of me just like at the Rong family house and most likely die?”

“If that really happens then it’s just a matter of a few hours. It’s very fast.” Bai Lang looked down and thought about what had happened in the emergency room in his previous life.

Qiu Qian breathed in sharply. His body temperature immediately shot up. He pushed Bai Lang’s head away and looked into his eyes in a hurt and angry manner.

“Cruel. It turns out, you’re much crueller than me.”

Seeing Qiu Qian’s slightly reddened eyes in the darkness, Bai Lang suddenly understood.

He understood. My rebirth, it was all for this moment. All so I could give this heart to you.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry….

Before Qiu Qian forcefully kissed Bai Lang, Bai Lang didn’t know why but he could only repeat this one sentence.


Three days later, the Morning Star as well as almost all other entertainment publications published the exact same front page headline.

Total Entertainment had terminated Su Quan’s management contract.

And stated at the same time that it was terminating all working relations with Su Quan.


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