Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 33 – University Hospital
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 33 – University Hospital

After Lin GongCheng heard that he smacked the table and laughed loudly.

“Look, you can’t have a son carelessly ba. This answer is just what I thought hahaha.”

Qiu XiaoHai realized at this time that he was being teased. He twisted his head around and asked, “Why is Uncle laughing?”

Qiu Qian aimed a look at Lin GongCheng. “He’s happy for you. The little sister he liked ran away.”

Lin GongCheng’s laughter immediately died in his throat. Qiu XiaoHai opened his eyes wide. “Why ah?”

Bai Lang ruffled Qiu XiaoHai’s head. “It’s not polite to ask that. You need to comfort Uncle.”

“Oh,” Qiu XiaoHai obediently nodded his head. “Uncle don’t be sad.” After thinking for a moment he added, “Anyway, girls are very troublesome.”

The table erupted into wild laughter, including Qiu Qian.

At this time Qiu XiaoHai felt bullied and started becoming unhappy. He slid off the chair and ran to Bai Lang’s side, clinging onto him. Bai Lang softened his laughter and hugged Qiu XiaoHai on his knee and began comforting him. Qiu XiaoHai pouted and decided he wouldn’t talk anymore.

However not long after it was time to cut the cake. When the cake appeared with lit candles on top, Qiu XiaoHai’s eyes brightened.

Qiu Qian finally remembered to comfort his son. He turned and asked if he wanted to blow out the candles. Qiu XiaoHai nodded vigorously and immediately lunged forward. Bai Lang had to steady him around the waist to avoid him falling onto the table.

Afterwards there was a “hu!” sound and Qiu XiaoHai grinned as he completed his mission. He twisted his head to look for Qiu Qian’s praise.

The image was just like a real family celebrating a birthday together.


After these celebration finished, it was time for the party to end.

Around 8, 9PM Qiu XiaoHai was already rubbing his eyes tiredly. Qiu Qian didn’t delay and told everyone to hurry on home to rest.

Lin GongCheng hadn’t seen Er Hong for a long time. He wanted to go along with them to chat so left together with Qiu Qian and the others.

After they left, the emptied club became significantly more quiet and lonely.

Su Quan who was left behind poured himself a glass of wine. His chair was in front of the floor length windows. He looked out at the sparse distant lights and his expression was unclear.

“Ah Qian has changed a lot. I’ve never seen him like this before.”

On the other side, Wang Yun was also holding a cup of spirits and turning it in his hand. “But at our age it’s probably time to settle down and have a family.”

“Perhaps,” Su Quan faintly smiled. “Bai Lang is a good schemer. He’s able to control Qiu XiaoHai very well.”

Wang Yun went quiet for a moment. It seemed he didn’t quite agree however in the end he still said, “No matter what it’s good to have someone to dedicate oneself to. Ah Qian probably also wants to try it.”

“How can you dedicate yourself to something that’s bought with money?” Su Quan twisted his head to look at Wang Yun. His gaze was very severe.

Wang Yun looked looked at Su Quan’s perfect side profile. He couldn’t help but said, “Well it’s better than having no hope at all.”

Su Quan’s expression froze. It was as though he had been hurt by what Wang Yun had said. He turned his head back again. After a moment he finally said, “I didn’t want it to be like this either. But Ah Yun, I’ve been working hard for so long and I don’t want to end up with nothing in the end.”

“Since it’s like this,” Wang Yun sighed. “Then why do you still…”

“However right now Ah Qian already has the power and capability.” Su Quan interrupted Wang Yun. His face showed an extremely trusting expression. “As long as he wants to, nothing can stop him anymore. But until then he shows he’s willing, I still can’t leave…”

“If you don’t leave, then how do you expect Ah Qian to be willing?” Wang Yun’s expression was very distant.

“That’s why I need your help, Ah Yun.” Su Quan raised his eyes and stared fixedly at Wang Yun. “Haven’t you always supported me to be with Ah Qian?”

Wang Yun looked away from Su Quan’s gaze. He laughed bitterly. “Don’t look at me like that. I know that my transfer to University Hospital is because of your connections. But Ah Qian has also helped me before.”

“I’m not asking you to do anything bad to Ah Qian. It’s to help both of us.” Su Quan made his gaze very warm. “In the end, me and Ah Qian, we will definitely be happy together.”


Seeing Wang Yun at the party reminded Bai Lang that it was approximately time for him to go his half yearly review at the cardiology clinic.

It was just that Bai Lang’s fame recently had been increasing and so trying to go to the hospital without Fang Hua or Hong Hong knowing was becoming increasingly difficult. Also there was this watch. If he wore something everyday but suddenly stopped wearing it, Bai Lang wasn’t sure whether or not Qiu Qian would get suspicious.

According to what Qiu Qian told him he wasn’t so free as to wear earphones 24 hours a day to spy on him. It was only that sometimes when he was bored he would take it out for “entertainment”. Of course this type of entertainment was also very perverted. The only thing that made it somewhat better was that Qiu Qian had never forced him to wear it and said it was up to him.

In the end, Bai Lang had no choice but to ask Rong SiQi for help. Outside Qiu Qian’s group, Rong SiQi was the friend that Bai Lang trusted the most.

Bai Lang asked Rong SiQi to help him using his family contacts and not Fang Hua to make an appointment at the University Hospital for a routine health check up. Bai Lang could then use the excuse of accompanying Rong SiQi as a friend and go together with him to the hospital.

Thus if anyone was hiding in the hospital to take a picture of Bai Lang, then he could use this as a good excuse. All he had to do was make sure that no one recognized him at the moment of him walking into Fang YingQi’s office.

However Rong SiQi’s methods was far more effective than Bai Lang had anticipated.

After Rong SiQi heard about Bai Lang’s situation, he was so shocked he stared at Bai Lang for a good long while. He completely showed an ordinary person’s fear when confronted with someone with a “heart disease”. Bai Lang laughed helplessly and had to comfort him, explaining that it wasn’t some serious illness. It was just like high blood pressure or diabetes, all he needed was to take extra care and precautions that’s all.

However Rong SiQi still treated it as though it was a calamitous event. Through his contacts he directly requested that the University Hospital open a special clinic room. When Bai Lang went he found the already arrived much earlier Fang YingQi waiting for him. When the door closed no one knew what Bai Lang had gone in for so Bai Lang could rest easy and get his check up. It was the least risky method.

However if Bai Lang was destined to be discovered then no matter what he did or how much care he took, he still would not be able to escape the clutches of fate.

Just as Bai Lang finished his check up and walked out of the clinic, he was seen by Wang Yun who had just transferred and had come to complete his administration procedures.

Because of the angle, Bai Lang didn’t see the Wang Yun who was in the corner however Wang Yun’s gaze immediately flew from him to the clinic room that he had come out of. However the clinic had no signs and this demonstrated that this room was a private room that was not usually open to the public.

Thus after Bai Lang left the clinic and made a phone call, walking further and further way, Wang Yun stood in a nearby corner to watch for a few minutes. Just as he expected, the empty clinic room door opened once again and from inside, one of Wang Yun’s colleagues came out. It was Fang YingQi who was said to tipped to be next cardiology boss at the hospital. He was wearing his white coat and in his hands seemed to be a patient file.

Wang Yun’s heart leapt. He stepped back closer to the wall and watched as Fang YingQi’s shadow disappeared in the opposite direction. Suddenly he remembered that people working in the same specialist clinic had the ability to request each other’s patient’s files.


At this time, “Gold” finally finished its one month cinema run and the entire box office takings had already reached 380 million.

This small production which had only cost 40 million to make and over half of it was the money used in the latter half of promotion. “Gold” not only made his owners a lot of money but also catapulted Bai Lang, Que QiMing as well as the female lead Shen AiRu to fame.

So a rumor began circulating within the circle that “Gold” might even be able to squeeze in a few names into this year’s “Golden Emperor” awards. This news made made Fang Hua overjoyed. She directly that since she picked Bai Lang, that her eyes couldn’t be wrong however when it came to his future development, they still had be cautious.

Because when it came to award nominations, it might not matter to an older established actor, but as for a newcomer they should probably avoid having any other movies during that time in order to prevent their performance review being changed.

Often there were cases were a newcomer might be praised for their initial first performance, however their following movie might suffer cruel reviews and ratings.

Because although each movie should theoretically be judged independently, however if the award was handed to the newcomer at the same time as when he or she was being critically panned for the performance of their second movie, then often the effect will be soured a lot and people would suspect some kind of behind the scenes deals. After this had happened before, the judging panel got wise to it and they started to think about various factors before handing out awards. Thus after being nominated, it was better for newcomers to avoid another movie in the short term.

However TV shows were different. TV shows and movies were seen by people to be completely different territories. Even though it was still acting, however the pacing and the length was different so people were able to differentiate between acting on the two mediums. Thus after “Gold” the scripts that Fang Hua gave Bai Lang were TV scripts.

As for the scripts that Fang Hua had given him, Bai Lang knew that they had all achieved not bad results in his past life.

The first was a period drama. The first male lead’s role was offered to Bai Lang. This role was someone who was elegant, passionate and handsome. It was not too dissimilar from the Lin ChuanQing role in “Gold”.

So Bai Lang considered the second drama. It was a crime thriller.

Because of the scandal that had erupted over the crime show that Kang Jian had been in previously, this type of television series had not been shown for a long time. Thus in his previous life when this series aired, it had gotten good reviews and ratings. Of course the script itself was also very good.

And the other main reason that Bai Lang was interested in this drama was because within it he would portray one of the two male leads, a undercover spy with a delinquent type image and not a typical righteous police officer. Underneath his seemingly rough and improper appearance, this undercover bore considerable responsibility and pressure and he was also one of the most riveting parts of the drama.

To Bai Lang this would be really exceeding the image of his previous roles and that’s why he wanted to do it.

Even Fang Hua agreed with him that choosing this role would be good for his future development.

However the only thing which Bai Lang felt wary about was that in this drama he would have a significant amount of action and fighting scenes. Although the most dangerous scenes would be done by a stunt double, however the was still high physical requirements associated with the role. It was something that the Bai Lang in his previous life had never experienced before.

A few weeks ago when he had gone to the clinic for the checkup, Fang YingQi had praised him for his eating, exercising and lifestyle habits recently.

This meant that as long as he warmed up his body well before the action scenes and took care to rest in between, then it wasn’t as though it was impossible for him to do some more strenuous exercises. Of course he also couldn’t overdo it or keep it up for an extended period of time. This type of assessment was very tempting and thus Bai Lang even called up Fang YingQi (who had given him his phone number at the last assessment) and received the opinion of “not really supporting but also not really against it”.

Just as Bai Lang was still trying to make up his mind, one afternoon Fang Hua accepted a beer commercial for Bai Lang.

At this this beer commercial, something happened which helped Bai Lang make up his mind to accept the challenge of this role.


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