Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 32 – Two Business Cards
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 32 – Two Business Cards

If Bai Lang was able to hear this subtle meaning then there was no reason that Qiu Qian couldn’t hear it as well.

Qiu Qian immediately grabbed Bai Lang’s hand and held it within his in an exaggerated motion. “Hey don’t provoke our relationship okay? Otherwise tonight I won’t be able to enter the bedroom, I’ll be very pitiful.”

The two people laughed together. However just Bai Lang could tell Su Quan’s intent to provoke was true and not a joke, then Qiu Qian’s reproach was also not fake.

The two other people Wang Yun and Lin GongCheng could see the situation too. They didn’t look very surprised by Su Quan’s behavior however they looked at Bai Lang with more curiosity.

After being reprimanded by Qiu Qian, Su Quan lightly shrugged. “The truth is the truth, the rest of us are all very envious and you won’t even let us talk about it?” It was though if he took out the identity of an “old friend” then all words that shouldn’t be spoken would be easily forgiven.

Qiu Qian glanced at Su Quan with a vague smile on his face. He held Bai Lang’s hand, the ten fingers intertwined, and gave him a big kiss on the back of his hand.

“Alright then, in the future I have no choice but to let you guys keep being envious.”

Su Quan pretended to sigh loudly as though he couldn’t tolerate it any longer. “Look at you, tsk tsk.”

Everything appeared to return to friendliness as though the exchange before hadn’t happened.

The Wang Yun who was sitting to one side seemed to confirm something in his mind. He took out his business card to change the topic.

“Just now the introduction wasn’t complete. I’m Wang Yun, this is my business card. It’s an honor to meet you. If you need anything you can give me a call on the number on the card.”

Introducing yourself and giving a business card wasn’t special however Wang Yun’s next sentence about calling him at any time seemed to be acknowledging Bai Lang and Qiu Qian’s relationship. He also seemed to be trying to conciliate Su Quan’s previous behaviour.

Bai Lang thus looked at Wang Yun again and happened to see Wang Yun’s expression when he threw a quick glance at Qiu Qian. He lowered his eyes and as though he didn’t see anything, accepted the business card with his thanks.

Lin GongCheng saw what was happening and hurried to give his business card too. His attitude also become a lot more friendly.

“Oh, Old Qiu says you work together with Xiao Hua. In the future I’ll be troubling you to take care of her ah. If you see flowers or fruit or any type of those things on Xiao Hua’s table, you need to tell me at once.” After he gave his business card he also took out his mobile phone. “What’s your phone number? I’ll send you mine so you can save it.”

This speed of getting close made Bai Lang freeze slightly. Qiu Qian laughed as he said, “Give it to him ba. This fellow is pretty useful. He owns a security company. If you run into a stalker or a hacker, you can look for him.”

“No problem, no problem, let’s take care of each other.” Lin GongCheng nodded his head vigorously. “But Old Qiu tells me that you have Er Hong following you. He can take care of most things beautifully. He’s trained at my place before you know.”

Bai Lang felt surprised. He gave his phone number and then looked carefully at the two business cards in his hand.

One look and his heart couldn’t help jumping.

For one, on Lin GongCheng’s business card the words “Wei An Security” was printed in large letters. Bai Lang recognized it as an industry leader which can be said to be be number 1 or number 2 in the country’s security business. And Lin GongCheng’s title was actually “Boss”. It seemed that the phrase “birds of a feather flock together” was really not a lie. Next to a big boss could only be other boss-level friends.

However it was the other business card, from Wang Yun, which really made Bai Lang pause.

“Wang Yun, Ren Shou Hospital”. He was a cardiologist.

Although it wasn’t the same place that Bai Lang sought treatment in his previous life (which was University Hospital), this was enough to stimulate Bai Lang’s psyche.

After all until now Bai Lang still hadn’t made up his mind whether or not to tell Qiu Qian about his illness.

In the beginning when Bai Lang had told Qiu Qian that he would “try”, he hadn’t thought too much about the longevity of the relationship.

If in three to five years they broke up, then there was no point to tell him about his illness.

But after being intimate day after day, night after night, this type of thought also made Bai Lang feel guilty because it made it seem as though he didn’t trust Qiu Qian and didn’t have faith in their relationship. However if he was to change his mind and admit it to him frankly, well then that also came with its own set of headaches and concerns.

According to the primary doctor of his past life, Dr Fang YingQi, his illness arose from a genetic predisposition. It wasn’t very severe but neither was it trivial. If it wasn’t because Bai Lang had completely contravened the doctor’s orders of sleeping well and avoiding stress in the last days of his previous life, and if he had instead followed Fang YingQi’s treatment plan, the he would have been able to live one or two decades longer completely without any problem.

It needed to be said that Fang YingQi was that hospital’s most senior cardiologist and also the number 1 or number 2 specialist in the country. His diagnosis wouldn’t be incorrect. So after his rebirth, Bai Lang had still gone to Fang YingQi to seek treatment. Because his illness was discovered early and his treatment also begun earlier, then in this life Bai Lang’s situation should be even better than his previous life.

So if in this life Bai Lang opened his mouth and told Qiu Qian about a problem that would only cause issues in some ten or twenty years then it would be quite suspicious, and no matter how he looked at it, it seemed to be unnecessarily causing worry to others. However nothing was 100%. If by chance in this life he also very early on…. then what would Qiu Qian do? Was his way of thinking too selfish?

He thought about it over and over and after his relationship with Qiu Qian became more stable, the conflict in his heart also grew.

So when he saw Wang Yun’s business card, Bai Lang couldn’t suppress his expression from changing.

When Qiu Qian who was sitting next to him pressed closer and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Bai Lang recalled himself. He raised his head and smiled. “It’s nothing.”

Qiu Qian’s gaze wavered slightly but he didn’t have time to press the issue before the Qiu XiaoHai on his body began to move.


Qiu XiaoHai’s head moved and then he raised his hand to rub his eyes. Slowly he woke up.

His hand sleepily rubbed his face and his expression was slightly muddled.

Qiu Qian helped his son pull back up the blanket that had slightly fallen down. He tilted his head and asked, “Slept enough?”

Qiu XiaoHai sleepily blinked his eyes. He rubbed himself against Qiu Qian for a bit and then said in unhappy voice, “My neck hurts…”

“Just now you’ve been lying on your left the whole time. Just turn to the right and it won’t hurt anymore.” Qiu Qian patted his son.

Qiu XiaoHai said “oh” and changed his position to the other side. He then saw Bai Lang who was sitting to Qiu Qian’s right and his face lit up. He called softly, “Ah Bai, you came ah~”

Bai Lang reached out and rubbed Qiu XiaoHai’s neck. “Still hurts?”

Qiu XiaoHai immediately twisted his body away from Qiu Qian and reached out his arms towards him, “Ah Bai hug…..”

Qiu Qian immediately offered up his son. “Take him. I’ve been squashed by this little piggy for so long I’ve gone numb.”

Bai Lang naturally took Qiu XiaoHai into his arms.

Qiu XiaoHai switched to Bai Lang’s arms. He wrapped his arms around Bai Lang’s neck and didn’t forget to turn around and protest, “I’m not a little piggy.”

Qiu Qian made a “ha” noise. “Yes you only eat the same amount as a pig that’s all.”

“That, that’s because food is yummy ma.” Qiu XiaoHai used his best effort to defend himself. Afterwards he tucked his head under Bai Lang’s chin and acted spoiled. “Ah Bai, I’m hungry. I want to eat little rabbit steamed buns~”

“Just endure for a few more seconds, son.” Qiu Qian shook his head.

Lin GongCheng who also had a daughter was laughing loudly. “This kiddo seems like he’s completely changed, what a treasure. Just before wasn’t he terribly shy and wouldn’t let anyone hold him? Right now he’s openly complaining about being hungry.”

Surprise was also all over Wang Yun’s face. “Wasn’t Xiao Hai being raised by a nanny? He seems very close with Bai Lang.”

Qiu Qian stretched out his body. He wrapped one arm around the back of Bai Lang’s chair, as though enveloping the two people at the same time.

“Oh, didn’t I mention it earlier? Right now we’re living together.”

All of these people’s faces froze.

Lin GongCheng was immediately injured. He yelled, “Are you trying to make others envious to death? I also want to live with Xiao Hua and my lassie ah!”

Su Quan who was sitting to one side still wore a host’s benevolent smile. However his downcast gaze hid his real expression.

After a moment he finally said, “If you’re hungry then let’s ask them to bring out the food. We don’t want to let Xiao Hai get hungry.”


It was unknown whether it was by coincidence or if it was intentional but the majority of the conversation on the dinner table revolved around Xindao. It was mostly Su Quan who was leading the conversation. After talking about the olden days he switched to talking about the current news of the place. These old friends from the same hometown had a lot of common topics of conversation. Bai Lang merely sat to one side and listened. He didn’t interject much.

However Bai Lang also didn’t have many free moments. It was as though Qiu XiaoHai had been bottling up a whole day’s worth of conversation. He enthusiastically chatted to Bai Lang.

All the way from what had happened after he left his house to the swimming he had done before falling asleep, Qiu XiaoHai insisted on retelling it from beginning to end.

Also on the dinner table there was a wide assortment of seafood such as fish, shrimp and crab. They were the type of food that was a bit difficult to eat.

So Bai Lang’s mouth was occupied in replying to Qiu XiaoHai’s retelling, and his hands were busy shelling shells and taking out bones.

On the round table, Qiu XiaoHai was sitting between Qiu Qian and Bai Lang. Bai Lang was busy serving the little master but the big lord Qiu Qian also managed to get alloted several large and already shelled shrimps. Thus Qiu Qian took over the task of getting food from the other dishes for these three people. The inside and outside tasks were all distributed evenly and everything appeared both natural and harmonious. The other people sitting at the table all watched and couldn’t help having thoughts in their hearts.

And also Qiu XiaoHai’s did not deliberately lower his voice when making childish conversation. Lin GongCheng who was sitting nearby couldn’t help eavesdropping and slowly he was pulled into the conversation and was extremely diverted. Particularly when the part when Qiu XiaoHai was talking about changing into his swimmers and he said, we’re not sleeping how come we also need to get naked ah. These words made Lin GongCheng laugh so hard he nearly choked.

Thus slowly the conversation about Xindao faded away and the audience’s attention became focused on Qiu XiaoHai.

At this time since both Bai Lang and Qiu Qian were present, Qiu XiaoHai’s bravery increased a lot and thus he started chatting more openly to these uncles he didn’t know well.

Lin GongCheng had a daughter so he was familiar with kids. He rushed to represent the others to ask questions.

“Little brother how old are you?” This weird uncle asked.


“What’s your name ah?”

“…. Qiu XiaoHai.” Qiu XiaoHai was a bit confused. Before hadn’t this uncle already called him by his name?

“What type of activities do you like to do normally?”

Qiu XiaoHai paused. Bai Lang translated, “He’s asking what you like to do after finishing class.”

“Oh. I like to watch cartoons, eat food, do my homework, take a shower, listen to a story and then go to sleep.”

Qiu XiaoHai tilted his head and obediently listed in the order of the things he did.

“You have homework? Aren’t you only five? Can you even write ah,” Lin GongCheng pretended to be very surprised.

“I, I can write my name oh, and numbers! Ah Bai helps me write it!”

“Oh, so good. Then is there any little sister that you like at school ah?”

“Why are you asking that, he’s not you.” Wang Yu interjected.

“But he’s Old Qiu’s son ah,” Lin GongCheng waved his hand.

Just as expected, Qiu XiaoHai responded honestly, “I like Ah Zan, but Ah Zan isn’t a little sister oh.”


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