Psycho Hero
2 Summoned
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Psycho Hero
Author :LuckGod
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2 Summoned

"Damn!" A 1.8-meter tall man in a black hooded jacket cursed covertly as he kicked the coffee can on the ground, and it flew few yards away.

He just got out of the police station. He was questioned by the police for being accused that someone saw him killing a stray dog on the street.

He is mad by that person who reported him to the police. Fortunately, they haven't found any proof, thus, he escaped their accusation smoothly.

"If I found you..." The man paused in his thoughts as he wondered what he should do if he found the person who reported him.

'Hmm... What should I do?'

'Should I force that person to drink its own piss? No.'

'Should I drown him to a pool of shit? No.'

'Should I castrate him if he's a man or should I sew her private part if she's a girl? Haha. What the hell, I'm so lame…'

'Or should I bind that person's limbs and bury in the ground? No.'

'I don't know what's better. But, I'm certain that it will be fun. Hehehe.' The man smiled ear to ear with his crazy thought. It's creepy, he's smile was like a villain, that if someone saw him smiling they will certainly creep out.

After minutes of walking, he arrived before a two-story black and white house. Opening the door, the man silently uttered. "I'm home."


The door silently closed by itself as a woman's voice rang out deep inside the dimly lit house.

"Oh. Wentian you're here. Where have you been? Did you eat already?!"

"Yes. I'm going into my room." Wentian answered shortly as he walked to the second floor of the house and entered his darkroom.
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The darkroom was dimly lit up by a red light after Wentian turned on the switch on the wall beside his door. His room was only a single bed spacer, with a desktop on the left side of his bed, closet on the left-side wall, and couple of weird photos stick on the right-side wall beside his bed.

Why is it weird?

Because it was the pictures of animals he killed and tortured before.

Lying face flat on his bed, Wentian couldn't stop himself from thinking. 'Who am I?'

'Why am I become like this?'

I am Zhu Wentain, 18 years old. The most hypocrite person you would know. I'm also allegedly psychopath.

After the accident I had in the Zoo when I was in middle school field trip, I just found myself killing animals I saw on the road. I don't know why it's just fun to do.

I'm the only son of this family, and I only have my mother who was always worried about me. If you're asking about my father?

Then, I will gladly tell you that he's imprisoned in one of the biggest and fully secured jail in the world.


It's because of a simple reason. He just a bombed an entire police station after being kicked with a drug. Yeah, you read it right. My father is a drug addict.

And for some reason, my father wasn't sentenced to death. I don't know why, and I don't care at all. I just want to sleep peacefully.


In the next evening, Zhu Wentain could be seen walking toward an abandoned lot with the same outfit yesterday and stray cat in his right hand, holding by its neck, and a cutter in his left hand.

'Hehe. It's my favorite time! Cat torturing time!'

(Disclaimer: I never torture any kind of animal before. I actually have a pet, cat and dog.)

For some reason, Zhu Wentain found that torturing a cat was the best thing in the world. It gave him a thrill. Their pleading eyes when he's beating them. It was truly amazing.

Reaching the abandoned lot, Zhu Wentian began to dig the ground before he buried the cat until its neck.


The cat meowed at him, as if begging to let him go. However, even with the cute appearance of the cat, Zhu Wentian raised his right hand, about to throw the stone in his hand.

Alas, before he could throw the stone, a loud cry of a girl stopped him.


Turning his head, Zhu Wentain found a girl wearing a school uniform, seems like around his age.

"What are you doing?!" The girl questioned in a loud voice, couldn't believe at Zhu Wentain's action.

The girl then ran before the cat and blocked Zhu Wentian with outstretched arms.

"Aren't you ashamed at what you're doing?!" The girl asked once again.

"You, do you know what you're doing? You're interrupting someone's matter. Leave!" Zhu Wentian ended with a cold tone of voice.

"No! I won't!"

"You really won't leave me alone ha?"

"No, I won't!" The girl repeated, determined to stop Zhu Wentian cruelty.

"I see…" Zhu Wentian murmured as he paused before looking at the cutter in his left hand before he looked at the girl once again.

"Then, do you see this?" He asked with a wide smile, as he waved the cutter in the air.

"Y-Yes…" The girl answered softly, uncertain at Zhu Wentain meaning for asking her.

"Would you believe me that I could cut you with this?" Zhu Wentian asked one more time as his smile got wider.

"N-No…" The girl responded as she stammered. While thinking. 'Is he really going to cut me?'

"HAHA. Believe me, I will cut you." Zhu Wentain retorted after an evil laughed. He then, rushed to the girl without thinking about the consequences.

"No… S-STOP!!!" The girl screamed in shock and fear as she closed her eyes.

"HAHAHA. DIE!" Zhu Wentian uttered with chuckled as he was about to pierce the girl's stomach, as if the time slowed-down, a blinding white light appeared on the ground around him.

Witnessing this, Zhu Wentian have a bad feeling about this. Thus, it didn't take long that his intuition is accurate, as the light fade away, Zhu Wentain also vanished, leaving the horrified girl.

'What just happened?' She thought in confusion, she was forced to opened her eyes when she felt the white light earlier as if a flashlight pointed on her eyes. Then, the man, Zhu Wentian suddenly disappeared.


"Welcome Hero!"

Opening his eyes, Zhu Wentian found himself in a wide dimly lit coliseum before an old man who's wearing a white priest outfit.

"Who are you? Where am I?!" Zhu Wentian asked even though he already had an assumption where he is.

"Me? I am the summoner who was assigned by the King of KindHearted Kingdom to summon you, Hero." The summoner answered with a prideful tone of voice.

"Really?! Am I in a sword and magic world?" Zhu Wentain asked in an energetic voice as he slowly walked towards the summoner.

"Yes, you're correct. The hero is truly knowledgeable." The summoner politely answered as he complimented Zhu Wentian.

'Haha. This naïve here was going to be easy to control.' He thought.

"Wow. So, you summoned me here to defeat the demon king?" Zhu Wentain asked once again in the same manner as he reached before the summoner, as he then lowered his head.

"Yes, indeed, you're absolutely correct hero."

Slow raising his head, Zhu Wentain faced the summoner with a wide eyes and smile. "WOW!"


"Urgh! W-Why?" The summoner questioned forcefully as he held his neck, hoping to stop the blood that gushing out of his neck.

"Do you expect me to answer like that? You summoned me here without my consent! Do you really think that I will fell with your scheme, I know that y'all just wanted to use me and discard me in the end, y'all are hypocrite, just like me. Hehehe."

Zhu Wentain spoke with a cold and loud voice as he swung his cutter on the summoner's hand, cutting its fingers.



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