Naked Sword Art
15 Taboo 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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15 Taboo 18+


A few minutes later, continous claps could be heard coming from the back room. The door was slightly cracked open so the sounds of their bodies and moans could be heard throughout the empty bookstore.

[ Naked Sword Piercing Horn ]


After their little session was over. Chun Hua laid next to Xiao Fang, using his shoulder as a head rest, her hand on his chest, as he was gripping one of her fat dumplings.

"Xiao Fang, it's only been a day. How could it only take a day to learn that technique?", she stared at the side of his head. He was laying on his back with his free hand behind his head. He looked up at the ceiling, seemingly lost in thought.

"I had a bit of practice. The truth is the technique I used is not the exact same as the one you gave me, but a close variation. I call it 'Naked Sword Piercing Horn'", he explained to her.

"It felt great, I can't believe we already used an hour from the 24 we agreed on", she spoke disappointedly.

"About that, theres no need to keep count, I'll be here when you call... because you are special to me".

Chun Hua felt like crying but held back her tears. She crawled under the blanket then swallowed Xiao Fang's sleeping dragon. Xiao Fang removed the blanket and watched her make shameless expressions as his dragon slid down her throat. She began moving like that which made Xiao Fang's little brother start to involuntarily twitch. However, despite it twitching, she didn't choke and continued to thrust; her face hitting his pubic region.

She eventually lifted her head to take a breath. Before she could start doing it again Xiao Fang stopped her.

"Let me make you feel good too", he gestured for her to bring her fat dumplings to his face. They got back at it, only this time they're mouths were the only things doing the work. This was a good opportunity for Xiao Fang to practice with his mouth and feel amazing at the same time.

Xiao Fang's dragon became a naked sword and reached much deeper than before. Xiao Fang couldn't get enough of her generously sized cheeks.

"I never thought I'd ever enjoy dumplings this much", he thought.

They did it for only a minute when he sensed Xun Wei coming their way. Xiao Fang could only wonder why it took her so long to get here. He knew she had her own keys to the library, so he left the door opened a bit, letting her know he was here.

As soon as Xun Wei opened the door Xiao Fang's hands pressed Chuns Hua's head down making his sword reach deeper as his Yang Qi shot down her throat, making her swallow all of it.

"Mymm~", she moaned with his dick still in her mouth. Her moan sounded so erotic that it made him shoot another load. However, this time his body arched and his butt hovered an inch over the bed and her eyes rolled. To his surprise, she didn't resist. Even after he removed his hands she began to move once again, trying to get more out till she eventually noticed Xun Wei standing at the door.

Her head cocked back as she threw a blanket over her body. She just hid herself, not wanting to be seen or heard, she was too embarrassed.

Xun Wei walked to the side of their bed and stood next to Xiao Fang. "I want to claim my credit", she said as she casually lifted the front of her skirt revealing her panties that were already wet.

"Did you enjoy watching us?", he asked in a mocking tone. Knowing that she had been touching herself before coming in.

She scoffed at his words then sat next to him, "you talk too much, touch me here till I'm satisfied".

"As you wish", he smiled as he spoke in a servile tone.

After a few minutes of moaning, Chun Hua peaked her head to see Xiao Fang still sitting in the same spot, but this time playing with Xun Wei's sensitive parts as he licked her small mountain peaks.

"Xun Wei, what are you doing?", she asked already knowing the answer.

Xun Wei stopped Xiao Fang's hands then looked at Chun Hua with condescending eyes.

"I am enjoying myself, clearly", she spoke nonchalantly.

Chun Hua watched as Xiao Fang rubbed Xun Wei's lower body. He saw the way her body jerked from his touch and the way her steamy breath became moans. She watched everything till her pink cave's juice started dripping on the bed, as if she were a starving dog being teased by meat.

Suddenly, without even thinking about it, she removed the blanket and put Xiao Fang's meat back in her mouth. She no longer cared if Xun Wei watched.

After his sleeping dragon became a sword again she got up then directly sat on it and moved her waist vigorously. Her twin mountains bounced only inches from Xiao Fang's face as she enjoyed herself with his naked sword. Xun Wei watched her with eagerness and a touch of jealousy.

"Xiao Fang, I want to do that too", she said stubbornly.

Xiao Fang got up then stood next to the bed and pulled Chun Hua by the thighs till their lock and key were close enough to touch.

[ Naked Sword Piercing Horn ]

A few moments later Chun Hua was screaming in ecstacy. Her legs fell and began twitching as her waters poured.

"Come", he looked at Xun Wei.

He pushed his naked sword into her, not pulling back till it was all the way in.

"You're- you're so tight", he grunted as he pushed his colossal rod inside of her.

Her eyes closed tightly, her legs spread even more, and her fingers played with her erect nipples; flicking them back and forth with her fingernails.

Once he was all the way in, he picked her up and used her body weight to help him thrust into her. It was much smoother than before and frankly Xiao Fang was starting to like it.

"Xun Wei, it's so tight, but it feels so good", he said in a shakey tone.

"If you can still speak then you are not working hard enough", she said in one breath between her moans.

Xiao Fang dug his tongue into her mouth and they kissed as their hands wandered each other's bodies.

She climaxed and Xiao Fang performed an actual technique, because he felt she could handle it.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

Her body froze in an erotic pose, completely experiencing heaven. A few moments later, his Yang Qi poured in and she instantly recovered from that state.

Chun Hua watched with wide eyes.

'Does Xiao Fang like it tight?', she wondered.

"Xiao Fang, me too", Chun Hua said with extended arms.

Xiao Fang approached her and was nearly about to enter her pink hole when suddenly her hand blocked his path. He looked up at Chun Hua confused.

"Let's try something different", she said with a mischievous smile.

He looked back down but this time saw the hand, that was blocking her hole, pointing at the second one.

"That... it will never fit"

"Try it", she smiled.

Truth was he had zero experience in that area so he was extremely hesitant to try. It was a sort of personal taboo.

"I will do my best", he tried to look at her with a confident gaze.

After some effort the tip was in. After even more effort he was nearly half way in. He was in shock. That was enough in Xiao Fang's eyes so he began to thrust.

Chun Hua trembled and looked the way she did when he first took her Yin Qi. He began moving and she started to hum her screams from every thrust. Eventually he was all the way in and it was no longer painful.

"Ahk! Chun Hua, you're even tighter than Xun Wei".

"I'm glad", she reached back to caress his face till he started thrusting her again. Xun Wei had nearly recovered when she watched in defeat at how Chun Hua was satisfying him.

"Release your Yang Qi inside me", she said with a shakey voice because of the way each thrust shook her.

After hearing that Xiao Fang was no longer trying to be gentle and went all out. He threw her legs up and hugged her thigh as he started hitting the walls of her smaller cave as hard as he could.

[ Naked Sword Piercing Horn ]


She was shaking violently from every thrust till his Yang Qi released without him wanting it to.

He never thought he'd ever do that to anyone. However, now that he has, he couldn't believe how amazing it felt.

His naked sword unsheathed from her 2nd hole and his Yang Qi poured out of her hole. Xun Wei couldn't say that she didn't want to taste it, but considering where it came from the thought quickly disappeared.


"Chun Hua, do you mind if I borrow Xun Wei for today?"

"Take her, as long as you come every morning and release your Yang Qi in all three of my holes, I will have no problems if she is with you".


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