Naked Sword Art
123 Rong Shi In The Woods
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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123 Rong Shi In The Woods

Since Jiang Mei wouldn't be back till later tonight, he decided to go walk around the sect.

When Xiao Fang came out of his meditative state, he was glad to see the progress Xiao Hei made in that time, but he was most surprised by Su Yun. Earlier he assumed Xiao Hei was a long way from learning how to create more than 1 clone during combat, but in just a few hours she was able to do it.

'Seems that I underestimated them.'

Although it was Xiao Hei's accomplishment, she never would've learned it without Su Yun's instructions.

After watching Xiao Hei train for a few minutes, Xiao Fang eventually got up and left.

This was likely the last day he would be in outer court, so he wanted to spend his last day walking around, visiting his favourite or most memorable locations. The Black Paradise sect had more tourist attractions in the outer court than the entire Divine Sword sect, so he enjoyed revisiting all of the sites one last time.




Later that day, Xiao Fang stopped by the woods. He often hung out with Xun Wei here when they wanted to be outside and alone. However, a few minutes into walking through the woods, he saw someone he recognized.

She had soft brows, big brown eyes, shy pink lips, long black hair, and she had a simple jade hairpin running through her hair. Xiao Fang knew she wasn't lacking in the ass or tits department either because he cultivated with her a few times in the back room of the mission hall. But the thing Xiao Fang liked the most about her was the way she coloured nails.

She was none other than Rong Shi. (Chapter 41)

Rong Shi sat on the edge of the lightly kicked her pretty feet back and forth in the crystal clear water as she watched the fishes swim.

"It's a nice day for a swim, don't you think?" Xiao Fang said as he approached her.

Hearing him speak, she didn't immediately reply. She eventually turned her head to see who it was, but the moment she saw his face she froze.

He could tell that she was both surprised and happy to see him. This was the last place she thought she would run into him, so she was at a loss for words.

Seeing that she was in a bit of shock, Xiao Fang sat next to her then spoke again saying,

"It's a bit strange seeing you outside of the mission hall, I was wondering where you were the last time I was there."

"You were looking for me?"

Xiao Fang nodded.

"Ah, I quit after I saved up enough merit points to attempt the inner court exam. I would've told you, but you're not exactly an easy person to get in contact with."

"Are you confident?"


"You said you'll be taking the exam tomorrow. Do you think you'll pass?"

"ah... I think my chances are good," she answered.

Whether she was ready or not was irrelevant. For personal reasons, failure wasn't an option.

"In that case, I better pass the exam as well if I want to see you next year."

"You want... to see me again?"

Xiao Fang nodded again, making her blush.

"But isn't this your first year in the sect? You need to be at least in the Refinement Realm to participate in the exam."

"I know."

Catching the meaning behind his words, Rong Shi became shocked.

She knew he wasn't anyone from the 4 major families because the younger generation from those families were all famous, but to reach the Refinement realm in 1 year was something only someone in one of those major families could do.

"Y-you still shouldn't underestimate the exam. I hear over 90% of the people fail their first time."

"Thanks for the warning, maybe with some luck I'll be a part of the 10% that pass in their first attempt." Xiao Fang said.

Despite her warning, she still felt like he wasn't taking the exam seriously. Unfortunately, she couldn't say much about it since it was also her first time doing the exam.

Xiao Fang noticed the scroll on her lap.

"Are you practicing a new technique?" he asked.

She nodded then got up to show him. She took a few deep breaths then took a step into the river. Xiao Fang's eyes widened in surprise when she started walking on water.

Watching her walk towards the center of the river was impressive. He couldn't see it being too useful in battle, but it was still a nice trick to have.

She tossed the scroll over to him.

"Take it, I have no use for it anymore," she said.

Rong Shi felt like this was the least she could do. She didn't believe him when he told her that his cum would help her make breakthroughs with her cultivation, so she was surprised when she really started making faster breakthroughs.

Xiao Fang was surprised. Most people wouldn't share their cultivation techniques, not even with their closest friends.

Xiao Fang skimmed over the text and was surprised to find some similarities with the 1st level of his heavenly realm movement technique: [ Floating Leaf Rushing Tide ].

Since he already mastered [ Floating Leaf Rushing Tide ], it was much easier for him to learn the technique she gave him.

He read it over a few more times then meditated it as he attempted to change the nature of his qi. This was usually the most difficult part about cultivating a new technique, but he was able to feel his qi quickly change to the necessary state within a matter of seconds.

'Hmm. Perhaps someone I Dual Cultivated with had already learned this technique,' Xiao Fang thought.

When he was confident that he was ready, he finally took a step onto the water.

Rong Shi's eyes widened in shock.

Even if it was a low level technique, it still took her a few weeks to learn, but he was already walking towards her as if he had already mastered it.

"Ah. It seems you already know it," she said.

This was the only explanation she could think of.

Xiao Fang realized what he did must've seemed impossible, so he simply nodded to her assumption.


Rong Shi had a beautiful smile. The more Xiao Fang talked to her, the more Xiao Fang liked her. She was one of those girls he could comfortably talk to for hours without getting bored.

Later during their conversation they became a bit more touchy with each other, especially when they laughed. They talked to each other all afternoon and stayed in the forest together till it got dark. She didn't know when, but at some point he casually started to massage her smooth legs. Xiao Fang was always fascinated about the how she colour her nails, but only now that he was massaging her feet did he notice that she painted her toenails too.

Perhaps because they had already seen each other naked before, she felt okay that he was touching her so casually and erotically. She was actually enjoyed it.

Judging from the erotic looks she was giving him, Xiao Fang could tell that she was getting turned on by it.

She was unconsciously looking at his crotch, biting her lip, and her heartbeat was beating a bit faster. Even though she liked him a lot, she wasn't daring enough to have sex with him in the park. Xiao Fang could see that she didn't want to do it here.

'Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have been so touchy with her,' Xiao Fang thought.

He was tired of cultivating all the time, he just wanted to relax before the exam.

He had no experience just being friends with girls. Almost every girl he got close to he eventually slept with. So seducing women was pretty much second nature to him; it was his default mode.

Seeing that he was starting to be a little bit more reserved, she also started to do the same.

There was a bit of a pause before she asked him a personal question.

"Da Long isn't your name right? Aren't you going to tell me your real name?"

Xiao Fang didn't reply.

Seeing his reluctance to tell her, she decided not to push him. If he didn't want to say it, then he probably had a good reason not to.

"Well, how about I give you a proper nickname then."

Xiao Fang smirked.

"Do you have one in mind?"

She nodded then said, "Long Wang."

"Why does it feel like I'm getting named after my erection."

Rong Shi laughed.

"Whether you use the name or not is up to you."

"Since it came from you, maybe I should."

Rong Shi stopped laughing and looked at him to see if he was being serious.

The two of them stared into each other's eyes.

After a few seconds, her pupils started dilating, her thighs rubbed together, her pretty hands made small fists, and she unconsciously started sticking her chest out.

Just before she could move towards him, Xiao Fang looked away.

Rong Shi didn't realize it till now, but her heart was beating like crazy, her palms were sweating, her face was flushed, and her lower lips were tingling.

'Is something wrong with me?' She thought.

One minute she thought she absolutely wouldn't do it in the park, but in the next minute she was about to strip down and throw herself at him.

She couldn't explain why she was suddenly feeling the way she did, but if he didn't look away when he did she probably would've been all over him by now. There was something about his eyes that made him so enchanting.

Xiao Fang sighed.

Since Yu An told him about the Dual Cultivation technique called 'Charm', he learned why his eyes were always violet and why the girls in the outer court were falling for him so easily.

'Unfortunately I can't turn this ability off,' Xiao Fang thought as he closed his eyes.

"W-We should probably try to get in some last minute training before the exam," Rong Shi suggested.

"Mn, we should."

Still sitting on the surface of the river, Rong Shi crossed her legs and closed her eyes before circulating her qi around her body.

Seeing that she started meditating, Xiao Fang chose not to disturb her. He put his blindfold back on then quietly left the area.

A few seconds later, Rong Shi opened her eyes and saw that he was gone. She was a bit saddened to see him leave, but she had a feeling that it wasn't the last time she was going to see him.


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