Naked Sword Art
109 Da Long is found
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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109 Da Long is found

"I'll bring him right away." the man said before leaving

Li Lian looked at the boats then started browsing through them till she found one that she liked. 

"This one," she said. 

To Xiao Fang it made no difference which boat she chose because they all looked the same to him. They were all 5 meter long, roofless, wooden boats; sampans. 

Xiao Fang sat first then Li Lian sat down next to him. She then rested her head on his shoulder as they were holding hands.

She then looked up at the stars then smiled beautifully.

"This is going to be a special night, I can feel it," she said.

"Mn, but it might be nicer if we are alone."

"I'm sure it won't be that bad. We probably won't even notice that he's here."

"You know, we can steal the boat since they aren't looking," he said jokingly, but she still lightly slapped his abdomen.

"You're such a troublemaker. How could we do that to the nice people working here."

"Nice people, huh."

She knew from his tone that something was up, so she looked up at him as if to wait for him to explain, but he didn't say another word.

What she didn't know was that Xiao Fang was listening in on the men that were less than a hundred meters away. 

He could hear them planning to stall his boat so that they could prepare an ambush. One man had already left to bring more guy working under someone named Song Du. 

'Song Du,' Xiao Fang thought.

The name didn't ring a bell, but Xiao Fang assumed that he was upset because he likely slept with one of his women.

Xiao Fang was thinking about leaving because he didn't want to put Li Lian in danger, but on second thought, no one in the outer court could be Li Lian's match. Furthermore, he's suffered from the curse mark for far too long, so it was time that he did something about it.

Before Li Lian could ask why Xiao Fang was being so skeptical of the guys here, one man had suddenly arrived and had stepped into the boat with them. 

"Are you our designated rower?" Li Lian asked.

"I am," he replied.

The man was a staggering 7 feet tall, with a round belly. Just stepping on the boat had nearly tipped it over.

"You were right about him, I can barely notice that he's even here," Xiao Fang teased.

Xiao Fang could feel Li Lian's body heating up. She was going to say a few nasty words, but she eventually calmed down because she didn't want to be that kind of girl around Xiao Fang anymore.

The tall man on the other hand wasn't paying attention to Li Lian at all, he was just looking at Xiao Fang.

'Ripped sleeves, violet eyes, handsome face. Looks like this is our guy,' the man thought.

"Is it true what my friend said, are you really Da Long," the man asked.

Xiao Fang nodded. 

For some reason, Li Lian felt better that it was a man asking and not a woman. 

"I've heard that you would be attempting the inner court exam this year."

"Of course, there are better things in the inner court. Is there anyone that would willingly choose to stay in the outer court when they have the opportunity to get into the inner court?"

"That is true. There are much better things in the inner court. Such as the cultivation method and cultivation resources..."

"Right, amongst other things," Xiao Fang said.

Xiao Fang gave him a little smirk that only a man could understand. Just from the look Xiao Fang gave him he knew the only thing Xiao Fang was looking forward to was the women in the inner court.

The man nearly scoffed, but tried to keep his cool. However, Xiao Fang knew exactly how he was feeling from the way his heartbeat was beating.

The man wanted to strangle Xiao Fang to death, but he couldn't make any reckless moves before his reinforcements arrived. 

The man finally grabbed the bamboo stick then started rowing the boat.

Li Lian once again admired the starry sky as she sat comfortably next to Xiao Fang. 

The man looked back at Li Lian, but this time he was really admiring her looks. There were many beauties in the outer court, but none nearly as beautiful as her.

Even though they were instructed to kill any witnesses, the man absolutely couldn't let a beauty like her be hurt. When the time comes, he will act like a hero and save her when the others come to kill the both of them. Maybe then she might give him her heart.




Meanwhile, in district 33.

News of Da Long's current location didn't find Song Du, but had reached someone working directly under him.

"It's good that you came to me first. Return to the lake and wait for me there. I'll bring a few men that I trust with me, but we'll need your help to show us exactly where Da Long is."

He nodded then left back to the lake.


After gathering a few men, they didn't immediately go to the lake, they first went to the festival to find Song Du.

There wasn't any particular reason to have such a big celebration, but the people on that street just like to put up a lot of lights, open some food stands and arcades, and shoot a few fireworks almost every night.

It was good for business, and most people here didn't bother going out on missions to get merit points because the work they did here was so much more profitable.


In a restaurant with multiple rooms, each room had an open wall face to see the bright festive street below. Song Du was in one of these rooms observing the crowd below from his usual spot. 

Sitting next to him were a few girls dressed up nicely for the night out. These were the same girls he abused every time he wanted to get his dick rubbed, but they seemed much more lofty now that they were under the public eye. 

"Master, you've been staring at that little girl all night, would you like us to go retrieve her for you?"

He looked back at the busty girl that was wearing a collar around her neck. He pulled her closer to him by her collar then reached down to stick his fingers into her pussy. 

"You're getting this wet just from thinking about me raping that little girl? Your such a fucking whore, you know that." 

"Yes master, I'm a big whore. Please punish my slutty mind and body, mhmm!"

The more he moved his fingers in her pussy the wetter she got. He eventually took it out then stuck his 2 wet fingers into her warm mouth. 

She had a lewd expression on her face as she began to suck the clear liquid from his fingers.

He eventually pulled his fingers out then choked her as he kissed her lips.

"Go get her," he ordered. 

"Yes, master."

The busty woman bowed then left.

At the same time that she left, someone working directly under Song Du walked in.

After being told to come, the man then whispered something into his ear. 

"You already found Da Long?" 

"Yes, should we move now or would you like us to wait."

"If you found him, kill him. I don't want to be reminded of such an annoying person."

"Will you be joining us in taking him down?"

"Unfortunately not, I have other matters to attend to. If you completed the task, then tell me about it tomorrow. Remember, I want him to suffer."

"I understand. I'll bring the good news to you tomorrow."

Song Du looked back outside at the loli girl then gestured for the man behind him to leave.

The man bowed then respectfully kept his head down till he left the room.


The busty lady had reached the little girl.

"Hello, little one. This is the first time I'm seeing you here. Are you new?"

The girl nodded then pointed at the busty lady's neck.

"What's that," the little girl asked.

"Hm, this? Why, do you like it?"

The little girl nodded again.

"If you follow me I can get you one."

The little girl paused then looked back. 

"Xun Wei, can I go with her?"

"Xun Wei?" The moment the busty lady looked up, she saw the cold faced beauty the little girl was referring to as Xun Wei. 

The lady's heart felt like it stopped. Xun Wei didn't have a presence at all, but just by looking at her, she nearly fell to her knees to beg for forgiveness.

'Such an overwhelming aura. Whoever she is, she certainly isn't ordinary. If that's the case, then what is the background of this little girl to have someone like this protecting her,' the lady thought.

"Yeah, sure. Do whatever you want," Xun Wei responded with crossed arms. 

Xun Wei didn't seem to care about what Xiao Hei did. Xiao Hei shared Xiao Fang's cultivation, even if she didn't have the same battle power as Xiao Fang, she could still overpower Xun Wei with a single finger.

The lady sighed in relief, she could tell from Xun Wei's response and posture that their relationship definitely wasn't close. The lady smiled again.

"Follow me," the lady spoke.

Xun Wei didn't like this happy setting, she was craving for a fight. Back in the Divine Sword sect, people were sparring and practicing every time of the day. Xun Wei was itching for battle, and it seemed that time had finally arrived.

When Xiao Hei and the sexy lady had walked some distance away, Xun Wei had uncrossed her arm then looked straight at the lady with her cold hungry eyes.

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