Naked Sword Art
108 Date
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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108 Date

"Where can I get a strong cultivation method?" Li Lian asked.

"The 13 top sects in the 13 provinces have the strongest cultivation methods in the country. Even though many might argue that the Black Paradise sect holds the weakest from the 13 sects, it is still one of the strongest in the country."

"I'm already a disciple of the Black Paradise sect, why haven't I received anything from them yet?"

"It's because the sect only shares their cultivation method with the inner court and core court disciples. That's why it's important that you pass the inner court exam coming up, 2 weeks from now."


Xiao Fang spent the next few minutes explaining the strengths and weaknesses of the Illusory Body method. Following that, he showed them one technique he learned from Jiang Mei.

Since he was now in the 7th stage of the [ Illusory Body ] Spirit Foundation realm, she taught him one of the strongest, but also one of the most basic, foundation realm techniques there was.

Xiao Fang's eyes changed from violet to a haunting purple before his qi started to leave his body. In the next moment, there were 2 Xiao Fangs standing side by side.

Li Lian, Xun Wei, and even Xiao Hei were shocked. For a moment they couldn't believe their eyes.

They looked at the two Xiao Fangs closely, but they really were completely identical.


Li Lian hesitantly touched the clone's hand, but then it suddenly touched her back.

"Ah!" Li Lian screamed as she pulled her hand away.

"Xiao Fang, teach me. I want to learn it too." Xiao Hei said, but the moment she grabbed his hand it went right through him.

In shock, the girls watched as the Xiao Fang they assumed to be real, disappeared. Once, that Xiao Fang was completely gone, they all turned their attention to the Xiao Fang that remained.

"Aren't you supposed to be the clone. What happened to the real Xiao Fang?" Li Lian asked as she curiously touched the clone again.

"I am the real Xiao Fang."

Xiao Hei's jaw dropped in complete disbelief. She thought she knew every cultivation method that existed, but this was the first time she was seeing this one.

"Did you instantly swap places with the clone? Quickly, tell us how you did it?" Xun Wei asked excitedly.

She wanted to know how he did it, but Xiao Fang just chuckled.

"No, I didn't. You'll learn how I did it after you start learning the Illusory Body method," Xiao Fang smiled.

Li Lian squinted at him.

Whenever Li Lian was curious about something, she would usually pursue it till the end, but there was nothing she could do with Xiao Fang. He was always mysterious around her.

"Li Lian, now that you're here, maybe we should spend some time together," Xiao Fang suggested.

"You mean, just the two of us?"

"Xiao Fang, I want to go too," Xiao Hei begged.

Xiao Fang was about to agree to bring her along, but Xun Wei gave him a subtle but meaningful look.

"Maybe next time, Xiao Hei," Xiao Fang smiled bitterly.

Xiao Hei fell on her butt, crossed her arms and legs, then pouted.


Xiao Fang knew she must've been bored being cooped up in this house for the past 2 weeks, so he felt bad for leaving her here.

"Xiao Hei, Xun Wei will take you out if you ask her politely."

Xiao Hei gasped then looked cutely back at Xun Wei.

"Xun Wei, please take me, pleeeeease," Xiao Hei pleaded.

Xun Wei's eye twitched.

Xun Wei didn't want to be Xiao Hei's babysitter. She didn't even like Xiao Hei that much. However, since Xiao Fang was asking, she agreed to it.

"Eh... sure, why not," Xun Wei replied with a shrug.


Xiao Hei jumped up in the air then started around happily. She even turned into her feline form and roared.

"No transforming! I'm not taking you if you're going to be acting this way."

Xiao Hei turned back into her human form then hugged Xun Wei's arm.

"I'll be good. See, see."

"Yeah, whatever. Let's go."

Li Lian chuckled seeing them acting like that together.

As Xun Wei was passing by Li Lian, Xun Wei's slight frown became a little smirk.

"It's good to see again, Li Lian," Xun Wei said.

For what felt like half the year, Li Lian had been in closed door training the whole time, but to Li Lian it felt more like a few weeks had gone by. Seeing how mature Xun Wei got, it was clear just how much the Divine Sword sect had changed her.

"It seems, I've been gone for too long," Li Lian said when Xun Wei and Xiao Hei were gone.

"You and her both," he said truthfully.

While Xun Wei became quieter and more reserved like a swordsman, Li Lian had become more loving and trusting than she used to be. Not even once did she get angry at him since leaving the Divine Sword sect.

Li Lian smiled from his words, then spoke,

"Shall we go."

Xiao Fang nodded then led the way, but once they were out of the house she stood right beside him instead of behind him like Xun Wei and Xiao Hei always did.

Xiao Fang was a little surprised by this. She then held his hand then smiled at him. Seeing her smile like that he smiled back then used [ Stealth ] as they walked towards the setting sun.




On the port of the sect's lake, there was a small post where three men were stationed. They worked in this secluded area giving outer court disciples a relaxing tour across a beautiful lake. However, simply because they were men, they didn't receive many customers, but they didn't care because they were being paid merit points by the sect just for being there.

Li Lian and Xiao Fang reappeared coming out of [ Stealth ] close to one of the boats that were on the shores.

"Hey, wait!" A man screamed after seeing Xiao Fang and Li Lian approach one of the boats.

They stopped and waited for the man to arrive. 

"You two need to pay to use these boats. 200 merit points each."

Li Lian was getting ready to punch his nose into his face, but she stopped herself then looked back at Xiao Fang. 

Xiao Fang had no problem paying, he had way more merit points than he needed. 

After reaching into his spatial pouch, Xiao Fang pulled out 400 merit points from his spatial bag then handed it to the man. The man didn't immediately take it, he seemed to be frozen from shock. They could guess why. It was rare for women in this sect to be seen with any man, their standards were simply too unrealistic, but the real reason the man was frozen in place was because he recognized Xiao Fang from the rumors.

"Could you be... Da Long by any chance?"

"If I am, will you accept my payment?"

The man finally realized that Xiao Fang was holding out his merit points for him to take.

"Ah, yes, of course."

He took the merit points from his hands then told them to wait in the boat for one of their designated rowers.

Xiao Fang frowned. 

"Are you saying we can't be alone on the boats?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't allow that," the man said.

Xiao Fang looked at Li Lian apologetically. 

Li Lian waved her hand as if it were no big deal.

"I don't mind," she told him.

Xiao Fang looked back at the man, "you heard the lady."

"I'll bring him right away," the man said before quickly leaving.


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