Naked Sword Art
105 Yao Wu Returns 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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105 Yao Wu Returns 18+


The next 2 weeks, Su Yun and Jiang Mei advertised Da Long's services to a few of their most trusted friends and took their referrals, so Xiao Fang spent most of his day dual cultivating with elders in the outer court.

Yu An was in the 1st stage of the Profound Spirit realm, but the elders Xiao Fang was dual cultivating with were all above the 3rd stage of the profound spirit realm. Since he was still only at the Spirit Core realm, he benefited greatly by sleeping with these elders.

Xiao Fang's Current Cultivation:

\u003e 1st stage of the Profound Body realm.

\u003e 7th stage of the Spirit Core realm.


\u003e 9th stage of the [ Death Reaper ] Spirit Foundation realm.

\u003e 6th stage of the [ Illusory Body ] Spirit Foundation realm.




In the disciplinary department, Zhao Pan was silently meditating in her room. She had been sitting like that for the past few months, so she was able to make a few breakthroughs in that time.

In the dark corner of her dark room, a silhouette appeared. It was Elder Yao Wu. Zhao Pan slowly opened her eyes as when she felt the atmosphere in the room had changed.

"Mother, why have you returned?" Zhao Pan said in shock before getting up to greet her properly.

"I came to check on you, it seems you've made plenty of progress since I last came."

"It's all thanks to mother's gifts. I might've only made one breakthrough without the cultivation resources you gave me."

"Even though the cultivation resources I gave you were strong, it would still take a lot of effort to use them efficiently. It's good to see that it wasn't wasted on you."

The two of them chatted for some time before Elder Yao Wu finally left. She was happy to see Zhao Pan's quick progress, but she had other things she needed to do.

The last time she was searching for Da Long, she wasn't actually looking for him. Instead, she was speaking to his 'victims', then stopped her investigations after she discovered that he didn't do anything wrong. 

Now that she actually had to find him, she assumed it would be an easy task, but she was quickly disappointed. The reason she couldn't find him was because he was no longer cultivating with the outer court disciples, he was now only cultivating with the elders. 

The elders went to great lengths to make it a secret, especially because there were even a few inner court elders involved.

In the past, Yao Wu suspected that Jiang Mei had slept with Da Long, so she decided to pay her a visit. However, before she even got there she saw an inner court elder going back to the inner court, but she was coming from the direction Jiang Mei's house was.

'What is Inner Court Elder Ye Rong doing here?' Yao Wu thought.

Everyone in the inner court treated everyone in the outer court like trash, so it was hard to believe that she came here with innocent intentions. Something wasn't right.

Meanwhile in Jiang Mei's house, Jiang Mei was organizing all of the valuable cultivation resources Ye Rong had paid her to sleep with her disciple, Da Long (Xiao Fang). 

For the past 2 weeks, Su Yun was able to schedule times and dates for several of the Outer Court Elders that have been hearing many things about Da Long all year. 

Su Yun was extremely popular amongst the elders and disciples in the outer court, she could be said to even have a few connections to the inner court. That proved to be the case since she was able to get a few elders from there to come all the way here from the inner court just to sleep with him.

Xiao Fang was fucking Su Yun on all fours, making her scream in pleasure. Xiao Fang was aggressively squeezing her fat tits while brutally fucking her in the ass.

Jiang Mei was sitting right next to them, rubbing her little clit while listening to her good friend being fucked to insanity

"Myhmm~ ahh~ yes yes yes ahhhaa~"

"Cum~ My tight asshole~ cum inside of my asshole~"

She yearned to feel his liquids being poured into her tightest hole just as much as Xiao Fang wanted to cum inside of it.

'Fuck, she's too crazy.' Xiao Fang thought as his cum was threatening to explode out of his dick.

He stuffed her black panties in her mouth then started rubbing her erect clit while thrusting even harder.

Seeing the breast Xiao Fang let go of shake wildly, Jiang Mei started squeezing it before she positioned herself to suck her sensitive mountain peak.

"Ughhhh~ ughhhh~ ughhhh~" Su Yun hummed her moans because her mouth was full.

Her eyes crossed, her leg slowly raised up, then she began to pee like a dog. 

'You dirty girl,' Xiao Fang thought. 

He knew it must've been her fetish but he couldn't help feeling a bit disgusted by it. He still kept pounding her tight asshole, but he didn't want to rub her little pink pearl while she was doing it.

He immediately pulled his fingers away from her pussy as she peed, but he still got a bit of it on his fingers.

He took her panties out of her mouth then stuck his two fingers in. Immediately after she felt his fingers on her lewd tongue she started sucking and licking it.

Her mouth was so warm, he saliva was so thick, and she kept licking between and around his two fingers. From the way she was licking it, she quickly cleaned the small amount of pee that was on it and she seemed to enjoy it. She was a freak. She eventually put her leg down so he resumed fingering her pussy.

Xiao Fang was done enjoying her wonderful asshole so he started releasing his dual cultivation qi to heighten her senses and sensitivity.

"AHHH I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm cumming~~~!!"

Her body tensed up, her pussy sprayed , and her asshole clenched.


He pulled her in by the waist then started shooting heavy loads of cum deep inside of her asshole.

"Fuck, your asshole feels good." He slowly rubbed his dick deep inside of her as the remaining bit of cum poured into her ass.

He finally pushed his waist tightly against her ass cheeks and admired the view. He then spanked her ass to let her know that he was done.

Jiang Mei finally put the spatial pouch down then put a hand on his abs then pushed him back to seperate him from Su Yun. 

His dick made a bit of a pop sound as it exited her asshole, but then the head of his cock immediately entered Jiang Mei's mouth and his shaft was quickly enveloped by her massive tits.

She had more fat in her breasts than her small graceful hands could handle so he assisted her as she focused on sucking the head of his penis.

Jiang Mei came so much from watching him fuck Su Yun, so she sucked him as if to thank him for the show, but she also loved sucking his dick after it came out of someone's ass, so it was as much for him as it was for herself.

He eventually came in her mouth, but she kept licking around his mushroom even as cum was pouring into her mouth. Only when he was done cumming did she finally swallow it.

"Da Long, quickly wash up. You dont have long till the next guest arrives."

Su Yun playfully followed Xiao Fang out of the room and to their bathhouse with clear intentions. Jiang Mei smiled helplessly. Su Yun just couldn't have enough. Even if she wasn't planning on fucking him, she was still going to hold him closely, skin to skin, as they bathed together.

Xiao Fang didn't mind. Who would blame him for wanting to bath with the hottest elder in the outer court.




Despite all that happened, only a few minutes passed. Just as Xiao Fang and Su Yun entered the bath, Jiang Mei had finally finished organizing the valuable cultivation resources she recieved from inner court elder, Ye Rong. 

Just as Jiang Mei put all of the spatial pouches away, there was a knock on the door.

'Hm? It seems an elder has come early,' Jiang Mei thought.

However, when she opened the door she was shocked to see who it was.

"Y-Yao Wu..."

"Well, aren't you going to invite me in?"


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