Naked Sword Art
104 Dao Companion 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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104 Dao Companion 18+


"Return?" Jiang Mei was taken aback by her words.

"Of course, I won't tell anyone that I was here, and if you need more payment I can provide that too," the inner court elder said.

Jiang Mei was at a loss for words, what exactly did Da Long do in there to make someone as lofty as an inner court elder so desperate for a second go?

After discussing it with Xiao Fang, Jiang Mei gave the inner court elder a time and date to return, then she left.

Su Yun was shocked.

"Jiang Mei, your disciple is a gold mine. If you advertise him well, you could make a fortune."

Jiang Mei smiled bitterly. What kind of elder would she be if she sold her disciple's services to other elders.

Jiang Mei casually took Su Yun's hand and walked her over to the door of the room Xiao Fang was in.

"W-what are you doing?" Su Yun panicked.

"I'll introduce you to my disciple."

Su Yun gulped, she was going to refuse, but she wouldn't be able to say no convincingly. She wanted to know what exactly Da Long did to make the inner court disciple act the way she did.

"Jiang Mei, wait. I can go in alone."

"Very well."

Jiang Mei opened the door for her and closed it behind Su Yun after she walked in.

The first thing Su Yun noticed wasn't the blindfold on his face, nor his perfect body, but the nearly 10 inch semi-erect dick that dangled between his legs.

She was too shocked to move, but she didn't have to. Even if he was blindfolded, he could sense her perfectly well. He approached her body then stopped when he was right infront of her.

She looked up at his face to distract herself from the monstrosity that was his dick. Just when she was regaining her composure, she felt his hand inappropriately touching her body.

A disciple was groping an elder's ass, it was a blatant disregard for seniority and respect. However, considering who he was and what she came here to do, she didn't react.

His hand was caressing her lovely ass then gave it a firm squeeze before turning her around. She didn't resist, and did what he wanted her to do.

With her hands planted on the door and her butt sticking out for him, she felt him pull her thin silk gown up to expose her plump white ass.

Feeling the air tickling her skin, she felt embarrassed. It was as if he was just admiring her nice ass even though she knew he was blindfolded.

He finally put his hands on her lower back then slid them down to her butt. He could feel the goosebumps on her skin and she felt a tingling sensation going up her spine just from the way he was caressing her beautiful ass cheeks.

With one hand he spread her ass cheeks apart while the other hand explored her forbidden area.

'He's going to touch my vagina,' she thought.

She closed her eyes tightly, her heartbeat was pounding in her chest, and her pretty hands became little fists on the door. Feeling the way his hand was slowly caressing her shy pussy lips made her start to have erotic thoughts.

'Should I touch him too? His long... hard... young lecherous dick.'

"Mym~" she moaned involuntarily.

He started touching her pink inner lips, making her eyebrows curve up.

His free hand slid up her flat stomach till he was lightly squeezing her breast. Feeling the way he was touching her body, she cutely bit her lip. Finally, his fingers dug into her yearning hole, caressing her from the inside.


Her knees pressed together, her toes pointed inwards, and her sex juices trailed down his hand.

'A disciple is fingering my pussy. Why am I so turned on by this.'

He skillfully caressed her soft meaty walls, shaking her lower body in the process. When she was nice and wet, he took his fingers out, then turned her back around.

His naked sword was still drenched after fucking the inner court elder, so when his dick touch Su Yun's hungry pussy it just slipped right in.


"Y-Your penis... I-It's inside of me," she spoke shyly.

She wasn't shy because of his impressive masculine body, she was behaving this way because of his reputation. She even watched an inner court elder look favorably at him, so how could she, an outer court elder, act arrogant around him.

"Su Yun, is it? You need to loosen up."

He leaned in then gave her a kiss on the lips. She was shocked. At first she didn't kiss back, but the way he was kissing her was too hot so she eventually started to kiss back.

"Mymm~ mymm~"

She rested her hands on his face then kissed him even more passionately. With her eyes closed, she quickly forgot that he was just a boy. She felt like she was kissing a man.

She hungrily kissed his lips and face, she couldn't get enough of it. Xiao Fang finally raised her leg then thrusted his dick in.

Feeling the head of his long dick slowly sliding deeper inside of her, she moaned between kisses.

Mymm~ yes, yes, yes."

"Deeper, deeper ahh~"

"Its so big, stretch my pussy, yes~"

Xiao Fang kept pushing his long hard dick deeper into her yearning pussy. He kept going till he could feel her womb.

The one leg still on the ground stood on her toes. She felt like if she wasn't, he might actually break her pussy.

"Too... too deep... Nnn."

Xiao Fang started thrusting, hitting her womb with every thrust.

"Ahh~ that feels good. Keep going."

Her heel slowly went back down to the floor as he fucked her pleasurably.

Unlike the inner court elder, Su Yun was far more fragile. He picked her up, then she wrapped her legs around his waist. She really felt like he was going to break into her womb, but at this point she didn't care, she was feeling way too good to tell him to stop.

When he carried her to the middle of the room, she finally noticed the state the room was in.

Most of the furniture was drenched in clear, sparkling juices. Just from seeing this wet mess, Su Yun was able to tell just how insane the inner court elder's sex session must've been.

'He made her cum this much, but can still keep going with me. Is he even human?'

Xiao Fang thrusted more vigorously, making her moan even louder to her pussy being stretched and pounded by big fat cock. The sound their two bodies made would give any girl that heard it the most wildest imagination, but they still would come close to what he was really doing to her, he was fucking her like a beast.

"Ahh~ ahhh~! ahhaaa~~!"

"It's too deep, too deep~! No, I'm going to pee."

He didn't care what she did, he fucked her better than anyone ever could. She nearly cried because because it would be way too embarrassing if she did, but she didn't want him to stop because she never felt so good in her life.

She didn't care if he was a disciple, she didn't care if he came inside of her, no matter what, she absolute couldn't tell him to stop.

"AHhhhHhhhHhh~~! I'm cumming~~!!"

He clenched her dumplings then shot his dick straight up her tightening pussy. Like an arrow being fired from a bow, his dick pierced right through her womb.

Her head cocked back and her tongue stuck out. Her voice went mute as her body became tense. With her beautiful dangling legs being carried, her naughty juices started to spray all over his abs and streamed down his chiseled body.

She was climaxing.

Within minutes he was already able to make her cum, but all he used was the raw force of his long dick. From this point on, the real cultivation session starts.

[ Naked Sword Clapping Thunder ]







[ Some time later ]

Outside of that room, Jiang Mei had finished her cup of tea and was getting curious. She finally got up then approached the door. Trying to be as discrete as possible, she opened it just a crack, then gasped.

The sounds she heard was already enough to make her cougar pussy wet, but watching him hold her waist as he pumped his long fat dick brutally into her sloppy tight pussy, made Jiang Mei start touching herself.

The face Su Yun had was the same face Bai Fan made a few month ago, and it was the same face Jiang Mei would always make just before she came.

Xiao Fang was picking up the pace, he pounded Su Yun's pussy even harder and faster, and their claps of lust got even louder.

Jiang Mei moaned from fingering herself as she watched. Just from the way Su Yun was screaming in pleasure, Jiang Mei knew exactly what would come next.

'Give it to her, Da Long. Pound that tight pussy. Yes yes yes ahh~ Make her cum. Make her explode like a volcano.' Jiang Mei said under her breath.

Jiang Mei dug her fingers deep into her pussy and bit her lip to not moan. Fireworks were going off in Jiang Mei's head as she watched him pull Su Yun in by the waist.


[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

Su Yun's body finally went tight, stiff, and mute. Her body quivered, and her toes and fingers began to stretch.

"Nnnhn, nnhn" Jiang Mei moaned silently. Trying not to get caught.

[ Naked Sword Climbing 9 Heavens ]

[ 8th thrust ]


Jiang Mei couldn't watch anymore, she felt like she was going to cum too.

Jiang Mei's eyes were tightly closed, she was squeezing her massive breast, and her pussy was squirting while she was vigorously rubbing her slippery little pearl. She was climaxing.

Su Yun's lower body jerked as Xiao Fang's yang qi finally poured in. Wherever his cum went, it tickled her innards, making her climax even more intense.

Watching her disciple, Xiao Fang, cumming inside of her friend's horny pussy, Jiang Mei felt like she wouldn't be able to control her lust anymore. She was cumming just from watching him fuck her, but all she could think about was how much longer she needed to wait for him to cum inside of her own pussy too.




When their session was finally over, they got cleaned then walked out together. Xiao Fang had a hand on Su Yun's ass as they approached the door but she didn't mind, she especially liked it when he squeezed her ass too, it made her feel like she was his woman.

Before opening the door Su Yun turned to Xiao Fang then gave him a kiss. She stuck her tongue inside of his warm mouth and he did the same, what better way to end an amazing night than to end it with a passionate kiss.

She took his free hand that wasn't clenching her ass and made him squeeze her breast as they kissed. It was as if she were telling him not to forget about her.

He didn't just give her the fuck of her life, he also watched her pee while he was fucking her in the ass. The level of embarrassment was only acceptable to someone that was her lover. What she didn't know what that this sort of thing was actually somewhat normal with his clients so he didn't think much of it, but he still admired her beauty.

He didn't hold back on how inappropriately he was touching her through her clothes, they had already breached normal elder-disciple formalities long ago. Now they were more like sexual partners (friends with benefits).

Finally, their lips parted, but their saliva still stuck together.

When they opened the door, Su Yun noticed the small puddle of a clear sparkling liquid on the ground.

"It seems you enjoyed watching your disciple fuck my wet little pussy, Jiang Mei."

"Judging by the mess you made, it seems you enjoyed being fucked by him even more."

The two women laughed.




After Su Yun left, Jiang Mei closed the door. Before she could even turn around Xiao Fang was already feeling her up while kissing her neck.

"You still have more left in you?"

"Always for the women I love."

"Good, because I dont think I could wait any longer."

She turned around then put her hands on his face as she kissed his lips. She raised her knee to his waist, and he took his hand off her ass then started groping her thigh.

Shortly, they started copulating too, but he spent several times longer with her than he did with the other two elders.

He didn't just want to make Jiang Mei cum, he wanted her to really feel the way he was touching her sexy body, feel his tongue on her smooth sweaty skin, and enjoy the sensation of his long young cock passionately rubbing inside of her craving pussy.

He want her to feel his dao.




They held each other that night, not as master and disciple, nor as mere sexual partners, but as Dao Companions.

Unlike the other elders he was with, Jiang Mei was his woman, so he made sure to take his time with her, to remind her that she was special to him.


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