Naked Sword Art
103 Inner Court Elder
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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103 Inner Court Elder

Xiao Fang and Jiang Mei spent the next hour going over the contents of the scroll, but everything she planned to explain to him was explained by him instead. It seemed that he really did understand everything. His talent and comprehensive abilities were far above anyone she had ever met.

'At this rate, he might really pass the exam,' she thought.




"Now, shall we proceed to the next step?" Xiao Fang asked.


[ The process goes: Comprehension, Practice, then Experience ]

Since Xiao Fang was able to breakthrough to the 1st stage, that meant that he had already comprehended the words in the scroll. Naturally, the next step was to put it into practice.

She put the scroll away then began to demonstrate the things he learned, step by step.

She released her Illusory qi then began to show him the nature of it by performing a few low level techniques like 'Mimicry', 'Duplication', and 'Spirit Diversion'. However, Xiao Fang only needed to see them once to fully grasp it.

Jiang Mei was surprised once again. Understanding the theory of things is one thing, but to immediately understand it after seeing it in action is several times harder.


Truth was, Xiao Fang had already seen those techniques before.

Back when Xiao Fang was in the Divine Sword sect, his father would take him to see the most important tournament held every year.

The strongest sect in each province would send their best inner and core court disciples to take part in this annual tournament.

Only big name people or those with connection were allowed to see it because there just wasn't enough room to contain the hundreds of thousands of people that wanted to be there.

From all the big name people that came, the real guest of honor were those that came from the Royal Court. To them this was nothing more than simple entertainment, but for the 13 sects they were battling with their prides on the line.

Depending on how well they did in this tournament it could change their overall standings in the country. While the Divine Sword sect would usually place 3rd, the Black Paradise sect was usually last. The only reason he started paying attention to them was because his mother, Yu An, often told him about her experiences in that sect. That's where he learned everything about them and their technique.

Seeing the technique then and now was completely different. Before it just seemed like some kind of magic trick, but after comprehending the incomplete version of the Illusory Body method and breaking through to the 1st stage of the [ Illusory Body ] spirit foundation realm, he was able to understand how it all worked.




Since Jiang Mei didn't have any lectures to teach that day, she spent the whole day going through the incomplete 'Illusory Body' method with him.

If she was surprised by his talent to comprehend the cultivation methods before, she was at a complete loss for words now. That was because Xiao Fang had broken through to the 2nd stage of the [ Illusory Body ] Spirit Foundation realm.

His ability to comprehend cultivation methods was unprecedented. He wasn't just a demon level genius, whatever he was, no one even came close.

Before Xiao Fang left the Divine Sword sect, his mother told him something he couldn't forget. Something about his eyes that made him special.

Now after the whole fiasco with absorbing (not stealing) Xun Wei's [ Stealth ] ability, and now this, he felt that he finally understood what his mother was getting at.

Everyone that he dual cultivated with, he wouldn't just be absorbing their Yin qi for his dual cultivation method, they were also providing comprehension in all of the cultivation techniques and methods that they had learned.

What does that mean for his future? Wouldn't that mean he could learn any difficult technique or easily breakthrough any bottleneck by just sleeping with someone? Could that be the reason why he was able to catch up to Xiao Hei so quickly with the Heavenly Realm movement technique?

Even Xiao Fang felt that it was too hard to believe, so he didn't entertain the thought for long. If this was true, his future was truly limitless.

If he wanted to become stronger, he needed to find higher realm cultivators to cultivate with. The sooner the better.




Later that night, Jiang Mei's friend arrived, bringing the inner court elder with her.

"So? What did he say?"

Jiang Mei smiled then moved out of the way.

"Come in."

Su Yun started whispering when she realized what Jiang Mei was hinting at.

"Are you telling me he's waiting for us inside? I-I didn't even prepare myself. How could I go in there looking like this?"

She was only wearing a fairy-like gown that accentuated her beautiful curves.

Jiang Mei chuckled to Su Yun's words.

"Trust me, you won't have to worry about that."

"What do you mean?" Su Yun asked, realizing there was a hidden meaning behind her words.

Suddenly, the Inner Court Elder that had been silent all this time, walked past Su Yun and entered Jiang Mei's house.

"Where is he?" The inner court elder asked.

Jiang Mei pointed to a room and the elder started walking towards it.

Jiang Mei looked at her friend, Su Yun, who was still standing at her door.

"Aren't you going to join her?"

"You mean... have a threesome?" Su Yun said in shock.

"Why not, maybe we can have a foursome if you're up to it."

"No, no, no. I'll just wait my turn."

"Suit yourself."

Su Yun followed Jiang Mei to her living room. They drank some tea and chatted as they waited for the Inner Court Elder to finish her session with Da Long.

"What do you think they're doing in there?" Su Yun asked curiously.

Jiang Mei smiled then said, "what do you think they are doing."

Su Yun looked restless. If it wasn't for the tea calming her down, she might've been pacing back and forth.

"Jiang Mei, I really think I should at least put some makeup on. What will he say when he sees me like this?"

"You are one of the most fairy-like beauty within the entire outer court. Besides, he won't be seeing much of anything."

"What do you mean by that?"

"He's blindfolded. I told him to cover his eyes to protect your identities."

Su Yun sighed in relief.

"Good, and you can't tell anyone that we secretly came to see him."

Jiang Mei lightly nodded before taking a sip of her tea.

Nearly an hour passed, but the inner court elder was still inside.

"How much longer are they going to be in there for, at this rate he'll be too tired for me."

Just as she finished saying those words, the inner court elder walked out of that room.

She wore the same cold expression as she did when she first walked in here. She looked as if she was surrounded by trash, but that was understandable considering how poorly the people in the inner court thought about those in the outer court.

Truthfully, she only came here looking for some secret underground sex because there were almost no men at all in the inner court and she could easily intimidate and bribe the people in the outer court to keep their mouths shut.

However, after looking at Jiang Mei and Su Yun with a condescending look, she looked back at the door with a subtle smile on her face. Beyond that door was something she could only describe as heaven, and it was a shame that it had to end so quickly.

"How was it? Was it worth your while?" Su Yun asked, but the elder ignored Su Yun and looked straight at Jiang Mei before saying,

"When can I return?"


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