Naked Sword Art
102 Naked Sword Barrage 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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102 Naked Sword Barrage 18+

(Last chapter left a bad taste in my mouth. Hopefully this will clean that up.)





[ Jiang Mei's House ]

The next day, Jiang Mei woke up looking into 2 mesmerizing violet eyes. She only needed to look at it for a second to know it was Xiao Fang's.

"Xiao Fang, just because I gave you a key, doesn't mean you can sneak in whenever you want."

"Doesn't it?" He said as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

She turned her back on him and got comfortable in his embrace.

"A close friend of mine paid me a visit yesterday, she said she wanted to talk."

"Oh, what about?"

"About you. She guessed that we've been seeing each other and want me to put a good word in for her and someone she knows."

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her I'd ask."

"Do you trust her?"

"I have no reason not to. We've been close friends for decades."

Xiao Fang paused in thought, then replied,

"Alright, invite them over tonight, but change the sheets before they arrive. Things will get messy."

Jiang Mei laughed lightly before asking,

"Ah right, I almost forgot. How far did you get with the incomplete version of the Illusory Body method?"

"I've already comprehended all of it and broken through to the 1st stage of the [ Illusory Body ] Spirit Foundation realm."

"What!? That's impossible. I just gave you the cultivation method yesterday."

"Trust me when I say I was just as surprised as you are when I made the breakthrough."

"We should still spend some time going over it all. Even if it's an incomplete version, the content within is still extremely advanced."

Xiao Fang got out of bed then started to get dressed. While he was getting dressed she stared at his dangling dragon and flawless muscles.

"I'm confident that I've comprehended everything in that scroll, but I agree that it'll be wise if we go over it once for safe measures," Xiao Fang said.

Xiao Fang saw that look in her eye so he decided to satisfy her needs. He took his dick out and let it hang for her to grab.

"Da Long..."

"Go on then, it won't bite."

She blushed as she crawled over to the edge of the bed, her sights fixed on his semi-erect penis dangling below.

She held it in her soft hands as she guided the tip to her lips. She began to caress the head with her tongue before letting it slide into her wet mouth.

He put a hand on her head as he began to thrust it along her lewd slippery tongue.

She put her hands back down on the bed and let him use her mouth like a pussy.

After he came, he helped her up off the bed then pinned her against the wall. He raised her leg and pushed his long fat dick through her plump lower lips to plug her drooling hungry fuck-hole.

With one hand carrying her leg and the other hand clenching her soft ass, she stood on her toes as she began to feel the entrance to her pussy begin to stretch open for his big cock.

"Ahh~ It's so big."

Her leg shook as if it were about to give in, so he carried that leg too. He started giving her a good fucking while her back was pressed up against the wall.

"Da Long, hahh~ Keep going. Stretch my horny pussy with your fat cock. I want it, I want it so much. Cum inside of my wet pussy."

Their sex juices dripped below them, her breasts squished between them, their lower bodies clapped repeatedly, and their upper bodies were sweating profusely. The friction of his dick rubbing inside of her was flaring up both of their sensitive nerve endings and making her hot from the inside.

"Yes yes yes I'm going to cum so hard, I can't hold it in. Ahhhhhhahh~~!"

Xiao Fang felt her squirting down his legs, but he didn't stop fucking her tightening pussy.

"Fuck, Jiang Mei. You're so tight agh~"

He thrusted deep in her wet cave then released his thick milky qi while pushing his long hard dick into her womb.


Several minutes later, and she had already finished cumming multiple times in different positions.

She climaxed to his throbbing dick more times than she cared to count. All she knew was that he was giving her the fuck of her life. The way his hands grabbed her soft ass cheeks or tits while hitting the deepest parts of her pussy was driving her insane.

At one point, he stood at the edge of the bed and laid her down on her side before he started pounding his dick inside of her cougar asshole. He especially admired the side view of her shaking tits as he fucked her in the ass.

He pulled her arm as he grabbed her thigh.

"Nnnn~ Right there, Da Long. Keep fucking me there, I love it."

"I can't hold it for long, I'm going to dump my seed in this dirty place."

"Do it, I want to feel your sticky juice in my ass. Ahh~ Ahhhh~ Ahhhha~"

"Jiang Mei, fuck, I'm cumming~"

Still laying on her side, he let go of her arm then reached down to grab her massive shaking tit. Finally, using one hand, he pulled her in by her thigh and thrusted his waist.

He pushed his dick in as deep as it could go. She clenched his penis that was cumming in her asshole as if to milk him for all he had. Feeling his sticky cum lining her taboo walls, she felt great pleasure and warmth from it. His cum was definitely far from ordinary.

He moaned, because she was squeezing him so hard, but also because he was clenching her plump breast, touching her smooth upper thigh, and could feel her soft naked ass squishing against his lower body as he came inside of her.

He was cumming in the asshole of a beautiful elder with some amazing tits. There weren't many pleasures in life that felt better than this. Slowly thrusting in her tight asshole as he came made the head of his penis feel like heaven.


Eventually, she had semen streaming out of her asshole, cum between her tits, and milky qi continuously being pumped into her womb by his passionately thrusting dick.

She laid flat on the bed with her legs spread for the last few minutes to let him use her messy pussy to cum inside of as much as he wanted, but he was done playing nice at the end.

For the last few minutes, he started practicing his new technique. He had been practicing it since he was with Yu An, but was only now perfecting it.

[ Naked Sword Barrage ]

He was beating up her pussy walls so good he made her scream and cum in pleasure endlessly. He kept making her cum as he watched her beautiful ass cheeks jiggle from her pussy being pounded so mercilessly.

They continued fucking like this for another few minutes before they were finally satisfied. Or more accurate to say: till her well went dry.

She squirted so much her bed was a pool. However, she didn't get up till she thoroughly cleaned his wet dick with her hot cock-hungry mouth. She gave his long dick a good sucking, and even used her fat tits too. She kept at it till he came in her throat.

He took his dick out then started stroking his meat in front of her face. She knew what was coming, so she fondled his balls and looked up at him as she waited for him to finish. Finally, he came again, colouring her beautiful face with his sticky white jizz.

They finally got up and he followed her into the shower. Once they were in, he massaged her heavy twin mountains and cleaned her smooth tender back. Even if he was no longer using his dick, he still made her body feel hot from the way he was touching her.

She occasionally went on her knees and sucked him off when she felt like it. Xiao Fang didn't feel anything special from it, but he would simply tie her wet hair back and let her give him a blowjob. He assumed she was practicing or blowing off sexual tension. Either way he wasn't going to say no.


Once they were out, they both got dressed and she told him to wait for her in her courtyard.

Xiao Fang did as she said and waited. When she finally returned she was wearing the kind of clothes she'd normally wear during a lecture.

"Oh, how professional," he teased her for dressing overly formal.

"The situation does make it necessary don't you think?"

He looked down at her huge breasts and admired them for their impressive proportions.

"M-maybe you'd prefer if I were naked?"

"I like the sound of that."

Xiao Fang got up from the large rock he was sitting on then approached her. He walked around her then started stripping her starting by reaching into her cleavage and taking out her massive breasts first. He felt and played with them for a bit then took the robes off her silky smooth shoulders. 

"W-Wouldn't it be distracting?"

"You already are."

He kissed her shoulder as he lightly opened and squeezed his hands around her tits.

"Da Long~" she blushed.

He eventually separated from her then looked her in the eye.

"Right, our lesson. Where do we begin?"


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