Naked Sword Art
101 Song Du 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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101 Song Du 18+


(This chapter contains loli r-18 scene with a side character. You've been warned.)

[ District 33 ]

In a large house in the 33rd district, a few men were gathering for a secret meeting.

There was drinks and snacks, but the content of their discussion was far from innocent. They were expressing their shared hatred for the man known as Da Long.

"Fuck that bastard! I turned a blind eye when he was sleeping with all of the girls in the outer court, but if he even thinks about chasing the beauties in the inner court then I'll make him eat his own shit!"

None of them had anything nice to say about him, but when the owner of the house finally made an appearance, they all quieted down.

The reason they quieted down was because the man they were looking at was someone with great wealth and reputation, his name was Song Du.

Song Du had a tall stature, lean body, short golden hair, and a handsomely cold face. He was a presence in the room that ordinary cultivators would naturally look up to as a leader.

The Song family was one of the 4 major powers in the province (the others being Li, Zhao, and Gao). Song Du also had a very high position in the family, so many people looked at him with reverence and respect.


"Thank you all for coming. I don't want to keep you for long, so I'll get straight to the point. From my understanding, the one known as Da Long is rumored to be participating in this year's Inner Court Exams, but if you all feel the same way I do about him, then we definitely cannot let that happen. Join me in taking him down and I promise to treat you all well once we enter the inner court. Those of you responsible for his death will be personally rewarded by me."

After he said those words, even the most cowardly of men became excited. If a young master from a major family said that they would be rewarded then it would certainly be something worthwhile.

Once Song Du finished saying all he wanted to say, he told them to enjoy the party then retired back to his sleeping chambers.

Inside, there were a few girls in maid outfits waiting to serve him. They belonged to subsidiary families under the Song family, so they couldn't refuse or else they could implicate their families back home.

Song Du pointed at 2 of the women to join him in bed, then told the rest of them to strip naked for him as if to give him something to look at.

The girls that were chosen had fearful expressions on their faces, but the other girls that were stripping just frowned.

"What's with those looks? Have I ever mistreated any of you?" Song Du asked.

The girls were silent.

Truth was, he was a very handsome young man, enough to make any girl fantasize about him. The reason the girls were frowning was because he always chose the shortest and cutest (loli) girls, even though they were the only 2 girls that didn't want to warm his bed.

Even if they were attracted to him physically, they couldn't help feel disgusted by his loli fetish.

The two girls followed him to his bed then one girl shyly started licking his sausage after taking it out of his robes. She couldn't even put more than the tip in her mouth without struggling, but she was doing her best to satisfy him.

He brought the other girl over to sit on his abs so that he could kiss her shy lips while caressing her small ass.

He eventually took his hand off the 2nd girl's butt then put it on the 1st girl's head. He pushed her head down, forcefully making her swallow his long dick.

She was choking. She kept slapping his thighs as she struggled to pull away, but he kept fucking her tight slippery throat for a few more seconds till he finally came inside of it.

He grabbed her hair then pulled her head back to cum on her cute loli face too.

The other nude girls that were watching couldn't help but feel sorry for that girl. Even if it was over quick, it was still hard to watch.

The 2nd girl that was kissing him didn't know what was happening behind her, but she could tell that it was her turn.

Suddenly she felt him tapping his slimy dick on her small white loli ass. He stopped kissing her and looked her in the eye. Her brows were wrinkled and she seemed extremely worried.

In the next moment, she felt the one thing she was hoping wouldn't happen, he was pushing his fat cock into her small closed asshole.

"Nyaa~!" She screamed.

Her trembling hands held onto his shoulders tightly as she felt his large rod stretching her taboo hole open.

He caressed her cheek as he looked into her eyes.

"I can't have you getting pregnant on me, I hope you can understand."

He put his hands on her thin waist then started thrusting.

"You're still so tight after all these times I've been fucking this hole. Say you want me to cum inside. I want to hear you say it."

"Nyaa~ I don't want it."

"Say it you little slut!"

"Ahh~! hahh~ ahha~!"

He started spanking her on her little butt till they became red, while brutally thrusting into her tighter hole as if to destroy it.

Her cries turned into moans.

"Cum inside, please quickly cum inside my asshole~" she begged him to get it over with, but she was actually feeling good from it.

How could she feel good from being fucked in such a dirty place, she couldn't be seen enjoying it so she wanted him to stop, but he kept thrusting faster and harder, making her feel even better.

"That's what I thought you little slut. Don't worry, Daddy is going to cum lots inside you," he said as if he knew what she wanted.

She was breathing quickly, her ass cheeks were clenching, and her climax was quickly approaching.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming."


Suddenly, she started squirting on his body while his dick was still pounding her tight asshole.

"Fuck, you squirted all over me you little slut."

He started thrusting even more vigorously, filling the room with the lewd sounds of their lower bodies smacking against each other.

Even as she was climaxing, she was hugging him while whispering dirty things in his ear.

"Cum inside of me Daddy. Mymm~ I want to feel your warm sticky cum fill my tight little asshole. You're so hot, but I'm just your horny servant. Please, fuck me till you're satisfied. Fuck me till I pass out, Master."

He was clenching her little dumplings, and ruthlessly rubbing his throbbing dick deep inside of her tight loli asshole. Her words really made him thrust even more savagely.

Finally, he thrusted one last time before shooting his thick semen inside of that tight warm place.

Her eyes rolled up, and she stuck her tongue out. He raised her chin then started sucking her little tongue while digging his tongue into her wet mouth.

His warm Popsicle came out of her ass, but his cum didn't pour out because he came too deep inside of her. He ordered the first loli girl to start licking his balls, and the other nude girls to start sucking the cum of his dick. Even if he didn't like fat breasted girls, he enjoyed feeling their sloppy slutty mouths sucking his wet long dick after taking it out of the loli's warm asshole.

They took turns sucking his pulsing dick, and he gave each of them a facial. When they were done, he ordered them to lick the loli's cum off his body while rubbing their fat tits all over him.

He had their dripping wet pussies, soft plump breasts, and warm slimy tongues rubbing all over his body. They wanted to be fucked next even if it was only anal. However, with the loli still desperately kissing his lips, he gave her what she wanted and stuffed his fat cock back inside of her, but this time he actually put it in her pussy. 

"Master?" she gasped. 

"Just this once. Consider it a gift for being such a good little slut."

He continued giving her pussy a good fucking while the other girls pleasured him with their bodies. With all that was going on, he completely forgot about Da Long. 

Truth was, he never really cared about him entering the inner court. He was just annoyed that so many girls surrounded and treated Da Long like a celebrity when a real celebrity was sitting right next to him in that lecture hall.

He was so embarrassed that day that he went straight home and ruthlessly and angrily started anal fucking the other non-loli girls that were waiting to service him. At the end of it, he nearly impregnated his loli girls too.

No matter how many times he fucked his women he was still angry at Da Long, so he made it his mission to take him down.




[ Li Lian's house ]

Since Xiao Fang was just discovering his new [ Stealth ] ability, he stayed the night with Xun Wei and Xiao Hei to explore all of its possibilities. Interesting enough, they learned that if 2 people were both using [ Stealth ] at the same time, they would still be able to see each other, no matter how far apart they were.




[ Jiang Mei's house ]

After Jiang Mei returned from her lectures, she was surprised to see that Xiao Fang wasn't home.

She waited till after midnight, but he still never came.

'Hmm, maybe he wanted to practice the 'Illusory Body' method alone,' she thought.


Later that night, she heard knocking on her door. Still wearing her silk pajamas she rushed to the door expecting to welcome Xiao Fang in, but to her disappointment, it was not him. 

There were 2 Elders at her door, one of which was a long time friends of hers. She didn't recognize the other elder so she assumed she must've been from the inner court.

"Jiang Mei, did we wake you?" Jiang Mei's friend, Su Yun, asked.

"No, but I was just getting ready to sleep."

"Would it be alright if we came in?" Su Yun while taking out some alcoholic drinks from her spatial pouches.

Jiang Mei wasn't much of a drinker herself, but she still enjoyed Su Yun's wild personality. The only reason why she hesitated to invite her in was because she didn't want to risk them running into Da Long if he came during the night.

"Aren't you going to invite us in? Unless, of course, the rumors are true." Su Yun said.

"What rumors?" Jiang Mei replied.

"Rumors saying that you've been sleeping with Da Long."

Jiang mei froze.

"It seems Jiang Mei has been naughty. When I told you to lose your virginity, I didn't mean to lose it to a disciple," Su Yun chuckled while holding her sleeve up to cover her mouth.

"Jiang Mei, we are friends, we shouldn't hog all the good things to ourselves. How about you refer him to us the next time you see him. We've heard many good things about him so we'd like to give him a try."

"I-I don't know what you're talking about. Da Long and I aren't seeing each other," Jiang Mei said unconvincingly.

"Ha! We've known each other for almost 30 years, don't try to hide it from me, I know when you're lying."

Finally, the other elder stepped into the conversation while handing her a spatial pouch filled with valuable stuff.

"Please, Outer Court Elder, Jiang Mei. Just put a good word in for us."

Since this Elder wasn't someone Jiang Mei knew, she was a bit hesitant around her, but since she came with Jiang Mei's long time friend, Su Yun, she felt it was safe to accept her gift.

After looking inside, Jiang Mei gasped.

As she expected, the cultivation resources found in this spatial pouch were only given to the Elders in the inner court.

"You... are you really willing to give me all of this just to put a good word in for you?"

The Inner Court Elder nodded.

Jiang Mei sighed.

"Alright, the next time I see him I'll tell him. I'm a bit sleepy now, so I'll tell you what he says tomorrow."

"Of course, sleep well Elder Jiang Mei."

The Inner Court Elder bowed in thanks, then left, but Jiang Mei's friend stayed behind.

"So, is he really as good as they say?" she asked with a meaningful smirk on her face. The look on her face made Jiang Mei feel as though Su Yun was actually asking her how many times he made her cum. 

Jiang Mei blushed.

"Goodnight, Su Yun."

Jiang Mei finally closed her door then smiled at her good friend's curiosity. She knew what Xiao Fang's answer would be, but she couldn't help being surprised at how popular he was becoming.

'It seems I'm not the only Elder daring enough to sleep with a disciple. Give him enough time, and I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes known to everyone in this sect.'


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