Naked Sword Art
99 Mastered Technique
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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99 Mastered Technique

"I win."

"Were you using your air spirit attribute just now?" Xiao Fang asked.

"No. I gained the new ability [ Stealth ] after absorbing the purple rank beast core," she told him.





The ability to avoid detection through any means. It doesn't use up any qi, but it does come with its limitations.

Going into Stealth is like going under water. She could use it for a short period of time, but every now and then she'd need to come out to take a breath.

Although using Stealth made her impossible to see from afar, it was much less effective at close range, but completely unreliable if she stood less than a few meters away. 




Xun Wei explained.

"I see. So, it only works if there is some distance between us. I guess I don't have to worry about you going ghost on me during sex," Xiao Fang said jokingly as he cupped her nice ass.

"Yeah? I thought you were looking forward to having sex with a ghost."

"What made you think that?"

She reached into his robes then gently started stroking his long erect meat with her two delicate hands.

"Because you've been hard this whole time."

He took one hand off her ass then started fingering her sensitive meat sleeve before giving her a kiss on the lips.

She pulled away first.

"Xiao Fang, let's make a bet."

"What kind of bet?"

"Let's continue the game I was playing with Xiao Hei. If I win, you have to make me feel good. If you win, I'll make you feel good."

As she spoke, she guided his finger to her 2nd hole.

"We already tried, it will never fit."

"It will this time."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to try. What are the rules."

She explained the game to him then they agreed to make it first to 30 points. They talked a bit longer to change a few rules till they were happy with it.

\u003c\u003c Xiao Fang wasn't allowed to run around like Xiao Hei did, and they could touch anywhere on their bodies for a point \u003e\u003e

With the rules set, she jumped back, then her body quickly disappeared.

'That will never get old,' Xiao Fang thought as he watched her disappear into nothing.

As she moved around, Xun Wei was confident that he wouldn't be able to react in time to her attack, so she didn't think much into it and just attacked at the first sign of an opening.

However, before she could touch him, he suddenly grabbed her wrist.

"What!? How did you..."

"That's 1 point for me. If you want to win, you'll need to do better than that," Xiao Fang smiled mysteriously.

After saying those words, he let go of her wrist.

She wasn't upset that he already got a point, instead it only ignited her competitive spirit.

She released her air spirit attribute as she walked away. 

Xiao Fang had a light smile on his face as if this game was going to be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

She wasn't offended, she didn't say anything, but the smirk on her lips and the look in her eyes said everything she was thinking before she went into 'Stealth'. 

No matter what, if he was going to look down on her, she would certainly make him regret it.

However, Xiao Fang wasn't underestimating her, he was just trying to get under her skin. In every competition, the mental game was just as important as the battle itself. 




Xiao Fang started with the lead, and was getting more and more points after it, she couldn't even touch him once.

'I don't get it, I was fine against Xiao Hei, but Xiao Fang is dodging me so easily,' Xun Wei thought with a deep frown on her face.

It was at that moment she remembered what Xiao Fang always told her.

[ Your emotions make you predictable. Suppress it, or people will use it against you ]

She was too frustrated, but the moment she remembered those words her wrinkled brows became relaxed. She was just about to sneak up to him, but stopped herself to clear her mind. However, the moment she stopped herself was the moment he reacted. Till now he only reacted perfectly to her attacks, this was the first time he was reacting to nothing.

Xiao Fang smiled, as he stared into nothing, but the nothing he was staring into was Xun Wei. 

'Does he see me? No that's impossible,' Xun Wei thought.

She was right that he couldn't see her, but he left himself open for her to attack from that area. This whole time when she thought she was making her own moves, she was only moving the way he wanted her to. He was in her head, and the way he smirked at her when she was supposed to be invisible only confirmed that thought.

"That's my girl." 

Even though he was happy that she was finally using her head instead of her emotions, that also meant things would start to get harder for him.

Since Xun Wei was using her spirit attribute, she was much faster than she was against Xiao Hei.

Now that her attacks were less impulsive, she was finally gaining points for herself. 




Several minutes later, she passed him in points and was starting to pull ahead.

Xiao Fang didn't want to quit, but he was slowing down. He was nearly out of spirit qi to fuel his speed, but he didn't want to lose. 

When the game seemed lost, he thought about tapping into the power of his curse.

Was Xiao Fang so prideful to risk killing himself just to win a little game? A better question would be if there was a single person in this God forsaken land that was more prideful than this deranged lunatic.


Xiao Fang looked like he was too exhausted to keep playing, so Xun Wei started teasing him.

"Xiao Fang, you're 2 realms above me, but losing. Don't tell me that you're also getting tired before I do."

Xiao Fang smiled, "I was only holding back because you were 2 realms below me, but since you like to talk I'll show you what I'm really capable of."

Xiao Fang's body started to emit a black smoke, and the curse mark started to burn his skin as it spread down his body. All the marks that disappeared after he killed those cultivators were slowly coming back, and the longer he used it for the more painful it got. Far more painful than it already was.

Xiao Hei panicked when she saw the dark aura circling him. 

Seeing that he was regaining his strength, Xun Wei used [ Stealth ] and circled around him.

Xiao Fang's violet eyes became darker and darker till they were a haunting purple. Suddenly Xiao Fang moved to the side and Xun Wei appeared where he used to be.

'So fast!'

Xiao Fang was even faster than before, and with it came insight. He never been this fast before so he felt like he could understand the Heavenly realm movement technique better now than ever. 

He was so fast he felt untouchable.

Whenever she came close to him, he would only have a fraction of a second to react. Before, he would have to predict it to have a chance of dodging, but now he was able to dodge her attacks even without predicting it. This was real speed.

The more times he dodged with his 'Floating Leaf Rushing Tide' technique, the more insight he was able to gain from it. Eventually, he felt like he had comprehended the technique like never before.

Out of the blue, he nearly coughed up blood, but stopped it in time. He had been using the curse's power for far too long. The curse marks had nearly completely covered his body now, so he stopped using it.

Xiao Hei felt relieved. She knew about the curse mark since it came from her previous master, so she understood the risks in using it.

In Xun Wei's perspective, it just seemed as if he was powering down.

"Do you give up?" She asked.

The score was 29 for her and 28 for him. The game ends at 30.

Xiao Fang only barely had enough qi to use his Heavenly realm movement technique one last time.

'It is over,' Xiao Hei thought, but his next action surprised her.

The grass blew away from him, his clothes and hair fluttered, and his eyes glowed a piercing dark purple.

He started to hover 2 inches off the ground, as he prepared to use his Heavenly realm movement technique one more time.

"You're 1 point away. Xun Wei. If you touch me one more time, it will be my loss."

"You don't need to tell me that. I've been keeping count myself."

She used [ Stealth ] and began to move unpredictably. 

Even though he was standing still, Xiao Fang felt the air caressing him and tickling the small hairs on his skin.

In his mind, he was looking up at an endless sky while free falling down through soft white clouds. Despite how alarming that might sound, he felt light, and in complete control.

He felt at peace.

During the time that he was using the power of the curse, it gave him plenty of insight on his Heavenly realm movement technique whenever he used it.

Till now, he assumed the harder he pushed off the ground the faster he would go, but that was only half the equation. This wasn't only a Body Cultivation technique, it was both Body and Spirit movement technique. Which means that he wasn't supposed to just move, he was also supposed to be moved.

As if he was a floating leaf on a rushing tide.

"Come," he said.

There was nothing special about the way he said it, but it still shook her soul.

However, Xun Wei wasn't one to be easily intimidated. 

The exact moment he said those words, Xun Wei appeared next to him, but before she could even feel his clothes, he disappeared. His body didn't shift in any one way, he was just... gone.

Not only Xun Wei, even Xiao Hei's jaw dropped. He moved much faster than she ever could. He was only in the 1st stage of the profound body realm, but he moved as fast as a peak Divine Body realm expert, maybe even faster.

This was the true extent of the first stage of Heavenly realm movement technique, 'Floating Leaf Rushing Tide'. 

'He mastered it... he actually mastered it,' Xiao Hei thought in disbelief. 

Suddenly, Xiao Fang reappeared behind Xun Wei, then spoke,

"It's over."

Xun Wei heard his voice coming from behind her, so she immediately swung her arm around to touch him first, but it went right through his body as if she cut him in half, but it was only his afterimage.

Xiao Hei couldn't believe what she just saw. 

He used the Heavenly realm movement technique twice when he was only had enough qi to use it once, this was a sign that he had truly mastered it.

Finally, Xun Wei felt his hand on her back.

"I win."




[ Score: 29-29 ]


Technique name: Ascending Immortal

Type: Movement skill

Realm: Heaven Realm


1st level: Floating Leaf, Rushing Tide 


\u003e Prerequisite: Solid Body Realm \u0026 Spirit Core Realm.

\u003e A burst of energy that allows a cultivator to accelerate and decelerate with breakneck speed


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