Naked Sword Art
98 Incomplete Method
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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98 Incomplete Method

The next day, news of Xiao Fang's return quickly began to spread.

There wasn't a single person in the outer court that didn't know who he was. The frightening thing about it was that his name was even reaching the inner court.

Some stories painted him as a saint, others described him as being a domineering badboy. Either way, he was advertised so well that even the Elders wanted a piece of him.

Out of all the rumours that was said about him, there was only 1 rumour Xiao Fang was interested about. It was the rumors saying that his semen (actually his yang qi) improved their cultivation immensely.

No one believed this rumour, and it was even less believable to the Elders that heard it.

Of course, Xiao Fang was aware that his Yang qi really did provide benefits to their cultivations, what he didn't know was how much they would benefit from it now that he broke through to the Spirit Core realm with his Dual Cultivation method.

Turns out, it was quite a bit.




In the Inner Court.

Early in the morning, Xiao Fang and Jiang Mei visited the inner court to officially be recognized as Master and Disciple.

Since he was with Jiang Mei, no one gave him any trouble for being in the inner court, but they all stared at him because he was certainly the most handsome man they ever saw.

With a tall stature, a sharp jaw line, elegant brows, alluring eyes, and a general indifference to the things around him, he was eye candy to all the women that laid eyes on him.


After walking into the small building, Xiao Fang and Jiang Mei walked up to the front desk where an Inner Court Elder was stationed.

Jiang Mei did all the talking, Xiao Fang just needed to confirm that he was her disciple.

After the Elder handed Jiang Mei a scroll, she looked at the two of them with scornful look.

Despite what Jiang Mei said, they hardly looked like an Elder and disciple, they seemed more like a couple that just finished spending the entire night fucking.

The Inner Court Elder already had a poor impression on the outer court disciples and elders, but seeing them together just made her feel sick to her stomach.

"Hmph, quickly scram. I can't stand looking at the two of you," the Inner Court Elder said with a condescending tone.

Jiang Mei stopped smiling at Xiao Fang when she heard the elder's furious voice. She bowed respectfully to her then turned to leave, but Xiao Fang stood his ground.

He didn't bow, nor did he immediately leave. He just stared at the elder with a curious look in his eye till she finally looked back at him.

She felt that it was beneath her to look at an outer court disciple, even more so since he was a man, but because he was being so arrogant she looked at him so that she could put him in his place. However, the moment she looked into his violet eyes her heart actually skipped a beat.

Inner court disciples and elder were far more cold hearted and prideful than the notoriously prideful outer court disciples, but the man standing in front of her was actually making her feel in such a way.

"Da Long, aren't you coming?" Jiang Mei asked.

Xiao Fang slightly turned his body as if to leave, but paused for another second to leave a lasting impression on the elder staring into his eyes.

Suddenly his curious gaze changed back to indifference as if there was nothing interesting left to see. He then completely turned his body around and followed Jiang Mei out.

The elder instinctively raised her hand as if to tell him to wait, but he was already gone. The way his gaze changed made her feel heartbroken. She couldn't understand it, but the feeling was so strong.

"Da Long," the elder repeated Jiang Mei's words.

'How can there be such a handsome man in this world,' she thought.

Maybe when she had the time, she'd consider going down to the outer court to learn more about this man called Da Long.




Outer Court, Jiang Mei's residence.

Jiang Mei and Xiao Fang stood in her courtyard, and in her hands she held a special scroll.

"Xiao Fang, I assume you know what a cultivation method is. This cultivation method is known as the 'Illusory Body' method, and it is recognized to be the strongest method in this province."

As grand as Jiang Mei made it seem, Xiao Fang already knew everything about this cultivation method, including its weakness. He also knew the thing she didn't want to tell him, which was just how poorly this sect stood against the other big sects in the 13 provinces.

After giving it a decent introduction, she handed him the scroll.

"Read it, understand it, and comprehend it. I have a few lectures I need to teach today, so I'll be back later tonight."

Xiao Fang nodded, then she left.

Once she was gone, Xiao Fang started to read the scroll.


'The path that can be experienced is not the true path, the body that can seen is not the true body...'


As Xiao Fang read through the scroll, he felt a great deal of comprehension contained within its words, so he sat down and meditated on them.




Less than an hour later he opened his eyes and stood back up.

He was surprised, because he had already broken through to the 1st stage of the [ Illusory Body ] Spirit Foundation realm.

'That was easy,' he thought.

Since he was reading the incomplete version of the Illusory Body method, he assumed that was why he was able to make a breakthrough so quickly.

With this incomplete version, he wouldn't be able to exceed the 9th stage of the Spirit Foundation realm. He knew this, because the Divine Sword sect did the same thing with their outer court disciples. The real cultivation method was only given to those that passed the inner court exam.

Since it was still early in the day, he left Jiang Mei's house to do some 'charity' work. However, he didn't stay out for long, because he wanted to spend more time with his 2 girls back home.




Later that day, Xiao Fang went back home to check up on them.

Li Lian was still in closed door training, and Xiao Hei was running around as if she was chasing something. Only Xun Wei was missing.

He took a step into Xiao Hei's direction and appeared next to her as she ran.

"Xiao Hei, where did Xun Wei go?"

Even though he was talking to her, she didn't stop running.

"That's what I'm trying to find out. We're playing a game."

"A game? What kind of game?" Xiao Fang asked.

"If she touches my back, she gets a point. If I touch hers, I get a point," she explained.

"That hardly seems fair. You're 2 realms above her."

"You'd think so, but I'm losing. I haven't even gotten a single point yet. That's why I'm running like this so she doesn't catch me," she giggled as if she discovered a cheat.

"Why don't I see her?"

"You can't see her unless you get close to her."

Xiao Fang found that hard to believe, but he didn't think she'd lie about something like that.

So he started to echolocate the house, but he came to the same conclusion, Xun Wei wasn't here.

Xiao Fang was a bit amused.

'It seems Xun Wei ditched Xiao Hei in the middle of their game.'

He didn't blame her, Xiao Hei was pretty much cheating by running around like this.

He finally stopped running next to Xiao Hei.

"Why did you stop? She's going to catch you," Xiao Hei warned him.

"I already checked the whole house, Xun Wei isn't he-."

Suddenly, Xiao Fang felt a hand on his back.

It was Xun Wei.


"I win," Xun Wei smiled as her body reappear out of thin air.


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