Naked Sword Art
95 Elder“s Taboo 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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95 Elder“s Taboo 18+



Inside of Elder Jiang Mei's office, Xiao Fang was giving her the fuck of her life.

Luckily, the door was closed, otherwise the whole sect would know what they were doing.

He cleared her desk with one swipe and threw her naked body on top of it before he continued to savagely fuck her little slippery cunt.

"Ahh~ ahh~ ahhhhy~" she moaned to his deep hard thrusts.

She eventually squirting in that position.

Without anytime to rest he moved her again, this time pinning her against the wall.

Xiao Fang pulled her hair, restrained her arms, then spreaded her legs open a bit more.

Her sex juices were still dripping from her last climax, her knees lacked structural integrity, but Xiao Fang didn't care.

He shoved his fat cock straight up her tight quivering pussy, and continued fucking her senselessly, making her feel like she was a helpless little girl getting her pussy stretched.


He pounded her from behind as he fondled her large jugs. They weren't the kind of tits anyone could be satisfied just by looking at, they were the kind of tits that needed to be squeezed by hands like his.

Her face and hands were planted on the wall, but her thicc white ass stuck out for him as he pounded her pink pussy. The way she moaned spunded as if she was pleading more. She didn't want to have sex, she wanted to be fucked by a man like him.

The way he usually did things was to first show women his passionate side, then show them his dominant side in the second cultivation session.

He already showed her his passionate side in the past, now was the time to dominate her. To make her never forget the only person that could make her feel this way.

[ Women like a man who knows what he wants, but they love it when he has the strength, commitment, and ambition to get it too ]

When he was a wanted man, he still revealed himself to her, when he knew it was risky to enter her house he still invited himself in, and now he was out strengthening her as if to say that he was strong enough to take care of her.

He wasn't just a boy to her anymore, he was a very daring man with ambition, a man that wanted to make her his and had the ability to do it.

They constantly changed positions, making her cum several times around the office. Eventually she was sliding against her own cum, but she didn't care because she was feeling so good from being fucked so hard by his majestic pleasure rod.

She was hugging him as he carried her by her plump ass, squishing them tightly while thrusting upwards into her tight thirsty pussy.

He occasionally spanked her butt, making her tight pussy grip his penis as he thrusted it inside of her.

Her huge tits jiggled, her legs dangled, and her face accurately expressed the intense pleasure she was currently experiencing.

She was being brutally fucking and dominated by a disciple's long hard dick, but she couldn't get enough of it.

"More, I want more ahhh~"

"Da Long, make me cum harder~~!"

He clenched her plump white ass even tighter in his strong masculine hands as he prepared to execute his dual cultivation technique.

[ Naked Sword Clapping Thunder ]

*Clap... clap.. clap. clap*

"Ahh~ ahhh~ ahhaaa~"

Each thrust clapped her lower body against his. She moaned to each clap till he was drilling her pussy so fast and hard she could only moan once to all of his thrusts.


She hugged him tightly, her pussy squeezed, and her waters began to spray.

She was climaxing intensely.

[ Naked Sword Growing Pillar ]

Suddenly, his dick started to grow even longer inside of her.

In the next moment, Xiao Fang pushed his dick deeper into her squirting fuck-hole till it was kissing her womb.

He pushed harder and harder till his dick finally peeked through, it was now in her womb

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

His naked sword started to emit a strange, but pleasurable aura.

[ Naked Sword Climbing 9 Heavens ]




[ 7th Thrust ]

Finally his cum gushed into her womb, filling her to the brim.

His dick was so deep, his cum was so warm, and her climax was so intense that her eyes rolled back in defeat.

He put her down on her feet, but she couldn't stand up. She slowly slid down the wall till her butt was on the wet floor.

Feeling something on her lips, she instinctively opened her mouth then felt his dick sliding in.


This was the dick that was pounding her pussy so hard it put her in this state. His strong erect dirty dick was in her lewd mouth, but she couldn't resist from sucking it.

She sucked his dick as if she was trying to clean all of the cum and pussy juice off of it till there was nothing left but her thick warm saliva.

When she was done she tapped it on her lewd tongue and looked up at him with a clear message from her gaze. In the next moment, she got what she wanted. Xiao Fang started cumming on her face, but she didn't even blink.

He finally helped her up, but then turned her around.

Suddenly, she felt him rubbing his saliva-coated dick against her closed butthole.

"Jiang Mei, I want to make you mine. What do you say?"

She didn't immediately answer everything was still a blur from her last climax.

"Da Long. I am yours and always will be. Please fuck me as much as you want."

She reached back and spreaded her asscheeks apart as if she was begging for him to do it. She want his dick inside of her tight virgin asshole.

Xiao Fang smirked.


In the next moment his dick peeked inside of her asshole and it hugged his tip nicely. Just from this, he knew this was going to feel amazing.

He moaned as more of it slid in and he grabbed her heavy tits.

"Fuck, this feels too good," he couldn't wait to cum inside of this virgin hole.

Her knees gave in, but he held her up.

With a bit of effort, he pushed the rest of it in, then started thrusting while flooding her senses with his dual cultivation qi. She moaned like a lunatic with his dick fucking her in her ass.

It was tight and difficult to break her in, but in no time, she wasn't just begging for more, he was cumming in it too.

His sticky butter coated the walls of her tight asshole, but she couldn't have enough.

Although it was because his qi made her horny and feel pleasure instead of pain, she also loved the feeling of his fat dick rubbing inside of that taboo place, and the idea of a disciple fucking an elder in the ass.

They kept fucking in several alternate positions and holes. By the time he was done with her, she had cum pouring out of her pussy, and cum pouring out of her gaping asshole.

She came so much her office was in a complete mess, and it was all because of the disciple known as Da Long.

"Da Long, will you visit me again?"

"Leave you're lights on after midnight, and I'll be there."

After saying those words, he left.




After Xiao Fang left her office, he found a place to cultivate her qi.

Though, it wasn't nearly as good as Wu Yue's, it was surprisingly stronger than Yu An's so he benefited greatly by cultivating with her.

When he was done, he pulled out his old list of girls he hadn't visited yet, then decided to go pay them a visit.

To their surprise he didn't charge them anything because he didn't need anymore merit points.

He didn't take anything from them, not even their referrals. He hardly gained anything by absorbing their Yin qi, he was only doing it to fulfill his promise to them.


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