Naked Sword Art
94 Xiao Fang Makes an Appearance 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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94 Xiao Fang Makes an Appearance 18+


Early in the morning, Xiao Fang woke seeing Xiao Hei sleeping next to him and Li Lian meditating on the bed upstairs. The one person he didn't see was Xun Wei.

Before getting up to look for her, he found a letter on the bedside table. It was from Li Lian.

After stashing his blindfold into his spatial ring, he read the letter. In the letter, she told him not to disturb her since she was going into closed door training. So, before leaving the house, Xiao Fang told Xiao Hei not to disturbed her while she was spirit cultivating.

With that settled, he finally left the house to start looking for Xun Wei, but after searching just about all the places he thought she would be, he eventually gave up.

She wasn't in the sect.

Xiao Fang didn't worry, because he knew at her current speed it would've take her at least 4 days to run here, but that's not including any breaks she likely would've taken.

Since Xun Wei was nowhere to be found, he decided to have a little fun...




Lecture hall.

Xiao Fang's appearance immediately caused a large commotion. A few girls directly shouted his nickname just to get his attention while others came out of their seats to welcome him.

They treated him as if he was some sort of idol.

Xiao Fang smiled bitterly. Not even the girls back home treated him this well.

Well, swordsmen had a certain level of reserve and self-control that most spirit cultivators didn't have. So seeing this sight wasn't too surprising for him.

He found a seat near the back of the class, but he was still being swarmed by his 'fans'.

Sitting on his left was someone he recognized as a previous client, while the person sitting on his right was a man he never met before.

The man was actually fairly handsome but the natural frown on his face gave him the impression of being extremely arrogant. Even after being surrounded by women he didn't even spare them a glance.

'A bunch of disgusting sluts,' the man thought.

He then looked to his left and sized Xiao Fang up. He was disgusted by the women shamelessly trying to give themselves to him, but he didn't envy him because there wasn't even a single loli among them.

He scoffed, then got up. He gave Xiao Fang one last look before he left.

Seeing the vacant seat, the women all fought to get to it first.

'Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all,' Xiao Fang thought.

He could feel a few hands stroking his long dick through his robes and saw a few girls even flashing their tits at him. Where these really the same girls that treated every man in this sect like trash?

Xiao Fang finally took his dick out and watched as a few girls immediately fell to their knees. He started to feel a few warm wet tongues licking his shaft as if it was a cultivation treasure. Most of the other girls just watched since they weren't shameless enough to do such a thing in public.

Suddenly, one girl did the unthinkable, and put her hands on his chest as she raised her leg over him. His spearhead was touching her little pink cave.

"Nnn~" she moaned as she slowly sat down, making his dick stretch her tight pussy walls apart.

The girls were all shocked that someone was desperate enough to actually do it with him in public, but the crowd got even bigger because they wanted to see Da Long in action. So Xiao Fang gave them a show.

He put his hands on her ass as she was trying to adjust to his size and licked and sucked her exposed supple tits. Once she was comfortable with it being all the way in, he got up and laid her down on the desk.

He stripped his top half, letting his robes hang over his waist to expose his muscular body. Every girl that saw it wanted to feel him.

Guys in this province were mostly spirit cultivators so girls didn't see bodies like this very often. Xiao Fang wasn't just a body cultivator, he was a Profound Body realm cultivator. So his physique was something they never seen before.

He then put his hands on her waist then started thrusting his dick inside of her.


Seeing him flexing his muscles, the girls that were enchanted by it before were now shamelessly touching him.

Earlier they were ridiculing the disciple that was shameless enough to do such a thing in public, but now they were jealous of her. They'd do anything to be fucked by this sex god-like man.

"Yes~! ahhh~! ahhhhaa~!" she moaned loudly.

She was feeling way too good.

Her moans were loud enough to be faintly heard from the next lecture hall.

There wasn't a single person in that class that didn't know what they were doing, but even if they wanted to see, they couldn't because it was way too crowded.

Her moans got louder and faster, it was clear that she was already approaching an orgasm. The girls that were close enough to see it were getting hot and wet, but no one was more hot and wet than the pussy Xiao Fang was currently fucking.

Her pussy tightened, her toes curled, and she was gritting her teeth in pleasure.

She was climaxing.

In the next moment, he pulled her in by the waist.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

Her body went tight, stiff, and mute till he finally released his Yang qi.

Watching this, the girls gasped, some even came in their panties, but they all had a similar thought in their mind: They wanted to be next.

However, the Elder suddenly arrived, so the disciples all quickly returned to their seats. Once the elder saw the man they were crowding around, her eyes almost lit up, but she managed to conceal it before it could show. However, nothing could escape Xiao Fang's ears. Under that cold facade of hers, he could hear that her heart was beating rapidly.

Throughout the lecture, the girls would silently try to get Xiao Fang's attention. Of course, the elder saw what they were doing, but she couldn't blame them for it. Xiao Fang was extremely popular in the outer court.

Eventually, the cute girl sitting on his left finally started to whisper to him.

At first they only whispered, but then Xiao Fang put a hand on her inner thigh as she slightly spreaded her legs.

He then slid his hand up her thigh till he was touching her shy little pussy.

"You're already this wet?" He teased.

"How could I not be after watching you fuck that girl right beside me."

They started getting touchy with each other. Xiao Fang eventually slipped his hand under her ass and squeezed it a few times.

"Is it just me or does it feel even better than I remember."

"Mm, stop it. How could you even remember something like that. It's been so long since you visited me."

"It's hard to forget someone as beautiful as you. Do you think it was a coincidence that I sat next to you?"

If she wasn't burning up before, she was certainly as hot as a furnace now.

The girl sitting on the on his right saw that he was being touchy with the girl on the left, but she didn't want to give up so easily. She took Xiao Fang's free hand and guided it into her drooling pussy.

"Mymm~" she hummed her moan.

To her surprise, the moment he touched her pussy he immediately took over.

She let go of his hand as he started fingering her, then she took his dick out and started stroking it.

'It's so big, and it's still wet with the other girl's pussy juice on it,' she thought as she slid her hand up and down his erect shaft.

Meanwhile, back on the other side, Xiao Fang continued to speak naughty things into the girl's ear, each word making her feel like she was losing control of her ability to hold back.

"Da Long, let's schedule a time. You should take responsibility for making me feel this way," she said.

"First, prove to me that you want it."

Seeing what he meant, she moved her hair behind her ear then put the head of his penis in her mouth as the other girl beside him was still stroking his dick.

She skillfully sucked him till she felt his hand on the back of her head.

Feeling his hand lightly pushing her head down, she knew what he wanted to do, so she stopped moving and waited for him to cum while she was deep throating his dick.

Finally, he coated her throat with his sweet butter, and she swallowed it without hesitation.

"Did I prove I want it yet?"

"Mn, you did."

As they started to schedule a time together, Xiao Fang suddenly felt the girl on his right start sucking his dick. Whoever she was, she was certainly going the extra mile so he had a favourable impression of her.

He didn't cum in her mouth. Instead he let her keep sucking him for the rest of the class, not only because it felt good, but also because it seemed that she really wanted to do it. Suddenly she guided his hand out of her pussy and pushed it into her asshole.

Xiao Fang's eyes shined.

'This one is a freak,' he thought.

He eventually scheduled a time with her too.

Even though the 3 of them were quiet the whole time, the Elder knew exactly what they were doing. The reason she didn't stop them was because she knew who Da Long was. She knew the reason he came her class was for her. The thought of it made her wet.

Watching the girls suck his dick was making her horny and distracting her from teaching her class, so she sent Xiao Fang to 'detention'.

Although elders would usually kick someone out if they are disturbing the class, they would only send a disciple to their office when they did something deserving of severe punishment.

Speaking in an authoritative tone, she told Xiao Fang to wait for her in her office. He wasn't allowed to leave till the lecture was over.

Hearing this, Xiao Fang chuckled to himself.

'It seems I finally made her break,' he thought.

For the rest of the class the girls were silent.

When the lecture was over, they all left dejectedly because they knew their idol was going to be punished by the elder, but they were unable to do anything about it.

Some pleaded on his behalf, but it only made the elder angrier, so they eventually stopped in fear of making things worse for him.

When the girls were finally gone, the elder untied her hair as she walked towards her office.

Seeing Xiao Fang sitting on her desk, she frowned.

"Do you know what you did, young man?"

"I have a pretty good idea," Xiao Fang smiled charmingly.

"It seems you still don't know the position you are in. Since you disturbed my class, I can punish you any way I want."

"Oh? How exactly do you plan to punish me then?"

Suddenly her robes dropped, exposing her curvy body and massive tits. She then  proceeded to walk towards him with her L cup titties bouncing with every step. They were certainly the largest tits he ever seen.

"I missed you, Da Long."

"Mn, I missed you too, Jiang Mei."


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