Naked Sword Art
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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With Li Lian riding on Xiao Hei's back, Xiao Fang and Xiao Hei were able to leave the province in only a few hours.

Xiao Fang was having fun. Now that he broke through to the Profound Body realm he wanted to test how fast he could go and was pleasantly surprised by his own speed.

He ran a distance in 5 hours which would've taken him 36 hours if he was still in the 1st stage of the Solid Body realm. This took him by surprise, but he still hadn't gone all out.

"Xiao Hei, I'll race you to the next city."

Xiao Fang's feet started to lightly touch the ground as he was preparing to execute a movement technique.

Seeing what he was planning to do, Xiao Hei smirked.

[ Floating Leaf Rushing Tide ]

The two of them started moving so fast, Li Lian could only see a blur of the things around her.

Till now she thought she was finally catching up to Xiao Fang, but it turned out that she was still too far behind him in terms of strength. However, she refused to give up. She was his fiancé after all. She couldn't let the gap between them grow even larger, she wanted him to see her eye to eye, not someone he needed to protect all the time. She wanted to become stronger.

With this desire to get stronger burning in her heart, the flame within her dantian began to change.

Suddenly, her body began to glow a holy light as her fire attribute began to evolve to a much denser form.

Meanwhile, they were only 10 kilometers away from the next city, but Xiao Fang was starting to pull ahead.

Xiao Hei was surprised.

'He only practiced that technique for a few days, how could he already be so proficient with it?' She thought.

Suddenly, Xiao Hei felt her body being engulfed by a comfortably flame.

"Xiao Hei, I'll help," said Li Lian.

Xiao Hei was brimming with so much energy, she felt like she could even double her speed!

Like a shooting star, they zipped through the air. Within seconds they already caught up to, and passed Xiao Fang.

"What!!" Xiao Fang's jaw dropped.

Actually Xiao Fang hardly had any spirit qi left to maintain this technique, so he was already slowing down before they passed him.

Xiao Fang didn't think of himself as a sore loser, but hearing Xiao Hei send her own laughter through a spirit transmission made him want to hunter her down like a tiger chasing a deer.

"You damn pussy, see how I'll deal with you."

Xiao Fang didn't want to resort to using his curse again, but he was just too unwilling to lose.

Suddenly his body was shrouded in a dark energy, then he started to speed up. However, he quickly realized even with the curse's power he wasn't able to catch up to her so he powered down.

The moment he stopped using the curse's power, he felt the familiar sting of the black mark spreading down his body. But since he only used it for a brief period of time, it didn't spread that much.

'My Death Reaper method is still only in the 2nd stage of the Spirit Foundation realm. I can't keep using the curse so recklessly or else it'll kill me before I can even breakthrough to the next realm,' Xiao Fang thought.




Less than a kilometer away from the city gates, Xiao Hei stopped upon seeing that Xiao Fang gave up. She changed back into her human form then looked back at Li Lian. They both smiled as if they successfully pulled a prank on Xiao Fang, but their smile didn't last for long.

Looking at the long line leading to the city gates, there were guards closely inspecting each person in the line. It seemed as if they were looking for a fugitive.

Upon seeing the posters on the wall, they immediately knew who that person was. It was Li Lian.

[ Wanted for the crime of killing her fiancé.


Capture ALIVE.


Bounty: 10,000 medium grade spirit stones ]




The currency in this province was different from the currency in Xiao Fang's province.

They went: copper, silver, gold coins, common grade, low grade, medium grade, high grade, royal grade spirit stones.

Although commoners often used coins or even common grade spirit stones to exchange goods, cultivators would need much higher grade spirit stones to buy something worth while.

Spirit stones themself were great cultivation resources for spirit cultivators, so 10,000 medium grade spirit stones were no small amount at all, but this was expected since it was one of the 4 major families in this province that was issuing this bounty.

\u003c\u003c Exchanging currency was extremely uncommon because they demanded too high of a commission. That's why Xiao Fang's father didn't bother giving him any money before he left. Xiao Fang was better off making money on his own \u003e\u003e




Suddenly a masculine voice sounded out from behind them, giving them a little scare.

"At least it doesn't say 'dead or alive'," Xiao Fang joked.

"You- Xiao Fang, that's not funny," Li Lian slapped his arm as if to scold him for sneaking up on her.

"Maybe we should avoid large crowds," Xiao Hei suggested.

"I agree. It will take a bit lot longer, but it will be safer," said Li Lian.

"Alright, let's go around it then," Xiao Fang said before leading the way.

Seeing him already leave, Li Lian and Xiao Hei quickly caught up and followed close behind him.

Since they just had a race, Xiao Fang was feeling exhausted, so they just walked as they slowly regained their strength.

A few minutes later, Xiao Fang began to frown.

Although Li Lian and Xiao Hei seemed carefree, Xiao Fang was starting to feel a bit anxious, because only he knew they were being followed.


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