Naked Sword Art
90 Farewell Present 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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90 Farewell Present 18+



Current Cultivation:

\u003e 1st stage of the Profound Body realm

\u003e 6th stage of the (Dual Cultivation) Spirit Core realm

'This Dual Cultivation method is really something,' Xiao Fang thought.

What kind of existence was a Profound Body realm expert?

The difference in strength between a Core Body realm and a Profound Body realm cultivator is the same difference between a Solid Body realm and a Body Strengthening realm cultivator. The gap was simply too vast!

Xiao Fang started to cultivate the remaining qi in his dantian, but just as he was finishing up he suddenly felt something touching his little brother.

"Wu Yue, you're awake."

"You'd be surprised just how little sleep someone at my cultivation realm actually need," she smiled warmly.

"People at you're cultivation... What cultivation would that be exactly?"

"Divine realm," she said unconvincingly before enveloping his cock with her sexy lips.

"If you don't want to tell me, then just forget I asked."

He knew her cultivation was much higher than the Divine realm. There was no way someone at her age could look as young as she did unless she reached an unfathomable realm in cultivation.

If she didn't want to tell him, then he assumed there had to be a reason for it.

With a face ful of pleasure, he finally put his hands on he back of her head then laid back as she sucked his dick.

"Your mouth feels good. Keep going. Keep sucking till I cum in your throat."

Her head started thrusting even more vigorously. She moved as if she desperately wanted his cum, she wanted him to cum in her slutty cum-thirsty throat.

"Ahh~" he moaned as he pressed her head down and came in her throat.

SHe swallowed all of his cum then cleaned his tip with her tongue. When she was done, she finally pulled out and started giving him a handjob.

"Wu Yue, I'll be going back to the Black Paradise sect soon. We might not see each other for awhile once I leave."

"I know. It's a shame that you could only stay for a few days."

"I was here for more than 2 months."

"Oh, you know what I mean," she said before she meaningfully kissed the tip of his penis.

While on all fours, she rotated her body around to bring her butt up towards his face as he laid down face up. She then lifted a leg to put it on the other side of his head, as if to give him a good view of her steaming-hot, dripping wet grandmother pussy.

"Fang, look how wet I am. Come, lick my pussy like it's the last time you'll see it," she said as she used two fingers to spread her gilf pussy lips apart.

Feeling her warm pussy juices dripping on his face, Xiao Fang could hardly wait to devour her little cunt.

She then proceeded to sit on his face, pussy to mouth. In that exact moment, she went down on his erect dick and swallowed it whole.

Feeling his tongue digging into her pussy made her moan. She then started bobbing her head as she fondled his balls.

"Ahk~ ahk~ ahk~" her throat made lewd sounds with his dick thrusting inside of it.

Xiao Fang moaned. Although Yu An had better techniques, Wu Yue's mouth just felt better.

Xiao Fang didn't know anyone that loved sucking dick more than she did, but seeing that slutty expression on her face made him want to cum more.

This felt way too good for him, blowjobs would never feel the same again.

"Fuck, I'm cumming."

They both started thrusting fast and faster till his butt left the bed and shot his semen deep in her throat.

He was cumming in her throat, but she was still going. She just kept sucking his dick while swallowing his cum. He felt like he was losing his mind because it felt so good.

In the next moment, her legs shook, her feet arched, and her gilf pussy quivered. She was climaxing.

She squirted in his mouth and all over his face, but he didn't stop.

He sucked her yin qi the same way she desperately sucked and swallowed his cum, prolonging each other's climax.

When their climax ended, he spanked her hard on the ass, then clenched her ass cheek in each hands.

'That felt amazing,' he thought as he was catching his breath.

No one had ever prolonged his climax like that before, so he wanted to feel it again. They both went back to pleasuring each other with their mouths, and came in the exact way several more times.




Just like that, they cultivated for the rest of the day, making each other squirt and cum with only their mouths.

By the time she finally pulled out, his dick and balls were drenching wet.

She then got up and rubbed his dick against her closed hole.

"Now, it's my turn to give you your farewell present," she smiled mischievously before forcing his fat dick up her tight asshole.

"Ahh~" they moaned together.

"Wu Yue, your asshole is so tight," he said with a face full of intense pleasure.

She moaned from her taboo hole being stretched, but he moaned because it was hugging him so tightly.

Just by sitting on his lap, he already felt like cumming inside of her, but the moment she laid back and made him squeeze her soft fat tits, his cum naturally flowed.

"Hah~ Wu Yue," he said as he squeezed her tits and was cumming deep in her ass.

He rolled on top of her then started thrusting his dick vigorously up her tight asshole, shaking the bed with every thrust.

He usually liked to touch all over a woman's body as he fucked them, but Wu Yue's tits felt way to nice. He was almost addicted to squeezing them.

By the time he was done with her, her taboo spot was gaping wide and oozing with cum. He completely destroyed her asshole, but she seemed to have enjoyed every second of it.

He didn't know how many times he came inside of his slutty grandma, but this was certainly a cultivation session to remember.




She said nothing as he got dressed, only when he was about to leave did she finally speak through a spirit transmission.

Xiao Fang looked back then tried to send her a spirit transmission back to her.

After saying those words, he closed her door.

Wu Yue was stunned.

'Did he just...'

What Xiao Fang didn't know was that the Spirit Transmission technique was regarded as being a dragon level cultivation technique. It's difficult enough to find anyone willing to sell it, but even more difficult to learn.

Normally, spirit cultivator would take anywhere between 3 to 12 years just to learn how to send a single sound through a Spirit Transmission, let alone words or even an entire sentence. Xiao Fang, on the other hand, hadn't even been able to spirit cultivate for a year yet. So this was simply too difficult to believe.

It was at that moment she realized he was in the Spirit Core realm.

It turned out that he wasn't just a body cultivating genius, he was a spirit cultivating genius as well.

'Is he even human?'

Meanwhile, Xiao Fang was completely oblivious to his grandmother's thoughts.

He had only leisurely practiced the spirit transmission technique for a few days before he was able to master it.

From that, he assumed it must've been a fairly simple technique to learn.




Back at his house, Xiao Fang greeted his mother, Li Lian, and Chun Hua, but didn't find Xun Wei anywhere.

He wanted to go back to the Black Paradise sect soon, but decided to rest. Not only because he was exhausted, but also because he assumed Xun Wei was still training in the Hollow Forest.

He thought even an extra day, training in the forest would be good for her, so he went to bed.


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