Naked Sword Art
88 Gilf“s Taboo 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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88 Gilf“s Taboo 18+


Xiao Fang thrusted his spearhead into her closed butthole.


She screamed when she felt his fat cock stretching her tight asshole open.

With tremendous effort, he eventually pushed everything in then paused to savour the feeling.

Just like her other holes, this one didn't fail to surpass his imagination.

'Agh Fuck. Her asshole is hugging me so tight,' he thought.

Unable to savour it for long, his body started to move on it own.

"Nhnn! Nnn!~ Mhmm~"

He hugged her from behind then squeezed her fat hanging tits as if he was milking a cow.

"Grandmother, your asshole feels so good, it's so tight, I'm already going to cum. I'm going to fill this hole with my cum."

"No, don't cum in there. Take it out. I don't like it, I don't like it."

"Good, then consider this your punishment," following those words, he aggressively spanked her round white ass as if to tell her to obediently take this ass-fucking.

Wu Yue's expression changed upon hearing those words. She stopped complaining and became more accepting.

'That's right. This is my punishment. After this, Xiao Fang won't hate me anymore,' she thought.

The thought of him cumming in her ass was too unpleasant. In her mind, her asshole wasn't meant to be fucked. However, the more he thrusted the more play she got with it. She was even starting to like it.

"Xiao Fang, this is what I deserve. Please keep punishing me for being such a terrible grandmother. Cum lots inside of my virgin asshole until you are satisfied."


Xiao Fang was finally starting to understand her thoughts.

She didn't want him to be that rough with her, she was just doing it because she thought he wanted to punish her for taking his eyes.

The truth was, he didn't want to punish her for something he didn't even blame her for. He only avoided her because she was his grandfather's pawn. He treated her like the enemy because she was always with his grandfather. That didn't mean he hated her.

'Dammit, but her asshole feels so good. I want to cum in it just once,' he thought as his lower body vigorously pounded her gripping hole.

However, Xiao Fang didn't want to punish her for something he had already forgiven her for, so he forced himself to stop and pull out.

Suddenly, before he could pull out, she stopped him.

"Xiao Fang, why are you pulling out? Keep going, I can take it."

Xiao Fang suddenly seemed upset. Not once did she look at him while he was fucking her. Even now she was still looking away.

"Grandmother, tell me the truth. Are you punishing yourself to feel better about what happened 15 years ago?"


"I already told you my wish. Did you even consider granting it?"

Her eyes widened in shock.

Truth was, she thought he only wanted to use her body to get revenge, so she didn't really take his words seriously.

Xiao Fang wanted her to be his woman, but she was also his grandmother, was there such a thing in this world?

However, considering the fact that he was the last dual cultivator alive that could make her feel this way, she was seriously considering it. There was no way she was going to be able to forget the way he made her cum earlier, and she knew she'd always be thinking about him when he's gone.

She wanted him to fuck her mouth and pussy every night. She wanted his dick inside of her thrusting and rubbing against her warm pink walls. She wanted him to creampie her pussy and to cum in her throat. She wanted to climax on his young, long, hard dick.

"Xiao Fang... give me some time to think about it."

"Good, think about it. In the meantime, let's not deceive each other."

After saying that, he pulled his dick out of her tighter hole then pushed it back into her warm, dripping wet pussy.

The moment he did, she immediately looked away again, but the moment she did, she felt his gentle hand move her head to face him.

Looking at him as he slowly thrusted made her feel a certain way.

'I am so much older than him, does he really see me as a woman?' She thought.

Seeing the way he passionately moved and kissed her body made her feel like he really want to make her his.

After that, she not only started looking at him in a completely different way, his touch and thrusts also felt completely different too.

She no longer saw him as her grandson, instead, he was the man in her fantasies, the man she was seeing behind her husband's back, and the only man that could make her cum. He was her forbidden lover.

"Fang~ ♡" she whispered softly with a sparkle in her eye.

She leaned in and Xiao Fang did the same, meeting each other half way.


They kissed and held each other tightly.

Her kiss was shy, but the longer they kissed the more comfortable she became.

"Can I... Can I really be your woman?"

Hearing those words made him smile.

"Mn, from now on... you are mine."




Xiao Fang and Wu Yue copulated for nearly the entire day. Although Xiao Fang could cultivate her Yin qi much faster if he was meditating, he was still able to cultivate it as they were fucking.

"Xiao Fang, how about you sleep here tonight?"

"I would be my pleasure."

He kissed her softly behind her ear and massaged her supple breasts before he passionately thrusted his dick back inside of her.

"Mymm~" she smiled warmly.

He also moaned lightly feeling inside of her pussy. This was the sort of feeling only a Heavenly pussy could give him.

For the rest of the night, he came in her hungry wet fuck-holes without holding back. Dumping his seed deep inside of her without holding anything in.

Eventhough the thought of sleeping crossed his mind, the only thing he wanted to do was to rub his dick inside of her tright slippery walls and to cum inside of his woman.

The next day, they informed everyone that they'd be going into closed door training, then passionately fucked all day and night for several days. Sleeping when he needed to and fucking when he was awake. He felt like he could never get tired of her Heavenly gilf body.




Xiao Fang cultivated with her body for more than a week straight, making her spray her sparkling pussy juices all over the house.

Her lewd, curvy body was completely  drizzled with thick cum, and her pussy and even her asshole was completely full and oozing with it too.

Yes, even her taboo hole wasn't spared.

At one point she had guided his dick into her 2nd hole, but being in the heat of things that didn't stop him from thrusting.

It didn't have anything to do with the being punished. She just wanted to explore his fetishes the same way he did hers. She was his woman now and he was hers, they were more willing to be even more dirty with each other.

Eventhough she didn't like the idea of doing anal, she couldn't say she didn't like the way it felt, especially after he made her cum while being fucked in the ass. It was at that time she discovered just how much she actually liked it.

At the end, Xiao Fang ended up cumming in her asshole the same number of times as he did her mouth and pussy.




She sucked his sleeping dragon even as he slept.

"Xiao Fang, I hope you're dreaming about me sucking your dick."

"Mhmm~ mhmm~ mymm~"

She kept sucking his long semi-limp dick in her throat till she felt his cum pouring in.


She pushed his dick deeper into her slutty throat and swallowed all of his cum. She knew she had a dirty obsession for cum, but that was her fetish so there was nothing she could do about it. It certainly didn't help that Xiao Fang's cum was special. She simply couldn't get enough of it.

Eventually, she reluctantly took his long drenched dick out of her steamy hot mouth. She even made a little pop sounds as the head of his dick finally exited her lips.

She was surprised.

"It seems you really are dreaming about dirty things," she chuckled to herself as she licked her beautiful lips.

She finally got up and walked towards the bathroom to take a bath.

Standing at the bathroom door, she looked back at him with an amorous gaze and a light, beautiful smile.

'Xiao Fang, now that I'm yours, I hope you treat me well like this in the future.'

Looking at him, she dug her finger into her dripping cum-filled pussy then brought her finger up to her mouth then erotically sucked the cum off of it. She looked as if she really wanted to keep sucking his dick for more cum, but she knew he needed to rest after such a long cultivation session.

She finally turned and walked into her hot bath, then cleaned herself off in there.

Although they often bathed together over the past few days, this time she was going in alone.




When Xiao Fang woke up with his face buried in her fragrant hair and his morning wood comfortably tucked into of her soft pink cave.

He was shocked.

He wasn't shocked because his beautiful naked grandmother was resting in his arms, he was shocked because of his current cultivation.

Although he made several breakthroughs with his Spirit Cultivation, he was especially shocked about the progress he made with his Body Cultivation realm.

He was no longer in the 8th stage of the Solid Body realm, nor was he in the 1st stage of the [ Dual Cultivation ] Spirit Core realm.

If he told anyone what his cultivation was, absolutely no one would believe him.




Xiao Fang's current Cultivation:

\u003e 1st stage of the Profound Body realm

\u003e 6th stage of the (Dual Cultivation) Spirit Core realm


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