Naked Sword Art
87 Gilf“s Unexpected Surprise 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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87 Gilf“s Unexpected Surprise 18+






'It's in!'

To fantasize about it was one thing, but to actually do it is another. They both felt like this was way better than their fantasies.

Xiao Fang only put the tip in, but he could hardly bare the pleasure.

'This feeling is too intense!' He thought.

His spearhead plugged her fuck-hole, then started to stretch it open as it slid inside.


Xiao Fang felt like he was going to explode, but it felt too good to stop.

She was squeezing the life out of him while exciting every nerve ending in his penis to the max. This was the most intense feeling he ever felt.

"Xiao Fang, I want you to be rough with me."

Truth was, she wanted him to punish her for taking his eyes all those years ago, that's why she agreed to do this in the first place. She wanted to be punished so that she could feel relieved of the guilt in her heart.

Xiao Fang was taken aback by her words, but agreed anyways.

With the tip of his dick still inside of her, he suddenly spanked her ass, making it bounce and jiggle.

"Mhmm~ Harder," she requested.

Xiao Fang hesitated, but eventually spanked her even harder.

"Harder," she said again.

Xiao Fang no longer tried to be gentle and spanked her as hard as he could.

"Nnnhhaa~~" she raised her head in ecstacy.

She hardly felt the slap, but she felt the intent behind it.

'I'm being spanked by my own grandson. Why am I getting turned on by it? This is supposed to be a punishment,' she thought.

Xiao Fang started sucking on her indecently large tits, but he wasn't just sucking on them, he was also sticking his tongue into her inverted nipple as if to dig them out.

He spanked her ass a few more times, but she hardly reacted it.

'I feel so guilty, I want him to do it more, but is it really a punishment if I like it when he spanks me?'


"Ahh~ ♡"

Xiao Fang was never this rough with anybody before, but he could tell that she really wanted it.

He started pushing more of his dick inside of her, slowly stretching her out from the inside.

"Grandmother, you're so tight. Clearly grandfather hasn't been taking care of you."

"Don't say that. Xiao Kong was always busy, and ever since my accident he stopped wanting to do these kinds of things with me."

Xiao Fang knew what accident she was talking about. Yu An once told him that many years ago, before he was born, Wu Yue was seduced by one powerful dual cultivator. After sleeping with him, he used a forbidden technique on her that made it impossible for her to be satisfied by a non Dual Cultivators.

"From now on, I, Xiao Fang, will take good care of you."

Wu Yue was so beautiful it was impossible for any man to not have naughty thoughts about her, but that exact woman was currently completely naked, soaking wet, and spreading her legs for him.

Xiao Fang couldn't resist, so he started thrusting as deep as he could.

"Agh!" He moaned as his dick slid back and forth in her tight slippery pussy.

It's been far too long since someone last satisfied her sexual needs. She was get excited feeling it again.

[ Naked Sword Growing Pillar ]

His dick started growing as he slowly thrusted, but he was gradually picking up the pace.

[ Naked Sword Pumping Piston ]

"Ah~ Too deep, it's too deep!"

He ignored her words and thrusted faster, he was hitting her womb everytime.

'This is unlike anything I've ever felt before. If I didn't experience it myself, I never would've believe it.'

Suddenly, his dick unexpectedly peeked through.

"Ahhhaaa!!~" she cried in ecstasy.

Xiao Fang paused in disbelief. His Naked Sword had pierced her womb. He's never been this deep before.

She rolled over as if to crawl away, but he hugged her from behind, he needed to explore this new area. Feeling the way he held her, she actually let him continue.

"Agh!~" he grunted as he pushed with all his might.

"Xiao Fang!~~"

Centimeter by centimeter his dick slid deeper into her womb, eventually getting his entire spearhead inside of it.

He kept going till his lower body was squished against hers. Once he was completely inside of her, he paused to take a breath.

Her body was now faced down and flat on the bed with his dick shoved all the way inside of her. What kind of position was this?

Feeling his dick throbbing inside of her womb, she rubbed her knees together and began to raise her butt up encouragingly. Xiao Fang was surprised. She actually wanted him to fuck her in that place.

She gritted her teeth in pleasure as he started to move. His pacing was slow but it wasn't long till he was brutally thrusting into her gripping womb.

"Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhaa!!~"

"Xiao Fang, slower, slower!"

He didn't listen to her. He wanted her to feel the raw force of his long hard dick fucking her deepest parts. He wanted this moment to be engrained into her memory, to never forget the time when he was inside of her and making her scream in pleasure. The time when she became his woman.

'This is so wrong. I can feel him thrusting into my belly. It's too unpleasant.'

Despite her thoughts, she was clearly turned on by it. If someone was to hear her thoughts and look at the expression of intense pleasure on her face, no one would believe her words at all.

Wu Yue was too ashamed to face him, she didn't want him see how much she was enjoying something like this, so she covered her face with her hands.

Although she could hide her beautiful face, she couldn't silence her erotic moans. Even if she did, Xiao Fang would still know how good he was making her feel by how tight her pussy was squeezing him.

"Agh! Grandmother, you're squeezing me even tighter."

She was feeling way too much pleasure from his thrusts.

She wasn't just feeling that way because she was being fucked by a long hard dick, it was also because that long hard dick belonged to her naughty grandson. Her grandson was fucking her tight pussy!

He restrained her arms behind her back then pulled her hair as he whispered extremely dirty things in her ear.

Each word was making her even hornier.

She wanted to be fucked like a slut, swallow his cum, squirt everywhere, be used like a cum toilet. She wanted everything. She loved being fucked by his fat cock.

He squeezed her neck as if to choke her out, clenched her fat tits as if to pop them, and fingered her mouth as if it were a pussy.

Despite being choked she still sucked and licked his fingers with her warm wet tongue. Feeling the way she licked him nearly made him cum prematurely.

'Fuck, she's so hot,' Xiao Fang thought as he was approaching his limit.

The sound of their wet lower bodies clapping filled the room.

"Grandmother, you're so hot. I'm going to cum inside of you. Tell me you want it. Say you want your grandson to cum in your tight hungry pussy."

"Ahh! Wait, make me cum too~ I'm almost there, just a little more."

He was pounding her so deep she was on the verge of loosing her mind, but she was still begging for more. She seemed to be having the time of her life.

'Who would've thought that she'd be such a horny slut.'

Xiao Fang was getting worried that he might cum before she did so he turned it up a notch.

He took his drenched fingers out of her wet mouth and started rubbing her sensitive clit.

"Ahhhaa!!~ Fang, fill my slutty womb with your thick semen. Cum lots inside of me!~ I want it, I want it, I want it ahhhaaa!!~~~"

He grabbed her gelatinous tits then rolled over, putting her on top of him as he started thrusting upwards. He never stopped thrusting even as he was changing positions.

She was on her shakey tippytoes as he pounded her tight gilf pussy, her muscles tightened as he rubbed her clit, and her lower body raised higher and higher as she was approaching an orgasm.

Finally her waters started to trickle out of her.

"Nhnnn!!~ Fang, I'm cumming!"

He suddenly grabbed her by the hips.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]


[ Naked Sword Climbing 9 Heavens ]


[ 9th Thrust ]

Her body became tight, stiff, and mute. Her legs began to shake, her pussy started to quiver, and her juices started to pour.

She was climaxing.

Her cum started to jet out of her pussy like a hose when he pinched her clit. He realized this must've been her weak spot.

[ Naked Sword Shooting Star ]

He finally shot his cum directly into her womb, filling it with his warm milk.

"Nnn~ nhh nhn," she moaned as her body jerked.

Their juices mixed inside of her, but everywhere his cum touched made her feel sexually stimulated so her climax didn't subside till much later.




"Xiao Fang, we came together," she said with a soft smile. She touched his face lovingly, but then suddenly retracted her hand when she realized something.

Today was supposed to be the day he punished her, so why was he making her feel good instead.

'Could it be that he really wants me to be his woman?' She thought.

Xiao Fang could sense how she was feeling but couldn't understand the look of hesitation on her face.

"Xiao Fang... that was amazing... b-but I wanted you to be rougher with me."


Xiao Fang knew from experience never to ask a woman how rough they wanted it. Instead, he would pay more attention to how much she could tolerate, to give them the most memorable experience possible.

In Wu Yue's case, he already nearly passed that line with her. If he pushed her anymore it would only make her feel uncomfortable. This is why Xiao Fang was confused by her words.

After a brief pause, Xiao Fang finally spoke.

"Very well."

Suddenly, she felt something she didn't expect.

"Ah, Wait! Not in there. Ahhh!


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