Naked Sword Art
86 Gilf 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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86 Gilf 18+






His hand reached down her slick body till he was touching her closed flaps. He spread them apart then rubbed her sensitive pink spot skillfully.


Her lower body reacted.

Sitting on his lap, she could see his powerful sword peeking between her slick thick thighs.

'His thing is so big,' she thought as she stroked it curiously with her soft wet hands.

"Grandmother, your hands feel nice," he said before kissing her neck.

His hands wandered her body till they were on her soft ripe fruits.

When Xiao Fang squeezed her plump wet tits, he was surprised to feel his hands sinking in.

Playing with it in his hands, he noticed that they were neither as firm as a youngster's nor as saggy as an elder's. They felt perfect, and he had so much to play with.

Xiao Fang wanted to feel her mountain peaks, but realized they were hiding in her breasts, so he began to tease her areolas instead.

"Mymm~ Xiao Fang, the way you're touching me..." she said as her face became bright red.

"I love it when you moan like that. Let me hear it again," he whispered.

Suddenly, she felt his finger slowly sliding down from her small pink pearl to her moist gilf pussy-hole.

"Wait, no. Ahhhaa~~"

His fingers moved back and forth while they were in. He was massaging her inner walls.

The moment she felt it she quickly closed her legs out of reflex, but that didn't stop him.

He continued whispering hot naughty things into her ear as he was squeezed her tits, fingered her pussy, and thrusted his dick between her thicc wet thighs.

"Ah~ ahha~ ahh~"

"Xiao Fang hah~ Xiao Fang, stop."

Although he eventually stopped, he didn't stop squeezing her tits, they felt too nice to let go.

"Xiao Fang, You've already done me a favour, so let me do this for you," she said.

Hearing her request, he obliged.

His hands retreated as she turned around to face him. She then placed her hands on his body as she felt his hard abs and pecks. As she erotically felt his muscles she also began to kiss and lick them too.

Being touched like this made him want to start fucking the shit out of her, it took all the willpower he had just to sit still.

She slowly made her way up his body, finally resting her hands on his shoulders as she passionately kissed his neck. She briefly took her hands off him to guide his hands to her nicely shaped dumplings. She wanted him to feel how nice her ass felt, so he squeezed them admiringly.

"Your ass feel good, I can't wait to put my dick inside of you," he said as his dick rubbed against her slim slippery stomach.

She wanted to engage in his dirty dialogue, but she stopped herself because she didn't think it was suitable for an elderly person, like herself, to say such vulgar things.

Looking down she could more accurately measure just how deep his dick would go if he put it all inside of her. She looked at it with a lustful look in her eye before forcing herself to look away.

Xiao Fang noticed her gaze and lightly smiled accordingly.

She continued touching him seductively, even rubbing her plump perky tits against his hard chest.

"You've worked hard over the past few days. Allow me to satisfy you this once."

She then put his dick between her breasts then started titty fucking him, but even when she was doing that, she wouldn't stop licking him with her warm tongue.

"How about you lick me here," he suggested as he held his dick.

With only a bit of hesitation she eventually did exactly as he said.

She moved her hair from her face then closed her eyes before kissing his dick with her beautifully soft gilf lips. She went from kissing it to sliding it into her warm wet mouth.

"Mmm~" Xiao Fang moaned.

It didn't just feel amazing, the idea of his grandmother sucking his long hard dick also made him feel good. She was even massaging him with her thick, saliva coated tongue.

"Ahh~ if you keep sucking me like that I might cum in your mouth," he said half-truthfully.

However, hearing those words suddenly made her move faster.

'Could she really want me to cum in her mouth?' Xiao Fang thought.

She started fingering her pussy, making herself moan like a horny cougar sucking a young man's dick.

"Mhmm~ mhmm~ mhmm~"

Xiao Fang was feeling so good he instinctively put his hand on her head. That gesture alone was enough to make her feel like she was doing a good job.

'It's way too big. I can only go half way,' she thought.

Wu Yue was struggling to fit his entire dick in her slimy mouth, but she wanted to go all the way to make him feel really good.

She closed her eyes then focused before pushing it deeper into her mouth. She paused for a moment when it reached her throat, but eventually continued to go deeper.

Being a Heavenly Body realm cultivator, she had extremely control of her body, that included her gag reflex.

She kept going till it was completely in her throat, only stopped when face  was pressed up against his skin.

Her throat was way more flexible than any other girl's he's been with, but he was mostly surprised because her tongue movements weren't inferior to Yu An's.

She started bobbing her head while deep throating his dick.

"Mmm~ Grandmother, if you do that, I'm going to-"

Hearing that made her feel proud of herself, but she was determined to make him cum, so she moved even more erotically.

He grabbed her head then started thrusting into her tight squishy throat more vigorously.

Being on all fours, she looked up at him obediently as if to tell him to could use her mouth as much as he wants.

One hand held on to his hip as if to make sure he couldn't pull away. 

"Ahk! Grandmother, Im cumming," he warned her but she only pressed her face tighter against his body.

[ Naked Sword Shooting Star ]

In the next moment, he released his warm milk down her gapping throat.

"Mymm~" she moaned.

'This dirty grandson of mine is cumming in my throat. Why does it taste so pleasant, and since when did cum ever make me feel this good?' She thought with her face still pressed up against his pubic area.




Of course, Xiao Fang's natural milk was not ordinary to say the least. 'Naked Sword Shooting Star' was the first technique he created since stepping into the Spirit Core realm. The technique allows him to stimulate a woman internally or externally just with his cum. Not only does it make her feel good, but it also increases their libido tremendously.




Although the effects were strong, she hardly changed after experiencing it because her cultivation was just too high. However, it was clear that his technique wasn't completely useless against her.

Even as his lower body jerked, she kept sucking for more. The more time he came, the more erotic her expression became.

Seeing her deep throating his dick while he was cumming made him smirk.

'Even 10 years isn't too long for a nobleman to get his revenge,' Xiao Fang recited a quote his grandfather once told him.

He came in her throat almost 10 times, but she still kept sucking for more. The technique was clearly having an effect on her now, even if she didn't want to admit it.

'If Grandfather could see me now, I wonder what he would say,' Xiao Fang thought.

Xiao Kong's wife was desperately sucking Xiao Fang's dick behind his back, almost as if she were Xiao Fang's horny cougar cumslut.

Even Xiao Fang was surprised by this. She wasn't just doing this to make him feel good, she genuinely enjoyed sucking his long hard dick and swallowing his hot thick cum. She felt like she could finally let go and be free to express her deepest dirtiest desires with Xiao Fang.

She loved sucking his dick and drinking his cum, she didn't care how vulgar she seemed infront of him anymore, she just wanted to drink more of his cum.

Seeing this, Xiao Fang was starting to think that his technique wasn't the reason she was acting like this. She just really enjoyed drinking his cum as if it were her secret dirty fetish.

He picked her up into a vertical 69, then carried her to her room. However, even as he walked, she still desperately sucking his dick balls deep.

He spanked her fat ass just under his face, making it jingle wildly. 

"Mymmm~~ ♡"

Feeling her sucking even more desperately, he spanked her ass some more, then eventually spat, licked, and sucked her beautiful pussy.

The frightening thing about it was that she was getting better and better at it every minute.

He laid her down on the bed then started fucking her mouth like a pussy.

"Aghk~ aghk~ aghk~"

Her throat made dirty sounds as she stuck out of her tongue.

Her legs were raised in the air as she was fingering her pussy.

He put his hand on her neck then squeezed lightly as he slapped her fat bouncing tits.

She seemed to be enjoying the abuse, so he choked her harder.

"Fuck, it's so tight," he said as he thrusted faster and clenched her boob.

Eventually, he went down on her body then started licking her pink pussy.

"Mymm!!" She moaned with his dick in her throat.

She ran her fingers through his hair as he sucked and licked her skillfully.

'Xiao Fang probably thinks I'm so disgusting. I'm swallowing so much cum while he's licking my sloppy wet pussy. I can't stop it, if feels too good. Xiao Fang please don't think less of me,' she thought before pressing down on his head and her pretty toes curled.

Xiao Fang started licking her clit and fingering her hole as he prepared to execute an oral technique.

[ Oral Technique: Electric Tongue ]

Suddenly, she felt as if she was being zapped by lightning from the bottom-up, but it was extremely stimulating.


Her lower body shot up in the air, her throat got tighter, and her legs shook.

He squeezed her clenching asscheeks as he dug his vibrating finger deeper into her tightening pussy.

Her stomach started to convulse, but that was just the beginning. The longer he did it for the more intense her body reacted to it.




This was no ordinary technique. Although his mother gave it to him 2 months ago, he was only recently able to grasp it after breaking through to the Dual Cultivation Spirit Core realm.

This wasn't just his strongest oral technique, this was also one of his strongest dual cultivation techniques.




He was fucking her throat while eating her out. Being used in this way made her have another personality change.

Her eyes were no longer as cold and detached as before, and her posture became as loose as water.

Suddenly, she started to moan in a different way. She squirmed around as if she were being tortured by his tongue and finger, but her pussy juices were starting to trickle down. She was enjoying this way too much. 

Her mind was going blank as her eyes rolled back. She was really starting to look like a slut. Now, more than ever.

Suddenly, he lightly pinched her clit with his teeth, then her waters started to spray.


He quickly sucked all of her Yin qi, instantly converting it into energy for his dantian to absorb. The more he sucked the more it made her cum, till his dantian was finally full.


Finally, his thick warm milk gushed into her throat like a broken dam.

Besides her body trembling lightly, she was motionless, but he could still see her throat swallowing his cum.

He pulled out, but kept the head of his penis inside of her warm wet mouth till she thoroughly licked all the cum off his dick.

Once their bodies seperated, Xiao Fang noticed just how profound her Yin qi was. She only squirted once, but only a fraction of it was able to instantly fill his dantian with qi. Was the disparity between them that far apart? He couldn't even tell if she was only in the Heavenly realm.

He knew there were several realms above the Heavenly realm, but he never cared to learn them.

Feeling the qi in his dantian, Xiao Fang became excited. He couldn't wait to start cultivating it. He felt like he could easily make 1 or 2 breakthrough by cultivating her qi.

He immediately sat down then began cultivating. As he cultivated it, he was able to fully understand just how incredible it was.

She definitely wasn't simply in the Heavenly realm, her cultivation was much deeper than than.

He felt like the mysteries of the Heavens were being unraveled by comprehending the profundity of her qi. This was something he never felt before, this was something special.

Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by an erotic voice.

"Xiao Fang, you're not done already, are you?"

He stopped cultivating and immediately saw the kind of pose she was in.

She was laying on her back with her pussy facing him, and her beautiful mature hands were spreading her pussy lips apart. If that wasn't enough, her pussy was still drooling from her previous climax.

Seeing this marvelous sight, Xiao Fang's dragon instantly became erect again.

When she saw his dick rise, her lips curved upwards before she spoke again.

"Come, Fang'er. Punish this horny grandmother for being so indecent."

Xiao Fang gulped.

He then got up and approached her lower body before plugging the entrance to her drooling fuck-hole with his long girthy dick.

'This is it. I'm finally going to put my dick inside of her Heavenly pussy.'

"Xiao Fang~" she said with a trembling tone.

He could tell she wanted it just as badly as he did.






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