Naked Sword Art
85 Xun Wei“s Swordsman“s Instinc
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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85 Xun Wei“s Swordsman“s Instinc

Deep in the dark 'Hollow Forest', the stench of blood polluted the air, and the corpses of beasts littered the ground.

In the middle of all of it there was a girl in her late teens sitting in the lotus position with her eyes closed.

She was devastatingly beautiful, the kind one might only see once in their life.

Although she had a very gentle and honest appearance, her imposing airs made her nearly unapproachable for ordinary people. And despite having so much blood around her, there wasn't a single drop of blood on her.

She was a celestial fairy surrounded by the aura of death. This girl was none other than Xun Wei.




Almost 400 meters away, three inner court disciples and a core court disciple were on the hunt for tier 3 beasts when the Core Court disciple, Chu Piao, found something peculiar.

"Wait," Chu Piao instructed the 3 inner court disicples.

The three inner court disciples looked at their senior with a confused look before following his gaze, what they saw immediately made their eyes shine brightly.

"It's her!" One of the inner court disciples shouted in surprise.

Despite the look of excitement on the 3 inner court disciple's faces, Chu Piao looked around Xun Wei with knitted brows.

"She's alone. How could her senior be so negligent of their duties?" Chu Piao said.

What he didn't know was that Lei Xinyi was actually close by. The reason why he wasn't able to detect her was because she was using a special technique to hide her presence.

"Senior Brother Chu, could it be that you've never heard of Young Miss GhostBlade?"

"Ghostblade... what kind of name is that."

"It's what the outter and inner court disciples call her."

Chu Piao was one of the strongest core court disciples in the sect, but he would only come out of seclusion whenever there was a major event or if he needed to assist his 3 assigned inner court disciples with their training.

After hearing what his inner court disciples had to say about her, Chu Piao quickly understood why they all looked up to her.

"So, that's how it is. Either way, its foolish for her senior to leave her alone in a place like this."

Suddenly, something Chu Piao saw made his lazy eyes opened widely just before his figured disappeared. He was heading straight towards Xun Wei as fast as he could.

Seeing that, the 3 inner court disciples followed.

"He's so fast!"

"What did you expect from a Profound Body realm swordsman?"

Chu Piao covered nearly 25 meters in less than a second.

'I need to go faster,' Chu Piao thought.

Suddenly his legs began to pop and crackle as he prepared to execute a movement technique. Not too far infront of him, a ghost like silhouette appeared, obstructing his path.

"Brother Chu," the mysterious woman greeted him.

Chu Piao didn't have time to chat, so he planned to speed right past her.

Suddenly, the sound of a sword being unsheathed tickled his spine, so he stopped and jumped back. Getting a better look at this woman he finally realized who it was

"Lei Xinyi. Is that girl your inner court disciple?"

He wasn't afraid of Lei Xinyi. Truth was, he never acknowledged her as a real core court disciple because she didn't go through the same tests like the other did.

However, seeing her now made him frown. Although she was much weaker than him, she wasn't nearly as weak as he assumed.

"Brother Chu, I must stop you here. I can't allow you to interrupt my inner court disciple's training."

Lei XinYi's smile was beautiful, but something about it seemed threatening.

He didn't put her in his eyes at all, but he still agreed to not proceed any further.

He turned his attention back on Xun Wei to see what kind of training she was doing but the moment he did he saw two tier 3 beasts already circling her.

The two tier 3 beasts could be seen closing in on her position. They looked like a mix between a silver furred hound and a hyena. Their limbs were slender, but they had a height of nearly 3 meters.

Upon closer inspection, Chu Piao noticed that Xun wei was actually completely covered in bruises, but her breathing was still steady.

As the two tier 3 beasts circled her, she didn't show any signs of fear, instead she seemed extremely confident so much so that she didn't even open her eyes.

Suddenly, one of the beasts attacked, pouncing directly towards Xun Wei, but as soon as it crashed down on her position, she was seen a few meters away, sliding backwards as she stood.

Chu Piao was surprises, she moved much faster than he thought possible for a Body Refinement realm cultivator. 

Instead of retreating or taking out her sword, Xun Wei didn't move as she placed her hands comfortably behind her back. She acted as if the beasts weren't worthy opponents for her and that infuriated them.

"Isn't she being too arrogant? Those tier 3 beasts are above her current cultivation. If she doesn't fight them seriously she will certainly lose."

Hearing Chu Piao's comment, Lei Xinyi simply ignored him and continued to watch Xun Wei.

The beasts attacked again, but this time they both attacked her at once, but the moment they did, she closes her eyes and dodged their attacks.

Her body was light and nimble as she moved around, but only a few seconds passed till she was finally hit.

She put a hand on her stomach as she slowly got up. She was clearly hurt, but she shook it off as she put her hands behind her back again.

Seeing Xun Wei's eyes closed during that exchange, Chu Piao finally realized what she was training.

"Swordsman's instincts! Disciple Xinyi, don't you know how dangerous it is to train that skill? Only an elder has the ability to perfectly simulate a life or death situation, but even then it's still extremely dangerous."

"Brother Chu, do you know the most efficient methods of comprehension?"

[ From weakest to strongest they go:

Comprehension by seeing,

comprehension by practicing,

comprehension by fighting ]

Lei Xinyi recited the sect's teachings, but Chu Piao wasn't impressed. Instead, he felt she was actually incredibly stupid.

"Of course I know, but that doesn't change the fact that it's too dangerous, especially for a skill like this."

"Hmph, we are not just cultivators, but we are Divine Swordsman too. If you are scared then scram!"

Lei Xinyi was extremely ruthless with her words, but what she said was true. Fearlessness was the Divine Sword sect's greatest virtue. No matter how reckless the action was, if someone said they were scared then they were no longer worthy of carrying the Divine Sword sect's name.

Considering who her master was, he decided not to bicker with her, instead he turned to leave, but before he did he said one last thing.

"Just know, if anything happens to her under your supervision, you alone will have to face the consequences."

His inner court disciples had told him that Xun Wei was Xiao Fang's woman.

Only a hand full of people knew just how ruthless Xiao Fang was. Even fewer people had ever seen it first hand. Chu Piao was one of those people, and he knew Lei Xinyi had seen it too. So although his words sounded like a threat, it instead was a friendly reminder.

After saying that, he left.

Once he was gone, Lei Xinyi no longer seemed indifferent to the situation, instead she began to frown. She knew how dangerous this training was, but Xun Wei refused to stop.

Even though she was making unbelievable progress, Lei Xinyi was still worried for her.




Meanwhile, in Wu Yue's quarters.

Wu Yue was cultivating on her bed when she suddenly heard footsteps coming towards her door.

"Grandmother, it's me. May I come in?"

Instead of answering his call, she undressed then went into her bathroom to turn on the boiling hot water. She let the water fill up the bathtub before stepping inside.

The steam quickly filled the small room making it almost impossible to see anything with the naked eye.

Finally she sent him a spirit transmission.

Xiao Fang was surprised to hear her send him a spirit transmission, but considering that her body and spirit were both in the Heavenly Realm, it wasn't too surprising.

Xiao Fang walked into her room but found it empty. Although she wasn't at her bed or desk, he knew exactly where she was. He followed the sound of running water till he was standing outside of her bathroom.

Before entering he picked up her used robes that were just outside of the door and examined it. After feeling that a certain spot was wet, he smirked.

He slowly opened the door and invited himself in. Although the dense steam in the room made it difficult to see, it was still perfectly clear to Xiao Fang since he was blindfolded.

She partially laid back in her white jade tub as she raised a leg as if to clean it. Seeing her that way already made him so hard.

"Xiao Fang, you're early," she spoke in a soft, seductive tone.

"Forgive me. This junior is impatient," he said as he slowly stripped.

Layer by layer his clothing started to fall, making the bulge in his pants even more pronounced.

"I assume you came for the reward. Tell me again what exactly it is you want."

Instead of answering, he walked towards her.

Finally looking at him from the corner of her eye, she saw the massive dragon that stood up strong between his legs. She was shocked so much that her jaw actually dropped just a bit.

"Will you really grant my wish?"

"Huh... Mn," she spoke hesitantly after taking her eyes off his erect meat.

She eventually turned her head shyly as she waited for his answer.

"Wu Yue, I want you to be my woman."

Wu Yue was shocked. Although she expected him to say he wanted to sleep with her, she didn't think he'd ask her to be his woman.

Truth was, although she was an elder, she was only as old to Xiao Fang as her husband, Xiao Kong, was to her. So, even if she was older than him, she wasn't too old to be his woman.

He took a step into the bathtub behind her, then slowly slipped in. She rested back against his chest as he began to touch her sexy slippery skin.

"Xiao Fang... I-I definitely didn't miss hear you just now. Y-You'll have to take responsibility for those words."

Xiao Fang smirked as his hand slid down to her sweet spot.



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