Naked Sword Art
83 Massage 3 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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83 Massage 3 18+


Standing outside of Wu Yue's door, Xiao Fang annonced his name then waited for her to call him in.

"Come in," she said.

Inside of her quarters, Xiao Fang was shocked to see her already in her bed with with 2 small pieces of cloth covering her butt and under her breasts. Besides that she was completely naked.

The moment she saw him come in she smiled.

"You came."


"... Well don't just stand there. Didn't you want to practice your massaging technique on me?"

"Right, I'm just surprised because we usually get some work done first."

"Ah, that's right. You don't have to worry about that. The elders already have too much to do thanks to you."

"I see. In that case, I must thank you for letting me practice on you," he said before approaching her faced down body.

He drizzled the body oil on her back then a bit on his hands.

Hearing the sound of his hands rubbing together was triggered an automatic response, her body knew what was coming so it made her feel tingly inside.

Her heartbeat subtly increased and her sensitive areas were getting excited. If she were paying attention she would've notice that her pussy was also starting to get wet too.

Starting from where he left off, he placed his warm hands flat on her shoulders, then slowly brought them down her back.

As his oily hands moved down her back, she felt like she was melting into her bedsheets, slowly slipping deeper and deeper into a realm of erotic thoughts, a realm completely controlled by Xiao Fang.

As she felt completely relaxed, Xiao Fang sent her an erotic thought. Suddenly, she felt him remove the thin blanket that covered her butt.

'It's just in my head,' she convinced herself.

After removing the blanket, he started from her toes then massaged his way up her smooth white legs, eventually slowing down as he approached her upper thighs.

She was starting to become a bit nervous, about what he was planning to do, but the moment she felt it she nearly jumped.

Xiao Fang started touching her round ass.

Actually, he wasn't simply touching it, he was gently caressing it, but to her it felt all the same. Her lower body squirmed just a bit, but she didn't want to stop the fantasy from playing out.

'This is just my imagination', she convinced herself again as she lightly bit her lip.

In their imagination, he touched her buttcheeks in the most inappropriate ways, not just massaging them, but also squishing, bouncing, and even spanking them. He practically left two hand print on her ass before he decided to move on.

Eventually, she couldn't take much more of it, she needed to find out if it was real or not.

She opened her eyes, and was able to quickly confirm that none of it was real, she sighed in relief, but there was a part of her that was hoping it was real.

He gently turned her over on her back as she held onto the cloth that covered her tits.

Starting from around her neck, he skillfully massaged his way down her shoulders to her upper chest. It was at that moment he sent her another erotic thought.

She suddenly felt him remove the cloth that covered her chest, so she quickly got red from embarrassment.

'Xiao Fang can sense my naked breasts. That's too unpleasant, don't look at them.'

Of course he couldn't hear her thoughts in that fantasy world.

No matter how embarrassed she was she didn't stop the fantasy, it was almost as if her body wanted him to see it. She was slowly becoming comfortable by it till he finally started touching them.

Her eyebrows became knitted and trembled lightly. This was the first time she was letting him touch her breasts, even if it was just in her head.

She could no longer distinguish what was real from fake, but she knew Xiao Fang wouldn't do this in the real world, so she just let it play out. Besides, she believed this was exactly what she needed to relieve herself from all her sexual desires from yesterday.

In their imagination Xiao Fang brought it up a notch, his limp dragon hanged out from his robes hovering just over her soft lips.

Though her eyes were closed she could clearly sense it. Whether it was real or not she couldn't figure out, but if she opened her eyes to check, the illusion would most certainly stop.

'This is... his dick? It's so big.'

His hands slid down her slippery body and slowed down near her lower abdomen. Having to reach down there he needed to bend over, making his long warm dragon rest comfortably on her lips.

'Mm! Is this what I really want? A cock as big as this?' she thought in shock still assuming that these thoughts were her own.

Her lips became loose, letting his dick push into her mouth as he reached further down her body.

'It's in!'

Xiao Fang was surprised. He didn't think she'd let him do it. Even if it was all fake, imagining his dick in her beautiful mouth is one thing, but knowing that she accepted it made him hard in real life.

In their imagination, Xiao Fang massaged around her groins, then paused before directly running his finger along her slippery slit.

'Mhmm! He's touching that spot too.'

Her moist pink cave started to drool, and he began to touch her even more daringly.

'No, he's going to feel how wet I am,' she panicked, but she quickly realized it wasn't real so she restrained herself.

'This is all in my head. I'm wet because of you, it's only natural that you take responsibility for it,' she thought as she bit her lip.

Suddenly his finger poked into her pussy.

'Ahhaa~ This is it! This is what I've been waiting for.'

Her breathing became frantic and heart started beating like a drum. This was all happening, but he only had his dick in her mouth and finger in her pussy.

He eventually started thrusting his finger, making her forget about the massage entirely. Suddenly she felt his tongue licking her little pearl.


'He's licking and fingering my pussy, and his big dirty dick is in my mouth. He's such a naughty boy, and he's doing all these naughty things to me. Ahha~ I'm going to cum!'

She wanted to suck his dick, but was afraid to move, but just as that thought crossed her mind he began to slowly thrust into her mouth.

'Mymm~ mymm~ mymm~'

'His dick, I love his dick. Mymm~'

She thought she was losing her mind, but the more she thought about it the hotter it got. She didn't understand how something so taboo could feel so good, but right now all she could think about was his dick. She didn't really care about anything else, she just wanted to climax with her grandson.

He briefly paused and took his finger out.

'Huh, is it done already?'

Suddenly, as his tongue slipped into her pussy then she felt something she wasn't ready for. Xiao Fang was pushing his finger into her tighter hole!

Meanwhile, Xiao Fang felt like he was losing his mind, this was all too crazy for him. He didn't think she'd let him go this far.

His dick was throbbing under his robes and she was moaning like crazy in the real world. Though it wasn't a very sexy moan, it was still a moan nonetheless. She was moaning like that from thinking about him fucking her.

Back in the fantasy, her inner juices were starting to gush out of her pussy as she screamed his name.

He hugged her body tightly in that 69 position, tightly squeezing her squishy asscheeks as he was sucking on her squirting gilf pussy.


Her legs shook, her pussy quivered, and her lower body was slightly raised. She was climaxing.

Just when she thought the fantasy was over, she felt his hands around her sexy hips, and that's when she felt it. His Naked Sword was touching her pussy.

His dick was spreading her pussy lips apart and tightly pressing against her craving fuck-hole!

'I-It's happening. He's going to put it in!'



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