Naked Sword Art
79 Massage 2
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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79 Massage 2

Early in the morning, Xiao Fang visited Hu Ning at his residence.

"Xiao Fang, I didn't think you'd come so early."

"I apologize if I woke you up. I tend to wake up earlier than most people."

"No worries, I tend to do the same."

Truth was, Xiao Fang just didn't want to be around when Li Lian woke up.

"So, you had a favour to ask of me?" Xiao Fang jumped to the point.

"Ah, yes. It's quite simple actually, I was hoping you could give me a month to study the Divine Sword technique."

Xiao Fang's face darkened.

"That's worth more than 200,000 merit points. Don't you think you are asking too much from me?

"Then can you at least give me 2 weeks?"

"How about you tell me which province you came from and I'll give you 1 week."

"..." He didn't reply.

Xiao Fang sighed, "Alright 10 days, but I'm not going any higher than that."

"Deal! I come from the capital. I will say no more."

Judging by his sudden change in expression, Xiao Fang felt like he got played. However, what surprised him was that by listening to his heartbeat he could tell that he was telling the truth.

'The capital, huh... Could he be from the Royal court?' Xiao Fang wondered. 

If that was the case then there was nothing for Xiao Fang to be worried about.

The 'Divine Sword' technique's profound texts were carved into the face of a large ancient wall at the center of the sect, so if Hu Ning wanted to study it he would need access to it first.

"Alright, 10 days. Follow me." Xiao Fang said before running towards the heart of the sect.




Wu Yue's Quarters.

In the middle of the day, Xiao Fang was massaging his grandmother's naked shoulders, neck, and arms, as she occasionally took a sip of her tea. Yesterday she wouldn't even let him touch her skin, but today she didn't resist when he casually exposed her shoulders. That only meant she was becoming more accepting of his touch.

"You know, your grandmother might be old, but she certainly isn't weak." She referred to herself in the 3rd person.

Catching the hint, Xiao Fang press a little harder.

"Ah, there we go. Much better."

She turned her attention back to her notes then continued to show him what she had drawn since his last visit. When she was done, she looked back at Xiao Fang to get some feedback.

"What do you think?"

"It could use some work," he replied nicely.

"Alright, then tell me what you have in mind."

Xiao Fang thought for a moment then said, "Water."

"Hm?", she hummed as she took a sip from her cup.

"Geographically speaking, the sect is well guarded by mountains from 3 fronts, deterring rival sects from attacking. Although it is effective in keeping enemies out, it also makes the people within feel trapped."

"Well, there's nothing we can do about that."

"What I'm trying to say is that we should give people something other than rocks to look at. Make a lake, add some fish, construct a bridge, build a water park, but most importantly you should construct a public unisex bathhouse for the disciples to cool off in. I'm sure my half-sister would love that." Xiao Fang said as a lustful thought crossed his mind.

"Aish, what are you imagining right now. You had me till you said unisex. At least try to make an effort to conceal your thoughts."

Xiao Fang continued to give her some decent ideas, but her hand didn't move, she just continued to stare at the blank piece of paper trying to figure out how she could draw all of it.

Xiao Fang stopped massaging her shoulders then casually reached for her right hand as his head hovered over her left shoulder.

"Allow me," He spoke softly.

His hand lightly rested over hers making her let go of the writing utensil, but not before feeling him gently touch the back of her hand.

After pulling her hand away, Xiao Fang began to draw.

"Let's start with a garden here..."

Xiao Fang was so focused on drawing that he didn't even notice her looking at him instead of the paper. She eventually fell deep in thought.

'When did he get so good at this sort of stuff. What's even more surprising is that he can draw blindfolded. I practically watched him grow up and every years I'd watch him accomplish something impossible, and he'd do it all blindfolded. I suppose there are a lot of things I should be amazed about.'

As she was staring at his blindfolds, she remembered a saying her husband often told her:

'Hate is the greatest motivator for success.'

She started to become remorseful.

'I want him to grow strong, but I don't want him to hate me,' she thought.

To distract herself from feeling this way, she started talking to him.

"You weren't like this last year, the Black Paradise sect must've really changed you."

"You noticed?" He smiled handsomely.

Xiao Fang realized it too, but the Black Paradise sect wasn't the cause, it was the Dual Cultivation method that changed him. By comprehending it's method, it taught him how to see and appreciate the beautiful things in life.

"You know, grandfather often said that if you're depressed that means you're living in the past. You can only be at peace when you're living in the present."

"Xiao Fang, I always think about what I did to you back then. Can't you forgive me?"

Xiao Fang lightly sighed through his nose. "You can't take back an arrow after it's been shot. Certainly not with words."

"Then, what do I do?"

"Be sincere."

"What do you mean by that?"

"All you can do is wait for an opportunity to present itself, an opportunity for you to show your sincerity. Till then you can only wait."

Although he hinted at something, she didn't catch it. She wanted to say that she'd do anything, but he stopped her then turned her attention back to his sketches.

"Enough about that, what do you think about my ideas?"

"It looks great."

"I wrote a few notes on the side in case you needed help to explain what I drew."

"You've done more than enough. This should keep them busy for another week."

Xiao Fang took his hands off her shoulder, which she understood meant that he'd be leaving now.

She began to panic.

"Xiao Fang, is there somewhere you need to be? We finished a lot earlier than I was expecting, so I have a lot of time on my hands. Do you think we can spend some time together?"

Xiao Fang was surprised by her request, but he knew an opportunity when he saw one.

"Now that you mentioned it, maybe there is something Grandmother can help me with."

Her eyes widened a bit because she wasn't expecting him to accept her request. However, there was something wrong about his words that made her feel a bit hesitant.

"Sure, anything."

"As you know, I've been learning the art of massaging. Would you like to help me practice it?"

She was a bit taken aback from his words. She thought he wanted to train with the sword, but if she really knew Xiao Fang, then she would've know that would been the last thing he wanted to do with her.

"You want to massage me?"

"It seems that makes you uncomfortable. In that case I'm a bit busy, so I'll see you tomorrow."

"Ah no, wait. I'd be happy to help you practice."

"Alright, please lie down on the bed."

She did as he asked, and laid faced down on her bed with her head resting on her hands. He then carefully remove the top half of her robes to expose her smooth, slender back.

She was glad that he didn't go any further because she wouldn't have agreed to take everything off. However in the next moment she felt him sitting on her thighs just below her butt. It was a bit awkward at first, but she quickly got used to it.

His oily hands started from her lower back then slowly slid up towards her shoulders. With a single movement he had already oiled up her entire back and from there the massage began.




Xiao Fang spent the next few hours massaging her neck, shoulders, arms, back, and eventually even her feet and calves too. Despite how comfortable she seemed, he wasn't able to send any of his thoughts through to her, till he eventually did.

Xiao Fang's hands were on her waist and trailing up her sides making her feel like she was melting into her bed from comfort. When his hands were just under her armpits, it happened.

He knew it worked because her arms jerked out of reflex.

Meanwhile in his grandmother's mind, she just imagined that Xiao Fang had slid his hands down from below her armpits to the sides of her breasts. However, the moment she opened her eyes, she realized it was just her imagination.

"Grandmother, are you alright," Xiao Fang asked with a curious tone.

"Ah it's nothing, I'm fine. The elders should be on their way to the Patriarch's Hall soon, so I should get going."

"Mn, I need to go as well. I'll see you tomorrow," Xiao Fang said before he left.

Although he didn't get as far as he'd like, he still made significant progress from where he started, so he was satisfied.

Meanwhile, back in his grandmother's room, she kept thinking about the massage and how it made her feel. She hadn't felt that relaxed in decades, so of course she enjoyed it. However, everytime she thought back to it, she also thought about him touching her forbidden area.

"Ouf, why am I imagining such things. Besides, he wouldn't like them compared to those younger girls, right? Ahhh stop thinking about it already." She argued with herself.

It was a very strange day for her, but despite how weird it all was, she couldn't help feeling excited to do it again.


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