Naked Sword Art
78 New Family
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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78 New Family

In the royal court, the council of grand elders chatted amongst themselves as they were exiting the grand hall.

Standing outside was Xiao Fang's father, Xiao Jianhong. He looked around trying to find someone till that person finally came out. It was his Xiao Fang's grandfather, Xiao Kong.




"Father, what did you discuss in there?" Xiao Jianhong asked.

"You know I can't tell you that. All you need to know is that I'll be gone for awhile, I'm sure you know what that means for our sect. The other powers will try to scare you, but you mustn't show them any weakness."

"I understand."

"Have you been eating the beast meats I've been sending you?"

"I have, but the more I eat the less effective they become and I still have some ways to go before I make a breakthrough to the Heavenly realm. If a grandelder decides to attack I fear that I will be helpless against him"

"I know, I've made many enemies in the past, but you shouldn't worry too much about them. Your mother will be there to help you, I also made an alliance with the Chaos sect, but if all else fails you still have that boy. No one will attack us as long as he's there."

"Hu Ning is only there for our 'Divine Sword' technique. Once he comprehends its texts he will certainly leave."

"I'm aware. We can only hope he doesn't learn it anytime soon."

Hu Ning has been a core court disciple for more than 3 years, and each month a core court disciple is given 1 day to comprehend its texts. It's only a matter of time till he's able to fully comprehend the 'Divine Sword' technique.

"Ah, right. There's one more thing I want to tell you."

"What is it?"

"In terms of our of alliance with the Chaos sect, your wife, Su Xiulan, and your daughter, Xiao Jing, will be returning to the sect with you."

Xiao Jianhong hadn't seen his wife and daughter for nearly 15 years. However, Xiao Jianhong wasn't so naive to believe in miracles.

"And in return, what have they asked for?" he asked his father with a grim expression.

"They know you have a bastard son. They want you to disown Xiao Fang and give them his mother, Yu An."

"Disown Xiao Fang? Have you lost your mind?"

"If you want Xiao Fang to grow you must let him go."

"I HAVE let him go, he left the sect to find his own path."

"That is not enough. You must break him if you want him to become stronger."

"What about giving them Yu An. You can't expect me to believe that. If so then what was the point of keeping her a prisoner for all this time."

"She has already served her purpose. I kept her alive for Xiao Fang's benefit, but now she is even more valuable to him dead than alive."

"Hold on. Dead!?"

"The Chaos sect never said they wanted her alive."

"You crazy bastard!"

In a fit of rage, Xiao Jianhong grabbed the hilt of his sword then began to pull it out, but Xiao Kong reacted fast enough to stop his hand and pushed his sword back into its scabbard.

"Be mindful of where you are."

The elder's around them looked in their direction. Wielding a weapon is illegal and punishable by death in the royal court.

Xiao Jianhong realized how close he was to losing his life and it sent a chill down his back. However, it didn't cool his temper one bit, he was still furious.

"You... you're too heartless."

"Must feel bad to feel, doesn't it? Maybe you should learn to let go of those feelings and become 'heartless' like me, or else you're emotions will get you killed, like it almost did today."

"I don't care. If anything happens to her-!"

"Lower your voice, and spare me the sentimental talk. You're not a child anymore. You think I don't know that you haven't been spending time with her like you used to, that can only mean that your feelings for her have already fadded."

"Still, you can't do this. She is the mother of my only son. Didn't you teach me that a man must protect his family, but now you want me to disown my son and kill his mother?"

"You can always make more sons and have more wives, but this opportunity will only come once in a life time. If not for the sect, then do it for Xiao Fang's future. One day you will understand."

Xiao Jianhong was trembling in rage and he couldn't take his hand off the hilt of his sword. He didn't want to understand because he didn't want to be a monster like his father. Isn't this the kind of villain that should be slayed by his righteous sword.

"Calm down, son. Don't make a scene."

"This time you've crossed a line. Taking Xiao Fang's eyes was one thing, but now this... Xiao Fang will never forgivable you."

"Good, let him hate me. The greatest motivator for success is revenge. Why do you think he picked up a sword only a year after I took his eyes. Why do you think he remembers everything I tell him as if he's studying me. He always wanted to kill me, that's why he is becoming stronger. If he one day becomes strong enough to kill me wouldn't that mean that I was right?"

"No matter what, I can't kill Yu An, and I won't let anything happen to her."

"Don't worry, you won't have to. Your grandmother should have already recieved my letter. Yu An will be dead before you get there."

"No...", he said with a defeated expression.

"As the people from the Chaos sect like to say, 'You can break my bones, but they will only grow back stronger'. If you want me to lecture you on this it will have to wait. Chin up, your new family has arrived."

His heart bled for his bastard son, Xiao Fang, and his forbidden lover, Yu An, so he vowed to one day avenge them no matter what.

Xiao Kong looked at his son with a discerning eye and knew exactly what he was thinking.

'Too predictable.' Xiao Kong thought as he sighed.

Everything was going exactly as he planned, because people's emotions made them easy to manipulate. No matter what, he wasn't going to fail with Xiao Fang as he did with his son, Xiao Jianhong.

Xiao Jianhong wanted to mourn the death of his childhood lover, but now was not the time for that. As difficult as it was, he composed himself and wore a fake but convincing half smile as he waited to meet his wife and daughter for the first time in nearly 15 years.

Although they were his new family, they were already feeling more like his enemies.




In the Divine Sword sect, Xiao Fang's grandmother, Wu Yue, read her husband's message scroll with trembling hands. She was unable to believe what he was asking her to do.

Xiao Fang was finally starting to open up to her. They've talked more in the past 2 days then they have in the past 10 years. If she did this, wouldn't he never be able to forgive her? All she wanted to be was a loving grandmother to her grandchildren, she didn't want them to hate her.

'There must be another way.'

She finally left her quarters and discreetly entered Yu An house. When Yu An was alone Wu Yue took her somewhere private.

"Yu An, there's something I need to tell you."


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