Naked Sword Art
77 Li Lian“s Hot Welcome Home 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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77 Li Lian“s Hot Welcome Home 18+


(Optional Chapter, so whether you read it or not it won't tremendously affect the story line. This is just some smut for the men of culture out there)




"That's my girl," he whispered behind her ear before kissing her neck.

He pulled his cultivation stick out and tucked it in between her buttcheeks, while burying his face in her fragrant hair.

"I knew you were awake," she smiled.

He had one hand massaging her twin mountains, while his other hand caressed her sensitive lower lips, quickly making it salivate.

Her body was hot, her breathing was unsteady, and her face was red.

Xiao Fang turned her body around so he could tease her twin mountains and grabbed her lower cheeks.

"Mymm~" she finally moaned.

She reached down and started stroking his dragon, but could hardly focus with everything Xiao Fang was doing.

He eventually kissed her tender body as he moved down her stomach, taking his time when he reached her pubic region.

"Fang," she said with that erotic look in her eye.

She was teased enough. He finally licked her pussy lips once then twice, both times making her body feel like it was jolted by lightning. He then stuck his tongue inside of her and started eating her out.

"Ahha~!" She screamed in pleasure.

The way he moved his tongue made her feel amazing.

After a few minutes, her body flexed and she pushed his head down as she quickly approach an orgasm.


Finally, her waters began to pour, and he quickly absorbed her qi.

She quickly got on top of him then guided his dragon into her wet cave. Feeling his dick sliding in and spreading her slippery inner walls made her gasp, but she tried to be strong and gave him a look he knew all too well.

Seeing that look on her face, he placed his hands behind his head and enjoyed the show.

Her beautiful hands pressed down on his muscular chest as she bounced up and down. The thing that surprised him was how hot she was inside, he felt like his dick was melting, but it in a good way.

Each time her butt squished against his crotch she huffed an erotic breath and her tits bounced beautifully. Xiao Fang was really enjoying it.

'It feels even better than I remember,' she thought as her hips moved.

As her fingers stretched, feeling more of his muscular body, her pace quickened.

"Fang, let's do it together."

"Ahha~ I'm cumming~"

In the next moment, she fell on top of him with her breasts pressed against his rock hard chest. Suddenly, she stopped thrusting and her legs began to shake.

Her hot pussy tightened, her lower body jerked, and her waters began to pour. She was climaxing.

Xiao Fang finally moved his hands from behind his head to grab her ass. He thrusted one more time then released his warm milk.


She felt him shoot his hot stuff into her, making her body squirm one last time. He slid his hand from her butt to her back to help her relax.

Xiao Fang eventually sat up.

"I missed this," he said before kissing her deeply.

She was still climaxing, so she couldn't kiss him properly, but it was all the same to him, he just played with her tongue inside of her warm wet mouth. Only when her climax was over, did their lips finally separate.

He eventually put her down on her back then started thrusting into her in that missionary position.

Her long sexy legs were on the side, flimsly moving through the air as he thrusted deeply into her hot narrow cave.

Their lower bodies made sticky noises as they began to sweat, and he squeeze her sweaty breasts as he teased their peaks.

"Is that all you got," she said trying to put on a tough act, but from the way she sounded she knew she had failed miserably.

She was quickly approached another orgasm. Xiao Fang put his hand around her neck and choked her lightly as his other hand rubbed her pink pearl.

"Ahk, Xiao Fang, harder."


Being pounded by his long hard dick now felt completely different . This wasn't just a simple cultivation session, it was a show of strength. Only Xiao Fang could make her feel this way, she was being completely dominated and pushed into submission.

She held onto his muscular arm that choked her and stuck her tongue out erotically.

"Yes yes yes I'm almost there~", she said in ecstacy.

'I can't hold on. I feel like I'm losing my mind,' she thought, but his dual cultivation qi still made her want more.

"Ah~ more, don't stop, ah- mmm!", she was silenced when his tongue entered her mouth and started kissing her.

Suddenly, she felt his naked sword pierce into her womb. Her whole body jerked, but he didn't stop fucking her deep and brutally.

She was slowly blacking out from being choked, but she also felt like she was going to blow. She began to heat up even more as he pounded her hot wet pussy even harder.


Suddenly, her legs began to shake, he then pulled her in by the waist.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

She became tight, stiff, and mute as her waters began to spray. She was thrusted into heaven.

Eventually, Xiao Fang's throbbing penis final released his hot qi into her quivering pussy, making her recover from that transcendent-like state.

Because Xiao Fang was using his dual cultivation qi, she didn't feel any pain from his size, only pleasure and the unquenching desire for more.

Without giving her any time to relax, he immediately carried her off the bed then stuck his dick into her closed 2nd hole.

"Ah! Xiao Fang Wait. Ahhh~"

It was too late, he had already completely thrusted his large pulsating dick into her tight asshole. He started thrusting even as her hole gripped him.

"Li Lian, your ass is so hot and tight."

Not only that, Xiao Fang was feeling so good because unlike her pussy, he could also fit his entire dick inside of her ass without worrying about hurting her.

'Don't say embarrassing things,' she wanted to tell him, but from the way she shyly looked at him he already knew what she was thinking.

With her legs being carried, he tightly squeezed her ass cheeks as he smacked her lower body against his thighs at an increased pace.

[ Naked Sword Clapping Thunder ]

Eventually her pussy began to leak and make a small puddle under them as he was beating up her walls. A few minutes later she could feel his cum filling her ass, but his qi made her hungry for more.

"Lian'er, tell me want you want," he said as he rubbed his drenched dick along her sensitive pink slit.

"I want your dick inside me. I want you to fuck me, Xiao Fang," she replied before kissing him.

Worried that wasn't enough, she started squishing and rubbing her erect nipples against his chest like a cock hungry slut. She was practically begging for it.

'Consider this as punishment for causing trouble in the sect,' he thought.

He knew tomorrow when she woke up and had a clear mind she would certainly be upset that he pushed her to this state. Being as tough as she was, she didn't like it when Xiao Fang dominated her like this.




Because Xiao Fang was using his Dual Cultication qi, no matter many times he made her cum she would always want more. So, for the next two hours he used every technique he knew on her until her pussy finally went dry.

When they were done, his cum and qi were oozing out of her holes as she slept peacefully.

"Goodnight, Lian'er," he whispered.

Xiao Fang knew after a session like that, she'd probably have a good dream about him. So he tucked her in, blew out the candles, then left.

Despite how peaceful she looked now, he knew she woke up she'd come for his neck. Thinking about it made him want to avoid her for all of tomorrow.

He visited Chun Hua next, but she was already asleep so he left her room to cultivate with his mother for the rest of the night.




Xiao Fang approached his Yu An's bed, but when she saw him she smirked then removed the blanket that covered her beautiful naked body.

She rolled to her stomach then he climbed on top of her. He spread her ass cheeks apart then rubbed his dick that was drenched with Li Lian's pussy juice against her closed pussy lips.

When he finally pushed it in he nearly moaned. He put his hands on her hips till he had thrusted it all the way in, then hugged her as he squeezed her large tits. Every thrust he could feel her wonderful ass squishing against his groin, and the head of his sensitive throbbing dick rubbing against her squishy interior. Her body was soft inside and out.

Although the more Xiao Fang cultivated with a person the less effective their qi became, he still enjoyed accompanying her in bed because she made him feel so good.

"Xiao Fang, as you know, I've spent a lot of time with Chun Hua and got to know a bit about Xun Wei too, they seem like they'd make good concubines for you. I haven't properly talked to Li Lian yet, but I can already tell that she's different from the other two."

Xiao Fang slowed his pace so he could talk to her.

"Mn, she's different. Some girls like to play hard to get, but Li Lian is just hard to get."

His mother sighed.

"Men, always wanting what they can't have."

"Truth is, I think about her a lot. Even when I close my eyes she is there. I never told you this, but Li Lian was the first thing I saw when I opened my new eyes. Now I can't seem to get her out of my mind."

"Well you're going to need my approval first if you want to marry her, so you better wait for me."

"Mn, I will."

She turned her head to face him, but she didn't say anything. She just stared at him as if she was waiting for him to say something.

"Then, shall we get back to cultivating?" He said as he rubbed his dick against her tighter hole.

She closed her eyes, opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out just a bit. Seeing that, Xiao Fang accepted her invitation and stuck his tongue in her mouth as he kissed her beautiful lips. In the same instance, his dick slid into her taboo hole, marking the start of a long night of dual cultivation.


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