Naked Sword Art
76 Massage
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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76 Massage

In Xiao Fang's grandmother's quarters, Xiao Fang was brewing tea as his grandmother was reading through a few scrolls. From time to time, she would curiously look up to see how he was doing.

'He's pretty good,' she thought.

She didn't think he would make the tea himself, she just assumed he would get a female disciple to do it.

As he gracefully stirred the pot, the flowery aroma slowly permeated the room, already making his grandmother feel a bit more relaxed.

He eventually poured the tea into two golden teacups, giving one to her and leaving one for himself.

"I'm impressed. Not many men know how to brew tea like you. Aren't you afraid what people might think if they knew?"

"Should I? As grandfather used to say, 'Care about what people think and you'll always be their prisoner'."

"Ho ho, even when he's not around he's still lecturing me. Don't think you can change your grandmother's mind so easily. There are certain things only women should do, just as there are certain things only a men should do."

Xiao Fang laughed.

"Grandmother, surely you don't believe that. If you did, then someone as beautiful as you would never have become a swordsman," he said before taking a sip of his tea.

She smiled at his words, because he managed to compliment her while pointing out her hypocrisy.

"Calling you're grandmother beautiful, I must be lucky to have a grandson like you."

She took a sip of her tea then nodded as she put it down.

"Very good."

"I'm glad you enjoy it. With grandmother's permission, I'd like to do something else for you."

"Oh? There's more?"

Xiao Fang walked behind her then lightly massage her neck and shoulders over her clothes.

"First tea then a massage. I suppose I should be telling people that I have 2 granddaughters from now on." She joked.

Xiao Fang stopped massaging her.

"Perhaps you'd like the taste of my sword instead," he smiled mysteriously.

"Ah, don't stop. I was only joking," she said, urging him to continue the massage.

He started massaging her shoulders again.

"We have a lot to do, so let's get started." Xiao Fang said.

She took another sip of her tea, then replied,

"Mn, let's begin."




Xiao Fang and his grandmother spent the next few hours jotting down ideas.

When it was dark, his grandmother left to meet the Elders and Xiao Fang went home.

He was only able to massage her neck and shoulders through her robes that day, but his mother warned him to be patient, so he didn't want to push it.

On the way home, Xiao Fang was approached by a tall man carrying a woman over his shoulder.

"Hu Ning, you look well. I take it that you were able to resolve the matter without any problems."

"I'd be lying if I said it was easy. She's quite the fighter," he replied.

"Despite that, you were still able to bring her to me in one piece, for that I'm grateful."

"No need to be grateful. It was my pleasure to be of assistance."



"Hu Ning... you don't need to be dismissed by me to leave. Could it be that there's something else you'd like to say?"

"Li Lian declared that anyone that could leave a scratch on her would be personally rewarded by you. There is something I want."

"She-", Xiao Fang felt like vomiting blood.

"Ah, it appears that you didn't know about it," Hu Ning could tell from his reaction.

"I didn't... Could this wait? There's somewhere I need to be. How about I meet you outside of your residence tomorrow morning?"

"Thank you, Xiao Fang, I'll see you tomorrow morning then," he bowed then left.

Xiao Fang frowned. He made an excuse because he didn't want to grant a favour to someone who might be from a rivalling sect. He needed to speak to Li Lian first to confirm his identity.




Later that night.

Li Lian slowly woke up and found herself laying next to a sleeping Xiao Fang.

Her eyes brightened up. They've been apart for more than 2 months, but it felt like an eternity to her. She didn't want to wake him up, but she could resist the urge to shake him a little to see if he was really asleep. Though she didn't shake him hard, it was still enough to wake him up.

"Ah, sorry, Xiao Fang. I didn't mean to wake you," she whispered.

Seeing that it was Li Lian, he rolled to his side to face her.

"Don't worry, I was only half asleep," he smiled lightly.

Convinced by his words, she stopped being apologetic and smiled brightly.

"Xiao Fang, did you miss me?" She said as she moved closer to him.

Xiao Fang tapped her once on the forehead.

"Aiyo, what are you smiling about. First day back and people are already calling you a demon."

"Hehehe, at least I'm your little demon." She looked at him cutely with her green emerald eyes. How could he be mad at her when she's acting this way.

"Alright, this time I'll let you off with a warning. Just don't make a scene like that in the future."

"Mn, I won't," she said.

She moved closer to him. First laying her warm gentle hands on his body then burying her face into his chest.

Li Lian wasn't the cute type, that's why it was strange to see her acting this way.

'It seems she really missed me,' he thought.

"You know, I just wanted to get your attention, but instead of coming yourself you sent a core court disciple after me. Was it because you didn't think you can take me on yourself?"

Xiao Fang's eye twitch from her clear provocation.

"I was bit busy. I promise next time I'll welcome you home properly," Xiao Fang said as he gave her a playful look to let her know that he wouldn't back down from a fight.

"Oh yeah?" She replied playfully.

They wrestled a bit while under the sheets. They undressed and touched each other inappropriately, till Xiao Fang was able to restrain her arms as his free hand fondled her beautiful breasts. He eventually reached down and began caressing her shy pink slit. Just as sexual tensions were getting high, Xiao Fang suddenly remember something.

"Oh right. Speaking about the core court disciple. Did he do anything strange to you?"


"I meant in terms of cultivation, did he suppress you besides using his sword?"

Li Lian thought back to the fight.

'Ah, I got a little too carried away,' she thought as she recalled what happened.

She didn't tell Xiao Fang the details of the fight because she still planned to fight against him, but there was something she remembered that perplexed her at the time.

"Ah, that's right. He did do something strange! I don't know how he did it, but he was able to make me fall to my hands and knees. I couldn't even look up at him. It was as if I was standing under a waterfall, a heavy waterfall of qi," she explained as best as she could.

Xiao Fang only had to think for a moment before he knew what it was.

'Oppressive Might,' Xiao Fang thought in shock.

Though he never seen it before, he once heard about it from his grandfather.

'If Hu Ning has the ability to use oppressive might that means he's already brokenthrough to the Heavens realm,' Xiao Fang thought.

He couldn't think of any sect that could produce a Heavenly realm cultivator as young as Hu Ning, certainly not from any of the rivalled sects.

As Xiao Fang thought about what that could mean, Li Lian interrupted his thoughts.

"Where is Xun Wei and Chun Hua? I didn't get to see them yet."

"Xun Wei is out training with a friend of mine. She won't be back for a few day. As for Chun Hua, I asked her to leave the two of us together tonight," he said as his hand slowly slid up her thigh till he was lightly squeezing her round ass.

"I thought a lot about you, you know," he said.

"So, Xun Wei is out with your 'friend', huh."

The cute voice she had been using till now suddenly dissapeared as if it never really existed. She now sounded more like the real Li Lian as he felt her temperature slowly rise.

'...Fuck, why did I say it like that. Idiot!' Xiao Fang insulted himself before saying,

"Haha. On second thought, I'm feeling really tired. Let's continue this wonderful conversation tomorrow. Goodnight Lian'er."

"You-", she looked at him with her squinting fiery red eyes, but before she could say anything he was already fake snoring.

'Hmph, how could you be so shameless,' she thought.

Li Lian was prepared to blow the roof off the place, but then stopped herself. He already had to endure enough because of her, she didn't want to be a burden for him anymore.

During those 2 months of isolation, she had a lot of time to think about her relationship with Xiao Fang. She wanted to be happy like Xun Wei, but for that to happen she had to find it within herself to accept him for what he was, a dual cultivator.

Instead of attacking him, she released her spirit aura to cover the both of them as they slept.

Xiao Fang felt a familiar relaxing warmth engulfing his entire body.

He kissed her once on the forehead and thought.

'It seems my Lian'er has changed.'

She turn her body till she was facing in the opposite direction, then tucked his indecency between her sexy dumplings.

Xiao Fang smirked.

"That's my girl."


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