Naked Sword Art
74 Decorating The Sec
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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74 Decorating The Sec

Xiao Fang entered the Patriarch's Court Hall expecting to find his grandmother and the elders there, but it was completely empty.

'Maybe they ended early,' he thought.

With long furious strides, he quickly made it to her private quarters.

Before knocking on her door, he unclenched his fist, loosened his tensed posture, and took a deep breath in to clear his mind. He then announced his name and waited for her reply, but it never came. Xiao Fang wasn't feeling especially patient that day, so he eventually invited himself in.

Inside, he saw his grandmother sitting on a 2 by 4 gold cushion, and infront of her was a map of the entire Divine Sword sect. She was so focused on the map that she didn't pay any attention to Xiao Fang at all.


"Barging in here without permission, it better be important," she replied without sparing him a glance.

Xiao Fang paused. What was he supposed to say?

'Don't punish Xun Wei'?

Who's to say that she wouldn't immediately carry out the punishment once she got the hint that Xun Wei had broken one of her rules. If he brought it up he could end up implicating her, so Xiao Fang decided to not say anything about it.

"I'm a bit busy right now, how about we talk some other time?"

"What are you doing?"

"Someone special will be coming to the sect in a few weeks, so I'm redecorating the sect before they do."

"Is it grandfather?"

"Ha! Do you really think I'd do all of this for that old man. No, your father is bringing his wife and daughter to the sect."

Surprised, Xiao Fang asked, "I have a half-sister?"

"Your father never told you? She should be about your age, maybe a year older."

"I can't wait to meet her."

"Right... There are many - interesting - rumors about you in this sect, Xiao Fang. Should I be worried about leaving you two together, right? I assume even you have your boundaries."

"I wouldn't even dream of it," he smiled innocently.

They both laughed it off, but Xiao Fang had other thoughts.

'You think too highly of me, grandmother. I'd even cultivate with you if you'd let me,' he thought.

Although Xiao Fang smiled charmingly on the outside, he looked forward to the day that his grandmother was under him and submitting to the powerful thrusts of his naked sword.

He amused himself at the thought of fucking her infront of his grandfather and making her scream his name. He imagined elevating one of her legs and hugging it against his rock hard body as he pushed his dick in and out of her wet gilf pussy. He even began to wonder what she'd sound like with his dick brutally fucking her in the ass. Would she be embarrassed? Would she beg for more? The more he thought about it the more he wanted it.

His grandmother's voice suddenly snapped him out of his fantasy.

"Do you know why I never liked this sect? It's because it's so dull and boring. No beautiful scenery, no tourist attractions, no drama, just people cultivating all day. It's no place for a woman to live." She sighed, "There's just too much to do in so little time."

"In the Black Paradise sect there are plenty of tourist attractions and beautiful sceneries. If you'd like, I could help give you some ideas."

"Oh, you'd do that? It's unlike you to help me with something."

"Well, there's something I'd like in return."

"Alright, say it. What do you want?"

"I'll tell you when the time comes," he replied mysteriously.

His Grandmother looked at him strangely as if she was trying to figure out what he was thinking. If she knew what he wanted then she wouldn't have wasted so much time trying to find so many precious gifts to give him every year.

"Very well. If you help me this time I'll give you what you want, it should go without say that I won't agree to do anything embarrassing or dishonorable."

"Of course. You can rest assured that my request is harmless."

Xiao Fang then turned to leave.

"Where are you going?"

"They say stress can add 10 years to your age, so I'd like to make some tea to help you relax."




Although she was over 90 years old, due to her extremely high body cultivation she only looked like she was in her mid 40s. Her hair was as white as snow, her body was as fit as an athlete's, and her eyes were as blue as the sky.

From her posture to the way she spoke, everything about her gave off the impression that she was an elder, but from her appearance alone, she seemed as young as a mother after her first child.




"I didn't know you knew how to brew tea. Very well, but dont take long. We only have a few hours till I have meet with the elders again."

Xiao Fang nodded then left.




Back at his house, Xiao Fang talked to his mother about seducing his grandmother.

"Is it really worth the risk? If you're caught she will cripple you."

"I understand the risks and I don't intend to overstep my bounds. I only wish to make her more comfortable around me."

"I don't have an aphrodisiac strong enough to bring your grandmother's defenses down, but there may be a way to do just that. Only... she may not agree to it," Yu An said.


"Wait here."

Yu An looked through her drawers till she found a small vial of oil.

"With this."

"Body oil?"

"Not just any body oil. It's something I came up with back when I was a disciple of the Black Paradise sect."

Although Dual Cultivators weren't allowed to leave the province, Yu An was quite the rebel. This is how Xiao Fang knew where to find the dual cultivation technique 'Naked Sword Piercing Horn'.

"Once you apply this oil to her body, any physical contact you make with her will allow you to implant false fantasies into her head," Yu An explained.

"There's really such a thing?" Xiao Fang was extremely skeptical because it sounded way too good to be true.

"There's a condition. Only after she has reached a certain level of relaxation will her mind become open for manipulation. This means any kind of discomfort she feels, rather from the massage or your transmitted thoughts, will sever the mental connection you have with her."

"I see. So, she could just sever the connection whenever she ffeels like it."

"Right, but at least she won't suspect that it's you of anything."

"This all sounds a little too good to be true."

"Lie down and I'll show you."




After a quick demonstration Xiao Fang was amazed. The fantasies seemed so real, and it felt like it was his own imagination at work not hers.

"Remember, this isn't an aphrodisiac. You must be patient with her."

Yu An finally put the small bottle of body oil into his hands.

"Thanks for the help, I'll see you tonight."

Just as he turned to leave, he heard Xiao Hei soundlessly sneaking up on him.

"Fang~," Xiao Hei said joyfully as she jumped towards him, but Xiao Fang reacted in time to catch her in the air.

Seeing her so full of energy made him smile.

"I'm going to be busy for the next few days. Don't cause too many problems for Yu An while I'm gone, okay?" He said after putting her down and patting her on the head.

"Okay," she replied obediently.

Xiao Fang put his blindfolds back on, then left the house with everything he needed.


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