Naked Sword Art
9 Chun Hua
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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9 Chun Hua


In the back of the bookstore, Xiao Fang was preparing to devour his meal. His long awaited morning wood was finally going to eat its breakfast.

"Wait, tell me your name", she asked

"Xiao Fang", he replied casually.

"Xiao Fang, my name is Chun Hua, I don't want you to see me naked. That would be too embarrassing. Please blow out the candles before you start." She spoke in a tone that hinted seniority. However, she was alone with Xiao Fang now. In terms of dual cultivation, he was now her senior.

"There is no need", he ripped the entire sleeve off his robe then wrapped it around his eyes. She stared at his arm that looked much stronger than she imagined and it made her heart beat faster.

"Is there anything else", he asked.

She couldn't speak, her heart was beating like thunder. "It's really going to happen. I can't believe, it's really going to happen", she thought excitedly.

"In that case..."

His robes dropped and her eyes nearly fell out of her head. She already began touching herself just from seeing his exaggerated figure. He looked like a dual cultivating god. He was more dreamy that any of the men she fantasized about in the countless romantic novels she read in the past. He was a true demon amongst men. She sat on her bed rubbing her lower lips harder and harder the closer he got. She completely forgot what the whole point of this was.

When she saw his little brother dangling side to side she finaly couldn't resist herself and immediately fell on her knees the same way the women in her romantic novels always did. She prepared herself mentally before she devoured his sleeping dragon. She held it in her hand directing it into her mouth. Rubbing herself more vigorously than ever before. The moment she felt it on her tongue, was the exact moment she felt her two fingers slip into her hot sensitive little hole.

"MmmmmmMmmMm", she moaned with his dragon still in her mouth.

She began coiling her tongue around it, sucking as if it were a warm popsicle. His still limp dragon entered deep into her throat. This is something shes only dreamed about doing. Her face pressed on to his pubic region and rubbed against it, trying to make it go deeper.

Xiao Fang couldn't resist putting his hand on the back of her head. He eventually couldn't hold it back anymore and began thrusting his dragon into her throat. Frankly, this was his first time he was doing something like this, and it felt amazing. Despite having his blindfolds on he could still clearly see the shameless expression she made as he was fucking her face pussy. The way she looked up at him with the gaze of a nymphomaniac nearly made him release his Yang Qi in her mouth, he stopped himself from doing that but considering how crazy things already got, he couldn't say the idea didn't intrigued him.

Out of curiousity, he tried to see how deep he could get it. However, as soon as his hanging dragon twitched, she immediately choked and her head yanked back. She began taking deep breaths as if she was already out of breath. His Naked Sword was drenched like never before.

"Xiao Fang, come feel how wet I am, haha".

She grabbed his hand and directed it towards her leaking bottom hole, but what she wasn't expecting was that his body didn't stop approaching her once it was close enough to reach, he kept going down till he was close enough to kiss it. Her eyes widened the closer he got, this was certainly an experience she was never going to forget for the rest of her life.

Xiao Fang kissed her pubic region making his way down to her sensitive sweet spot, but he didn't kiss it gently, he directly entered it with his tongue. She gasped and fell onto her back on the bed, feeling their combined juices trickling down and tickling her small second hole. Her hands pressed on the back of his head as his tongue tickled her most sensitive spots inside her hold. Xiao Fang squeezed and occasionally tugged on her voluptuous twin mountains.

Xiao Fang's large dragon erected into an even larger naked sword. It accidentally poked and tickled Chun Hua's foot. She immediately knew what it was, so while he was eating her out, her naked and beautiful feet began rubbing his shaft.

Xiao Fang wasn't nearly as skillful with his mouth as he was with his hands. Eventhough he was fairly confident that she was enjoying it, he decided to add his fingers into the mix.

"ahhh~ Xiao Fang!~ ahhh~~~!!!"

As she was no longer able to control her body enough to satisfy him with her feet so he threw her legs over his shoulders and she gripped his hair tightly. His tongue played with her pink pearl while his fingers directly entered and ravaged her from inside.

"Ahh!! Xiao Fang, stop, I'm cumming I'm cumming!" Seconds after his fingers came into the mix, she climaxed. Her whole body jerked, but it couldn't disrupt his rhythm. He continued to thrust his two fingers into her till her well went dry.

Xiao Fang picked up his robes then ripped his remaining sleeve off before throwing it on the ground. He used it like a towel to wipe her juices off his neck.

"Xiao Fang. *breath* Xiao Fang, that was amazing. I wished it never stopped".

"Are you satisfied?", he asked casually, as if he didn't think much of the situation at all.

She knew full well that saying yes to that question would mean he would be done. "I-" However, as soon as she opened her mouth he interrupted her

"It seems as though you aren't satisfied, in that case I will have to let you experience what a I'm truly capable of". when Xiao Fang stood up she finally saw his erect little brother. His previously large limp dragon was now an even larger Naked Sword. She nearly couldn't believe her eyes, it's so much bigger than she imagined.

His sword was dripping from the juices he gathered from her throat. Her hole was drenched in her own orgasm. When the two touched it sparked a realization in her she couldn't believe she forgot.

"Xiao Fang, I'm still pure. Please, don't be rough", she said shyly. She was now finally speaking like his junior. 

Xiao Fang was shocked, someone as desperate and sex depraved as her was actually still pure, was there such a thing in this world?

"I understand, I'll take care of you", the tight grip he had on her twin peaks loosened.

Xiao Fang slowly broke her in and she clawed at his back from every slow thrust till she could handle it. Eventually he heard her moans and his waist picked up speed.

Suddenly he felt her tight pink cave squeeze his little brother.

"A body cultivator! and she at the solid body realm too", he thought. It reminded his of this one beautiful elder he used to cultivate with back at the divine sword sect.

This session had gone on long enough, there was a perfect technique he wanted to try again and couldn't have found a more perfect person to test it on.

[ Naked Sword Charging Bull ]

She was laying on her back and Xiao Fang laid on top of her. His hands dug underneath her fat dumplings and pressed it against his Naked Sword with every thrust. This was Xiao Fang's only technique that had a backlash if not done properly. However, he now in the Solid Body realm so he was confident he could execute it without worry.

Besides Thrusting Heaven, the Charging bull technique was his furthest thrusting technique. Every thrust made her moan louder than anyone he ever cultivated with.

The bed shook violently, and it made the room seem like it was spinning. She finally couldn't hold on to him any longer. She felt her juices being stirred inside her.

"Xiao Fang, no more, no more!"

"I'm gonna blow!"

"Quick! Let's do it together!"

"ahhh~ cum inside me!~"

Seeing that she was not gonna last the full duration of the Charging Bull technique he cut it short, quickly transitioning into his final attack.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

His body shot up, and thier bodies made a 90° angle. He lifted her waist and pressed it onto his groin, making her large onion shaped cheeks hover over the bed sheets as her legs were spread wide and dangling.

His warm milk filled her deepest region, amplifying her climax many times over. This was exactly what she was waiting for. Her legs latched on to his lower half, tightly pressing him onto her. Her juices sprayed on him and she made him take it all.

As soon as his hands left her waist and landed on her massive twin mountains, his body jerked 2 more times. She was filled to the brim, she didn't want to release him scared a single drop would escape her. Each drop representing his love for her.

Xiao Fang understood how she felt. He kissed her lips.

"If even a single drop gets out I'll release some more. I still have 24 hours after all", he smiled.

Hearing that, she began to tear up. She was so happy that he couldn't see her in this pitiful state, even though he actually could. She felt so shamelessly desperate.

"Mn", she replied, trying to make it sound like she wasn't crying. Xiao Fang, seemingly from exhaustion, fell on top of her. They hugged like that for some time and she cried silently, occasionally sniffing her runny nose.

This is what she needed. This was an emotion more powerful then an orgasm, this was love. Xiao Fang hugged her tightly like that for quite some time, staying like that till her crying stopped and her tears dried up.




They went to wash themselves together. She played with his dragon in her mouth as he cleaned himself and he put his naked sword back inside her, occasionally playing with her huge mountains as she cleaned herself. It was a strange cycle of washing and fucking that they found hilarious. Bathing had never been so enjoyable.

"Xiao Fang stop~ My junior is waiting for me to get back. If you want me so badly you can always come back tomorrow", she said it so playfully that she felt like a teenaged girl again. Especially the last part, she mumbled it so softly she thought he didn't hear it.

"I will", Xiao Fang said while nibbling on her ear and with his Naked Sword still slowly, but passionately, rubbing inside of her. He held one of her legs up and had the other hand on her waist. There was no technique just the slow thrust of a passionate man, and simple words that could make any woman feel loved. For the last time her orgasmic juice dripped and his Yang Qi poured in.

"Good, I will be waiting for you", she said softly as she turned around and kissed him with both her hands on his face.

Once they finished cleaning eachother, she fetched the cultivation technique from her secret hiding place then gave it to Xiao Fang with a kiss. They both enjoyed each other's company too much. Smiling like newly weds, she hugged his arm as they exited the room. Separating once they reached the door.


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