Naked Sword Art
72 Ruthless Fiancé
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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72 Ruthless Fiancé

Several kilometers from the Divine Sword sect, there was an elegantly dressed young woman with a violently hot and volatile aura walking down a long road leading directly to the Divine Sword sect. This beautiful girl was none other than Li Lian.

Many of the Divine Sword sect disciples often looked down on spirit cultivators for being frail and weak, but the few cultivators that ran passed gave her no trouble because she was Xiao Fang's fiance.

Not too far behind her was a small group consisting of three 19-year old inner court disciples and one 28-year old core court disciple.

"Who is that girl?" asked the inner court disciple, Huang Yu.

"I can feel my body burning up when I try to see through her cultivation," said the female inner cort disciple, Yang Mi.

"I can feel it too, but she looks weak," the other inner court disciple named Zhu Chang commented disdainfully.

"Zhu Chang, you're too arrogant, why do you say every spirit cultivator you see is weak," yang Mi berated him.

"Arrogant? Fine, I am arrogant, but I have a reason to be. I've been training for nearly all my life to get to where I am, but people like her only started cultivating after the age of 18. It's only right that I look down on people like her."

Huang Yu agreed, "Zhu Chang has a point. Don't forget we're Divine Sword sect disciples, even other body cultivators in the same realm are no match for us, much less spirit cultivators."

"Of course I am right. She must be carrying a treasure or something to conceal her cultivation like that. Maybe I should go introduce myself," Zhu Chang said with a mischievous look on his face.

Before he could pursue Li Lian, the core court disciple, Hu Ning, grabbed him by the shoulder and finally spoke.

"Since when did you become a petty thief. Don't tarnish the Divine Sword sect's name," he said, giving him a stern look.

"Senior brother, she's just a spirit cultivator, can't we have a little fun?"

Zhu Chang's words made Hu Ning want to knock some sense into him. Didn't he just want to bully that innocent girl? How is that just having fun.

The younger disciples in the Divine Sword sect always looked down on spirit cultivators because they didn't experienced the world yet.

Zhu Chang was Hu Ning's junior brother, that made him his responsibility. Hu Ning knew smacking him around wouldn't change anything, so he tried to think of something profoundly wise to say to change his worldview, but when he looked at Li Lian again he suddenly realized something peculiar about her.

'Isn't that... Who would have thought I'd meet her here,' Hu Ning thought.

He finally let go of Zhu Chang's shoulder.

"Do as you wish, but as your senior brother I should warn you that you are biting off more than you can chew."

"Senior brother, you seriously underestimate me. To not even be able to defeat a spirit cultivator-", he stopped mid-sentence when he saw Hu Ning gesture for him to go.

Zhu Chang clasped his fists then quickly ran towards Li Lian.

"Senior Brother, you must be joking, how could a spirit cultivator her age be any match for Zhu Chang? He's in the 1th stage of the Divine Sword - Body Refinement realm. Even if she's in the Spirit Refinement realm she would still be no match for him."

Suddenly, Hu Ning started laughing hysterically.

"Senior Brother?"

"Do you know who her fiance is?" Hu Ning asked with a terrifying smile.

Huang Yu interjected,

"I see, Senior brother is truly wise."

Huang Yu noticed that Yang Mi was still confused, so he clearified,

"If Zhu Chang provokes someone he shouldn't, that'll teach him to be less arrogant in the future. Am I right?"

Hu Ning didn't reply, he simply continued to watch Zhu Chang approach Li Lian from a distance.

"I think I understand now, but I've never seen her before, who can her fiance be?" Yang Mi asked.

There was a stillness in the air that made Hu Ning's next words sound incredibly clear.

"..... Xiao Fang."


Yang Mi and Huang Yu's eyes both widened in horror, and without hesitation Yang Mi immediately turned in Zhu Chang's direction and yelled in warning.

"ZHU CHA-!!!"

But before she could warn him, she suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood.

Arms crossed, Hu Ning only flexed his arms and looked at her from the corner of his eyes to make her fall to her hands and knees.

Despite not being the target of Hu Ning's oppressive might, Huang Yu was still affected by it. Although he could still stand, the pressure was too great for him to move.

'How can this be! Hu Ning is only in the Solid Body realm with the Divine Sword method. How does he possess the ability to use oppressive might. He certainly certainly isn't an ordinary person,' Huang Yu thought in astonishment.

With great effort, Yang Mi was able to speak,

"Hu Ning, Zhu Chang is going to get us all killed."

Hu Ning didn't respond, he just continued to watch Zhu Chang approach Li Lian.

Although he didn't want to provoke Xiao Fang, this was a good opportunity to teach his junior disciples a lesson on arrogance. Plus, he was curious to see what Xiao Fang's fiancé was capable of.


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