Naked Sword Art
70 Eerie Pill 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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70 Eerie Pill 18+

In the middle of the night while Xiao Fang and the girls were sleeping, Xun Wei suddenly opened her eyes and quietly got out of bed. After putting on some clothes, she sneakily took something out of Xiao Fang's possessions then went outside.

Despite her efforts to be discreet, there was still someone that saw her leave.

Sitting on the porch, Xun Wei stared at the stars, deep in thought.

'I promised master that I wouldn't dual cultivate with Xiao Fang anymore, but when I'm around him that's all I can think about. As long as I don't make a breakthrough she shouldn't find out about it,' she convinced herself.

With that in mind, she finally looked down at the eerie pill in her hand with a curious but cautious stare.

Xun Wei learned a lot about pill concocting back in the Black Paradise sect, so she was hoping to learn more about the eerie pill using her own skill.

She carefully pricked it with her finger then began to examine it.

One by one, she quickly identify just about every ingredient used in the pill, till she found something strange.

"Hmm... what kind of herb can contain both a Yin and Yang energy?" she thought out loud.

"An origin root," A woman answered her question.

The voice startled Xun Wei, making her turn around whilst hiding the pill within her fist.

"The origin root is quite rare. You can only find it near the place where I grew up. Xun Wei, I didn't know you had an interest in pill concocting."

"Ah, Yu An, you're up early."

"I'm a profound realm cultivator. Sleep doesn't come as easily as it used to. What about you, are you also having trouble sleeping?"

"Mn. There's just a lot on my mind, that's all."

"Was it because of what happened earlier last night?"

Xun Wei nodded feeling a bit awkward.

"I see. I know it must be weird to see Xiao Fang and I to-" 

"No, that's not it. It's just... compared to you and the others, I feel like I'm lacking in - certain - areas."

"Oh, so that's it."

She knew what she was talking about because they spent some time trying to ease her into doing anal, but in the end she was unsuccessful. 

Yu An was prepared to give her some comforting words before she felt something nostalgic coming from whatever was in Xun Wei's hand.

"That thing in your hand, do you mind if I take a look at it?"

Xun Wei was a bit of hesitant, but she eventually agreed to let her see it. 

Yu An was usually composed in most situations, but after seeing the pill in Xun Wei's hand her eyes widened in surprise. 

"Where did you get this from?" She asked.

"On the way here from the Black Paradise sect I encountered a mysterious person that said I was fated to meet them."


"Well, after I got back to Xiao Fang, I couldn't remember what he looked like. Almost as if his appearance was completely erased from my memory."

"And... you're saying that person gave you this pill?"

"Yeah," Xun Wei nodded. 

'So, it appears that old hag was telling the truth,' Yu An thought.

Xun Wei couldn't tell what she was thinking of, but all she really cared about was the eerie looking pill in her hand.

"Yu An, could it be that you know this pill?"

"Although I've never taken it before, yes, I am familiar with it."

The excitement in Xun Wei's eyes suddenly lit up.

"What does it do?!" 

"Yesterday you were struggling in certain areas, if you take this pill it should make things a bit easier for you."

Yu An once heard that the real reason why it was such a special pill was because there was a small chance it could remove all prerequisite to breaking through to the next realms. Although she never saw it happen, she also never saw one with a grade as high as this one before. She held back on that information because she didn't want to get Xun Wei's hopes up from a rumor she once heard.

"Will there be any side effects?" Xun Wei asked. 

"There's only one, you'll experience some discomfort if you Dual Cultivate with Xiao Fang for the next few weeks, but besides that it should be safe."

Xun Wei could hardly contain her excitement, but upon remembering Xiao Fangs grave expression the first saw it, she still had her doubts.

Yu An could tell that Xun Wei was still nervous.

"Xun Wei, considering that you're only in the 9th stage of the Spirit Foundation realm it'll take some time for you to fully absorb the Origin pill. If you'd like I could stay to help you speed up the process."

"If you do that for me, I'd be extremely grateful," Xun Wei said while cupping her hands and bowing her head.

"Very well. Let's begin."




In Xiao Fang's room.

Sleeping on his back, Xiao Fang suddenly felt 2 bountiful breasts being pressed on his face. He could tell it wasn't nearly as large as Chun Hua's or Yu An's, but not nearly as small as Xiao Hei's, so he immediately assumed it was Xun Wei's. 

He groaned.

"Xun Wei, why did you wake me up. I was having such a nice dream."

"I'm not Xun Wei."

After getting a better look at her he noticed it was actually Xiao Hei, but she had grown several inches taller now (currently just under 5'0) and was growing a bit of curves too.

"Xiao Hei, you grew." 

"I always grow when you make breakthroughs, I just grow a bit more when you breakthrough to a higher realm."

Xiao Fang felt up her body as if to get familiar with it again. Though her proportions were still smaller than Xun Wei's, they were noticeably bigger than before. 

He sucked and licked her nipples as if he was trying them out for the first time.

"Mymm~ that tickles."

"I'm impressed, Xiao Hei. They feel amazing."

"That's not the only thing that changed."

She guided his fingers into her pussy.

"You want to try?" she said in a cute tone.

"I have to wake up early tomorrow. Let's do it another time," he said as he collapsed on his bed.

"Don't you want to do it with me? Only 10 minutes? 5?" She pouted. 

Even with his head buried in his pillow he could still see the pitiful expression on her face. Though he could close his eyes, he could not close his ears.

Xiao Fang simply groaned sleepily in response. Since cultivating with his 4 girls not too long ago, he was still way too tired to cultivate again.

"If you punish me, I'll be a good girl and not wake you up." 

'This little demon. Is she threatening to keep me up all night?' Xiao Fang realized.

Suddenly, he felt her squishy breasts being pressed on his back, then her small delicate hands sliding between his body and bed to stroke his long sleeping dragon, all while she licked him like a little cat, but Xiao Fang didn't budge.

"Hmph," she complained.

Her body began to emit a strange qi that was nearly transparent with a faint pink hue. It coated her body like a thin layer of skin. It was her dual cultivation spirit qi. Suddenly, Xiao Fang started to feel his libido rise.

Seeing that it was working, she began to hump his body; rubbing her little pussy on his arms, legs, and back, all while moaning as if she was being fucked by his magnificent rod.

"Xiao Fang~ Aren't you going to punish me?"

Xiao Fang was still tired, but the urge to cultivate was quickly returning to him till his dragon was as hard as stone. 

"I want make Daddy feel good."

"I told you not to call me D-"

Xiao Hei interrupted him with a kiss. Following that, their cultivation session abruptly began. 

Chun Hua woke up feeling exhausted, so she sleepily got up with her pillow in hand and went to a different room to sleep.

Meanwhile, Xiao Fang carried Xiao Hei off the bed then laid her faced down on the table with her legs dangling just inches from the floor. Xiao Fang used one hand to restrain her arms behind her back and the other to spank her cute little butt. 

"This is what a bad girl gets for waking up Daddy."

'Wait, did I just call myself Daddy? I must be even more tired than I thought.' 

He spanked her one more time a bit harder before rubbing his thick throbbing cock between her moist vaginal lips.


He slowly pushed it in, feeling her narrow inner walls spreading as his erect dragon explored deeper into her pink cave.

"Ah~ ahha~ it's going in so deep."

He slowly began to move, every thrust making her skinny little legs dangle below like chimes in the wind. 

He pounded her little pussy even as her waters began to poured. Her legs occasionally stretched in an attempt to reach the floor, but she was still too short.

"Do I make you feel good, Daddy? I'm a big girl now. I want to make you feel good like mommy."

"Just because you grew, you think you're a big girl? I'll show you what it means to be a big girl."

He spat on her closed butthole then turned her body around before forcing his fat dick in the wrong hole. Her body squirmed a bit, but he held her down by her shapely B-cup titties. 

"Mhmm!", she whined.

She struggled to cope with its size but once he started releasing his dual cultivation spirit qi the discomfort went away.

Squeezing her tits like this gave him a better feel for them.

'They feel so comfortable in my hands. Almost as if they were made for these hands to hold,' he thought in surprise.

He now looked at her in a new light, and began to push his dick in and out of her tight asshole as a mischievous light shined in his violet eyes

"Let's see if you're the big girl you say you are."

[ Naked Sword Piercing Horn ]





A few hours passed, and in all that time Xun Wei and Yu An were as still outside like sitting statues. While Xun Wei sat with her legs crossed, Yu An kneeled behind her with her hands lightly pressed on Xun Wei's back. 

Just as the sun was finally peaking over the horizon, Xun Wei had fully absorbed the pill.

Her skin glowed and her body emitted a strange purple mist. 

"So it seems the rumors were true."

In the next moment, her bright violet eyes shot open, her glowing body intensified, and the wind surrounding her blew outwards in pulsating bursts. The bursts crackled and quickly sped up till it was a steady stream of wind blowing away from her in all directions. 

When it was all over Xun Wei was sweating profusely and she was completely out of breath. She rolled onto her back and stared at the sky and passing clouds till she caught her breath.

'Did I just...'

She knew what had just happened, but she didn't want to believe it.

Despite just getting out of bed, her natural look with her bedhead hair was already way more attractive than how she looked on her good days.

Her skin was as smooth as porcelain, her short hair grew almost 4 inches longer, and her normally rough hands looked as if she had never touched a sword or any other weapon or tool in her life, she looked flawless.

'This can't be happening,' She thought in horror.

Yu An's voice suddenly snapped her out her daze. 

"Congratulations Xun Wei, you've broken through to the Dual Cultivation Spirit Refinement realm."


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