Naked Sword Art
69 Xun Wei Returns
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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69 Xun Wei Returns

2 months later:

In a mountain range a few miles north of the Divine Sword sect, there was a vibrantly beautiful young girl sitting on a mountain peak. 

As she cultivated, her body was engulfed in flames like a burning candlewick. The qi in her body overflowed her meridians and was pushing the last gate open before it finally broke. Suddenly, the energy in her dantian began to solidify and she felt a tremendous spike in her overall prowess. She finally broke through to the Spirit Core realm. 

Her jade-white skin was shimmering under the blinding sunlight and she seemed like an angel sitting on a bed of fire. She was none other than Li Lian. 

After breaking through to the next realm, Li Lian woke up from her meditative state, and a magnificent pillar of fire shot up into the sky.

From the way she was now, she was convinced that if she were to slap Xiao Fang he would no longer have to fake being hurt. Strangely enough, this brought her joy.

'Maybe now he'll take me seriously', she thought.

She smiled innocently to that thought, but if she knew how strong Xiao Fang got in the past 2 months she wouldn't have such fantasies. 




[ Xun Wei ]

\u003e 3rd stage of the Divine Sword - Body Refinement realm.

\u003e Can now use the 'Vanishing Blade' technique several times in battle without recieving a backlash.


[ Xiao Fang ]

\u003e 8th stage of the Solid Body realm 

\u003e 1st stage of the Spirit Core realm

\u003e He can now comfortably use the 'Divine Sword Cutting Air' technique, and use his eyes and echolocation at the same time.




Meanwhile, back at the Divine Sword sect, Xiao Fang was cultivating his mother's Yin qi on the grass just outside of his house.

When he brokethrough to the Spirit Core realm, his aura underwent a fundamental change, and his dual cultivation qi now coated his body like another layer of skin.

He assumed that he needed to cultivate with more women before making this jump, but he forgot just how many women he had cultivated with back in the Black Paradise sect. 




"Xiao Fang", Xiao Hei said with a surprised expression on her face.

She could feel his cultivation rising because her cultivation was connected to his, but she couldn't believe how quickly he was making those breakthroughs.

"Xiao Hei, I'll be entering your mind-space now", Xiao Fang said calmly.

Xiao Fang closed his eyes and focused on making a connection with her. Xiao Hei saw that he was struggling to make the connection so she helped him the only way she knew how. 

She leaned in for a kiss. The moment their lips contacted he saw his surroundings change. Appearing infront of him, floated the Heaven realm scroll.

He almost salivated at the thought of practicing this technique. Although he couldn't take the scroll out with him, that naturally wasn't a problem. 

He carefully read through the scroll's contents several times before leaving her mind-space to practice it.




Technique name: Ascending Immortal

Type: Movement skill

Realm: Heaven Realm

1st level: Floating Leaf, Rushing Tide 

\u003e Prerequisite: Solid Body Realm \u0026 Spirit Core Realm.

\u003e A burst of energy that allows a cultivator to accelerate and decelerate with breakneck speed.

\u003e (Practice method: ...)




The instructions on the technique were difficult to comprehend, but after some time contemplating it he finally felt ready to try it out.

'... Be as light as a leaf landing on the surface of a rushing tide...'

Although the instructions were extremely complex, these words rang out in his head.

He gave himself a running start then released his Body and Spirit qi in full throttle. 

Chun Hua was sitting on the porch when Xiao Hei, in her felion form, laid down on her lap. Chun Hua petted Xiao Hei's black fur as they watched Xiao Fang train. Ever since Yu An started sleeping in the same bed as them, she gave Chun Hua more free time to be with Xiao Fang.

"Hmm... Something seems different about him today", Chun Hua thought outloud.

Chun Hua looked down at Xiao Hei in surprise.

"Did you just-"

Eventhough it was all due to Xiao Fang's hard work, she still liked to think that Xiao Fang's accomplishments were also her own. 

Chun Hua knew about the connection between their cultivation realms so she immediately understood how she knew he made a breakthrough. After her brief moment of shock, she continued to pet Xiao Hei's black fur.

"Our Xiao Hei is very impressive", she smiled lightly in a motherly way.

Although Xiao Hei knew Chun Hua was just being nice, she still felt good from her kind words and the way she brushed her black fur. 

They suddenly heard a voice coming from beside them.


Xiao Hei jumped more than a meter in the air like a startled cat. The voice came from Xun Wei. 

Xun Wei's body cultivation realm didn't change by much, but she now exuded a much more intense presence. Like refined steel, her muscles were more defined but far more modest and feminine. She seemed as if she had lost weight, but her posture was somehow even more intimidating than before. If she looked like a child 2 months ago, she now looked like an experienced veteran just from the wrinkle in her brows, even more so from the crossing of her arms. She was now a Divine Sword - Body Refinement realm cultivator.

"Xun Wei, you're finally back. Did you train well?", Chun Hua asked without reacting to her sudden appearance.

Xun Wei gave her a hug.

"Master trains me like a dog everyday. I feel like I could die", Xun Wei complained, but it only made Chun Hua snicker.

"It has only been 2 months, don't tell me you're thinking about quitting now".

Xun Wei shook her head.

"I won't. Master just said she was going to be busy, so big sis XinYi will be continuing my training tomorrow". 

"I see. In that case I'll be rooting for you. Do your best, Xun Wei". 

"Mn, I will".

Xun Wei's master often told her stories about Xiao Fang as a kid. Even when he couldn't see, he would refuse to put down his sword. Xun Wei wanted to be just like Xiao Fang, so she didn't want to give up even if she were to go blind too. 

"Chun Hua, guess what. I was the first person amongst the new disciples to reach the Divine Sword - Body Refinement realm. They even gave me the nickname: Ghost blade", she rubbed her nose wittingly.

During their conversation, Xiao Hei hid behind Chun Hua as she gave Xun Wei an angry look. She didn't like being sneaked up on. When Xun Wei least expected it, Xiao Hei pounced on her, making her fall on her back.

"Ah! Get off me you little devil", Xun Wei said as she struggled to get Xiao Hei off of her.

"Wow is it just me or did your boobs get bigger?", Xiao Hei said as she fondled a squeezing her C cup titties. 

"It's just your imagination, now get off me".

"This is your punishment for sneaking up on me", she said convincingly. 

Truth was, she just wanted to play with her tits. Xiao Hei had small hills for breasts, so she felt good playing with everyone else's.

Xiao Hei was a whole body cultivation realm above Xun Wei so she could easily overpower her by restraining both her hands with just one of hers. She raises Xun Wei's clothes up to expose her beautifully smooth, plump white breasts. She opened and squeezed her jellies even tighter as her mouth sucked on her small pink nipples.


Xiao Fang could hardly concentrate from all the commotion. 

"Xiao Hei, stop annoying Xun Wei".

"But she started it".

Xiao Fang raised an eyebrow at her disobedience. 

"Hmph, fine. Don't think I'm done with you yet Xun Wei", she said as she climbed off of her.

Xun Wei was shocked at Xiao Hei's ability to restrain her. For the past 2 months, she was surrounded by people giving her praise for being a peerless cultivator, but how could she be peerless if she could be easily overpowered by a little girl. This reminded her to not be arrogant in the future, also to never provoke that little demon, Xiao Hei.

Xiao Fang gave Xun Wei a helping hand to stand back up.

"So, they call you Ghost blade, huh. May I ask why you were given such a name?", Xiao Fang asked. 

"I won't tell you, but if you really want to know then I can show you", Xun Wei said with a little smirk on her face.

She drew her sword.

Although Xiao Fang could see through cultivation, he wanted to see what progress she made with the sword, so he took her up on her challenge. 

Xiao Fang moved a few meters back then drew his sword as well. He didn't release his sword qi because his body cultivation already gave him a significant advantage over her. 

She made the first move.

She covered nearly 12 feet in a blink of an eye.

'Hmm, it seems she got faster', he thought. 

The moment that thought crossed his mind, she was already bringing down her sword on him.

Sparks flew, and the sound of metal on metal rang out as Xiao Fang blocked all of her attacks. He was pleased to feel more strength in her swings and that each attack was targeting his weak points.

After a few minutes on the defensive, he thought he got a good understanding of the progress she made, so he began to put her on the defensive. Without warning, he swung his sword at her when she least expected it and she dodged, but the moment he did he felt his swordsman's instincts kicked in, so he jumped back as well.

'Was I imagining it?', Xiao Fang thought.

He didn't see or hear anything, but something gave him the lurking feeling that he was going to be cut before jumping back.

He attacked her again, but each time she dodged he also felt the need to dodge as well. He didn't understand why, but he did so anyways.

Xiao Fang felt like he was being attacked by an invisible enemy. After a bit of thought, he suddenly realized something. 

She already seemed tired, but they only started their sparr a few minutes ago. That could only mean she was using a technique against him. He could both see and echolocate at the same time, so if she used a technique he should've known. Unless...

Just from the change in his expression, Xun Wei knew that he had figured it out, but she didn't think it mattered because there was no way to stop it, all he could do was dodge out of instinct, but no one's instinct are perfect, not even Xiao Fang's. 

With nothing left to hide she used her technique, she went back on the offensive. However, this time she was going in for the win.

She planned it perfectly in her head, she was going to swing her sword horizontally, but then used her technique to swing again diagonally.

Though she improved as a swordsman she did a terrible job at concealing her thoughts. 

They both dashed at each other, but Xiao Fang dodged her initial strike and went right passed her. She immediately turned around and swung her sword diagonally.

[ Vanishing Blade ]

However, the moment she used her technique she felt her sword get knocked out of her hand.

There was a stillness in the air. Chun Hua and Xiao Hei thought he swung his sword at nothing, but he actually disarmed her. Xun Wei was even more stunned, she didn't think anyone could see her sword or even arm for that matter, but he seemed to do the impossible. 

Xiao Fang finally broke the silence.

"I can see why they call you Ghost Blade. It's a fitting name for that technique, and I have to admit I'm impressed".

"How did you-".

Xiao Fang tapped her once on the forehead. 

"The your face told me everything. The moment your expression changed I knew exactly what you were thinking. In the future you should do your best to conceal your thoughts well".

She understood what he meant and engrained his teaching into her soul. Now that their sparr was over, she bowed and thanked him for giving her pointers.

Xiao Fang stopped her from bowing and raised her chin to give her a kiss. 

"You must be tired. How about I accompany you to your bed?"

"uh, Un", she nodded once shyly.

They went back inside the house, but Chun Hua stayed on the porch to enjoy the light summer breeze and the beautiful view of the mountains and sky.

Xiao Hei sat up on Chun Hua's lap as if to follow Xiao Fang as he passed, but Xiao Fang gestured for her to stay. She was giving Xun Wei trouble earlier so it'd be best to seperate them for now.

Once they were in his room, he closed the door, but the second he did, Xun Wei already began to slowly strip as she walked towards his bed. He admired her naked body and all its modest curves. When she was fully nude she slipped into his bedsheets, but not before giving him a nice view of her round ass, and shy naked slit.

"Xiao Fang, I think I need help falling asleep", she said shamelessly, she hadn't slept with him for 2 months so it was all she could think about when she saw him.

Xiao Fang's eyes shined lustfully when he heard her alluring words.

"I think I can help with that".


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