Naked Sword Art
68 3 Taboos 18+ Optional
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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68 3 Taboos 18+ Optional


2 months later:

\u003e Xiao Fang made breakthroughs to the 9th stage of the Spirit Refinement realm, and the 5th stage of the Solid Body realm.

He had been tirelessly cultivating with his mother and eating the 5th tier beast meat everyday, but he had about half of it still remaining in his spatial ring.




In the morning, Chun Hua was learning from her master as they were both tittie-fucking Xiao Fang. He laid back on his bed as their plump sweaty breasts went up and down his llarge fleshy rod. As they were doing that, Xiao Hei was bobbing her head on the tip of his naked sword, drinking his cum and qi whenever he released it.

"Mymm~", Xiao Hei whined to his tongue inside of her small pink entrance and hands tickling her feet.

He had his face dug into her crack, licking and sucking her shy little pussy as he held onto her small pearly white feet. 

Whenever he came in her mouth, Yu An would go on to the next lesson, but there wasn't too many ways to tittie-fuck him so their lesson didn't last long.

"Now that we're done with that, it's  time we have a little fun, don't you agree?", Yu An said with a lustful look in her eye.

Seeing that they were done, Xiao Fang clenched Xiao Hei's cute little asscheeks and devoured her pussy. Her lower body squirmed, but she didn't stop sucking him.

"Daddy... myhm~ milk", she tried to speak with her mouth full and sucking the head of his sensitive penis even more fiercely. 

Hhowever, just as she said that, she cocked her head back and her body ached. Her eyes were crossed, her mouth was open, and her wet little tongue stuck out erotically, but Xiao Fang was still sucking her cute pussy.


Her little toes curled, her body became tense, and her waters began to pour. She was climaxing.

Suddenly, Xiao Fang palmed the back of her small head and made her swallow his naked sword whole before releasing his thick milk deep inside of her tight throat.

Her legs became limp but she still wanted more.

"Daddy, fuck me here too", she said as she spread her small asscheeks to reveal her closed taboo hold in between.

He spun her over and kneeling on top of her faced down body. His drenched meat sloppily kissed and rubbed her 2nd hole teasingly before he held onto to her small waist.

"You're such a dirty slut, you know that?"

She shook her head as if to disagree.

"I'm daddy's dirty cumslut", she replied.

"That's right, you're mine. Daddy's coming in".

He laid down on top of her small body, squishing her beneath him as his long hard dick forced itself into her small tight asshole.

"Aahhaa~", she whined to her ass being spread from the inside, but Xiao Fang didn't care, he immediately began fucking her savagely like an animal.

"You like it when I fuck you here, dont you, you naughty girl"

"I like it, ah~ I like Daddy's dick in my ass".

Although he was squishing her beneath him, he still had a hand under her as he pinched her erect nipples and rubbed her wet little pussy.

"Xiao Fang, don't forget about us".

Chun Hua and Yu An squished the fleshy parts of their bodies against his rock hard body, but that only made Xiao Fang want to cum deep inside of Xiao Hei's even more.

"Daddy, it's too deep. My ass is going to break", she complained, but the ecstasy on her face said otherwise. She climaxed multiple times to his deep thrusting cock in her ass.

The feeling of three hot women squishing against him was difficult to describe with anything other than one word: heavenly.

Seeing that he was ignoring them, Chun Hua and Yu An looked at each other as if they needed a new plan. They both crawled over to his face and bent over as their hands were spreading their assholes for him.

The moment he saw that, he released his load deep inside of Xiao Hei's slutty hole one last time, before jumping onto his next victim. 

The moment he pulled out. A stream of hot cum began to pour out of Xiao Hei's little asshole. She couldn't move her body, but her body shivered lightly from that climax.

Chun Hua was on all 4s as she was getting fucked from behind by Xiao Fang. Yu An sat on her back as she faced towards Xiao Fang to make out with him. While Xiao Fang was thrusting, his balls were rubbing on Xiao Hei's face, so she stuck her tongue out and played with it in her mouth.

He alternately fucked both of Chun Hua's holes, but during that time he was kissing Yu An passionately and fondling her massive tits. She was addicted to the feeling of tongue on tongue, she just couldn't get enough of it.

"Xiao Fang I want to be your slut too"

Xiao Fang spat in her mouth, sucked her lips, and pinched her erect nipples, all while he was cumming inside of Chun Hua's sloppy pink tunnel repeatedly. 

Chun Hua eventually had enough and needed to rest. She finally laid down and his dick slipped out. The moment it did his warm milk also started to pour out of her holes. 

He finally moved onto nymphomaniac mother, but spent several times longer with her because she was feeding him cultivation resources through her lower body. 

The climaxed several time, but it never seemed to be enough, if they could they'd stay in that pleasurable state forever.

She used one hand to spread her buttcheeks open as if to tell him where to fuck her next.

"Xiao Fang, tell me you want it", she said.

Xiao Fang smiled from hearing those familiar words.

"I want you, Yu An. I want you".

Just as he said those words she could feel him entering her taboo hole, and immediately began thrusting. He showed her asshole no mercy as he was spreading her tight walls open unceasingly.

He filled her ass with cum and qi then pushed his dick back into her quivering milf pussy.

He used every technique he knew one after another without any pause, bringing her closer and closer to a climax.

They groped each other's sweaty bodies as Xiao Fang's pace quickened.

"Ah~ ahh~ ahhh~ Faaang~!".


In the next moment, her legs squeezed around him, her back arched, and she closed her eyes tightly to the intense orgasm she was experiencing. 

Xiao Fang's hot cum filled her womb as he hugged her sexy slippery body tightly from around the waist. His body jerked a few times, each time releasing a load of warm qi into her quivering tight pussy.

He filled her womb with cum and her dantian with yang qi. She responded by filling his dantian with yin qi. it was more than just a climax, they were experiencing their dao.

When they were done Xiao Fang pulled his sleeping dragon out of her pink cave, but their sex juices stuck and connected to their groins as if they were reluctant to part. 

Xiao Fang gently put a hand on her face and kissed her briefly, before pulling back to look at her beautiful brown eyes in a loving way. She smiled at his loving gesture before going down to suck his dragon clean. It twitched in her mouth but it couldn't get hard again. This was as far as he could go.

She finally stopped sucking his long limp dick clean then let him cultivate in peace.

They cultivated like this every morning for the past 2 months, and due to his sharp increase in body cultivation, he could dual cultivate for much longer than before. Xiao Fang had no time to think about anything else.


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