Naked Sword Art
66 Pitiful Mother
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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66 Pitiful Mother

Chun Hua looked at Xiao Fang as he wiped his mouth with a little cloth, he was acting as if nothing happened.

"Xiao Fang, you didn't drink the medicine I made for you", Chun Hua said. 

"Thanks, Chun Hua, but as you can see I'm all better now".

Chun Hua was not convinced. She thought he was just avoiding it because it didn't taste good.

"Okay, but I already made this so just drink it".

Xiao Fang's stomach twisted at the thought of drinking that bitter medicine again, but because it was Chun Hua that made it, he couldn't say no. He downed the medicine in one go and Chun Hua's expression became noticeably brighter.

"How is it, is it good?", she asked.

"Mn, it's good. Thank you, Chun Hua", he answered kindly.

She wasn't convinced with his response, because it seemed like he was avoiding her question. Seeing the disappointed look on her face, Xiao Fang got up and moved towards her.

"Since when did you stop believing my words?".

"It's just... You always say it's good".

"Hm, I see", Xiao Fang thought for a moment then took out his sword. 

"Chun Hua, take a look at my sword, what do you think of it?", Xiao Fang asked as he handed her his new sword.

"It looks like an ordinary sword. The blade is very sharp, but what sword isn't", she said as she touched the sharp edge.

"Despite how ordinary it may look, it is one of the strongest sword in this sect, but you say it is just an ordinary sword?".

Chun Hua's eyes widened in surprise as she looked back down at the seemingly ordinary sword in her hands.

"The best things in life aren't always pleasant, pleasant things aren't always the most effective. You'll find that there are times when you must sacrifice one to achieve the other", Xiao Fang lectured her.

"Ah, it's like the time you told me that I shouldn't judge a fish by it's ability to climb".

"Um, sort of. A sword is good when it can cut, just as medicine is good when it can heal. I'm stand here before you now, fully recovered, do you still think I was lying when I said it was good?".

"I see. In that case, I'm glad that I could help you recover, but I still have one question: did my medicine taste bitter?", she squinted at him as if she was pay close attention to his next words.

Xiao Fang was taken aback. He turned his head slightly and spoke in a bit of a mumbling tone,

"Y-Yeah, maybe it was just a bit", he cleared his throat as if he was trying to pass it off as being unimportant.

She pouted disappointedly. Xiao Fang could only smile bitterly. Seeing the awkward position he was in, his mother interjected.

"Chun Hua, can you give us a moment. There's something I'd like to tell Xiao Fang".

Chun Hua did as she asked and left the room first. 




"Pleasant things aren't true, true things aren't pleasant... That's what your grandfather used to say".

"He was a wise man, I learned a lot from him", Xiao Fang replied honestly, but his mother didn't seem happy by his words.

"Perhaps, but he is still our enemy. He may have spared our lives, but he continues to kill countless others like us. You mustn't forget what he made your grandmother do to your eyes. If you are kind to your enemies, then you are being cruel to yourself", she tried to lecture him.

Xiao Fang lightly shook his head.

"We all have enemies in this life, but hate makes us ignorant and partisan. That is not the way an honourable man should live... that is not a way you should either".

With nothing else to say, Xiao Fang sat on his bed crossed legged, and began to cultivate the Yin qi that she had given him.

Xiao Fang's words hit her like a ton of bricks. She knew he was referring to her relationship with his father, the Patriarch. It had always been in the back of her mind, so she had no words to reply to him. 

Earlier in their conversation, Xiao Fang heard her refer to the Patriarch as his 'father' for the first time. While Xiao Fang was in the Black Paradise sect, his father had been keeping her company during those lonely times. 

Her charm had little to no effect on him because of his overwhelming cultivation and because he could see blindfolded like Xiao Fang, so their time together was genuine. 

They talked and laughed and had a good time together, almost to the point where she even tried sleeping with him again, but he stopped her. They used to be young lovers, but now they were adults. He didn't have those feelings for her anymore and he knew she didn't either, so he treated her like a cherished friend. She was the mother of his only son after all. Although sleeping with your friends was normal in the dual cultivation sect, it was not the same in the Divine Sword sect.

He had betrayed his own sect to keep her safe, fought against his father to save her life, and to top it all off, he had given Xiao Fang the elixir like she had asked him to. And he did all of that just to apologize for what his parents had done. She didn't hate him anymore, but she didn't love him either. Since that day she had come to see him for who he really was, a good man, and a great father.

Although he was a good man, she didn't love with him anymore and she wanted Xiao Fang to know that. She was sad because she wanted to tell Xiao Fang how she really felt about him, but it didn't seem like he felt the same way.

"Xiao Fang, I-", she held her tongue. 

She didn't have the courage to confess. She felt like she might've been crazy to even think of her son like that, so she left him to cultivate. She looked back at him in a meaningful way before quietly closing the door.

Though Xiao Fang's eyes were closed, he could still see the pitiful expression on her face. 

'What am I doing', Xiao Fang sighed.

She was the most beautiful person he had ever known, so he wanted nothing more than to make her his woman. He was so focused on cultivating that he was unintentionally pushing her away. He also felt like their relationship was wrong, but he couldn't get her out of his mind. 




Several hours later, Xiao Fang had finished cultivating all the Yin qi in his system. He knew he wasn't far from another breakthrough, but he wasn't happy at all. He assumed he could forget about his mother when he cultivated, but the whole time she stayed in his mind.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't forget his mother's pitiful expression. 

'Maybe I was I too hard on her', he thought. 

Though he didn't say anything directly to her, he made her think that she shouldn't love her son, but the father of her child instead. However, was that really what he really wanted?

Xiao Fang wanted to clear his mind so he went out late in the evening to cultivate his body, but it was no use. He couldn't get her out of his mind. 

Before he could even finish his training routine, he went back to his room so that he could try to sleep it off, but he found Chun Hua waiting for him there. 

"Chun Hua, is my mother letting you sleep with me tonight?"

"Mn, she said she wanted to be alone".

Xiao Fang undressed, then crawled into the bedsheets before wraphing his arm around her. Feeling his naked body pressing against hers, she cozied up in his embrace. 

"I miss this, Xiao Fang. Once you go back to the Black Paradise sect, will you think of me?"

Xiao Fang gently raised her chin then light kissed her soft lips.

"I will miss you a lot, Hua'er... you won't be the only one".

Feeling his hand on her flat stomach she thought she knew what he meant. Though he was talking about their child, he also was talking about his mother. The woman that plagued his mind the entire day with a single look.

"You're mother told me you were a late baby. She really complained about you a lot".

Mortals usually gave birth within 9 months. However, cultivators would give birth between 1 to 2 years depending on the natural talent of the child. Xiao Fang took 2 years and 4 months to come out. 

Though it pleased his father to know that his child was going to become a genius, Xiao Fang's mother went through a lot of hardships during that time.

"Whatever happens, I know my mother will take good care of you", Xiao Fang comforted her. 

Seeing him taking her complaint seriously made her smile. 

She then turned around and tucked his indecency between her cheeks until it became hard. She then rubbed it along her naked slit till it was coated in her juices. It was clear to him that she had been masturbaiting before he came in. 

"Can't we just cuddle", Xiao Fang said jokingly as he kissed behind her ear and fondled her large gelatinous tits.

"Haha, look who's talking", she replied as she guided his long hard dick into her wet pink cave.


They had a passionate night of love making, and Little Hei eventually joined them. Kissing "mommy's" body, while getting her ass filled by "daddy" large cock. This was all very strange to the both of them, but neither of them said anything to her, she seemed to be enjoying herself too much.




In the middle of the night, while Chun Hua was asleep, Xiao Fang was still awake with a troubled expression on his face. There was someone he just couldn't stop thinking about, someone that was all alone, someone that was sad because of him. 

He suddenly sat up in his bed. He knew what he had to do, and he couldn't wait for tomorrow to do it. 

Little Hei watched him get up and approach the door. She was going to follow him, but he gestured for her to stay. This was something he needed to do alone.


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