Naked Sword Art
65 Breakfast and Head 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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65 Breakfast and Head 18+


Late in the afternoon, while Xiao Fang was cultivating, Chun Hua and her master walked in on him carrying something in their hands. Xiao Fang detected their approach.

\"Breakfast in bed?\"

Cultivators rarely needed to eat, especially body cultivators in the Solid Body realm.

\"The Patriarch... I mean you're father, left it with me to cook for you in case you came back while he was away. It took some time to prepare, but it isn't easy to cook the meat of a 5th tiered beast\", his mother said. 

'5th Tier!', Xiao Fang exclaimed in his head, but couldn't suppress the slight expression of shock appearing on his face. 

Though he knew the only way to artificially increase his body cultivation was through the consumption of tiered beasts, he only ever saw 1st and 2nd tiered beasts, but those were useless to him now.

The girls unfolded the bamboo table at the foot of his bed, threw a tablecloth on it, then placed the food down on top of it.

Xiao Fang brought himself to the table at the edge of his bed. The tender meat gave off an irresistible smell, so he only glanced over everything once before he started eating.

His first bite flooded his senses. The food melted in his mouth and it had so much flavour. Without thinking, his meridians opened up and he could feel a torrent of energy filling them. His body was feeling invigorated and every bite only added to the experience.

Meanwhile under the table, Chun Hua and her master approached the long snake that hanging low between his legs. The two girls smiled at each other cheekily.

Xiao Fang suddenly felt two different pairs of hands stroking his sleeping dragon and two different pairs of lips enveloping its head. It was almost as if they were making out, but inside of their mouths was Xiao Fang's mushroom and their tongues were licking it excitedly. 

Breakfast and head. This was something he never dreamt of but something he wished he had.

\"Show me what you can do\", Chun Hua's master told her.

Hearing her master's words, Chun Hua slowly swallowed Xiao Fang's meat till it was deep in her throat. She started bobbing her head. 

As she was doing that, her master tied Chun Hua's long black hair back and fondled Xiao Fang's balls as she licked his chiseled abs.

There was too much happening, Xiao Fang felt like he was going to blow. He understood what they were doing so he did his best to suppress his climax.

\"Mhm, mhm, mhm\" 

Chun Hua tried to move as fast as she could, but was unable to make him cum. She eventually pulled out and looked at her master with a defeated expression. Her master smiled.

\"Speed is good, but technique is paramount. Watch me\".

Xiao Fang's mother went next.

'Fuck!', Xiao Fang thought.

The moment her wet tongue touched the tip of his naked sword, he knew it was her.

Chun Hua's master just started, but just by looking at the way she moved her tongue, Chun Hua suddenly felt enlightened. 




Several minutes later, Chun Hua's master had slowly demonstrated all of the most basic techniques she knew to her disciple. 

Xiao Fang's naked sword was drenched in his mother's saliva and throbbing far more than before. Luckily, she had been moving very slowly, so Xiao Fang was able to suppress his urge to cum. It would've been too embarrassing if he couldn't even withstand his mother's most basic techniques.

\"Thank you for the lesson, master\", Chun Hua said respectfully. Her master nodded in approval. 

\"Good. He should be almost done, how about he have a little fun now\" Chun Hua's master said with a lustful look appearing in her eye. Chun Hua understood what she was thinking so she smiled mischievously.

Xiao Fang looked at the few remaining bites on his plate victoriously. 

'Looks like I win this time', he thought. 

Suddenly, he felt his mother's sexy lips sliding down his dick as the head of his dragon ventured deeper into her warm wet mouth.

'It's so hot. What changed?', Xiao Fang thought for a moment before he realized what she was doing. 

Her tongue skillfully played with the head of his dragon, but she wasn't moving as slowly as before. 

She was going in for the kill. 

She made his slippery eel enter her warm slimy throat and began sucking him like a pro. She didn't just bob her head, but also rotated it side to side as well.

\"Mmn~ myhh! ahk ahk ahk\"

She sounded likes a horny deep throating milf when his long dick thrusted in and out of her naughty mouth-pussy. Her sexy hands slid up his body as they emitted a pleasurable qi pushing him even closer to a climax. It was in that moment that he wanted to cum in all of her holes, but again he suppressed it.

Within seconds, Xiao Fang could feel his legs going numb. This was by far the greatest blowjob he had ever recieved, and he was getting it while he was eating the greatest thing he ever tasted. He was overwhelmed with pleasure and he didn't think he could hold it for long. 

'Just a few more bites', he thought.

His body folded a bit as if he was instictly trying to pull out, but she held onto him tightly as she dug her face into his pubic region. It was no use, she was determined to suck every last drop out of him no matter what.

Despite deep throating his dick, she stuck out her tongue as if she were begging him to cum in her mouth.


He released his warm Yang qi down her throat. He couldn't get his hands off the back of her head as he pushed her head down on his meat. His lower body jerked as he shooting several loads into her mouth.

Despite cumming so much, she still wasn't finished with him. Before he could get a break, she immediately continued, trying to suck even more out of him. Her lips were glistening with saliva and it messily covered her chin as it drooled down on his balls.

\"Me too\", Chun hua said as she brought her face down and under his groin. 

While her master sucked on his dick, Chun hua played with his balls in her mouth. Two thicc beauties on his dick while he was eating the food they prepared for him, what else could a man ask for. 

Now, with that in mind, Xiao Fang couldn't care less about his dual cultivation battle against his mother, he just wanted to enjoy this moment as much as possible.

'How could I be so greedy, they should eat too', he thought jokingly.

Without warning, thick hot cum shot down his mother's throat. It was too sudden so she choked on it and pulled out. She pulled out too quickly so she ended up getting cum on her beautiful face.

Seeing the vacant spot, Chun Hua turned her body around and swallowed his meat next. Knowing it was her, he released his Yang qi this time till her dantian was full. 

Xiao Fang's mother squinted at him. She wasn't going to let him get away with that little prank. Suddenly, a violet light shone from her eyes.

Once Chun Hua was done, she suddenly pulled out without letting him know so she got a bit of his Yang qi drizzled on her sexy sweaty body. In the next moment his mother latched onto his lower body again and immediately used her dual cultivation technique on him.

Her mouth became coated with a strange but pleasurable qi, and her tongue wrapped around, stroked, and squeezed his little brother like a slippery snake. She was using a profound realm techniques, so this was too much for him to handle.

He quickly came in her mouth, but this time she was expecting it. He came, came, and released some more. She kept making him cum till he had nothing left. His throbbing dragon went into her mouth as a ardent naked sword, but it came our as a flimsy sleeping dragon. Their cultivation realms were just too far apart for this to be a fair fight. This was as good as bullying a child.

When she was done, she and her disciple licked the cum and qi off of each others body before they crawled back out from under foldable bamboo table.

Thinking that they worked well together, Chun Hua smiled at her master.

\"Aiyo, what are you smiling at. You still have a lot to learn. Maybe tomorrow I'll show you how to titty-fuck him properly. With a size like this it shouldn't be too hard\", her master said as she played with her large tits in her hands.

Chun Hua smiled bitterly, but she was happy to receive her master's praise. She then looked at Xiao Fang that seemed to be cleaning his mouth with a little cloth as if nothing had happened.

\"Xiao Fang, you didn't drink the medicine I made you\", Chun Hua said. 

\"Thanks, Chun Hua, but as you can see I'm all better now\".

Chun Hua was not convinced. She thought he was just avoiding it because it didn't taste good.

\"Okay, but I already made this so just drink it\".

Xiao Fang's stomach twisted at the thought of drinking that bitter medicine again, but because it was Chun Hua that made it, he couldn't say no. He downed the medicine in one go and Chun Hua's expression became noticeably brighter.

\"How is it, is it good?\", she asked.

\"Mn, it's good. Thank you, Chun Hua\", he answered kindly.

She wasn't convinced with his response, because it seemed like he was avoiding her question. Seeing the disappointed look on her face, Xiao Fang got up and moved towards her.

\"Since when did you stop believing my words?\".

\"It's just... You always say it's good\".

\"Hm, I see\", Xiao Fang thought for a moment then took out his sword. 

\"Chun Hua, take a look at my sword, what do you think of it?\", Xiao Fang asked as he handed her his new sword.

\"It looks like an ordinary sword. The blade is very sharp, but what sword isn't\", she said as she touched the sharp edge.

\"Despite how ordinary it may look, it is one of the strongest sword in this sect, but you say it is just an ordinary sword?\".

Chun Hua's eyes widened in surprise as she looked back down at the seemingly ordinary sword in her hands.

\"The best things in life aren't always pleasant, pleasant things aren't always the most effective. You'll find that there are times when you must sacrifice one to achieve the other\", Xiao Fang lectured her.

\"Ah, it's like the time you told me that I shouldn't judge a fish by it's ability to climb\".

\"Um, sort of. A sword is good when it can cut, just as medicine is good when it can heal. I'm stand here before you now, fully recovered, do you still think I was lying when I said it was good?\".

\"I see. In that case, I'm glad that I could help you recover, but I still have one question: did my medicine taste bitter?\", she squinted at him as if she was pay close attention to his next words.

Xiao Fang was taken aback. He turned his head slightly and spoke in a bit of a mumbling tone,

\"Y-Yeah, maybe it was just a bit\", he cleared his throat as if he was trying to pass it off as being unimportant.

She pouted disappointedly. Xiao Fang could only smile bitterly. Seeing the awkward position he was in, his mother interjected.

\"Chun Hua, can you give us a moment. There's something I'd like to tell Xiao Fang\".

Chun Hua did as she asked and left the room first. 

\"Pleasant things aren't true, true things aren't pleasant... That's what your grandfather used to say\".

\"He was a wise man, I learned a lot from him\", Xiao Fang replied honestly, but his mother didn't seem to be happy by his words.

\"Perhaps, but he is still our enemy. He may have spared our lives, but he continues to kill countless others like us. You mustn't forget what he made your grandmother do to your eyes. If you are kind to your enemies, then you are being cruel to yourself\", she tried to lecture him.

Xiao Fang lightly shook his head.

\"We all have enemies in this life, but hate makes us ignorant and partisan. That is not a way an honourable man should live... that is not a way you should either\".

Xiao Fang's words hit her like a ton of bricks. She knew he was referring to her relationship with his father, the Patriarch. It had always been in the back of her mind, so she had no words to reply to him. 

Earlier in their conversation, Xiao Fang heard her refer to the Patriarch as his 'father' for the first time. While Xiao Fang was in the Black Paradise sect, his father had been keeping her company during those lonely times. 

Her charm had little to no effect on him because of his overwhelming cultivation and because he could see blindfolded like Xiao Fang, so their time together was genuine. They talked and laughed and had a good time, almost to the point where she considered sleeping with him again. 

However, when he left to the royal court and she saw Xiao Fang arrive blindfolded, she was reminded of the atrocities that his family committed to her sect and child, so she push those feelings away, or so she thought.

With nothing else to say, Xiao Fang sat on his bed, crossed legged, and began to cultivate the Yin qi she gave him. She didn't think about whether they should keep cultivating or not, because they both knew they only did it for the purpose of cultivation, so her feelings for his father didn't effect how she spent her time with Xiao Fang.

Xiao Fang's mother left him to cultivate, then she thought back to the time when she was also young and in love.

'It's been awhile since he's been gone... I hope he still thinks of me', she thought. 

Despite how much she hated his parents she knew Xiao Fang's father was still a good loving man, and a great parent.

He had betrayed his sect to keep her safe, fought against his father to save her life, and to top it all off, the elixir...

Despite knowing the terrifying secret behind the elixir, he still gave it to Xiao Fang like she asked. This was the ultimate sin against his family and sect, because it was the true reason they had gone to war. It contained a terrifying power any mortal would commit a crime to obtain, and it was the reason his eyes were always purple, it was.....


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