Naked Sword Art
64 Mother“s Taboo 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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64 Mother“s Taboo 18+


\"Ahh! Fang, That is-\"




Her body became tense, she held onto the table a bit more tightly, and she stood on her toes. His naked sword kissed the entrance to her closed asshole teasingly before forcing itself in. 

Xiao Fang was taking her anal virginity. 

She tried to tell him to go slowly, but he didn't listen to her and continued to shove his cultivation stick deeper in.


She whined a bit when she felt his hard cock spreading her taboo hole, but she didn't stop him because she always wanted him to fuck her there. Eventhough she watched him do it to Chun Hua, she was too embarrassed to ask for it herself. Not even the Patriarch wanted to take part in this little dirty fetish of hers.

After much effort, he managed to push his dick half way in, but he didn't stop till he could feel her juicy plump cheeks squishing sexily against his rock hard waist. 

Feeling her tight, squishy interior wrapped around his long hard meat made him breath unsteadily. He groped her sexy smooth waists admiringly before he clenched onto her motherly hip and began thrusting.

\"Ah~ ahh~ ahhhh~!\", she moaned like a sexy milf getting her ass fucked.

He wanted her to tell him more about the elixir while he was fucking her, but the only sounds she made were the erotic sounds of sex. 

Her mature milf moans were loud enough to be heard from the next room where Chun Hua was, so Xiao Fang covered her mouth to silence her as he fucked her even more savagely.

She closed her eyes tightly, her knees bent and squeezed together, and her waters drooled down her leg. While he had one hand over her mouth, he had his free hand under her white apron and rubbing her quivering wet pussy vigorously. 

\"Fuck, your ass is so tight\", he said as her smaller hole was gripping his dick after every thrust. 

She playfully licked the hand that covered her mouth in response, as if to remind him who he was going up against. Although she never used any dual cultivation techniques on him, she didn't want him to think she was an easy opponent.

In the few minutes that they were cultivating, he already shot his qi into her smaller hole several times. He was now carrying her by her thighs as his waist thrusted upwards into her.

He knew he couldn't do this for long because Chun Hua would sooner or later walk in on them, but to this point he couldn't stopped because it felt so good to fuck her tight milf virgin asshole.

He shot his load one last time, then tried to force himself to stop. After an intense mental battle with himself, he eventually removed his hands from her body then slowly began to pull out. However, just as he was pulling out, she backed up on him till he had his back against the wall. 

\"What are you doing?\", he asked.

\"You didn't think I'd let you go that easily, did you?\", she squinted mischievously at him.

Xiao Fang was both surprised and terrified when he realized what she was going to do. The moment her words left her mouth, she began to bend over till her upper body was perpendicular to her legs and parallel to the floor. 

She was finally going to use a dual cultivation technique on him. 

Her ass began to smack against his waist with an increasing pace. After a few seconds, she was full on twerking on him while giving him an orgasmic view of her beautifully shaking cheeks. 

The head of his dragon felt so good. The pace she created was as fast, if not faster, than his fastest techniques, but she was making him do it in her small taboo hole.

'This feels so good I could die', he thought.

He slapped her sexy shaking ass a few times, but it didn't disturb her rhythm. Even when he was shooting his hot cum and qi into her naughty hole, she didn't stop. Just a few minutes later, he was completely defeated.

She slowly took his long sloppy meat out of her gaping asshole. However, just as it came out, she immediately turned around and went on her knees. 

She immediately put his dick on her warm wet tongue, then closed her beautiful red lips around it. She began sucking every last drop of his facet, as she made him fuck her warm slimy throat. When she was done, her tongue licked the head of his penis skillfully as if she were trying to clean it before letting him go. 

He wanted her to keep sucking him but his little brother could hardly stand. It hanged low as if it were a warrior that had just barely escaped a war with its life.

\"Now I am done. Quickly go cultivate the qi I gave you, so I can give you some more later on\", she said after slapping his long limp dick on her red milf lips and soft cheeks.




Although it seemed like he always had an endless supply of spirit qi, his body cultivation just couldn't keep up to hers.

[ A Dual Cultivator's strength comes from their body cultivation realm, but their techniques requires both body and spirit cultivations to be effective ]

So if either his body or spirit cultivation were too low, he would not be able to pull off his strongest dual cultivation techniques. 

His mother was in the Profound Body and Profound Spirit realm, so even if he was in the Profound Body realm he still wouldn't be her match.




She explained to him.

Xiao Fang thanked her for the cultivation session and lesson then left to cultivate the qi she gave him in his room.

Once he started cultivating her Yin qi his cultivation rose in leaps and bounds. He knew if he did this for a few weeks, he'd very quickly reach the Spirit Core realm.




A few hours later, Chun Hua entered the kitchen and found Xiao Fang's mother there. She seemed to be adding the finishing touches to the meal she was preparing, but Chun Hua noticed something strange about her. 

\"Was Xiao Fang here?\", Chun Hua asked.

\"Why do you think that?\", she replied.

Chun Hua approached her then lightly spanked her on the butt, but it made her feel a slight stinging pain. Although the wet qi they produced had dissipated long ago, her bottom cheeks were still a bit red from how hard Xiao Fang was fucking her earlier. 

\"Is this also normal in the dual cultivation sect?\", Chun Hua asked but she already seemed to assume it to be the case.

\"Mn, this sort of thing is very common for dual cultivators\", she replied half truthfully. 

Although the practice between mother and son was fairly common amongst many dual cultivating families, it was usually done in secret because the sect still looked down on it.

Chun Hua sighed, but she didn't even feel slightly surprised by this. It felt like she was just confirming what she already assumed. She didn't have any complaints, just a deeper fascination of the dual cultivation sect. 

\"Then, should we go treat him together?\", Chun Hua asked curiously.

She was surprised by Chun Hua initiative, but it just made her like her even more. However, she was realms above the both of them, so something like that would give her little to no joy, so she shook her head.

\"I have a better idea\".


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