Naked Sword Art
63 Don“t Call Me Daddy 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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63 Don“t Call Me Daddy 18+


Early in the morning, before the sun was out, Chun Hua woke up to Xiao Fang sleeping next to her. Lately, she'd been working so hard that moments like these only seemed to happen in her dreams. 

She carefully moved his hair from his face as she looked at him in a special way. Xiao Fang looked so adorable she wished she could frame this moment and cherish it forever.

Feeling her touch, he slowly woke up, but he was so exhausted that he could only look at her sleepily for a few seconds before closing his eyes again.

\"Go back to sleep\", she whispered to him as her fingers slowly combed through his hair. But the more she touched him the more she woke him up.

With his eyes still closed, he reached up for her hand and gently brought it down to his face. He then said,

\"Sometimes, doing nothing is the most effective form of action\", he kissed her hand softly before letting it go.

\"I see\".

Chun Hua suddenly noticed something tugging on her jellies, but when she looked down she saw Little Hei sleeping as she lightly sucked on her breasts.

\"Sorry Little Hei, I don't have any milk yet\", she whispered with a light smile. 

She was about to pull her off, but then stopped herself when she remembered Xiao Fang's words. Instead, she accepted Little Hei's embrace and waited patiently for her to stop sucking oh her squishy fruits.

She rested her head on her pillow and looked at Xiao Fang while Little Hei was in her arms then began to imagine a future where she was sleeping with Xiao Fang and their kid just like this. Her imagination seemed so real that it made her feel happy and warm inside.




After some time had passed, Little Hei eventually stopped sucking, so Chun Hua quietly got up and left the room. But so much time had passed that the sun was already coming up. A few minutes after Chun Hua had left, Xiao Fang and Little Hei were slowly waking up. 

Xiao Fang's morning wood was hard and throbbing, and Little Hei's little slit was shy but thirsting. Even when they were both still asleep, he had been rubbing his erect dragon along her moist lower entrance till it became thinly coated in her slippery juices.

They'd been routinely cultivating together in the morning ever since his other girls have been out doing their own things, so when they woke up their bodies had already done half the work. 

Though she was comfortably hidden under their bedsheets, he knew it was her. Xiao Fang cupped her small breasts and teased her pink mountain peaks to see if she was awake. She responded by moving her waist to stroke his sausage between her thighs. 

Seeing that she was awake he guided his large throbbing meat into her small pink hole.

\"You're so warm\", Xiao Fang commented.

\"I might be because I dreamt about you\", she replied.

He caressed her smooth white thighs as he made slow but exaggerated thrusts into her small slippery tunnel. He rolled on top of her, pushing his dick in as far as it could go before he started thrusting again. 

Their lower bodies didn't clap against each other, her little plump cheeks just squished lightly then tightly with every thrust, keeping his naked sword deep inside of her the whole time. 

\"Your heavy\", she complained cutely.

Hearing that, Xiao Fang started to roll off of her, but she suddenly stopped him.

\"I like it, keep going daddy\".

'Daddy??? She sure has a wild imagination', Xiao Fang thought.

Xiao Fang was a bit weirded out by her comment, so he shook his head as if trying to forget what he just heard. 

He released his warm milk deep inside of her, then turned her over to face him before he slipped his meat into her 2nd hole.

\"Ah~ fuck me daddy~\"

She hugged him as she did the splits, and he had both of his hands clenching onto her small ass as he eventually released his hot load into that hole too. He then made her swallow his naked sword and fucked her mouth pussy next before releasing another load down her throat.

He fucked all of her holes a few times before getting up. He didn't cultivate with Little Hei for long, but it wasn't just because she kept calling him 'daddy', but because he had someone else in mind...




In the kitchen, Xiao Fang's mother was preparing a meal while Chun Hua was in the other room doing her own thing.

Xiao Fang saw his mother wearing nothing but a white apron so he approached her from behind and fondled her tits and stroked him indecency between her crack. 

\"Sleep well last night?\", Xiao Fang asked before kissing her on the shoulder and neck.

\"Mn, I slept well because of you\", she smiled as she squeezed the indecency between her naked cheeks a bit more tightly.

\"About last night, I saw your eyes turn violet like mine. What was that about?\"

His hand grazed her silky smooth skin as it moved down her flat stomach all the way to her sweet spot. He rubbed it slow but skillfully, making her lower body move to his touch. 

\"Mhm~ It's called 'Charm' and it's a dual cultivator's strongest natural ability\". 





> When activated, your eyes turn violet and anyone that looks into them become more attracted to you and susceptible to the your seductive techniques.  

> The higher your cultivation is the stronger it gets and longer it can be used for.





She explain to him.

This explained why Xiao Fang was able to seduce so many women in the Black Paradise sect so easily. As he was deep in thought he began to rub his curving naked saber along her drooling milf pussy.

\"Mhmm~ Fang, put it in\"

Hearing her words, he pushed his fat dick into her craving pink hole, and he felt like she was sucking him in. He immediately began fucking and beating up her slippery inner walls. 

\"Ah~ yeah, right there. Fuck me good\"

His hands held onto her two perfectly shaped breast as he pinched their erect nipples between his fingers. He squeezed her tits a bit more tightly, making her feel the pressure from his masculine hands, but not enough to make her feel uncomortable. 

Xiao Fang thrusts gradually slowed because there were things he still wanted to ask her.

\"How long can you active Charm for?\"

\"As I said, it depends on the dual cultivator's cultivation realm. I am in the profound body & profound Spiritist realm so I can use it for at least a few minutes\".

\"I see. Then if that's the case, why are my eyes always like this?\".

\"That...\", she hesitated to answer, so he thrusted a bit faster as if to make her talk. 

She had greedily suppressed her cultivation realm so that she could enjoy his powerful thrusts, but he was now using it against her. She could feel her waters stirring up and didn't think she could hold it in forever.

\"The elixir your father gave you, he got it from me. Your eyes are like that because of the elixir\", this was not the time to tell him everything about the elixir, so she limited her words to just this. 

He was momentarily shocked by her words. He wanted to know more, but she didn't talk. Suddenly a mysterious light shone in his eyes. 

He slid his naked sword out just before she could climax. In the next moment, his actions nearly made her jumped.

\"Hm? Ahh! Fang, that is...\"


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