Naked Sword Art
62 Wincest 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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62 Wincest 18+

[[[ After thinking about it for a while, and due to popular requests, I finally decided to bring back the Wincest chapter. Lotions out ( ͡°͜ʖ͡°) ]]]





\"Xiao Fang...\", she said softly with blushing cheeks.

She was laid back on the bed and her pussy was already wet and ready to be pounded.

He felt like her naked body was like a sacred treasure. A treasure that could make any man crazed for sex.

Her pink lips were shy but irresistible. Her double D titties were sequential and established. Her hips were a bit meaty but it made perfect love handles. Her motherly thighs were fit but thick. And her jade white feet weren't too small but could make any man suddenly have a foot fetish. 

She laid next to them with her hands over her quivering wet pussy. She was wet because she had been masturbaiting while watching Xiao Fang fuck Chun Hua. 

The way he looked at her feel like a woman again. He didn't have to say words for her to know what he was thinking, but as he moved onto around her he suddenly spoke:

\"If it's no trouble with you, I wish to seek your guidance on the art of dual cultivation\".

\"What... what do you mean by-\"

He suddenly spoke again before she could finish, but this time in a more enchanting tone:

\"Cultivate with me\".

Her heartbeat quickened, her sweat trickled down her fair skin, and her chest stuck out just a bit more. It had been so many years since the last time she felt like this way, so the nostalgia hit her like a ton of bricks.

\"I am your mother, but also your only senior in this field. I suppose... it is within my responsibility to teach you what I know\".

She turned her head modestly, then suppressed her cultivation to the spirit refinement realm. Though the higher one's cultivation is the harder it becomes for them to climax, that wasn't particularly the case for dual cultivators after they suppressed their cultivation realms.

As she was laying back, she spread her legs then used her fingers to spread her pussy open for him.

\"You may begin\". 

Hearing that, he kissed her chest then neck. He placed his hand on her stomach then breasts, lightly messaging them to make her feel a bit more comfortable to his touch. Only after her muscles relaxed and her breathing picked up did he finally make his move. 

Starting back down from her thighs, his hands slid their way up to her hips then back onto her breasts only this time using the pressure from his hands to stimulate her sensitive areas.

As his hands massaged her twin mountains, his mouth enveloped their peaks.

She knew exactly what to expect, because she had been a dual cultivator for much longer than he'd been born. As his senior, she made a mental note of all the things he needed to improve on, but she still wanted to take the pleasure of being pounded by his powerful cock.

Suddenly, she saw him bringing one of his hands down to her sensitive region, expecting him to begin caressing her lower lips. However, contrary to her expectations, he directly pushed his fingers deep inside of her then began to vigorously, but skillfully, rub his fingers against her squishy inner walls. 

In any other situation, this would be a huge fail on his part, but considering the fact that she had just been masturbaiting a moment ago this was exactly what she needed. 

She hugged him tightly and gritted her teeth in her attempt to suppress her approaching orgasm, but it was too late, he already had the upper hand.

He ravaged her body as his hand continuously brought her closer to the edge. Although she couldn't stop him from making her body build up more yin qi she was still able to slow it down by a considerable degree. If she kept this up it wouldn't be long till she could suppress it all together. 

However, just as that thought crossed her mind, Xiao Fang had already found her G-spot and began caressing it harder and harder. Unable to hold it in forever, she finally let it loose.


Her sweet juices sprayed out of her as her lower body quivered lightly. She couldn't believe he was able to make her climax so quickly.

'I... lost. Have I gone rusty after all these years?', she thought.

Her expression changed.

\"You!-\", but before she could berate him for pulling a fast one on her, she suddenly felt something spreading her inner walls and entering deep inside of her tight cunt. Her head cocked back, mouth open agape, and her body became tense.

An erotic breath escaped him when he felt his hard dick sliding into her hot quivering pussy. Once he was in he could feel her innards caressed the head of his cock pleasurably.

Before she could even react, Xiao Fang had already grabbed her wrists and pinned them down above her head, all while rubbing his thumb against her shy pink pearl.

He immediately began thrusting like a maniac.

\"Ah~ ahh~ ahhha~!\", she moaned as he pushed his fat dick in and out of her tight, sex hungry pussy. 

The sound of their sweaty bodies clapped against each other and her naughty juices stuck erotically to his groin. She had hardly recoved from her last orgasm before he started fucking her brutally once again.

\"It's so big, mmh!~ I can't-\", her eyes crossed and rolled as she quickly slipped into ecstasy. 

The only person she ever slept with that came close to being this big was the Patriarch. Though she resented him for what his father did to her sect, as a dual cultivator to the core, there was always a small part of her that still admired him for this quality. 

He turned her to her side but didn't stop fucking her. He now had his finger thrusting into her clenching asshole and his thumb rubbing her little clit. Fucking her like this, he quickly made her climax to his raging cock.

\"Yes yes yes~\"

\"Keep going ah~\"

\"Right there!~\"

Xiao Fang's naked sword twitched ferociously as he pounded her sweet spot for several minutes, making her tits jiggle wildly and her pussy lips become red from the intense fucking.

Feeling her soft innards sucking and swallowing his erected dragon whole nearly made him release his thick warm milk into her craving womb prematurely. 

After suppressing his urge to ejaculate, he began to execute his dual cultivation techniques. These were the same dual cultivation techniques she gave him along with the dual cultivation method several months ago.

[ Naked Sword Beating Sun ]


[ Naked Sword Growing Pillar ]


[ Naked Sword Charging Bull ]


Technique after technique, she had no time to rest. He wanted her to cum on his hard dick, so that he could cum inside of her with his 'Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven' technique, so he fucked her like no one before.

[ Naked Sword Pumping Piston ] 

He took his fingers out of her sweet spots, then held onto her motherly hips as he pulled her in.

\"Ah! Xiao Fang!\", she slapped him once before holding onto him tightly again. 

She hardly had time to adjust to the massive size of his cock before she felt it growing inside of her. 

'Its too big. It's too deep. He's going to make me cum again!', she panicked joyfully.

\"Hah~ Haah~ Faaang!~\"

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]



\"Ahhaa!~ Ahhg! Mymm~\"

She nearly grunted as she climaxed. It had been so many years since the last time she climaxed on a dick like that. She felt like she was releasing all her pent up sexual tension all out at once.

Her body became tensed and her yin qi began to pour. No matter how hard she tried, she could no longer keep her cultivation suppressed so it slowly went back up to it's original realm.

The intensity of her climax gradually lessened, and she slowly regained her senses. However, None of it escaped Xiao Fang's yes.

[ Naked Sword Climbing 9 Heavens ]

[ 1st Thrust ]

[ 2nd Thrust ]

[ 3rd Thrust ]


[ 9th Thrust ]

After the 9th thrust she still tried to move her waist, but he could no longer keep up to her rising cultivation.

He leaned in and kissed her on the lips, intertwining his tongue with hers before he released his huge load of yang qi into her pulsing pussy. She sucked and absorbed every drop of it as it came, but to his surprise the technique hardly had any effect on her at all.

\"Does it feel good cumming in my pussy?\", she asked before she bit her lip.

She suppressed her cultivation in order to feel the flaws in his techniques a bit more closely, what she didn't expect was to be defeated and have her own cultivation forcefully raised instead. 

At first she thought she might have lost because she was rusty, but the more she thought about it, the less she believed it to be true. Eventhough she didn't use any techniques of her own, it was still an incredible feat for someone in the spirit refinement realm to do that to her.

Seeing the disappointed look on his face made her smile. 

\"You made me cum twice before forcefully making me increase my cultivation, yet you still have the nerve to be disappointed infront of me? If you are disappointed, then how should I feel?\".

\"It seems I still have a long way to go\", he smiled bitterly. 

Helplessly shaking her head, she slipped his dick back inside of her pussy to massage him as she went over all of the mistakes he made during their cultivation session. Though he tried to listen to her attentively, it was difficult when she was moving her hips so sexually. Neither of them were using any techniques so he feared he might make a mistake.

\"If you keep moving like that, I don't know if I can hold it in for much longer\", he warned her. 

She knew what he was worried about so she assured him it was alright. 

\"Don't worry, you can release it all inside of me. I'm a dual cultivator after all so you don't have to worry about-\"

Before she could finish she gasped with a bit of a high pitch at the end, because she suddenly felt his warm milk shooting inside her.

As soon as he finished, she began to move her hips again. The more he came the more he felt like his naked sword was melting inside of her. It felt amazing.

\"Though Yang qi may nourish the spirit, ejaculations nourishes the body. This is something that can only be achieved without the assistance of dual cultivation techniques or the administration of spirit energy\", she lectured him. 

\"I understand\".




After a few more sessions she eventually identified where he was lacking the most and gave him a necessary oral dual cultivation technique to practice with. 

When they were finally done, Xiao Fang felt his cultivation rise from the 2nd stage to the 3rd. Although he was already close, she still gave him a lot of qi to cultivate with.

He knew in the future, she would occasionally cultivate with him around the house, helping him breakthrough into higher realms, all while he feeds her large quantities of his cum and qi.


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