Naked Sword Art
61 Lost to her Mouth 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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61 Lost to her Mouth 18+


Xiao Fang moved on her like a lion, but his touch was as gentle as a kitten's. After such an intense climax, he wanted to help her relax, so he raised her lower half and placed a pillow under her stomach.

Starting from her neck down, Xiao Fang began to massaged her body to loosens her up. When he was done she felt light, loose, and tingly, almost as if she were melting into the bed. 

He then moved his hand from her back to her crack then slid them further down till he could feel her plump lips enveloping his fingers as he rubbed along her slippery naked slit. 

With his free hand he gave her  buttcheeks a light spank, because he knew she liked it. 

Even though it was untrue, she always complained that her butt was too big, so she liked it whenever he spanked her ass for being indecent. He spanked her again as if he could read her thoughts.

\"Hah\", she let out an erotic breath when she felt her buns becoming warm from the abuse.

He slowly picked up the pace, rubbing her pussy side to side or in a circular motion. 

\"Fang~\", she moaned between her breath.

Seeing that her sexual tension was at its peak, he then pushed his thumb into her narrow cave then skillfully caressed her inner walls.  

He already knew where she like it, so he didn't need to thrust very fast to get a strong reaction out of her. His thrusts weren't too fast nor too slow, it was steady, but it hit the right spot everytime. 

Although her master made her feel like a shooting star, Xiao Fang's technique made her feel like she was meditating over a calm lake. 

\"Mymm~\", she moaned comfortably to his touch as her waters began to drool down her silky smooth thighs.

He kept her just on the brink of a climax, but the moment he started rubbing her clit, she knew she wouldn't last for much longer.

Her heart beat quickened and her breaths became unsteady. Finally, her pussy squeezed, her juices began to pour, and her lower body shook.

She was climaxing.

As Xiao Fang was making her climax, he suddenly felt his mother's hands reaching down to his erect penis. Although her strokes were gentle, It was by far the best handjob he had ever felt. It was as if every stroke was equivalent to him being surrounded and squished by ass and tits, squishy fleshy meat pressing all over his body, especially around his throbbing little brother. He quickly felt his ejaculation building up.

He couldn't make her stop. She was going to make him cum, but Xiao Fang didn't want to lose to her that easily. 

In the next second, Xiao Fang shoved his massive twitching dick deep into Chun Hua's orgasming pussy, but it was too late. The moment he felt her tight tunnel squeeze around his naked sword, he immediately released his thick hot milk deep inside of her.

\"Ahhaa~!\", Chun Hua moaned loudly as she felt his hot cum fill her up. His thrust was way too sudden, but she didn't want him to pull out.

Without warning, Xiao Fang began to thrust wildly into her pussy as his hands gripped her tightly by her motherly hip. He grunted like an animal as he pulled her in after every thrust. He still had another load to release since experiencing his mother's hands, but he held it in till he could make Chun Hua climax too. 

A few seconds later they were both cumming again, but they stayed in that erotic pose for a bit longer because they were both releasing so much more than before. 

Their love juices mixed deep inside of her, making Chun Hua's senses become numb with pleasure. However, Xiao Fang was not done with her yet. 


\"Xiao Fang, that is-\"

He pushed his fat dick into her 2nd hole and he immediately began thrusting into her asshole savagely.

Chun Hua's master watched closely as Xiao Fang pounded her disciple's rear. He was thrusting so hard it made her ass turned pink. If the pillow wasn't still under her there was no way she'd be able to keep her butt up for him like that. 

He had Chun Hua's hands restrained behind her back with one hand and his other hand rather on her hips to pull her in or on her thick cheeks to give her a good spanking.

Although Chun Hua's master watched them fuck several times in the past, this was the first time she was seeing it up close. It made her body feel hot by just being near them. She wanted to join in, but stopped herself because she knew that she'd eventually get what she wanted.

(Xiao Fang's hard cock fucking deep into her hungry milf pussy). She started feeling wet at the thought of it.

Xiao Fang's size fascinated her, and she began to wonder what it would feel like to have so much dick inside of her all at once like Chun Hua.

After cumming a few times in her incredibly tight ass, Xiao Fang took his dick out and turned her over before shoving it back into her pussy. 

[ Naked Sword Charging Bull ]

Xiao Fang laid his body on top of hers and dug his hands under her lower cheeks. With each thrust he squeezed her ass up against his crotch, making his naked sword reach as deep as possible.

Like a charging bull he thrust wildly into her gaping hole.


\"Xiao Fang~ I'm cumming!\"

She warned him, but he already knew. He got up and pulled her in by the waist. 

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

Chun Hua gasped deeply.

Her legs, toes, and fingers stretched, her body and feet arched, and she became tight, stiff, and mute as his naked sword emitted a mysterious but pleasurable energy deep inside of her squirting pussy.

She was thrusted into heaven.

[ Naked Sword Climbing 9 Heavens ]


[ 1st Thrust ]

Xiao Fang's first thrust made Chun Hua lose feeling in her lower body.

[ 2nd Thrust ]

Chun Hua started to lose feeling in her upper body as well.

Her master watched with wide eyes.

'What kind of technique is that?', she thought.

She was unable to suppress the surprise on her face. The expression of ecstasy her disciple made was something she had wanted for a very long time. That was exactly how she wanted to feel. She felt like she needed to have it, so she looked at Xiao Fang now with a yearning gaze, but he was too distracted by Chun Hua to even notice.

Xiao Fang knew Chun Hua was at her limit so he released his qi inside of her on his third thrust.

[ 3rd Thrust ]

Xiao Fang released his Yang qi, but his little brother still twitched ferociously inside of her against her inner walls. He wanted more, but he knew Chun Hua couldn't go on. 

He had so much qi built up because of his mother, so when he took his dick out of Chun Hua's quivering pussy he could see a narrow stream of his milky qi continuously pouring out of her.

At that moment, Xiao Fang felt his mother take his blindfold off, but he was too distracted to stop her. He saw her eyes turn from brown to violet then he suddenly felt an insatiable desire to fuck her.

\"Is that the only place you want to cum?\", she asked him seductively. 

She suddenly seemed like a desperate girl trying to find someone to rough-fuck and feed her nymph pussy that had been starved for years.

She pouted cutely before guiding his two fingers up to her pretty pink lips, then into her warm, slimy mouth. When he felt her tongue caressing his 2 fingers in her mouth he knew he had lost this battle. The only thing now on his mind was how he was going to fuck her.

He wanted to grope her lascivious curves and use every technique he had in his arsenal to release his thick warm milk inside of her beautiful pussy, ass, and mouth. He wanted to give her all of it, and he didn't want to stop till the sun came out. The way she looked at him was as if she wanted him to do it too.

In that moment nothing else matter, he just wanted to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. 

A lustful glint appeared in his eyes. Without further delay, he moved in her direction and she felt like she was finally going to get what she always wanted.....


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