Naked Sword Art
60 Mother and Chun Hua
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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60 Mother and Chun Hua

Some time in the afternoon, Chun Hua was taking a break from her master's training session so that she could prepare and deliver Xiao Fang's medicine. 

They were both naked, but Chun Hua was sweating all over.

\"You're still making medicine for Xiao Fang?\", Xiao Fang's mother asked Chun Hua.

\"Yeah, if he's even a little hurt, I don't think I'd be able to stop myself, not without a clear conscience\", Chun Hua replied.

\"Is that so, because the last time I checked you both seemed to be having a lot of fun in the bath house together\", she teased.

\"H-how did you know. Could it be that you saw us do that thing?\", Chun Hua's face reddened from embarrassment.

\"Don't be shy, I told you I'm a Dual Cultivator. To me, this sort of thing is as normal as meditating to spirit cultivate\", she passed it of as if it were no big deal. 

She went behind Chun Hua as she was picking out the herbs for Xiao Fang's medicine and began to play with her generously sized tits. 

\"Wow these are really something\", she complimented Chun Hua.

\"Ah... I see\", she replied while trying to ignore her master's hands. 

\"Does Xiao Fang treat you well?\".

\"Mn. He's very kind to me\", she smiled at the thought of him. 

\"I just wish that...\", she paused at a thought.

\"What is it?\".

\"I can't help but think that I'm wasting my time here when I could be with Xiao Fang. Once he leaves I don't know when I'll be able to see him again\", she said regretfully.

\"Is that why you're still making medicine for him, so that you can skip your training to see him?\", Xiao Fang's mother asked suspiciously. 

\"I hope master understands. I just think about him all the time\".

Although she had been with Chun Hua for a few days now, she still didn't know too much about her. She took this opportunity to learn more about her in the best way she knew how... dual cultivation.

Chun Hua was now heating up from the way her master was touching her big tits. 

\"Mhmm\", She was going to tell her to stop but the moment she saw her violet eyes she suddenly became extremely aroused. 

\"I-I feel really hot, I'm going to sit down\", she said, but her master followed her to the bed that they shared.

\"If you need any help satisfying yourself, you can always rely on me in the future\", she spoke in an enchanting tone.

Chun Hua felt her master's fingers skillfully tease her twin mountain peaks as her other hand trailed down her stomach and began carresing her plump pussy lips. 

She didn't want to go too far, Dual Cultivators still had their principles. If she couldn't make Chun Hua submit to her seduction then she would have no choice but to back away. However, she was a dual cultivator in the profound Spirit realm while Chun Hua was still only in the Spirit Foundation realm, there was no way Chun Hua could win this battle.

\"Chun Hua should I continue?\", her master's voice sounded in her ear, making her feel hot and tingly all over.

Chun Hua's mind was telling her no, but her body, her body was telling her yes~. 

Her master was surprised. The fact that she could fight off her temptations for this long impressed her immensely, but she wanted to be sure about something so she pushed her a bit harder. 

Her fingers began to caress her slit till her pussy drooled on her finger. 

\"Mymm~ keep going\", Chun Hua finally broke under the pleasure.

Feeling her sensitive areas being caressed, she slowly bent over on the large circular bed, while her feet remained planted on the ground.

From that point on Chun Hua didn't resist it at all, she couldn't tell if this was really what she wanted or if she was being forced into it. Either way she didn't want it to stop, she'd go crazy with lust if she did. 

Given the greenlight, her master's fingers slid into her narrow squishy tunnel, making her ass clench and her hungry pussy squeeze as if her finger was its meal. 

\"Mhmm~\", Chun Hua moaned pleasurably when she felt her master's skillful hands rubbing her inner walls. 

\"I never would have guessed it, but you're a lot tighter than you look, Chun Hua\", she said before performing a dual cultivation technique on her. 

She immediately found Chun Hua's sweet spot and began to thrust much more thoroughly. Every thrust would arouse her senses to the max without fail. Multiplying the sensation everytime she hit the right spot.

\"Aha! aha! aha! ahy~\" her pitch got higher and higher with every thrust till eventually her mouth was agape but she could not utter a sound. 

She clenched the bedsheets tightly in her hands as her master ravaged her wet pussy unceasingly. She stood on her toes making her lower half raise. She started to feel light headed as she was quickly approaching her climax. 

She was being thrusted into heaven so quickly, not even Xiao Fang was capable of this.

\"Master, stop. I'm going to cum!\", she tried to warn her as she tried to pull away by rolling on her side and squeezing her thighs.

\"Let it all out. Don't hold back\", her master reassured her, as she continued the technique even when she tried to pull away. When her words left her mouth Chun Hua released all of her inner liquids.


Chun Hua's juices sprayed out of her tight pussy uncontrollably. In that moment, her master took her fingers out of her squirting hole and began to rub her sensitive pink pearl as hard as she could, making her body convulse wildly and heightening her climax to the next level.

Although her orgasm was shorter than Xiao Fang's, it had to be one of the strongest climaxes she had ever felt. When her master was done she slid her hand out from between her legs then patiently waited for Chun Hua to recover.

\"So, how was it? Was I as good as Xiao Fang?\", she asked.

Chun Hua took a few more seconds to recover from that intense orgasm, but even after some time, she still could hardly control her legs so she sat on the bed.

\"It was good, really good, but... it's just not the same as... you know\", she replied honestly. 

Xiao Fang's mother knew the meaning behind her words because she also once knew what it was like to fall in love. Hearing Chun Hua's answer, it confirmed to her that Chun Hua wasn't with Xiao Fang purely for the sex, but because she really love him.

She had passed Xiao Fang's mother's test. This was common amongst mothers in the dual cultivation sect whenever their sons or daughters wanted to marry outside of the sect they'd put them through a similar trial to test their loyalty.

Xiao Fang's mother thought back to a time when she was also young and in love with someone outside of her sect. She thought of Xiao Fang's father, the Patriarch, and the times they'd sneak out together. These were her happiest memories.

'Does he still think of me?', she thought curiously.

The Patriarch had always been good to her, so she wondered if her hate for him was irrational or justified. He didn't do anything wrong, it was his father (the old Patriarch) that wiped out her sect. 

After the thought crossed her mind, Xiao Fang suddenly arrived. However, to their surprise he was wearing his blindfold. 

He would only put his blindfolds on when he was leaving the house, so Chun Hua didn't understand why he was wearing them now. His mother, on the other hand, thought she knew exactly why he was wearing it, and it made her chuckled.

\"Ah! Xiao Fang, I-I...\", Chun Hua panicked because she didn't know how to explain what had just happened.

Xiao Fang was a dual cultivator, so sex was just a means of cultivating. If someone he slept with were to sleep with someone else, he normally wouldn't care, but if his girls were ever touched inappropriately without their consent he wouldn't spare the attacker, not even if it were the Empror or Buddha himself. 

However, Chun Hua wasn't just any girl to him, she was someone he really liked, so he felt conflicted. Was this really okay? It didn't feel right to him, but he knew his mother wouldn't have any ill-intention so he tried to ignore it.

\"There's no need to explain, Chun Hua. My mother is harmless\", Xiao Fang said as he approached her.

\"Mind if I show her how we do it?\", he asked Chun Hua if he could demonstrate on her.

Chun Hua was shocked by his question, but she was now getting a better understanding of how Dual Cultivators thought. It was almost as if it were a competition between them. While ordinary cultivators would fight to demonstrate their prowess, dual cultivators would have sex to demonstrate their skills. 

It wasn't something she could easily get used to, but her master already saw her naked, she had already seen her having sex in the bath house, and she had just now made her climax with her own hands, so what else did Chun Hua have to be embarrassed about?

With that in mind, Chun Hua crawled onto the bed then laid flat on her stomach. She then shyly spread her legs and looked back at Xiao Fang.

\"I'm ready\".

Given the greenlight, Xiao Fang made his move.


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