Naked Sword Art
57 Xun Wei Learns The Truth
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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57 Xun Wei Learns The Truth

In the middle of the night, Xun Wei and her master were cultivating peacefully in an open field. 

When Xun Wei was done, her natural aura underwent a transformational change. She could now clearly feel a new power rushing through her meridians. She was about to jump up with excitement, but when she saw her master's expression her excitement immediately died.

Her master had a solemn expression on her face with immense disappointment in her eyes. 

"What's wrong?", Xun Wei asked.

"You. I didn't know you cultivate the Dual Cultivation method", she said in a shallow tone.

Xun Wei began to breakout into cold sweat.

"Was it Xiao Fang's doing? Hmph, of course it was, and now I made you my disciple. I bet he's getting a good laugh out of this".


"You mustn't cultivate the Dual Cultivation method anymore. No matter where you go, your life will be in danger".

Xun Wei didn't respond. She wanted to cultivate with Xiao Fang, there was nothing she cared about more. He told her the risks before giving her the cultivation method, but seeing her master's reaction she knew she underestimated the severity of cultivating such a method.

As if she could read her mind, her master sighed. 

"I'm not telling you to stop sleeping with him, it just telling you to stop cultivating it".

Xun Wei remained silent, she trusted Xiao Fang more than anyone. So she was a bit reluctant to agree to something like that.

Seeing her silence, Xiao Fang's grandmother knew she would have to go to extreme measures to convince her to stop using it, so she told her a secret.

"Did Xiao Fang ever tell you how he became blind?".

As if it had sparked her interests, Xun Wei finally raised her head.

"Wasn't he born blind?".

Her master shook her head,

"Have you ever heard of a cultivator that was blind since birth? Despite what he might tell you, that simply isn't true"

She looked up at the stars as she began to recollect her memories. It seemed the next thing she wanted to say would be something that brought her great shame.




It all started nearly 30 years ago...

Xiao Fang's parents were childhood sweet hearts, but Xiao Fang's mother was from the Dual Cultivation sect and she was being forced into an arranged marriage. Little did the Dual Cultivation sect know at the time, the Divine Sword sect was planning a war against them.

Xiao Fang's grandmother knew how much they loved each other, so after her son begged her to save her life, she did. 

The day the Divine Sword sect attacked the Dual Cultivation sect, Xiao Fang's grandmother knocked out and captured Xiao Fang's mother before sneaking her into the Divine Sword sect.

When she woke up in Xiao Fang's father's old private house she was terrified. Her sect had been destroyed by the very sect she was currently residing in. She was surrounded by her enemies so her reaction was understandable, but at the time Xiao Fang's father couldn't understand why she was acting that way, he assumed she would've been grateful that she was saved. 

She was kept under close supervision but still attempted suicide and even attempted at taking Xiao Fang's father's life.

Several years passed, but her hate for this sect didn't lessen. The only people that knew she was in the sect were Xiao Fang's father and grandmother, so they kept her origins hidden from the sect as best as they could.

One day, Xiao Fang's grandfather arranged his son's marriage, once Xiao Fang's mother learned about this it seemed to have change her. However, it was already too late, she learned about the marriage a few days after it had already happened.

She wanted to see him, so he came to her in the dead of night and that was the night Xiao Fang was conceived. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Xiao Fang's father thought she was starting to love him again so he began to see her more and more till he was there for nearly the entire day, everyday. He got her pregnant and was starting a secret second life with his childhood sweet heart, he was so happy. 

A few years later, Xiao Fang's father's wife got curious about where he was going for most of the day, but she was unable to follow him, so she went to the Patriarch at the time and told him that she suspected that his son was seeing another woman.

If she were an ordinary woman he wouldn't have cared about such things, polygamy was a common thing in the cultivation world, but she the daughter of a powerful patriarch in a different province, this would be a great insult to him. 

So one night he followed his son to his old private residence and that's when he discovered Xiao Fang's mother. 

He knew who she was as soon as he saw her, so he immediate wanted to kill her, but Xiao Fang's father fought with his life to protect her. 

When the Patriarch saw how much his son loved Xiao Fang and his mother, he agreed to spare their lives, but under the condition that they were to stay hidden in the sect and secluded in their homes for the rest of their lives, but Xiao Fang's mother wasn't too happy about that. 

Xiao Fang was just an innocent boy, he shouldn't be punished for a crime he didn't commit, of course Xiao Fang's father didn't want his son to be kept in this house forever, so he pleaded for his father to let him out, to which he eventually agreed, but under a new condition.

"If you want your son to leave these walls, you must give me his eyes".

Xiao Fang's grandfather knew a dual cultivator's true frightening strength lied in their eyes. If Xiao Fang grew up to be a Dual Cultivator like his mother, then he'd feel safe that no one would know of this secret. 

Xiao Fang's mother and father could never accept this condition, so Xiao Fang's grandmother took action and gouged Xiao Fang's eyes out. 

He was only 4 at the time, there isn't a single day that passes she doesn't hear the boy's screams, but it had to be done. A life within these walls was not a life to live.

Since that day Xiao Fang had never forgiven her, what she did back then was just too traumatizing for someone his age. 

His blindness has been his biggest insecurity. He hated when people called him a cripple the most and it was all because of her. 

Since he learned why she did it, he had told her that he had forgiven her many times, but everytime she sees him with his blindfolds on she was reminded of what she did to him back then. 

It was his earliest memory and the last thing he saw. Of course, she assumed hatred still linger in his heart. That wasn't something anyone could forget very easily.




Xun Wei's master explained it to her as best as she could, but did so with great shame.

"If you choose to pursue this path, then you will give me no choice but to take your eyes as well, so I suggest you focus on your body cultivation from now on".

Though her voice and tone was almost nonchalant, Xun Wei could feel the subtle threat behind her words.

Xun Wei couldn't believe she could do something like that to her own grandson, but she knew that it must've taken an extraordinary amount of decisiveness and willpower to do something like that.

She couldn't help but wonder what she'd do if she learned that Xiao Fang had regained his sight. The thought of which brought her goosebumps. Her master saw this reaction of hers, but didn't connect it to Xiao Fang having his eyes again.

"I understand, I'll refrain from dual cultivating in the future", Xun Wei said obediently. 

"Good, good. With that out of the way let's start your training", she finally said happily.

Seeing her sudden change of attitude, Xun Wei could only smiled bitterly to her words.


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