Naked Sword Art
56 True Power Of A Dual Cultivator
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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56 True Power Of A Dual Cultivator

Xiao Fang's mother looked down at his magnificent sword that shined majestically with Chun Hua's pussy juice on it. despite how big it was, she felt like she could now easily slide it into her own pussy because of how wet it was. Although she only looked down at it briefly it was the only thing she could think about even after she turned back around.

"What do you think you are doing here?", she asked calmly as if she didn't really care what he did. 

She learned from their previous awkward encounter to not overreact or else he might assume she was doing something she wasn't supposed to.

'Trying to hide it huh', Xiao Fang thought as he smirked inwardly at her acting.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Xiao Fang walked into the pool with her and casually approached her from behind. Now standing behind her, he began to wash her back as she was untying her hair.

"Thank you, Xiao Fang. It's been a long time since you cleaned my back for me", she said as she finished untying her hair.

She bent over to grab the bowl on the side to scoop the water up, but once she bent over she had dirty thoughts appear in her head. For a moment she hesitated to get back up, but realized she'd be making her thoughts obvious so she eventually stood up straight again. 

She brought the bowl of warm water to her head and poured it down body starting from the hair. Her body glistened and her breasts became an irresistible temptation. 

Xiao Fang never had the eyes to appreciate her beauty before. If one were to say she was made an empress out of her beauty alone he'd believe it. Although, he knew it was partly due to her being a dual cultivator in the profound spirit realm. It still didn't change the fact that she was by far the most beautiful woman in the entire country. 

Xiao Fang was no longer thinking of using her for cultivation like he was before, he was now feeling a genuine uncontrollable craving, a craving for her touch, a craving to cultivate. The thought of pushing his large hard dick in and out of her narrow cave made him gulp unintentionally.

His hands began to wander as it climbed up her tender waist till he eventually began to fondle her gelatinous tits. He understood how sensitive they were so he gently messaged them till she became comfortable with his touch. Then suddenly he squeezed them passionately, letting her feel the pressure from his masculine hands without making her feel uncomfortable. 

She closed her eyes tightly, trying to contain how she felt, but when she took a step back she suddenly, but briefly, felt his thick sausage between her crack.

"Mhm Xiao Fang..."

"Hm? Is something wrong?", he asked innocently as his hands went back to cleaning the rest of her body.

"Ah, no. It's nothing", she said without any explanation.

'Did I imagine it?', she began to wonder.

Although she was his target, he wanted to let things marinate and create an irresistible sexual tension between them. He knew the moment they started cultivating it would be an explosive feeling, and that was precisely what he was aiming for.

His hands were gentle and quick, but the moment they were on her perfectly shaped dumplings they slowed down considerably. 

She bit her lip when she felt his hands slowly groping her ass, but nearly broke character when she felt his fingers enter her crack. He held onto her tits with one hand and 'cleaned' her pussy and pubic region with the other. 

Unknowingly, she was sticking her butt out a bit for him. He caressed her tits, pussy, and ass for an unnecessary long period of time before he eventually moved his hands to other inappropriate parts of her body. 

She didn't think she could bare the tease for much longer, so she sat down in the shallow pool and acted as if she just wanted to clean herself that way.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Fang sat down behind her, pressing his chest against her back. What that also meant was that his indecency was now pressing tightly between them, making her clearly feel its pulsating warmth.

He continued to grope her till her heart beat began to beat loudly out of control. He was teasing her twin peaks and clit when she finally spoke. 

"Xiao Fang, I-"

"Alright, I'm done. You should be all clean now, so I'll leave first", he said as he abruptly stood up.

She was flabbergasted. 

'Did he come here to just help clean me or did he have something else in mind', she thought.

"Wait", she said.

She wanted to ask him herself, but upon thinking back on how he touched her so sexually she quickly knew the answer to that.

Xiao Fang turned around and waited for what she had to say.

Seeing his expecting gaze, she realized what he was planning. 

'If he wants me to beg for it then he has another thing coming', she thought.

Her heart beat steadied as she quickly regained her composure.

"Thanks for the help", she said with a relaxed tone.

However, with those words he felt a bit of her spirit qi mixed into it and it made him feel a pleasurable tingling sensation spreading throughout his body.

For some reason she seemed a whole lot more attractive now than she did before. She was no longer trying to hide her intentions so she looked at him with a subtle hint of seduction in her gaze.

Xiao Fang could hardly force himself to avert his eyes. Seeing what she was doing, he realized that she knew what he was up to and was taking him up on his challenge. 

'Hmph, if she wants to play, then let's play', he thought.

"Anytime", he replied with a charming smile. He then turned away and left the bath house.

Seeing him struggle to look away, she smirked playfully once he left.

'Arrogant boy. I'll soon show you the true power of a dual cultivator'.


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