Naked Sword Art
55 Eavesdropping 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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55 Eavesdropping 18+


In an isolated place in the Divine Sword sect, curtains or sword qi formed a large multilayered dome in an open field.

Inside the dome, the scent of flowers and a hint of metal permeated the air. Xun Wei was laying naked on her stomach as her master knelt next to her with her arms moving in fluidity.

Her sword qi trailed her finger tips as it formed an imagine in the air. Once the image was complete, it began to move as if it had come to live. 

She guided it down into Xun Wei's back and it sounded as if it were searing into her soul. Xun Wei gritted her teeth and tightly clenched her fists, but she did not make a sound. 

As the process played out, the curtains of sword qi gradually dissipated. Xiao Fang's grandmother looked down at Xun Wei with a bit of surprised in her eyes. 

Though most inner court disciples could silently withstand this kind of pain, that was because they were trained that way as swordsmen. However, Xun Wei was from the Black Paradise sect.

The image on Xun Wei's back gradually formed into a beautiful tattoo of a coiling dragon and flower. Once the process was over, she sat up and looked at it through a mirror.

"Well, what do you think?".

"It's different from the one's I've seen, but it's beautiful. I like it a lot", Xun Wei replied, amazed by the tattoo that was now on her back and upper right shoulder.

"It's my personal emblem. In the future you must work hard and honor it well".

Xun Wei stared at her master meaningfully.

"Alright enough of that. Before we begin your training, cultivate this".

She took out a spirit cultivation scroll from her spatial pouch and tossed it at Xun Wei. If Lei XinYi were here she'd immediately recognize it to be the Air Spirit Attribute scroll. Though it was the last one she had, she was confident she was making the right choice with Xun Wei.

Xun Wei didn't ask about the contents of the scroll. She simply put her clothes back on, sat in the lotus position, then began to cultivate it.

She didn't know what it was, but she could suddenly feel her pores opening up and her meridians being filled with a strange but empowering energy. 

Almost as if she had been breathing polluted air all her life, her next few breaths smelled incredibly pure and it made her body feel as light as a cloud. 

She didn't know how much time passed, but she didn't want it to stop. She was in a state of bliss.




Back at home in their bath house, the steam was contained as the temperature in the room slightly rose. 

Chun Hua and Xiao Fang were cleaning each other as they sat in a small pool of warm water that was only as high as their knees when standing. 

What started as light strokes gradually became lascivious gropes. Eventually, the last thing they wanted to do was to clean each other. 

Chun Hua's hands had been 'cleaning' his meat for quite awhile now, but once it grew into an ardent sword she couldn't hold back her temptations. Xiao Fang knew that look in her eye so he acted upon it. 




"Ah~ ah~ Xiao Fang~" her sweet steamy breaths escaped her as their lower bodies kissed.

Her slippery thicc dumplings pressed joyously against his thighs as his erection slid in and out of her squishy, hot interior. 

Though it pained him to cultivate, there was nothing else he'd rather do.

"Xiao Fang mhmm~", she moaned weakly as her lower body quivered and waters poured.

They had been at it for nearly a half an hour, but he was only able to make her climax twice in that time. Unfortunately Xiao Fang wasn't well enough to start using his techniques again, but at this rate it wouldn't be long till he could.

Xiao Fang noticed something that took him by surprise. He stared at the wall that separated the men's and women's bath in fascination, till he came to a realization.

He eventually put his attention back on Chun Hua and began to pound her pussy with a bit more vigour. 

As if he was putting on a show for someone, he made Chun Hua's knees weak and moans louder. She began to orgasm wildly till she could no longer stand, but Xiao Fang wasn't done with her. 

She pulled herself out of the pool and crawled as she was laying on her stomach, but Xiao Fang continued his relentless thrusts into her orgasming pussy. 

Her moans got louder and her pussy squeezed tighter. He had forced her to orgasm for nearly 3 minutes before he attempted to use his Naked Sword technique for the first time since being injured. 

He stood up and pulled her in by the waist.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

Chun Hua began to squirt uncontrollably as his long dick lodged itself deep inside of her pulsating pussy.

She was tight, stiff, and mute. Her back and pretty feet were arched, and her eyes were nearly rolled back. He wanted to take her to the next level but this was as far as his body could go.

He shot his warm Yang qi deep inside of her then thrusted a few more times before shooting a large load of thick hot cum into her womb. The moment he unsheathed his naked sword, a milky river poured out of her as her lower body occasionally convulsed. 

'Perhaps I went a bit too far this time', he thought.

Chun Hua was now slowly returning from that transcendent-like state so it would take sometime for her to recover her senses. Xiao Fang got up first and walked out, but his eyes shined mysteriously as he did.




In the women's side of the bath house, Xiao Fang's mother had been touching herself to Xiao Fang and Chun Hua's cultivation session as her eyes shined a bright violet.

Every wall in the entire house were too thick for Xiao Fang to hear through them so she assumed she was safe, but ever since Xiao Fang broke through to the Solid body realm, he could just barely make out an image on the other side of a wall.


"yes yes yes~" 


She climaxed to her own touch a few times watching their cultivation session, but once it was over she became disappointed.

Her eyes became brown again and her fingers escaped her drooling pink cave.

"Hmph! I should teach that boy how to treat a woman", she said to herself, unsatisfied by his performance. She stood up and walked into the pool that was only as high as her knees.

Although she was always curious about what it would feel like to be used-and-abused like that, she assumed he wouldn't be interested in her that way.

She shook her head at the thought, he already had 3 girls to play with, so she didn't think he'd be interested in her like that. However, as soon as that thought crossed her mind she heard someone walk into the girl's bath house. 

He was a chiseled man, with a tall stature and from the way his indecency stood, he seemed like a sex god looking for his next cultivation victim. He was none other than Xiao Fang.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


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