Naked Sword Art
54 Xun Wei“s Master
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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54 Xun Wei“s Master

"It seems you like to poach in places where you are not welcome. Does that give you pleasure, grandmother?".




Xiao Fang was still incredibly weak, but ever since he cultivated with Little Hei he was just barely able to make himself move through the pain.

The moonlight shone brightly from behind him, darkening his face, and he sat on the edge of a small cliff as he looked down at the two of them below. 

Xiao Fang's grandmother was dumbstruck , she was expecting him to be bedridden for at least a few more days. Was he some kind of monster?

"Xiao Fang... I just came by to see how you were doing, but it seems you are recovering just fine without my help".

There was a moment of silence before Xiao Fang spoke. 

"As you can see, I'm making a quick recovery. So if that's all you came to say, then please leave".

She didn't respond to his disrespectful tone, instead she took out her spatial pouch and tossed it in his direction. Inside Xiao Fang found a sword and some strong spirit pills.

He took the sword out to get a better look at it. The blade was black, but the blade's edge was as light as silver. The handle was nicely rounded and the balance was incredible; it suited his strength perfectly. Holding it in his hands, it felt like it was now an extension of himself.

"This sword is best suited for a swordsman in the Solid Body realm. It will reduce your backlash by up to 87%, increase your attack power by up to 40%, and attack speed by at least 15%. This is a valuable gift I received in the royal court. Take it, I am giving it to you" Xiao Fang's grandmother told him.

Whenever Xiao Fang's father went out to the royal court, Xiao Fang's grandmother would always arrive to take over while he was gone. She knew Xiao Fang didn't like her, so when she came, she'd always bring a few gifts for him, but he'd always stubbornly reject them. To her surprise, this time was different.

"Thank you, grandmother. This is a valuable gift".

Xiao Fang's grandmother was a bit surprised when she heard him thank her. 

"So, does that mean we can forget past grievances and move on?", she asked a bit hesitantly. 

Xiao Fang frowned. Seeing his lack of response, she smiled bitterly.

"I suppose I should've expected as much. I'm glad that you liked my gift and hope you recover soon. I'll be on my way".

She then took one last look at Xun Wei.

"Once you've made up your mind, you know where to find me", she said with a gentle smile.

After saying those words, her body shifted and she disappeared.

The moment she left, Xiao Fang collapsed. He had been just barely hanging on the whole time, that's why he couldn't say much to her.



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When Xiao Fang woke up he was back on his bed. Laying next to him was Li Lian sleeping soundly like before as her fiery aura was healing him. 

On the other side of him sat Xun Wei. 

"Xun Wei..."

"Xiao Fang, you shouldn't have gotten out of bed", she said as she fed him a healing spirit pill.

Truth was, Xiao Fang could only vaguely detect his grandmother's presence. Not knowing who she was, Xiao Fang assumed the worst when Xun Wei began fighting her. Luckily, it wasn't an intruder, but at that point the harm had already been done, he now couldn't move his body again and his condition had worsened. However, the pills that were in his grandmother's spatial pouch helped him heal considerably.

"I had to be sure you were safe", he said to her simply.

After a brief moment of silence, Xiao Fang asked, 

"So, what will you do?".

"I don't know. I was hoping you could give me the answer to that. Would you be upset if I take her up on her offer?". 

"Upset? why would I be upset?"

"You seemed to have a bad relationship with your grandmother. I just thought..."

"I can't make every decision for you, especially one pertaining to who you choose to take as your master. You are a strong, smart, and very capable woman, no matter what path you take I will always support you".

Though he didn't want her to depend on him to make these kinds of decisions, deep down he hoped that she would take his grandmother up on her offer. Just like Li Lian and himself, although their love for each other is strong, cultivation is paramount. The fact that Xun Wei had to ask for his permission at all showed just how deeply she cared for him.

"I will do it", Xun Wei said with a determined expression.

"Good, now go. She'll be waiting for you".




In the middle of the night, Xun Wei stood just outside of the inner gate doors. If there was anywhere Xiao Fang's grandmother would be, it would be here. 

Xun Wei curiously placed her hand on the door as she began to circulate the sword qi through her body. When she opened her eyes a silver tint could be seen in her eyes. She began to push the door, but it would only open a crack.

"I take it that you've made your decision", Xiao Fang's grandmother said behind Xun Wei.

"I have. If you are still willing, please take me in as your disciple", she said with a slight bow.

Xiao Fang's grandmother smiled lightly by her words. 

"Good. Your training starts tomorrow. I will meet you here in the morning. Go get some rest".

"Yes, Master"




In the morning Xiao Fang was feeling noticeably better. The pills his grandmother gave him where no joke. Though he could move around it would still pain him too much to do so. 

Li Lian was already awake and sitting in the lotus position as she cultivated soundly on his side.

Seeing her working so hard gave him the inspiration to practice his new technique.

[ Reaper's Grasp ]




Xiao Fang pulled small things closer to him, here and there. Although it took some time to learn, after a few hours he was able to pull objects close to him with just a thought. It wasn't long till the floor was littered with random stuff. 

Chun Hua walked in on Xiao Fang while he was practicing and her jaw nearly dropped. 

"How did you..."

Xiao Fang was sitting up on his bed as he smiled innocently at her confusion.

She brought over a tray of medicine over to him as he was checking her out. Seeing him looking at her made her feel a special way. 

"How could you be thinking of such things in your current state", she said after regaining her composure. 

It seemed being around his mother so much changed her character a bit, she was acting a bit more mature than usual.

"Forgive me, it's hard not to look with a body like that", he said playfully. 

He spanked her ass lightly while she was preparing his medicine next to his bed.

"Hey... Well, in that case, you better get better soon for me. I also miss our time together. I'll prepare your medicine quickly, so just sit tight till I'm done".

Her tone was soft, and it reminded him that his time with her was limited. His playful smile gradually lessened.

"You're the only medicine I need", he said.

Chun Hua rolled her eyes at him, but couldn't hold back from smiling at his persistence. 

"Here drink this". 

Xiao Fang took the bowl and downed it in one go, eyeing her the whole time before making a face.

"It's bitter"

"Is it? Maybe next I'll bring something sweet".

"I have a better idea", he said as he lightly pulled her in with 'Reaper's Grasp'. 

"This technique-", before she could comment on Xiao Fang's new technique he gave her a kiss. 

Once they separated Xiao Fang was the first to speak, 


She had a reddened face because she knew he was just trying to bed her. Eventually she began to ponder about something. 

"You're right, it's too bitter. I'll come back with something better tomorrow".

Xiao Fang smiled at her comment. She was working hard to take care of him. It seemed she was becoming more motherly by the day.

"Thank you, Chun Hua", he thought out loud as she left the room.




Meanwhile, Xun Wei had met Xiao Fang's Grandmother at the inner gate, and she was currently being taken somewhere by her.

"Where exactly are we going", Xun Wei asked. 

The sword qi was too weak in this area, so it'd be too difficult for her to make significant progress in her training here.

"Before you start your training, there is something you must first get. This is something all disciples of this sect receive upon finding a master".

Xun Wei recalled something and became a bit hesitant when she realized what it was. 

"I am still from the Black Paradise sect, would it not conflict with their values if they were to know that you are my master?"

After a brief thought the elder eventually answered, 

"Don't worry about that, child. There will be no conflict of interest".

Despite her master's words, Xun Wei was still a bit hesitant.

Seeing Xun Wei's expression change, the elder asked, 

"Not having second thoughts now, are you?".

"No, I am ready", Xun Wei answered immediately.

"Good, because it will hurt... a lot".


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